SitRep – 6/17/2017

I wanted to wait until the dust settled a bit. I wanted to allow sufficient time to see the trends and recognize the players clearly for who they are. I had to be patient. Now the time has come. Now I will speak my piece.

Remember, I am an outcomes kind of guy. I don’t see an event as the important part within a historical context. I see what is produced by the event as the piece of primary import.

This line of thinking allows me to not become distracted by the event itself, the participants, or their motivation. Granted those three aspects have significance, but they are of little consequence in relation to “outcome.”

In this case the outcome is ugly…and it will get worse.

“Never let…”

When I wrote my article “What’s going on???” on June 13th I was feeling a sense of foreboding. I didn’t like what I was seeing then, not at all, not even a little bit. The next morning was a witness to me of what our reality has become. A “canary in the mine” of where we are as a society.

My first thought after I heard what had happened, “How will the ‘power establishment’ in Washington be enhanced by this event?” It didn’t take long for the players to set the agenda. They are very predictable.

Surprise or Anticipated –

Those of you that are website visitors have a pretty good sense of the world around us and where we are headed as a country. Actually, most of us already know we have, as a country, already arrived at the destination. It is now just a matter of degree.

So, let me ask this, “Who was truly stunned at the shooting at the Congressional Republican baseball practice?”

Surprised maybe at the location or venue, but stunned about the shooting itself?

In this country the left has been ratcheting up the violence for quite some time. We’ve seen it in the riots of the radical left campus creeps. We’ve seen it in the AntiFa movement. We watched and heard in amazement as the Democratic politicians have called for it. And we have been astonished as we have seen the Hollywood lowlifes demonstrate and promote it. This shooting was simply another natural progression in their awful plan…their desire to see violence in America. That violence to bring America to its knees.

Was this shooting a surprise? No. Was it anticipated? Of course. Only the most ignorant of low IQ would not have seen this coming.

Reaction –

I won’t go into painful detail covering that which you have already seen. Suffice to say that the players stepped up to fulfill their expected roles with their predicted lines of thought and reasoning.

  • The moron Virginia Governor, among others, calling for gun control.
  • Congressmen calling for more security…for themselves.
  • MSNBC & CNN blaming it on the tone (free speech) that Trump has set.
  • Fox News and Breitbart blaming it on the violent left (free speech).
  • Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) bringing up violent right-wing hate groups.
  • Paul Ryan taking the middle ground.

The list could go on. The point is, everyone took their natural/normal positioning of either the right or left in this country. And they all played their respective parts perfectly. They played to their followers, playing on emotions. Why? To lull people into their comfort zones. To keep people from looking into what really happened. But more importantly, to keep people in their lane when it comes to the action plan that will come out of all of this.

Plan of Action –

Here is where we see what this country is all about. Here is where we see how right Rahm was…and is.

The SPLC works closely with the FBI to identify those that challenge the Washington power establishment. Well, honestly the FBI already knows about all the groups that the SPLC lists. But, because the SPLC is so vaunted by the media and the ruling class, the information the SPLC provides serves only as additional justification for the actions of the FBI. Remember, the SPLC is a radical left-wing extremist group dedicated to destroying any group outside of the radical Democrat/Liberal/Progressive political school of thought. They do so by demonizing as an actual, or potential, terrorist group, any of the above.

Let me be brief on what is happening now:

  1. The FBI has significantly shifted resources to “identify” more potentially violent political radicals.
  2. The FBI, NSA, and CIA has significantly increased active and passive surveillance of potential political radicals…and groups that espouse conservatism, Constitutionalism, and any group not falling in-line with a pro-government agenda.
  3. Congress is already working on legislation to significantly increase security of its members and facilities. That means drastically expanding the highly militarized security services of the federal government.
  4. The media (along with the SPLC) is working overtime to bring up the role of the hateful rhetoric being used on both sides, but primarily on the right.
  5. Congress is looking at the socialist, Communism-based, anti-free speech laws of the European Union and how they can be implemented here.

I am working on a lengthy article about the Overton Window concept and how it applies to what has happened, and is happening, in the United States. I will be releasing that in the coming month. But, in short, this shooting will act as catalyst to degrade rights, liberties, and freedoms of people. And simultaneously increasing the power of the federal government.  That is their plan of action.

Summary –

It is easy for those with eyes that see and ears that hear to know this guy Hodgkinson was a nut job. It matters not a bit that he was a radical, violent Democrat/Liberal/Progressive. What matters is his motivation and action. He felt, for whatever reason, that he had to take action. I can only imagine that he felt relatively hopeless that his single vote or voice no longer makes any difference at all. And he would be correct in thinking that. Recent studies show that in concept and reality, the average American has ZERO voice in what happens in Washington.

So desperation drove him to an act of violence. He perceived that this was his last resort to have an impact…his last option to make a difference.

And unfortunately we are witnessing in this country a radical increase in desperation. A sense of “we don’t have a say anymore” thinking has taken root wide and deep. If you talk to people, Republicans, Democrats, or any others, you find almost an universal sense that the government in Washington no longer represents the people. And they are absolutely 100% right. Washington only represents the ruling class, the political class, and the rich. Those in our government, politicians and bureaucrats, don’t give a damn about “We the People” anymore…nope, not a bit.

There is little wonder that some worm like Hodgkinson finally loses his grip on reality and goes postal. You need to see it for what it is…and act of desperation. Pure and simple, a man that felt there was no longer any other option. And he chose evil over good.

But, those in Washington don’t care one iota about his motivations. They don’t care who he is, what he felt, or why he did that despicable deed. They care only about one thing…how can they use this crisis to accomplish that which they couldn’t do under normal times and conditions.

So why did I write this article at all? For your Situational Awareness (SA). Whether you agree with me or not on everything I just wrote…fine. What I want you to do is not get sucked into a neatly defined box. Any box defined by the media, by the political class, and surely not by the law & order hard right. Come to your own conclusions!

What I want you to do is keep your eyes open and see what they do with this act of evil. See how they twist it and use it to their advantage, to forward their agenda. Watch how they try and reduce rights, liberties and freedoms of people. Watch how they increase the power of the ruling class, the political class…and how much it costs the American citizenry.

I ask only this of you:

  • Keep your eyes open.
  • Keep preparing.
  • Grow closer to your family.
  • Grow closer to God.
  • Become a better person.
  • Have no fear.



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