SitRep – 03/26/2020

This SitRep has taken me four days to write. I had a lot of thoughts to get put down in writing, a lot of research to do, and facts to verify; so there is some time delay involved in some of my information. More than anything, I wanted this SitRep to be as spot-on as possible, logical, fact-based, and informative…maybe even predictive. You be the judge.

Note: please forgive the sputtering, I’ve been adding and subtracting to this article for four days, it might be a little jerky in style.


Questions at the Beginning –
  • Why such an aggressive response from state governments to COVID-19 vs. other health scares?
  • How far would the federal government go in their response?
  • What would happen to the stock markets and economy in general, and what would the response be to those two issues?
  • What would be the response from the nefarious powers that be?
  • Is there a diabolical origin to this?
Aggressive Response to COVID-19

One of the first questions that popped into my head weeks ago was…Why such an aggressive response from state governments to COVID-19 vs. other health scares? I am talking about a long list of so-called health emergencies; situations such as the Bird Flu, Swine Flu, MERS, SARS, and others in the last 20 years. I couldn’t answer that question, there just didn’t seem to be a logical answer.

The next questions came in rapid succession:

  • How far would the federal government go in their response?
  • What would happen to the stock markets and economy in general, and what would the response be to those two issues?
  • What would be the response from the nefarious powers that be?
  • Is there a diabolical origin to this?

Notice a missing question? Yeah, pretty obvious if you think about it…How bad would the health aspect of this be?

So let me take that last question first to get that out of the way. Originally I didn’t ask that question at all because we have historical perspective to fall back on to get a pretty good idea of the answer. And that answer, for me anyways, was simple…”not too bad.” How bad is “not too bad”? Well, not as bad as the regular flu season and maybe not even as bad at the last dozen or so health scares such as Bird Flu, Swine Flu, MERS, and SARS; at least not much worse. But again, nowhere near the deaths of a regular flu season… at least that is what all the facts and figures point to as of now.

And let’s review…as of right now we have a number of COVID-19 treatment protocols, one of which treats folks on an outpatient basis that has a 100% non-hospitalization rate, and a 0% mortality rate. And this treatment protocol uses commonly available drugs…some of which have been around for 75 years. There are other protocols as well that have already proven highly effective in curing the disease after a person has become infected. So we know for a fact that the medical community has the ability to beat COVID-19 quite handily. And a final reality check…as of now, deaths in the US from COVID-19 represents 2% of the number of people killed in the US from our current regular flu season. Yes, 2%! Worldwide the deaths from COVID-19 represent 2.6% of the deaths from a regular flu season. Yes, only 2.6%! So COVID-19 is not as deadly as the regular flu season…and that is a FACT!

Notice a pattern with those FACTS? And they are facts, not guesses or estimates of potential mortality…actual factual hard numbers.

Now, let’s go back to the remaining questions, but to do so I will go about it in a bit of an unorthodox fashion. I want to go about it in a more narrative way rather than simple Q&A.

Is there a diabolical origin to this?

First off, I am finding no conclusive evidence that this is a bio-weapon unleashed by any country against any other country. China specifically is on an all-out propaganda campaign trying to convince the world, or at least its own citizens, that the US Army attacked China with COVID-19. So no, I don’t believe we are at war with a bio-weapon. Do I believe the CIA is capable of it? Yes, they have the complete lack of morals, ethics, and scruples to do any imaginable evil…they’ve proven that by their long history of infamous and evil acts…but I don’t see their hand in this.

At the same time I don’t see any “diabolical origin” in regards to COVID-19. I don’t see some mad scientist somewhere designing COVID-19 for use by the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission, or even the nefarious Democrat Party

So in my mind I’ve answered a number of questions that I had posed, but some questions still exist…and those are the important ones.

Why such an aggressive response from state governments to COVID-19 vs. other health scares?

The state governments have no choice but to react to the COVID-19 situation the way they have since it is affecting them at the local level. No city or county has the resources to handle a health situation such as COVID-19 by themselves. And realistically, the whole emergency response system is designed to have the state governments step in and assist the local governments. So state governments have the responsibility to be the second major line of assistance in the emergency incident response system.  And their response has been in direct proportion to the perceived magnitude of the threat. And they will continue to follow their previously developed action plan with minor modifications for the specifics of COVID-19. And the most vocal “experts” have been claiming an Armageddon Apocalypse from COVID-19…so most of the states are basing their actions on those claims. Well, that and the outcry from their constituents.

One area that falls within the bounds of “state level” governments are cities and counties. Why? Because they technically fall directly under the control of the state from a jurisdictional perspective. Why am I concerned about cities and counties? Well, within the last couple of weeks the mayor of New Orleans banned the sale of all weapons. Remember New Orleans was the same city that illegally ordered the same thing back during hurricane Katrina. Then they illegally ordered the confiscation of guns. And then illegally “disposed” of those guns in the Gulf of Mexico. Pretty bad eh?

But, just recently the Sheriff of Los Angeles County declared gun stores “non-essential businesses” and ordered them closed. What????  Yup, a Sheriff, a sole individual, imposed his personal will on 10Million people and an untold number of privately owned businesses. How does that sit with you?

That is just one aspect of declarations of emergencies and the powers that is gives to governments…and the power a lone individual in government can wield. How far are these radical authoritarians willing to go? And this is just on a local, county, state level.

What would happen to the stock markets and economy in general, and what would the response be to that?

I was blindsided by the depth of the “dip” of the stock markets. I never expected that a health scare such as COVID-19 would affect the stock markets as it has. There is no logical reason for it and no historical precedent for it. The stock market has lost of 30% since the beginning of the year (approximate timeframe of the first case of COVID-19 in the US). -30% is a huge loss! Although the good news…if the opening bell Wednesday matches the futures indicators and added to the highs from Tuesday we could be looking at a 7% bounce back in the stock market in one day. Well, as of the end of the day Wednesday the market ran up over 15% at one point. But don’t expect that to hold, the markets are going to fluctuate widely for a while…history shows they will come back quite nicely.

Gross Domestic Product (GDP), which normally grows at about 1 – 4% per year, appears will hit significant negative territory this year…as much as -24% according to some experts. That would be a huge contraction in the economy but in-line with a large stock market devaluation.

Unemployment is expected to rise significantly as well. Again, some experts are saying an unemployment rate of 30%. The highest unemployment rate during the Great Depression was 25%. So some experts are predicting an employment situation rivaling, perhaps surpassing, the Great Depression. Before you slit your wrists remember one BIG difference…the USA has many, many more economic safety nets in-place for US citizens now compared to 90 years ago.

And on another related note…many companies are talking about hiring thousands and thousands of new employees. While that may sound as if it will blunt the pain of the lost jobs, remember this…a lot of those new jobs will be Walmart, pizza/food delivery, Amazon, etc. And at this point we have no accurate statistical way to determine who will lose their job as compared to those that will gain employment. My best guess…those who lose their job at Boeing won’t find an equivalent paying job at Walmart. Also, average income will take a hit, as well as average per hour wage will go down.

How far would the federal government go in their response?

We don’t know that answer to that question entirely. But, we do know to what lengths they are willing to go economically right now…which is a good indicator of what the future holds.

There are multiple relief packages being discussed in Washington. Anywhere from $1Trillion to over $2Trillion of direct aid to businesses and individuals…that is unheard of and unprecedented in the history of the United States. And the powers in Washington are saying that is just the “initial” economic relief package…more would be forth coming. I could see the next relief package, say 30 – 90 days from now, could easily be another $1trillion – $3trillion.

[And a note added Thursday morning: The aid package (White House and Senate) now appears will be approximately $6trillion dollars; $2trillion in direct assistance to citizens, companies, and other organizations (i.e. Kennedy Center), and $4trillion in direct loans to banks from the Federal Reserve. But that could all change when the House gets their claws into it.]

But that is not all of what is going on…the Federal Reserve has been quietly working behind the scenes from the beginning of this crisis. Remember, the Federal Reserve (Fed) is not part of the federal government. The Fed is a private corporation of banks in the United States who act on behalf of the US government. Their mandate is to control interest rates and manipulate the employment rate in the US. So what has the Fed been up to?

Banks – The Fed eliminated the requirement of banks to keep a cash reserve on hand. Why? Because they’ve instructed banks to buy stocks and bonds. Freeing up those cash reserves allows the banks to make those purchases in a big way.

Stock Market – The Fed has been buying stocks at an incredible rate…into the trillions of dollars of stocks. And the banks, at the direction of the Fed, have put tens of billions more dollars in stocks. That is the only reason the stock market has not completely crashed from the COVID-19 panic.

Municipal Bonds – There is no market for municipal bonds right now. Those are the debt obligations of cities (in other words, loans to cities). To help ease that market and prevent a crash there, the Fed and banks have stepped in and buying those municipal bonds as well.

Treasury Bills (T-Notes) – An interesting note, a VERY serious one, at the latest Treasurer Bill (T-Bill) sale which took place late last week…no bids were received from any private purchaser of the US government notes. Yup! Not a single buyer of US Treasury Bills!!! So what happened? To prevent a collapse of that market the Fed stepped in and purchased all of them.

So how does that work?

The Fed has the ability to create money digitally. That means they go to the keyboard and type in a few commands and “Poof!” they now have $1Trillion in their bank account thanks to a computer program. Now they go to the T-Bill sale and buy them all up and transfer their newly digitally created money to the US Treasury Department bank account. Now the US Treasury Department has money to pay its bills. Nice huh!

Well, until you think the process through. What is behind the digital dollars that the Fed created? It’s a debt obligation from the US government. Yeah, the Fed creates money that they can obligate the US government to repay. And then with that newly created money they buy US government T-Bills. And those T-Bills gives the US Treasury Department money in their bank account. What? Yeah, and behind the scenes the Fed actually borrowed the newly created money, money that they created, from the US government. So in the purest sense of the word…the US government lent itself money by creating money…using the Federal Reserve to borrow from itself. The process is known as “monetization”.

The Fed records are secret, not even the US government has the right to see the Fed accounting books. But, the Fed itself has publicly admitted to pouring trillions of dollars into the stock market and hundreds of billions into the bond markets…so far. What is truly freighting…they have said they will pour unlimited funds into the stock markets, the bond markets, and T-Bill market. That might sound good on the surface…but every dollar (or trillion dollars) they pour into the stock market and economy is ALL debt of the US government…and that means debt obligations of you and me. Now how does that sound?

Individuals – One on the glaring facts to come out of this COVID-19 mess is how badly the individual, or family, is prepared to deal with a financial emergency. We know that prior to the crisis most Americans didn’t even have $1,000 in savings to respond to emergencies.  Almost half of Americans didn’t even have $400 on hand for emergencies. That is amazing…and disheartening. So the result has been simple…many Americans have tapped their savings dry, many more have gone into debt to deal with the COVID-19 crisis. How many Americans have done this, how much of their savings has been wiped out, and how far into debt we’ve gone is unknown at this time. But, all indicators point to it’s bad, very bad.

By itself the economic numbers could be dealt with by individuals and absorbed into the economic crisis generally speaking. But, the spin-off is three-fold…1) the crisis is still fairly young and we have no idea how much worse those numbers will get, 2) people will begin, have begun, to find they can’t make other debt and financial obligations such as mortgages, car payments, utility bills, etc. 3) the actions the federal government does/doesn’t take to off-set the economic impact of defaulting consumer debt. The impact from #2 could be devastating to the commercial lending industry. The debt created by the federal government and the Federal Reserve to relieve the impact to individuals and the commercial industry could be enormous…hundreds of billions of dollars, possibly trillions of dollars. And it is all dependent on #1 which final numbers are entirely unknown at this time.

US Postal Service (USPS) – What? Yeah, did you ever figure this would be a problem? So let’s lay out a couple things first…the USPS is not a government agency, it is a corporation that operates on behalf of the US government. It has never been “efficient” and never was designed for such. It has been in financial trouble (i.e. the verge of bankruptcy) for decades. It survives only on loans from the federal government. But, the problems here are also potentially staggering; 1) what happens when postal workers begin to come down with the virus, think they have it, or simply want to self-isolate? 2) What happens when all those bills that are supposed to be delivered aren’t? 3) What happens when someone starts talking about what surfaces the virus can exist on and for how long? Yeah, it is estimated that the virus can exist for two weeks on some surfaces…does that include paper…as in paper envelopes? 4) What happens when someone starts talking about postal carriers who test positive for the virus, or haven’t been tested, are spreading the virus to each household they come in contact with?  One article I read stated that the economic impact from a USPS bankruptcy, or any other related problem, could almost cripple the nation by itself depending on the depth and duration of the problem.

Other countries – There are some reports beginning to trickle out that there are countries that are looking at this situation and feel it will be to their advantage to hoard their own locally produced food and other trade products within their own borders for their own use.  We can survive without food from other countries, for the most part. We can do without their trade goods, for the most part. The bigger question is…what does it do to the world economy in the near-term and how does that affect us? I would also propose this…the longer those potential hoarding problems exist, the harder it will be to return to a state of trade normalcy. And then there is the question…what does the federal government do in response to any particular country holding back food and other trade goods?

So far we just touched on how far the federal government (and the Fed) will go in their response to the COVID-19 panic. But just how far would the federal government go in their response in areas other than economy?

Well, we have all heard/read about the various declarations of emergencies, issuing Executive Orders (EOs), and such. But do you understand the depth of what those orders mean? President Trump has already issued enough declarations and EOs to essentially suspend many Constitutional rights, liberties, and freedoms. Have at least some of those drastic suspensions taken place as of now? Yes. But, the power is there to do much, much more so should the government wish.

To that point…just late last week the Department of Justice submitted a request to Congress to allow the suspension of Due Process (right to trial, habeas corpus, etc.) for Federal District Courts. Simply put…the federal government is already taking actions to suspend some of the most basic Constitutional rights of US citizens. Can you imagine anything worse? Well, I can…martial law. Now hear me clearly, we are NOT there…NO martial law has been declared. And I don’t see President Trump being the kind of person to implement such a thing based on the COVID-19 panic alone.

Where are the politics in all of this?

Simple for the Republicans in Congress…push money out to the economy to save the economy…and create massive debts (trillions of dollars) for the US government on top of the already massive national debt.

For the Democrats it is a little more sinister. A leading Democrat in Congress made a statement in a Democrat strategy session held last Sunday night. That statement, his own words, says it all for the Democrats…use this crisis to push the radical leftist agenda forward…or crash the economy.

The politics could not be any more plain…both parties want to increase an already unsustainable debt load for our country. Both strategies will crash the economic system of the United States. The only difference…the Republicans want short-term gains with a long-term disaster. The Democrats want a short-term leftist gain with a long-term disaster. Both see the long-term disaster…and embrace it! And that “disaster” is eventual implementation of totalitarianism.

I can’t help but think about the “Cloward–Piven Strategy”…crash the US economy in order to establish a radical system of Communist/Socialist/Marxist principles which leads to a totalitarian government here in the United States. It appears to be working, being further implemented, and completely supported by the Federal Reserve actions…and that of the US Congress.

War –

In an Immediate Action Warning on 3/14/2020 I warned you of the potential of violence. In a SitRep on 3/18/2020 I spoke about the potential for war. Later on the 18th of March President Trump referred to himself as a “war-time President.” He also used the phrase, “…developments in our war against the Chinese virus…”. In the following days we began to hear the media and medical experts use the term “war” more and more. To the point…now the term “war” in regards to COVID-19 is commonplace. Where does it take us from here?

While not the context in which I used the term “war” it is representative of a clear mindset and I believe just as clear a predictor of where we are headed in the context that I used it. I surely hope I am wrong, but I see a high probability that I am right. Now, I am not saying it is a certainty…but the probability is higher now, and growing.

One of the indicators I saw in just the last few days of increasing violence and the potential for it to get worse was the theft of 29 COVID-19 unused test kits in Tucson, AZ. That tells me that the criminal element has now seized on this crisis and has every intention to use it. So where are those boundaries, if any, and will they fall completely?

Bottom Line…

We know that there is at least one 100% successful COVID-19 treatment plan with common drugs out there that can be used on an out-patient basis. We know there are very successful treatment plans out there for hospitalized COVID-19 patients…proven plans, again, with common drugs that have been available for 75 years. We have right now multiple vaccines that are being tested, and are proving highly effective against COVID-19. And we know that most people, by a large margin, who contract the virus never need hospitalization. And we know that COVOD-19 is NOT as deadly or as widespread as a regular flu season event. So why such an aggressive response by countries around the world, including the United States?

Remember the words of Rahm Emanuel (radical leftist) some years ago…”Never let a good crisis go to waste”? Now couple that statement to Rep. Clyburn’s statement just days ago about using this crisis to push the radical leftist agenda forward. We see exactly what the politicians have in mind. But, does it allow us a window into a much larger story? Yes!

The Democrat Party is a mere extension of the radical left…the world-wide radical left, the international Progressive movement in general. Power players such as Soros are at work taking full advantage of the situation just as Rahm stated. Just to restate…I see no conclusive or significant evidence indicating that the radicals in this country or anywhere else in the world developed this virus to bring the USA or the world to its knees. But, I am saying clearly and unequivocally that those who wish to implement totalitarianism into the USA and around the world are using this crisis to move that agenda forward.

What? Yes! So ask this question…Why did China go into a virtual lockdown of its country? What could they gain by doing so? They don’t gain money because the lockdown drastically reduces their ability to conduct international trade. And their domestic markets are miniscule compared to their international trade markets. Their domestic markets can’t even begin to absorb the loss of international trade. So what could China gain? I say “power.”

The Chinese government has to be able to control 1.4 billion people who live there. They have gone to great lengths to implement extensive society controls…such as social scores, tracking citizens via cell phones, and wide-spread usage of facial recognition software through millions of cameras located throughout the country. Keeping 1,400,000,000 people content and/or passive is a big job. And in a Communist or other authoritarian society every once in a while you have to show folks who’s boss. But by itself it that strategy doesn’t fully answer the question in my mind.

For about a decade we’ve been hearing publically that China’s goal is to replace the US as the world’s superpower. By that they mean in terms of military power and economic power. Economically they have all but caught up to us. Further, they spread that economic influence around the world overshadowing us in many geopolitical areas. In some countries they’ve completely replaced us in terms of political influence.

Militarily they have been making huge advancements in the quantity and quality of their conventional weapons. While their technology (i.e. smart-bomb guidance systems, etc.) don’t match ours by a substantial margin, they are closing the technology gap.

But their numbers are impressive! The sheer number of Chinese military personnel is staggering…China has double the active duty personnel of the US, 10 times the military reserve personnel, and 4 times more people to draw additional military personnel from. Yeah, their pool of potential military personnel is larger than the population of the entire United States…by a significant number.

In terms of ground equipment, the only category we exceed their number is “armored fighting vehicles” (not tanks). We do handily outpace them in aircraft. But most of those numbers represent aircraft that would be of little use in a conflict on the other side of the world.

The Chinese navy dwarfs our navy in every aspect with the exception of aircraft carriers. But, aircraft carriers make large and inviting targets…and most of our aircraft carriers are located nowhere near China’s are of control/influence. And when China has over 200 destroyers, frigates, corvettes, and submarines defending their hemisphere… a couple carriers and their escorts seem to be somewhat out-gunned.

As for nuclear arsenals…the US has well over 5000 warheads, China is estimated to have almost 300 (exact numbers unknown). Wow!!! We have 16 times more nukes…we win!!!  Ah, it only takes a couple nukes to devastate a country as large as the USA. And who even says any conflict would turn into a nuke exchange to win…or threatened as a deterrent?

OK, my specific point is…China is a power player in the world…even rivaling the US in many ways. But here is one piece of critical information that most Americans don’t know or they easily forget…China thinks in terms of centuries not years or quarters. China was an empire starting about 1600 BC and existed as an empire until 1921…yeah, almost 3600 years of being an empire in the world. Yup, China was an empire 15 times longer than the United States was a country! They have a clear identity, history, and a vision that most Americans can’t even begin to imagine or comprehend. They are willing to do anything to become that world power, that empire, again. And I think another aspect to this virus was their ability to use it to hurt the US…to diminish our power and influence.

Think about it…through the economic spin-off of reduced trade between the US and China and the virus panic itself the US is going to add, at a minimum, $10trillion in national debt. And damages to the US economy, besides the national debt, could easily be trillions more. And since it could potentially cripple the GDP for at least a year, maybe more, that depletes the amount of money that the US can earmark for military spending. Just a thought.

So we see that China could come out on top of all this in terms of increased power…economically and militarily…and in terms of world influence.

I also see that the rich will come out on top…they will buy stocks and bonds at deeply discounted prices and hugely benefit financially when the markets bounce back.

All levels of government in the United States will benefit because they will gain power through enforcement of existing laws and implementation of new legislation.

Some large corporations will gain power and money easily. They will buy back their own stock at deeply discounted prices. They will receive massive economic assistance from the federal government. Some corporations will see significant increases, far beyond normal, in their sales growth and customer acquisition. Many large corporations will absorb customers and entire companies from small businesses that will fold.

So who loses? Simple…the average American.

The average America will go deeper in debt, many will lose their job, some will lose their savings, some will lose their home, others will have their cars repossessed, and many will contract the virus. Of those, some will end up in the hospital, some will die. Some Americans will fight over toilet paper and forget they are supposed to treat other with decency and respect. Many will fall prey to those who have been, and are, promoting fear, panic, and hysteria. There will be a spike in depression and suicides due to those purveyors of fear, panic, and hysteria. Many people will buy things they don’t need, and won’t use, based on the panic generated by those predators.

And let there be no doubt…society will change forever!

As a people we will become more dependent on the government to “save us” and tell us what to do. We will know that in the future they will send us checks…so we will save and prepare less to take care of ourselves and our families. We will lose yet more rights, freedoms, and liberties just as we did in the years after 9/11. The average American will be less powerful and more subservient to companies and the government…more sheeple will be added to the ranks. More wolves will become known and clearly identifiable based on their actions.

Summary –

The outcomes look bleak…and I am a big believer in using “outcomes” as a yardstick to judge situations. By that I mean how something turns out. To judge a situation I don’t use intentions, processes, production, etc. I look at what the environment looks like after the situation is over…the outcome. And as of now…the outcome appears to suck.

As far as I see, here are the negative outcomes:

  • There is a massive transfer of wealth taking place. Trillions of dollars of wealth is being transferred to corporations and the elite rich. It could end up in the tens of trillions of dollars.
  • The US government will take on HUGE amounts of debt, possibly doubling the current national debt by the time it is all over.
  • The Federal Reserve will not act in the best interest of US citizens; it will further empower banking and investment interests.
  • Many small businesses will close their doors.
  • Most large corporations will do very well…at the expense of the US taxpayer.
  • Every level of government will gain strength, power, and influence over people within their jurisdiction.
  • Anti-Constitutional principles will be strengthened, and more planned.
  • People and organizations who were formerly considered Constitutionalists, patriots, well-grounded preppers, will be revealed…and will no longer be considered such. They will be seen as mere sheeple…or wolves who wore sheep’s clothing.
  • Some self-proclaimed Christians will not have behaved as Disciples of Christ.
  • The economy will not be the same, not even close.
  • Society will not be the same.
  • The United States of America will lose more of its identity.
  • International organizations (i.e. WHO) will gain more power and influence.

That being said, I think there will be some positive outcomes:

  • Some well-grounded, informed preppers will see that their emergency preparations worked.
  • Some families will have come closer together.
  • Some citizens will be seen as amazing in their acts of service and compassion.
  • Some communities will have come together and have taken care of each other.
  • Some companies will have done some amazing acts of service and kindness for folks.
  • Some Christians will have truly embraced what it means to be a Disciple of Christ.
  • Some churches will have truly shown they can take care of their flocks.

There is one aspect that I have to touch on…not that I want to…and will probably regret later. But, it has been asked of me more than once and I have pondered that question and come to some conclusions. So here goes…

Yes, I do think there is a possibility that this COVID-19 panic could be a Black Swan event and bring America down. It has already crashed a significant part of the economy. It has already encroached on civil liberties. It has already crashed a high percentage of the stock market. It has already cost the country trillions and trillions of dollars that we didn’t have. We are seeing shortages of some retail goods. And some degree of martial law has sprung up in some localities. So yes, there is a possibility that this is the beginning of an event that brings the fall of America. But, I think that probability is less than 10%.

10% sounds like a very low possibility…and it is. But it is 10times greater than it was three months ago. And the % of possibility could continue to grow as we see more and more draconian actions taking place by local governments. Those local actions could drive the federal government to take more aggressive action. If we see the federal government taking nation-wide unconstitutional actions (i.e. domestic travel restrictions, large quarantine areas, military troops enforcing local quarantines, bank holidays, or martial law declaration, etc.) then the possibility % would increase significantly. Not that those actions themselves would constitute a clear sign that America had fallen, or would fall. But , the resulting  reactions would cause even more draconian federal actions. And those actions would be the ones that would bring us down.

There are two issues that have me most concerned if they develop legs; 1) Congress suspension due to members being sick, potential to get sick, or travel restrictions being implemented, 2) delaying the election in November. Either of those two would be a sign I consider grievous to our country. If both developed…I would go into serious “hunker down” mode. Do I see the possibility of either? Well, yes, but a very low possibility at this time…maybe 2 – 3% probability.

Basically, we are in a situation that this country has never seen. We are flirting with solutions that have never been used to a problem that has never occurred. We have politicians that have never been more ambitious, more degenerate, or with more power to destroy America.

But, we’ve also never had more power as citizens within our grasp. We’ve never been better able to communicate with each other. We’ve never had the technology to deal with any challenge. And personally…I don’t think we’ve had a better quality of people available to take care of each other. And I see you as part of that last group…high-quality people!!!

As people, individuals, families, congregations, and communities we will make it through this crisis…and it is a crisis, make no mistake about it. We can and will take care of each other. We have within our grasp the ability to be the people that history will speak of with the highest respect. All it takes is our effort…our effort as individuals and families. Then bound together, our communities will display their strengths.

I have no idea how to close this SitRep…I really don’t. I’ve already listed in many previous articles what you can be doing now to deal with this situation. Over the years I laid out exactly what to do to prepare for such an event as this. I could give a heartfelt speech about who we are and how to act. But, you are already those people and can figure out how to treat each other…you don’t need me telling you more.

So I will end with this…you can do this, you can survive, you can thrive, you can be the person you know you should be. We can all work together to make it better. Forget the government, forget the politicians, forget the so-called experts, forget those with personal agendas…ignore them all. Do what you know to be right, believe in what you know to be true. Then just go do it!



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  2. Bingo!!!! You found the exact quote. Good job! As you know I rarely post my sources any more. But, I liked you challenged me, then did your own research, and found the facts for yourself. You are a great example of my website users…smart!!! And most of all…able to think for yourself…and not be just another sheeple sucking up the pablum that other sites puke out. Good job! AH


  3. Thank you sir! I had the same initial question you stated but mine focused on the media. Why such an aggressive message from the MSM? I believe the MSM prompted the aggressive response because of the hysteria they are promoting. They are promoting the hysteria quite well and it’s working. Rahm Emmanuel’s famous quote came to mind. I wasn’t aware of Rep Clyburn’s statement, I had to look that one up, but it figures.

    My second question was is there a diabolical origin to this? Thanks for your research on this.

    Thanks for all the research you do. You have answered other questions I had and some I had not thought of yet. Please keep up the good work.

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    • Hey Brother, Thank you for posting that reply. Nice to hear from folks and see what others are thinking and how. I hope what I produce adds to your SA. Hang in there….this thing will be over….and we will prevail….and it will go into the history books. Yeah, would love to read that chapter 🙂 AH


  4. Thank You for timely pertinent Assessments of the situation. Pat asked some serious pertinent questions and your answers were well documented and the best available. As someone has said we are in the vast unknown.. However, we do have ways of navigating these unknown waters.We have religious leaders who have knowledge and inspiration to lead us through the coming trials. As another person has said hold on the waves are high don’t lose your serf board. .

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    • You are spot on!!! Pat asked a great question. Thank fully I had done my research…whew! And Pat did a great follow-up on it. That is exactly a perfect example of who my website readers are…smart, analytical, independent thinkers…and NOT sheeple ! 🙂 AH


  5. You usually document everything; I must have missed something: ‘there is at least one 100% successful COVID-19 treatment plan with common drugs out there that can be used on an out-patient basis’? Who reported that? When was it reported? What is the data that supports the claim? Where are the treatments being administered? How is the treatment administered? Why are we still having 100s of deaths per day if this is known?

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    • The doctors were on The Hannity Show (radio) earlier this week talking about it and providing all the documentation. And other radio programs have had the individual doctors on as well. The biggest problem is not all cases are the same. The out-patient treatment, 100% success rate, is for early onset of symptoms and must be discovered early and administered immediately. The in-hospital treatment is not 100% but is very successful and is administered by pill or IV. Unfortunately there are some side-affects that make it unacceptable for all patients. And to make matters worse, at least one governor has halted its authorization for some bizarre reason that they didn’t make clear.

      Why are we still having deaths? Not all case are the same, some are more advanced, some have more underlying or more severe underlying health conditions, etc.. And sadly many doctors are unaware of, or reluctant to administer, the treatments protocols. Who knows all the “whys”…it boggles my mind.

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      • Something to try; better than nothing.

        “Mr. Vice President, I’m holding a letter, and I’m going to read from it in a second, from a doctor in the New York area,” said Hannity. The doctor, he claimed, had been treating patients with hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin and zinc sulfate.

        He went on to add that the doctor has supposedly treated around 500 patients, and “we have had zero deaths, zero hospitalizations, zero intubations.”
        It is entirely possible that a sample of 500 people would recover well from coronavirus by random chance. Conversely, there is no clinical evidence any of these drugs are effective — azithromycin in particular is an antibiotic, not an antiviral, so it would not impact a viral infection.

        hydroxychloroquine 200mg twice per day, 5 days

        azithromycin 500mg once per day, 5 days

        azithromycin 220mg once per day, 5 days

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