What’s going on???

Man, what’s going on right now is a complete mess, a total mess. And there are lots of folks who love it that way because it is going their way. And their way is not good for America.

I have devoted a lot of time over the last decade to watching, figuring out the important dots, and then connecting them. I’ve been spot on sharing those things with you on this website. I was originally going to make a good portion of this article about how right I’ve been and how far ahead of so-called experts I’ve been at revealing what is happening in America. But, you’ve been coming to the site, you know what I’ve been saying, and there are lots of articles you can read to know just how accurate I’ve been. So I will spare you that self-aggrandizing discoursing.

By now it’s clear that the Trump presidency is a disaster. No, not Trump…just his time in office…his presidency. So no, this is not a Trump-bashing celebration. But, the disaster is occurring because of Trump…at it would have been occurring no matter who would have been elected. Had Hillary been elected there would have been as much, if not more, of a disaster taking place. There is no disputation, or there can’t be any disputation, that there is a disaster going on. Just a few things of note:

  • North Korea has nuclear weapons and just about ready to place a nuke on a ballistic missile that can reach the US.
  • China has all but conquered the China Sea and pushed out all the other countries. But, we still do poke our finger in their eye from time to time trying to prove we are…well, whatever we are trying to prove.
  • Russia is openly using a surrogate, Syria, to fight US troops and allies. And we are completely powerless and ineffectual in stopping them.
  • Speaking of Russia, it appears that they hacked all kinds of organizations during our 2016 elections. While Hillary lost simply because she is mentally ill whack-job and a criminal as well, it appears that Russia didn’t help her lose or Trump win.
  • We have about 1.6million investigations taking place trying to prove that Trump is some kind of Russia Manchurian Candidate. Which he is not.
  • You have all kinds of political battling going on at almost every level, but especially in Congress.
  • We have a coalescing of America’s intel and federal LEO agencies into a secret police effort to overthrow the President of the United States. That has been proven to be an absolute fact. Comey and Clapper removed all doubt when they testified over the last two weeks. There have been a long list of “leakers” proving this to be true beyond any reasonable doubt.

And I could go on but you know what is happening in our country right now. So, with everything going on what does it all mean?

I’ve been watching it very closely and I’ve been able to identify what is happening and who is behind it. I’ve shared that with you on this website in detail. But, what is the ultimate endgame. We know that too, a totalitarian state. But, what is the endgame right now and why? More importantly, how is it affecting you?

When you go back to basics it helps to understand the bigger picture. That picture is the acquisition of money and power. That is what is driving everything that is going on. But, how so?

One of the things I’ve been asked is why are members of the ruling class fighting each other? If their ultimate goal is for them to be the rulers in a totalitarian state, why don’t they work together instead of fighting each other? And that is the right question to be asking!

In any movement or effort, as in the goal of establishing a totalitarian state, there are many players and they come from different perspectives or camps. Take Bernie Sanders…a whack-job communist. Take John McCain…a whack-job Republican (so-called). It would appear that they are on the opposite sides of everything. Nope, not at all. They are on the same side with the same endgame. The difference is who they want to be at the top of the power pyramid when the dust settles. But, make no doubt about it, they are allies in the cause.

To understand why “they”, the ruling class, are doing what they are doing (creating the situation we have today) you have to go back to the revealing statement made by Rahm Emanuel (radical Progressive extremist)…

If you look at history terror groups work towards creating chaos and mayhem. They want the populace to be confused, afraid, upset, and terrorized. They want them so fed-up with what is taking place in their society that they scream for a “fix”. They want someone, or some group, to come along and make them feel safe again, to have things return to normal. They want law & order, peace, and security. Hey, who doesn’t?

But, in virtually every case that return to a calm normalcy comes at a very steep price. The price I refer to? The loss of rights, liberties, privacy, freedoms, and worst of all…loss of power of the populace. And all of that is playing out in front of our eyes.

You look at the long list of what is happening in America right now that is upsetting and unsettling…it is designed to be that way. It is being created for the sake of generating chaos and mayhem…terrorizing the American populace. Getting Americans to the point where they want it all to go away and “things get back to normal.”

So how does that happen?

Someone, or some group, will come along with a solution. All we will have to do is “this or that” and they can fix everything. Of course just like “9/11” we will lose more rights, liberties, privacy, freedoms, and power as US citizens. And they are succeeding…as have dictators and totalatarianists have throughout history.

Really people will ask for this?

How many people do you know that are simply fed up with what is taking place? No matter, left or right, Democrat or Republican, they are fed-up and want all the crap to just go away. And they will be willing to pay virtually any price to make that happen when the right solution comes along.

Doubt me? Don’t. We already allowed it to happen as recently as “9/11” and we will be more than willing to let it happen again.

What To Do About It –

Food and water storage wont’ fix this. Guns and ammo stored by the case won’t fix this. Water purification, iodine tablets, solar panels, and Ham radios won’t fix this. Nothing tangible in your pantry, basement, or Situational Awareness - Barriers * breaking through barriersBOL can fix this. There is only one thing that will help you truly prepare for what is coming…SA.

Of course you know, or should know, that SA stands for Situational Awareness.

You must, absolutely must, stay away from the static that is flooding your senses from every direction right now. The media has its agenda. The politicians on the right and left have their agenda. Wall Street has its agenda. Every national and international player right now has their agenda. If you try and sort it all out, figure out the details and the rationale behind it…well, you will go crazy.

If you try and align yourself with a political movement you will be on the wrong side…they are ALL the wrong side right now. Taking a political side right now is suicide. Pledging allegiance to any political figure or movement is a death sentence for your soul. None of them have, truly have, the best interests of the American people (i.e. the Constitution) as their goal.

What I do recommend that you do is:

  • Make “you” the best you that you can become.
  • Improve your family situation.
  • Become active in your community to strengthen it.
  • If not a church member, become one. That means unite with folks to grow closer to God.
  • And…prepare. Do all those things that we’ve been talking about for the last 2-1/2 years on this website.

Then when the day comes that your SA tells you that it finally hit the fan you will not have bias cloud your vision or delay your actions. You will be able to see what is happening and know what to do about it. And you won’t have any fear to do it.

Please don’t despair over what is happening in America today. It has been coming for a long time. They’ve planned it, they prepared for it, and they have a goal for it all. Don’t play into their hands, don’t be a victim, take control of who you are and what you are going to do about it.

Together we can accomplish anything!



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3 thoughts on “What’s going on???

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  2. Well spoken – true message for all – affluence is the one of many downfalls that North America has been blessed and cursed with – the more people have the less the rely of God – Demonic Powers use every diversion available to influence and destroy God’s People
    Spiritual preparedness – prayerful consideration – sharing God’s Word


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