SitRep – 6/27/2017

It has come to the point again when I must comment on the situation in America. As you can tell, I see trouble, nothing but trouble ahead.

Some folks are blind, in denial of what is happening. Many are well-intentioned but they are seeing the situation through rose-colored glasses.

If ever there was a time for clarity of thought, clearness of mind, and dropping bias…now is that time.

In this SitRep I am covering –
  • Economy
    • States
    • Pensions
  • Retail
  • Supreme Court
  • Trump Agenda
  • Violence
    • Political
    • Cop
  • Coup

And of course a summary.

Remember, these SitReps are not meant to be an alarm. I am not trying to scare anyone. I am not trying to get you to do anything other than prepare as you are currently doing. I don’t want you to panic. I simply want you to be aware of my opinion of what is happening.

Economy, States –

I was exactly right about Puerto Rico’s financial troubles when I wrote about them months ago. They are de-facto bankrupt. And to add insult to injury, last month they voted (non-binding) to seek statehood in the United States. Don’t think it is nice, warm and fuzzy “they are patriotic and want to be Americans” move. They only want to be a state so the US federal government has to rescue them financially. Watch for far more financial problems for Puerto Rico…and the US government formulating a plan to bail them out. Yes, of course…at taxpayer expense.

I was exactly right about Illinois and their financial problems. A long time ago I talked about their financial problems as a state. It’s here, they are in deep trouble. And they are taking all the wrong steps to fix their situation. Rather than make their state more fiscally conservative and take steps to encourage economic growth and limit spending…they are doing everything the exact opposite. Their radical leftist state government is trying to tax its way out of their mess. It is impossible. And yes, as I said quite a while ago…their public employee’s pension plan is the primary weight sinking the state.

More states will follow since more states are creating their own demise. California is probably the next to go. Washington state may not too far behind. Both are radical leftists states with a large percentage of public employee pension funds that are in trouble. And, to top it off, their outrageous minimum wage laws are losing them huge numbers of jobs. All you have to do is look at the significant move that businesses, fast-food especially, are moving to unmanned kiosks.

Economy, Pensions –

UPS is the latest corporation to freeze its pension plan. I have written extensively on the pension crisis that is infecting America with a fiscal disease that America will not recover from. And it is getting worse and worse. I mentioned Illinois earlier. By their own state policy experts the situation is now being referred to as “broken pension funds from which they [employees] may never see benefits”. How is that possible? The chart below shows how…

How bad is it? Try over $111,000,000,000 (yeah, $111billion) problem! And you, the taxpayer, will be required to bail them out. Over 60% NOT funded at this point!! That is fatal.

California Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS) is also in horrendous trouble. They are also over $100,000,000,000 ($100billion) underfunded. And they are getting worse at an exponential rate. Another bailout by you, the taxpayer.

The Teamster pension funds have been in trouble (and getting worse), and many hospital pensions funds are now faltering as well. You think the federal Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp. will take care of it? Think again! The Central States Teamster pension fund is paying out 340% of what it takes in. When that pension fund fails, which will occur relatively soon, that single pension fund failure will wipe out everything that the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp. has in its coffers.

Then what? Yup! The federal government will step in, take control, and make taxpayers pay the tab.  But, only after they liquidate the pension’s mutual fund holdings. And what do you think that does to mutual funds? Yup…tanks their value as well.

This is a no-win situation and only getting worse. It is NOT an “if” situation…only when and how bad. I say it will tank the markets and the economy. Unless of course the Fed steps in and creates more digital money, devalues the currency, which only delays the inevitable.

Economy, Retail –

I warned about this for a while and recently went into detail about how bad it really is. Well, I was wrong! It is worse than what I have been saying. Retail is dying…and it will collapse with a huge economic thud that reverberates throughout the stock markets. We are losing huge numbers of jobs in the retail industry and that is helping sink the economy. Don’t look for retail to ever recover. It will only reset to a new normal. And that will be at the expense of large numbers of jobs.

I stopped in an office supply company last week. While I was in there I ran into the manager. I asked him how his store was hanging in there against Amazon. He said flat out that they weren’t, it was just a matter of time till they closed.

Supreme Court –

Ah yes…that tower of Babel. They are at it again. In their most recent ruling they ruled against the right of Americans to bear arms. And that in the face of Trump putting a conservative on the court. They ruled against the Second Amendment by not reviewing the case in California wherein California restricted the right to carry a gun. The move not to review the case effectively limits the right of a person to bear arms.

There is an even more disturbing anti-Second Amendment action taking place…by the Trump Administration. I will touch on that in a minute.

If you notice, there hasn’t been a Supreme Court case ruling to truly strengthen the Second Amendment since 2008. This should disturb you.

Trump Agenda –

This is going to p*$$ off a few of you. So be it.

Let’s talk health insurance. I don’t want to call it TrumpCare because it is a plan that was passed in the House and another bill being worked on in the Senate. But, Trump does clearly and vocally support the overall concepts. So, I guess I will call it TrumpCare after all. Trump is backing a massive, big-government, social welfare, Progressive, costly, liberal health insurance plan. But, you should not be surprised!

President Trump has called for and endorses a socialist single payer healthcare system (Universal Healthcare). He even wrote about it in one of his books! And yes, he has complimented both Canada’s and Australia’s socialist healthcare system. TrumpCare is a socialist healthcare system…just not as far to the left (socialist) as many socialist, liberal, Progressive countries. But, TrumpCare will fail…make no doubt about it. Socialism will not work in any degree. Not in healthcare, not in taxes, not in anything. Unfortunately, Trump believes in and supports as aspect of socialism that is doomed from the very beginning. The failure of TrumpCare will usher in single-payer government healthcare system.

When it comes to healthcare and health insurance…Government is not the solution, government is the problem.Reagan said "government is not the solution to our problem. government is the problem."Trump’s anti-Constitution agenda against the Second Amendment is real. The Supreme Court just refused to hear United States vs. Games-Perez which effectively rules in favor of the defendant. In this case, the defendant is a backer/supporter of the Second Amendment. The US was working against the Constitutional right to bear arms, they were the plaintiff. Even though the Supreme Court’s move supported the Constitution, Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions (pro-police-state advocate) has voiced his intention to fight the Supreme Court and try to restrict the Second Amendment. AG Sessions would not make this move without Trump’s approval, if not order.

Violence in America –

The political violence is making a huge spike in America. We’ve seen the radical left (Democrats) encourage it, endorse it, call for it. And it is happening. Last year I warned about the violence that would come…it is here. We just had an assassination attempt on multiple members of Congress. Make no doubt about it, the assassin was a liberal, a Democrat, a Progressive that was following what his party has been calling for. And I see it intensifying in the future. The real problem will come, the significant growth of violence will come, when the right gets fed up with the left and their violence. The right will fight back at some point. But, that is what TPTB are counting on.

When the violence erupts to the level I think it will, the average citizen will call for “law & order”, “safety & security”, “safe streets”, etc. And that will be all that little AG Jeff Sessions will need. Watch what happens then! Sessions is already a strong anti-Constitution, police-state advocate. He will use that crisis point as an opportunity.

Police violence is again increasing at an unprecedented pace. For a very long time I wrote in detail showing how militarized and violent the much of the police in America had become. How they were murdering citizens, mostly unarmed, at an alarming rate. It moderated for while with several high-profile cases wherein police were charged with homicide and various other crimes.

Well, most of those police officers that committed murder of unarmed and non-threatening citizens were found not guilty, acquitted, etc. So we see once again, the police in America gunning down citizens at an ever increasing rate. In the first 5 months of 2017 nearly 1000 people had been killed from police shootings.

And why do you think we are seeing that increase? You can get the answer right if you are honest with yourself.

As bad as this is…it’s not the worst part. We have seen a significant increase in “groups” no longer tolerant of being victims of police violence. And those groups have been infected with liberal/Progressive anarchists and political operatives that will incite violence against police. And once again, the good guys with a badge will suffer because of the bad guys with a badge…at the hands of the radical left (i.e. Democrats).

And for those of you that are rapid pro-police folks…don’t doubt me on any of this. I can bring out the stats and cases showing clearly that police have murdered people and gotten away with it. And have done it at an alarming rate. There is even crystal clear video of these murders by police and they still get away with it. Some of the cops even have long records of police brutality and still get away with their murders.

Why do they get away with it so easily? Because a HUGE slice of American citizens confuse “law & order” with “police state”. Well-intentioned folks call for and support “law & order” when what we are getting is an imposition of a police state. And those confused folks are mostly so-called Conservatives that have little understanding of unalienable rights and the Constitution. Those rights and the Constitution are there to constrain and restrict police and their power. But, I hear so many imitation conservatives calling for unrestrained support of police…even to the killing of citizens. Police are not, and were never intended to be, judge, jury and executioner.

[ click here to read an excellent article on police creating danger and then killing people ]

The Coup Against Trump Continues –

I have written for months now about the coup against Trump. All the primary conservative talking heads are now finally using that term. Even Hannity called it a “coup d’état” just last week. Strange, when I first brought this fact up months ago I was roundly criticized and made fun of on another website for calling it as such.

No, I don’t expect them to admit they were wrong…let alone apologize.

Jeh Johnson, former head of DHS has joined the coup as part of the current/former intelligence officials fighting to overthrow the President of the United States. A week ago when he testified in front of Congress he made it clear that he has joined Clapper, Comey, and a host of others in their war against Trump…a coup.

I warned my website visitors who Mueller was when he was appointed by Rosenstein. I wrote about Mueller’s liberal/Progressive connections and his close friendship with James Comey. I warned what was happening. I will make it even more clear.

Mueller has hired radical left-wing lawyers to assist him in his investigation into Russia/Trump. Not only are these lawyers racial leftists, they are all supporters and financial contributors to Hillary Clinton and a whole host of Democrat extremist politicians. So what do you think the outcome will be? Mueller’s group doesn’t even have to find actual evidence. He can just claim that there isn’t enough evidence to bring a charge of treason or felonies against Trump, or his associates. And that alone will be enough fodder to continue the coup against Trump.

And as a side note, don’t be surprised if Mueller uses the opportunity to bring down a leftie. This is a great time to put even the radical left folks in their place if they have stepped out of line and crossed their puppet masters.

Summary –

We still have a disastrous Trump presidency on our hands. We have Trump advocating a socialist healthcare program. His administration is working against the Second Amendment. And he is spending money like a drunken sailor putting us further in debt.

We have a Congress, Democrats and Republicans, that are both working against Trump in all the worst ways. We have Democrats that are acting openly in rebellion and performing in perfect concert with the most radical of socialist agendas. They have become nothing less than dangerous to America. Republicans aren’t far off that mark.

The economy is in trouble. Remember that I have gone into detail about the fact that the job loss rate has skyrocketed from last year and at almost an historic level. The surface may look calm, even positive, but don’t be fooled. The underlying major elements of the financial system in America are in serious trouble…the kind that we can’t recover from or overcome.

Get your house in order. Do those things that will make you as independent from the government as possible. Take steps to be as self-sufficient from the economy and financial sector of America as you can. Form friendships with like-minded people. Become a better you. Grow closer to, or find, God. Know who you are and what you believe in. Don’t get side-tracked or distracted by those that are into weird things/beliefs.

Just do that which you know to be right.



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3 thoughts on “SitRep – 6/27/2017

  1. And here I was fooled Mr. Trump would buy us precious time, wrong. Same train same cliff!
    Most folks I know are so strapped they don’t have two cents to put toward provisions. Those that are I fear go after shiny easy solutions. The good stuff is expensive, and Chinese junk like the UV5R is not to bet your life on. Just one example, the same could be said for weapons, tools, food, solar panels, where to stop?
    As an island I fear attack from all sides. I gave up looking for like minded in my area cause there ain’t many career Army planners around .


  2. Thanks. We are much better off without Clinton but still in a big mess of trouble.


    On Tue, Jun 27, 2017 at 7:40 PM, A.H. Trimble – Emergency preparedness informati


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