SitRep – 11/20/2020

It seems as if there are so many things to write about these days, all of them pressing issues. There are hurricanes of historic numbers, historic wildfires, increasing discontent and civil unrest, the COVID pandemic, and of course…the election aftermath. While all are important to one degree or another, there exists a priority system for each of us.

One of the most disturbing events since I started this website many years ago has been the election and the associated aftershocks. Yes, I have been warning about it for the better part of 3 years…yet it still came as a shock to many, upsetting to say the least. Many Trump supporters were convinced he would be elected by a landslide…maybe even rivaling the Reagan years. When it didn’t turn out as expected many folks were devastated…and fearful…or at least apprehensive. I fielded many phone calls from friends and family starting election night about what comes next and what to do about it.

The most disturbing thing of all…the shock and fear that I heard in so many voices. It was disappointing and I felt the need to comfort and console. But, I can’t and won’t. These are times to be worried about, to be concerned about, to be apprehensive about…and to know that it is getting worse by the day.

But, these ARE NOT days to be fearful!

So let me share a few things with you…and let’s see how you feel when you are done reading. I will cover the following:

  • Election
  • Media (Mainstream & Social)
  • Civil Unrest
  • Control & Influence

Election –

Well, I can only say this…the single most fraudulent Presidential election this country has ever endured just occurred. While we didn’t have significant widespread voter fraud (nationwide criminal activity), we did see several states plagued with criminal voter and election fraud at an unprecedented level. And those particular states are the ones that tilted the vote in favor of a Biden victory.

If you listen to the media you hear nothing but platitudes concerning how secure, fair, and honest this election was…totally free from any voter fraud. You even hear the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI make similar claims…albeit cleverly worded. But, we know now, as we have for decades, that the federal government is rife with those that seek nothing but ill and evil for the USA. Those that I speak of are referred to as the Deepstate…but there are far more names they can be called…all seek for power and money…all seek an omnipotent federal government. We commonly know their goal more simply put…an authoritarian central government. And the vast majority of federal government workers strive for that end…either intentionally or by their unintended actions, or lack thereof.

It is my firm opinion that the outcome of the election was fixed in-place years ago…and Trump was not going to be re-elected…regardless of the vote outcome. And no amount of court challenges, demonstrations, rallies, protests, or court cases will do a single thing to change the outcome. Period!

Yes, that means a number of things:

  • Joe Biden will be sworn in as the next President of the United States.
  • The Supreme Court, if it even hears a Trump legal challenge, will not overturn the election results.
  • No protest, rally, demonstration, or any other act will help retain Trump as President. No letters, no petitions, no pleas will be effective, if even noticed by those in control.
  • The only hope that the country has now is a Republican majority in the US Senate…and they don’t have it yet.
  • Those that raise their voice, fist, or head in protest now will simply put yet another target on their back. Law enforcement is watching…and taking names and making notes.

So for just a minute let’s consider how Trump could use the courts to overturn, or stay, the election…

1) He could try to obtain a “stay” for the states’ election results being certified in the states where enough claims/evidence exists to indicate he actually won those states. The states could investigate and then release the results allowing the courts to “order” who won through the States’ Secretaries of State.

2) He could try to get a court order to force State legislators to pick the Electoral College electors vs the electors being normally designated by the certified vote outcome.

3) He could request that the Supreme Court “stay” the national Electoral College process/results; then potentially request a court order for a new election based on his claims/evidence of vote results fraud.

My opinion…

#3 will NEVER, EVER happen. The Supreme Court will not overturn or stay a national election. If they did so, or even hear the case, it would undermine the Constitution by bringing into question the Constitutional electoral process. They WILL NOT do this under any circumstance…PERIOD!

#2 is almost a virtual impossibility. I do not think for a minute that any judge wants to be the person that tries to undermine the Constitutional electoral process. And if a court would rule to do so it would be immediately appealed to the Supreme Court by the Democrats. See #3 above for that outcome.

#1 is highly unlikely…and may be the least desirable of all potential options. Yes…the least desirable. If a court would issue that stay, which is highly unlikely (impossible), then the relative state(s) would start an investigation into voter fraud or vote counting fraud. First off…both are criminal matters not civil matters. Second…think how long it would take…yup, a very long time. And if Trump is not declared a winner by inauguration day…well, by law according to the Constitution and the succession procedures…ah yes… at this point Nancy Pelosi becomes President until the election results would proceed with an inauguration <read more>. Now you know why I call this the least desirable option. And should the investigation be handled by federal law enforcement…well, the investigation would take 3 – 5 times longer and Trump would surely not be re-elected.

While Trump may not have lost the vote…but Biden will be sworn in as the next President. God help us!

Media (Mainstream & Social) –

As you are well aware of we are seeing a monumental increase, an exponential increase, in censorship in all forms of media in the United States. But, this is nothing new. All over the globe most countries already have draconian censorship laws. Many countries have severe criminal penalties for violating censorship and offending speech laws…including imprisonment. The same is coming to the US.

Corporations are currently the ones doing all the censoring in the US…and they are doing it very well. And yes, it will get far, far worse as the Biden presidency matures. What the US doesn’t have yet are the criminal penalties. But, they are coming. No, they won’t overturn the First Amendment…until the final push, but in the meantime there will be laws where people become more “responsible” for the things that they say. Whether it be injury, property damage, incitement, etc. people will be dragged into the civil and criminal legal system more and more based on what they say.

The Brandenburg Test – “Freedoms of speech and press do not permit a State to forbid advocacy of the use of force or of law violation except where such advocacy is directed to inciting or producing imminent lawless action and is likely to incite or produce such action.”

The key to where they will head with all of this is “…advocacy is directed to inciting or producing imminent lawless action…” The courts, including the Supreme Court, will become much more liberal in determining what constitutes “advocacy” and “imminent”. Example: A right-wing blogger says we should resist intrusion of the federal government into our lives. Then during a rally a scuffle between Proud Boys and AntiFa breaks out. People are injured, one dies.  During the investigation more than one person (or maybe even just one) states that he listens to said blogger. The blogger will then be subject to arrest and subsequent charges for incitement of violence, potentially conspiracy to commit murder, or as an accessory to murder. This would not violate the First Amendment as such, but would reduce any anti-government speech due to a person likely being held responsible for said speech.

Censorship is here, here to stay, and will only get worse…plan accordingly.

Civil Unrest –

As I stated multiple time over the last several years there would be civil unrest and violence before, during, and after the election. It has happened, will continue to occur, and will get worse. At several pro-Trump rallies there have already been violent clashes with opposition groups, even a shooting.

How will it get worse? If the election results (Biden presidency) would somehow appear to be in jeopardy the radical left (i.e. Democrats) will come unhinged. And the most violent of their party will hit the streets with a vengeance. And of course the anarchists will join in with them.

Also, if the right continues to hold rallies and/or demonstrations then the left is going to react to those events and more clashes will occur. And then once again the “Bubba Effect” will show up…and potentially more than an isolated incident or two.

The short-term looks as if it could spontaneously get bad in isolated situations. Medium-term…it could get very ugly whatever the vote/election results are. Long-term…well, it’s simple really…Civil War or another Revolutionary War…there is no avoiding it…it is coming.


The second wave has hit. Just as I have warned you about, although you already knew it was coming without me telling you. And it is ferocious in nature. Yes, the virus itself has mutated somewhat to make it more contagious on a wider demographic. However, we are also seeing a spike in cases for the simple fact that we are testing more.

But, none of that is new, nor the point of my writing. What I am seriously concerned about…the latest actions that state and local governments are taking. To say those actions are draconian would be an understatement by a rather large factor. What we are seeing are “extremist” measures being forced upon citizens that are nothing less than those taken by a petty dictator in some third-world country. Or, maybe more along the lines that the old Soviet Union or the current Communist China would take.

Example: In New Mexico they are closing food stores and pharmacies in some situations! But, then again…the Governor of New Mexico is a radical left-wing Communist/Marxist who is drunk with her own delusion of grandeur.

And it will get worse.

Control & Influence –

I was tempted to write a stand-alone article on this subject, but I thought it more appropriate to include it in this SitRep immediately preceding the “Summary” section.

There is an old saying in regards to worrying…80% of what we worry about will never happen…so don’t worry about all of those things. I tend to agree with that for most people in most situations.

But, I want to personalize it…adapt the saying to what is happening in today’s world. Sure, 80% of what we worry about will most likely never happen; at least not as we think it will. But what about the other 20%?

Here’s what I think and propose to you for consideration…

10% of what we worry about will happen. However, we have no control or influence over what actually happens. In other words…it’s going to happen regardless of what we do, or attempt to do. Example: US bombs Iran nuclear facilities to slow down their plutonium production. OK, maybe you work as the National Security Director advising the President to bomb em. Or, maybe you are the President and will make that decision. But, that is a pretty limited field of folks who can influence that decision…and only one person who can make that decision. The rest of us can worry all we want…we got nothing to say whether it happens or not.

But what about the other 10%?

I firmly believe that we do have influence in what happens or even may be the decision maker is that remaining 10%. Example: Who we cast our vote for, or do we attend a rally/demonstration or not.

So here’s my point…Where do we spend our time, effort, and resources on?

Do we pour time, effort, and money on the 80% of the stuff that never happens? Does it make any sense to worry about or invest in that stuff at all?

What about the 10% that we have no influence or decision making ability in? Do we pour time, effort, and money into those things?

Or, do we assess which things wherein we can have influence in the outcome…or better yet…we can make the actual decision in the outcome?

I suggest to you…forget about the 80% altogether! Don’t give those things a second thought at all; waste no time, effort on money on them.

As for the 10% wherein we can’t influence or make the decision on…spend the absolute minimal time and effort on them. Maybe just be aware that they are happening and any changes in actual events. In other words…good Situational Awareness…but minimal, absolutely minimal, investment in them.

And finally the 10% we can control or influence…concentrate your time, effort and money on those things…virtually exclusively. Be very efficient in what you do…invest heavily and wisely in them.

Here is the kicker…how do you identify each category?

Well, I think that is pretty simple as well…

  • The closer the issue/situation is to you the more influence/control you have over it.
  • If the issue/situation depends on your time, effort, or money the more influence/control you have over it.
  • Once you’ve identified those issues/situations mentioned above then prioritize them. The priority you assign to each should be based on your foundational principles. Those “foundational principles” I’ve been taking about now for quite some time if you care to read about them.

Why do I bring this topic up in the first place? Based on the number of phone calls I’ve received from friends and family concerned about the election and what is coming. And I also have to say…it is partially based on some of the comments I received on the last few posts I made. Some folks may be misunderstanding that I am suggesting folks do nothing.

Yeah, not even close! I have advocated for several years on what to do…to be actively engaged in. Some of my last few posts have included what not to do based on safety and common sense…and avoiding unnecessary targeting of yourself and your family.

The key to everything that is taking place right now in our country and the world is knowing what events/issues/situations that you have any influence in or control over. Then concentrate on those events/issues/situations with your time, effort, and resources. The other 90%…well, monitor and adapt as needed…but avoid worrying about them entirely…and invest only minimally in them with your time, effort and resources.

Summary –

This has been a terrible, terrible year! The last 3 years have been very, very rough. The last 11 years have sucked. Yeah…you get the point. But, know this (and you already do) that this is a very treacherous time…and it is getting worse…and will get way worse. And only you can prepare yourself and your family for it. And you can only do the best you can…and that is good enough.

Prioritize your time, effort and resources…focus on those things that you can influence or have control over. And go after those things like a person possessed!

If you need a reminder of what I think is coming and what to do to prepare…just start reading this website’s articles backward. Yeah, read the most recent articles first…they are loaded with good information. And comments on those articles contain great information as well.

Will I ever “go active”?  Yes. When the appropriate time comes, when the situation requires it, I will go active.

Will I let my website visitors know when to go active? I will never “incite” people to commit violence or damage property or rebel against the Constitutional government. What I will do, when the time comes, is issue a single one line post. And the post will indicate the time has come to defend yourself, your family, your home, your community, your congregation, and all that you care about against those who would commit unConstitutional acts, lawlessness and violence against you and yours. That post will read simply…”Call to arms!” It will be totally up to you how to do any/all of the above. I simply request you follow the Hollow Spirit when doing so.

Folks, the times are both treacherous and perilous. We’ve seen a coup against Trump during his Presidency…and they almost overthrew the duly elected President. We’ve seen the overthrow of the US Presidency in the election less than a few weeks ago. We will shortly see the inauguration of the most corrupt, radical, authoritarian, Communist/Marxist administration to ever takeover the Whitehouse. We are on the precipice of a “dark ages” for the United States the likes we can hardly even imagine. If the Republicans do not retain a majority in the Senate we will slip into an authoritarian government that we will never recover from.

I urge you STRONGLY to take ALL steps necessary NOW to prepare for those times. Have a PLAN and several backups on what you and your family will DO as we continue to slip into these darkest of government chasms. Do not delay, do not procrastinate, do not hesitate…it is coming. I can’t tell you exactly when…but IT IS COMING!!

As I have discussed with many folks over the last couple of years…there are going to be pockets of places/people who will honor and sustain the principles that formed our Republic and are contained in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. The rest of the country will devolve into a dictatorial/authoritarian septic tank.

It is your responsibility to know where the pockets/places are and will be…how to get there…how to contribute to their success…and how to get your loved ones there. Live up to your responsibility…and do so NOW !

In the meantime…or in addition to…SERVE !  Serve others with all your might, mind, and strength…with all that you are, all that you have been given, and all that you will be given. SERVE !

And remember this…If you are prepared you shall not fear.

As a reminder of some of the things I see coming let me reproduce the list from my 11/7/2020 article “Resist!”

  • The animosity among US citizens will skyrocket.
  • The rancor among US citizens will skyrocket.
  • Republicans will become even more cynical, angry, whinny, and weary of all things government. The latter is a good thing since they have been sycophants for the last 4 years.
  • The Democrats will be emboldened exponentially to nosebleed heights.
  • Expect more welfare.
  • Expect more abortions.
  • Expect more open borders.
  • Expect left-wing demonstrations/protests to advance their causes.
  • Expect higher taxes on higher income earners.
  • Expect more tax increases.
  • Expect more food stamps.
  • Expect college loan forgiveness.
  • Expect more housing assistance.
  • Expect a significant and at times violent suppression of militias.
  • Expect election reforms…national standards dictated by the federal government.
  • Expect a significant increase in social media and tech giant speech restriction (i.e. censorship).
  • Expect an increase in the federal minimum wage.
  • Expect more paid worker benefits.
  • Expect an exponential increase in the COVID-19 response by states controlled by Democrats and especially the federal government.
  • Expect COVID-19 situation to get worse…maybe even much worse.
  • Expect large federal budget deficits.
  • Expect a significant growth in the national debt.
  • Expect more “Bubba Effect”.

And on 7/17/2020 I wrote a SitRep where I gave specific things to do…

  1. Implement a plan to fill any holes in your emergency preparations based on the 7 Common Risks & Threats.
  2. Do NOT join any militia of any kind, or any group that vocally expresses blanket support for police.
  3. Do look for Peace Officers who respect and honor the Constitution…in good times and bad. Then tell them you appreciate them and stand by them when the time comes…and the time will come.
  4. Do NOT generally talk to folks about forming any armed group.
  5. Stay very aware of what is happening in your community. Keep your Situation Awareness at its peak.
  6. Stay off social media where controversial topics are discussed such as militias, armed resistance, etc.
  7. Read, understand, and use all of my Immediate Action Warnings that I have produced since the beginning of 2020.
  8. Have discussions with your neighbors to get an idea of where they are with everything that is happening.
  9. Prepare for the potential second wave of COVID-19 this fall.
  10. Prepare for increased violence when/if colleges and schools reopen.
  11. Prepare for a horrific Presidential campaign season.
  12. Prepare for the fallout from whoever wins the election…especially if the Dems sweep Congress and the Whitehouse.
  13. Hone your critical thinking skills and dig for accurate information…distrust the media and distrust all social media even more…especially prepper social media websites.
  14. Push to reopen churches and religious practices wherever and whenever possible.
  15. Support your local businesses whenever practical.
  16. Avoid Facebook, Instagram, Google and other big tech firms as much as you can.

Now, go forward, think clearly, act decisively, and do good!

2009 – 2023 Copyright © ~ All rights reserved. No reproduction or other use of this content without expressed written permission from See Content Use Policy for more information.

7 thoughts on “SitRep – 11/20/2020

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  2. I truly hope you are wrong about Biden and Trump, but I do appreciate your analysis.

    As you said, regardless of the election outcome, we are in deep trouble.

    However, given the Prophet’s request that we post comments or stories about our gratitude on social media which can cause us to ponder and think about things we are and have been grateful for. I believe that the Lord appreciates our expressions of thanks and will bless us for them and we become a bit better as a result.

    So often, the current events affect us and pushes our good memories away from our daily thoughts causing us to forget the things our current station was built upon. Remembering helps us restore balance and gives us some measure of confidence in things to come. I wasn’t left to my own wits in the past so I don’t expect to be left adrift now regardless what happens.

    Like the song says, “And should I die before my journey’s end, All is well.” But if I don’t die, then there will be a way to make it, if I do not bail out of the boat.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Over the last few years I’ve become more aware at the importance of staying singlely focused on the direction that the Leadership of The Church is pointing to. From Elder Bednar’s reinforcing prepardness to Pres. Nelson’s “Let God Prevail”. Each of us have the ability to receive direction from God if we will let him prevail in our lives. Through personal and miraculous events, my wife and I have found ourselves here at Far West Missouri. WE STILL HAVE MUCH PREPARATION TO DO. But exciting times are upon us. Our community is very conservative and the local mayor will not enforce the states mask mandate, nor would the sheriff. We have been given counsel to do somethings and to move forward in faith. As we do so, promises will be fulfilled. I always saw myself as a defender. A sheepdog. Now living where we live, I have become intimately acquainted and work with many of the Amish in our community. It is hard to believe that they would not pick up a weapon to defend their homes or family, wives or children. There seems to be a perception that is beginning to swell in me and this area that it will be by a greater power that we will defend. AND DEFEND WE WILL!!!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. I still wonder if TPTB know of an upcoming global disaster (economic collapse or reset, incoming asteroid, major earthquake, volcanic eruption, ETs, solar flare, solar micro nova, or …). So they release a plandemic to lock everyone down and get them to stock up and prepare. And all the politics is just theater to keep them distracted.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well, I like the way you are willing to think outside of the box and explore different possibilities. Couple of thoughts: yes, they know an economic reset is coming…they have planned it. No, I don’t see conclusive evidence, or even a preponderance of evidence, that this was a “plan”demic. COVID is being used not to prepare people by stocking up…but an opportunity to increase the power of all levels of government and teach people how to be more sheeple-like. All politics is theater to be sure…covers up their more evil, insidious actions and plans to seize more power and wealth from people. And…to teach populations how to be more controlled….subjugated. I gotta keep my opinion(s) based as much as possible on known facts and evidence as I know them…I try to stay grounded and avoid the more spectacular speculations until more evidence shows an increasing probability of occurrence. Do you have some info I need to be aware of? AH


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