Resist !

OK, that was “click bait” for sure…again. (More on “Resist! a little later.)

Unofficial vote results shows a Biden/Harris win. Biden won the popular

vote by over 4million votes. He also apparently won 290 Electoral College votes, maybe more…albeit unofficially.

Remember I wrote that Biden would win the popular vote? That should have been a no-brainer for anyone…Trump was wildely unpopular with many, many people in this country for a wide variety of reasons.

And while 290 EC votes is not exactly a landslide it is pretty clear that Biden flipped a couple battle ground states back into being Democrat country.

And of course the Democrat Party held onto the House of Representatives.

But, here may be the worst news of all…the Senate may still end up in Democrat Party hands. Currently the Republicans and Democrats are deadlocked at 48 seats each. A couple of races have yet to be called. Should the Republicans win a majority then there is a firewall against the radical leftist policies that Biden/Harris will attempt to push through. Should the Democrats win a majority, then prepare yourself for an onslaught of radical socialist/authoritarian policies turning into laws. And then it gets worse…Democrats will be able to appoint large numbers of federal-level judges. And yes, they will obviously make a run at enlarging the Supreme court…then packing those seats with radical left-wingers. They desire a clear majority of radical leftist Supreme Court Justices.

And don’t forget…should there be a vote tie of Senators, Republican/Democrat, then vote ties are broken by the President of the Senate…the Vice-President. And that of course would be Kamala Harris…the most radical and authoritarian Vice-President that we have had since the FDR days….maybe longer.

So we are on the cusp of a HUGE speed change in the direction of our country. No, not a HUGE change of direction…simply a HUGE difference (i.e. increase) in the speed of the direction our government in making.

Speed vs Direction????

Yes, the direction the country has been taking for 120 years is plain and very easy to see. The US government is making our country a more authoritarian state, with socialist underpinnings, and with a steady loss of rights, liberties, and freedoms; and doing so by seizing more and more power and money from US citizens. It has been a steady and consistent direction for those 120 years with only the speed of seizing changing.

Under Biden/Harris the speed will increase…and become ever so painful to those that value rights, freedoms, and liberties. And it will be ever so welcomed by those that love socialism and/or authoritarianism.

So what about the “Resist!” thing I bait clicked you on?

Ah, but maybe not how you think in terms of resisting. I am speaking of resisting:

  • Fear of what is to come.
  • Panic buying.
  • Panic moving.
  • Joining a militia.
  • Participating in violence against the “system” in any shape or form.
  • Panic selling of stock/ precious metals, etc.
  • Panic withdrawing of IRA, 401k, or pension funds.

Resist all those passion driven actions, restrain your emotions. Allow time to show what is coming, how soon, how it will affect you, and what you should do about it. Be patient. Be kind. Be thoughtful. Be clear in thought. Be prayerful.

We lived through 8 years of Obama…the stock market did quite well under his Presidency actually.

We lived through 12 years of globalist, Progressive Bush Presidencies even though we lost a HUGE amount of rights, liberties, and freedoms.

We lived through 8 years of Clinton and all his crap.

We can it through this as well…maybe…ah, more on that later.

Now, what do I see coming?

  • The animosity among US citizens will skyrocket.
  • The rancor among US citizens will skyrocket.
  • Republicans will become even more cynical, angry, whinny, and weary of all things government. The latter is a good thing since they have been sycophants for the last 4 years.
  • The Democrats will be emboldened exponentially to nosebleed heights.
  • Expect more welfare.
  • Expect more abortions.
  • Expect more open borders.
  • Expect left-wing demonstrations/protests to advance their causes.
  • Expect higher taxes on higher income earners.
  • Expect more tax increases.
  • Expect more food stamps.
  • Expect college loan forgiveness.
  • Expect more housing assistance.
  • Expect a significant and at times violent suppression of militias.
  • Expect election reforms…national standards dictated by the federal government.
  • Expect a significant increase in social media and tech giant speech restriction (i.e. censorship).
  • Expect an increase in the federal minimum wage.
  • Expect more paid worker benefits.
  • Expect an exponential increase in the COVID-19 response by states controlled by Democrats and especially the federal government.
  • Expect COVID-19 situation to get worse…maybe even much worse.
  • Expect large federal budget deficits.
  • Expect a significant growth in the national debt.
  • Expect more “Bubba Effect”.

Once I can think through these issues with a little more perspective I will write about what I specifically would like to suggest as a course of action. But, I have total confidence in you that you already know what you need to do…or will shortly be able to sort it all out and lay in a plan of action.

The single most painful and dangerous clarification that came out of this election…TWO Americas.

America is clearly broken down along a single clearly defined line…Urban/Rural…you could also call it Coast/Middle.

Let me briefly explain…Big cities and the surrounding suburbs are clearly and overwhelmingly left-wing. While most areas outside of the cities, and especially the middle of the country, is far more conservative. Look at any state county-by-county breakdown of Presidential vote results map and you will plainly see what I am talking about.

Unfortunately that points the US in a serious and dangerous direction…revolt. Maybe you even call it Civil War…or maybe even Revolution.  But the bottom line…the two sides that have formed in America are diametrically opposed to one another. And 70 years, maybe even 25 years ago we could have rallied together against a common foe. But…no more, those days are gone.  Even after 9/11 the country rallied together for maybe a few months…then back to polar opposites along political lines.

The two sides are on a collision course…war.

Don’t be surprised…America has noble beginnings and a divinely inspired foundation in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and The Bill of Rights. But, like any/every other government…they seized more and more power and money from citizens. And America has done so like any other empire in the history of mankind. And like ALL other empires America too will fall. When? I have no idea…could be in 100 years, could be next year…but it will fall…they all have. America will be no different.

Fortunately, there are enough people who know and love the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and The Bill of Rights…and will save them and their principles even if it only by a thread. Unfortunately…our country, as such, will not be saved and our government cannot, will not, be restored to its original form and design. But, there will be pockets of people where those ideals will be preserved and lived. Are you prepared to be part of, or a leader of, one of those pockets?

More to come…<click here to read the follow-up>


19 thoughts on “Resist !

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  5. I was late in reading this…but again, spot on.

    There is a balance to be considered, though. Being passive isn’t going to keep our freedoms and Constitution.
    >> The Leftists/Progressives running the Democratic Party clearly have been operating according to a long-range plan. Very little of what we’re seeing is an accident — rather, it’s the culmination of a grand, albeit highly malevolent, plan. That’s what Communists do very, very well — plan and implement revolutions.

    The conservative side, which hopefully include most Republicans, has been in reactive mode for decades…except perhaps for SCOTUS nominations/appointments over the last several years (and most of that was Trump). Somehow, someway, we need to go on offense.
    >> No, I don’t know what that should look like. No, I don’t mean going all kinetic or violent (except in self-defense).
    >> The thing is, either we start lead-turning the Progressives and their mobs…or we’re going to lose. Big-time lose. Lose EVERYTHING that makes the United States the most successful, generous, and unique nation on this planet.
    >> We need some billionaires to take on the equivalent roles on the conservative side, that George Soros and the various Tech Billionaires fill on the Leftist/Progressive side.
    >> We, as individuals, need to step up to the plate on our own activism. That will take both our dollars AND our time/effort.
    >>> NO, we don’t want to be BLM or antifa or black bloc or anything like them.
    >>> Yes, we do need to figure out how to defuse those groups in real-time. Because the police/LE aren’t doing it, that much is clear.

    But the most important thing to do is to VOTE…and bring along others to VOTE.
    >> No, it’s not clear that we’re going to have any more true, fair elections. The Dems have established better than 50% of Lenin’s goal of being the Party that counts the votes…but their dominance isn’t complete, as proven by this election.
    >> The 2022 mid-term elections are going to fair enough, I think…and “probably” 2024 elections OTHER THAN the presidency.
    >> We absolutely need to hold the Senate and gain control of the House. Period. No excuses and no way around it.

    Which leads me back to…THIS election.
    >> First, the The Senate majority hangs on the two special elections to be held in Georgia in January. While neither of those Republican candidates would be my first choice for that office…the alternatives are two Dems that will elect Chuck Schumer (D, NY) as the new Senate Majority leader. That would be bad news for our Constitution.
    >>> YOU NEED TO ENGAGE ON THOSE RACES IN George!! Send money, volunteer for vote counting observations, etc. Write letters to the editor. Ask all your friends to donate to the two Republican candidates. JUST DO SOMETHING!

    >> Second, the presidential recount in Georgia is also ongoing.
    >>> What can you do? Well, Tea Party Patriots is seeking volunteers to travel to George on their own dime, to observe the counting and/or support them logistically. Go to for further details.
    >>> You could also donate to the President’s campaign fund, which now is being recast as the Recount fund. Yeah, I know; I’m pretty tapped out by all the donating during the campaign, too. But, try to pull out $100 — or even just $10 — to donate now. Your help is needed.

    Don’t just let things slide. Only by YOUR PERSONAL ENGAGEMENT on these matters, can we all hope to achieve a collective win on behalf of our Constitution.

    What am I doing, myself?? Well, I’ve made multiple donations. I can’t do the recounts myself due to physical disability…but I’m spreading the word about the volunteer opportunities. And I wrote this post, here, suggesting donations and volunteers. That’s what I’m doing to help the effort.

    Now, ask yourself an honest question: What have YOU done about keeping the Senate out of Democrat hands…or helping the President win one of the recounts going on?? Anything at all?

    We need you, friends. We really do. You may never get much of an “attaboy” or “attagirl” reward for your contributions…but if you dream of a future where we still live under Constitutional rule…and aren’t calling each other, “comrade.”

    Get to it, my friends.



  6. Could you please explain why we vote for a president (the Popular Vote) when it’s the Electoral Vote that counts. I know it’s our civic duty and all that but are those Electoral Voters voting the will of the constituents they represent? How can they cast their vote if the popular votes haven’t even been all counted? Keep up the good work AH !!!!

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    • You raise great questions.

      First, we vote because it is supposed to dictate how our particular state’s EC delegates cast their vote. Each state has its own laws on how that is to take place. The Founders put the EC in place to prevent “democracy”…two wolves and a sheep deciding what is for dinner.

      The EC delegates don’t necessarily have to follow the popular vote. There are many ways they can cast their vote(s), each state dictates how they do so. The Founders wanted to place a “check & balance” on federal election of Presidents to prevent the states with the highest population from dictating who wins the presidency. They also wanted to prevent some wildly popular, but decidedly evil, candidate from being elected via popular vote.

      The EC delegates will cast their votes for their state once the Secretary of State for each state certifies the winner of the popular vote and the Governor of that state has informed their counter-part at the federal level.

      You might want to review

      Thank you kindly…I will do my best to give out my opinion(s).

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  8. What I can’t wrap my head around is that half of the people in this country “feel” it is ok to lie cheat and steal, if it helps their team win. Until now I felt somewhat comfortable living around people, but now I’m not so sure. I know that this past election was my last. We tried the “soap box” and then the “ballet box” so now it looks like we will have to resort to the “cartridge box”, and all we wanted is to be left alone.

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    • Well, I think you are wrong, dead wrong!!! OK, that may be a bit melodramatic but it leads me to my point. And that point is…NOT HALF!!!!! MORE THAN HALF! Yeah, the popular vote showed more than half voted for Biden…one of the most corrupt and singularly dishonest people to ever usurp power from the people through Congress. And on top of that he had a massive support structure working to ensure that whatever it took for him to win happened…whatever illegal, immoral, or dishonest task took place. But…have no doubt…there are just as corrupt Republicans that do just as dishonest deeds as Democrats. Because they are corrupted by “power” and the lust for it.

      You made the perfect Libertarian point…WE JUST WANT TO BE LEFT ALONE !

      But the Republicans, and especially Democrats, think they know what is best and want to control us…for our benefit…and mostly for their own. ALL politicians seek power and money…and to take it from us, “we the people”…and it is pure evil in its endeavor.

      Please give some thought to one point…when people go on the offensive and attack they lose. When people defend their families, their home and their righteous way of life they prevail. Maybe not prevail until in the end, but they prevail.

      Keep your eyes open, your powder dry, be patient, and do God’s will always in all things.

      Hang in there brother, hang in there…I get a sense of how you feel.

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  9. I had to think about this for a bit before replying. I agree with most of it especially your Resist list. Honestly I don’t think we have too much time though, maybe a year. I could be wrong about that and I hope I am.

    Biden has announced his czar for the virus. None other than Ezekiel Emanuel, the architect for obummer care. Joe announced that he would institute a lock down right away, for how long depended on the science. His chosen scientist is on record saying a minimum of 12-18 months. Our economy would not make it in that range.

    January 20th, 5 days after patient zero landed in the US, the UN decided on a solution to our dilemma. It was promoted by Al Gore and this statement was released June 25th. Here is a link to the article for those who have not seen it.

    In a nutshell, the UN has offered to save our economy. It’s called the Great Reset and there is plenty of information on the internet provided by the UN’s own World Economic Forum. This reset does not bode well for most people.

    I have felt the breakup coming for a long time now. Balkanization has become a distinct possibility. Now it’s just a waiting game to see how things play out.

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    • Be patient…wait and see what actually happens. Pray that the Republicans hold a majority in the Senate. If not…well, we are in big trouble. Watch for the demonization to break into full motion. The radical leftists are coming after anything that isn’t radical left. Watch just how badly rights, freedoms, and liberties begin to suffer…and then get worse…much, much worse. AH

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      • I’m patient. Too darn old to be a soldier anyhow. We still don’t know how this will play out so yeah, now is the time to wait and see.

        I’ve been given a glimpse of work I will be doing and it’s something I’m decent at. It’s kinda who I am. Will this happen soon? Who knows but I’m hanging in there. A friend in our group gifted me a copy of the Book of Mormon so I’ve got some studying to do.

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      • Bob, I have complete confidence in you and your decisions. You are a solid guy! The Book of Mormon tells the story of people/society…their rise and fall…based on pride and humility cycles. It will help bring clarity to the current state of America…and our future. You will find it both interesting and informative. AH

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      • I’m a patient person, well mostly anyway. I’m too old to be a soldier so all I can and will do is wait and see how this turns out. This part isn’t over yet. And I will continue to prepare.

        I’ve been shown that I have work to do but it’s work I’m decent at and it’s who I am. It’s work I haven’t done in a while and I need to get back to it soon. I have recently learned canning so I’m building that skill right now.

        I was gifted a Book of Mormon by a friend in out group so I’ve also got some studying to do. I am the only non LDS in our group.

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  10. Spot on! Hunker down, go only where you have to go.Stay out of big cities. I live 35 miles from downtown Dallas I expect Protest marches of varying kinds. Don’t get caught in one of those. If caught pray, many will not survive the experience.

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