Increase in alert level…

I know I haven’t been writing much lately, I’ve been super busy. I will write more on that soon.

But for now I wanted to let you know that I am increasing my alert level. I think that  a good chance exists that either Trump (United States) or Kim Jong-un (North Korea) will initiate military action. I think there is higher likelihood that Trump will be the first to strike. He has the support of the alt-right, the conservative media, the neo-cons, and most Republicans. I think he wants to create a “tough guy” image and show the world that America’s might and military is great again.

Actually, whoever strikes first doesn’t matter. With the first shot the dominoes could start falling quickly. The financial markets would feel it first, and then the situation could spiral out of control quickly.

Whatever you feel prompted to do to add to, or complete, your preps I would suggest you consider it seriously.

I will write again when, if, I feel the situation cools. Until then, while not on a war footing, I will do the following:

  1. Fuel up my vehicles and not let them go below 3/4 of a tank.
  2. Fill up at least one spare gas can per vehicle.
  3. Up the amount of cash I have on hand.
  4. Top off my water supply.
  5. Ensure that all my radios work. Including portable shortwave radio.
  6. Double-check my portable preps that I can easily load them into my truck & trailer. I have a destination and I would want to take my preps with me if at all possible.

I am sorry I haven’t been writing. I have been very, very busy. I will write more later.

AH Trimble



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