The Military Occupation of Washington D.C.

It’s official, the US military is now occupying our nation’s capital. Yes, it is now considered a full-blown military occupation. While that is devastating news in itself, the real devastating part of this is the “why” they are there.

While we had 10’s of thousands of military troops in Washington DC to install the Biden/Harris regime, we now have states such as Illinois, radical leftist state, sending even more troops. And it appears to the average American that they are there to stay, even if they are sleeping on floors in a parking garage or in the Capital basement. So when a number of investigative journalists actually asked the military leadership some basic questions such as, “What is their mission?”, “How long will they stay”, etc. They are met with stone-faced generals and truth-avoiding public relations officers telling them that they can’t reveal details of an on-going mission due to “operational security”…what????

Yup, the military there is conducting an on-going mission that requires operational security! Sounds like Afghanistan to me, or Somalia, or some other place in the world where the US military had been occupying a country. And so it is here…in the United State of America…the US military occupying our nation’s capital.

But, that isn’t the whole story of why the troops are there. Remember they were originally called up because the capital police were unable to control the so-called insurrection that occurred on 1/6. Yes, we all know that capital police leadership are Democrats…and controlled directly/indirectly by House leadership…who are also Democrats. But let’s not let those minor details get in the way.

So the military troops are called to Washington DC to prevent another insurrection. The FBI releases statement after statement that there is going to be a massive show of force by the right-wing militias and they will attempt to prevent the inauguration ceremonies. DHS releases statements that there are domestic terrorists that will attempt again another insurrection. And the move by the Feds on 1/19, the day before the election, to identify “domestic terrorists” as basically anyone who is even a little right of the political center. Great timing!!! But, I am sure it was all strictly coincidence.

Yeah, and none of it ever happened…not a single blade of grass was damaged in Washington DC before, during or after the inauguration week by a single right-wing domestic terrorist…or former Tea Party grandma.

But, you have to admit…the totalitarian propaganda team information staff for the military, FBI, and DHS…not to mention the Democratic House leadership…sure laid the groundwork for a huge and on-going military presence. Well done!!! A man like Goebbels would be very, very proud of them all.

Some time ago I spoke to the issue of all the military occupying DC, I mentioned then it was a massive message to the right, and generally all Americans, that the radical Democrats were now in-charge and not to mess with them…or the military would crush you like an ant on a NY City sidewalk. But, the Dems have new marching orders for the military, specifically the US Army.

Oh sorry, their new mission…protect the US Federal government. Again sorry, that isn’t entirely true…the Dems could care less about the Republican politicians being protected. The US military is now occupying the nation’s capital to protect all of those in the Biden/Harris regime…especially the White House if you’ve noticed.

And why is that military protection there?  Because the Biden/Harris regime is making the last/final decisions necessary to turn the US into a 100% totalitarian state. And they want to make sure that there is no chance that Americans can invoke the rights outlined in the Declaration of Independence. Hence, the military is there to crush any chance of any freedom or patriot movement. Surely the US military would never want another generation of Founding Fathers…oh no…no more Founding Fathers now! No more cries against tyranny…no more calls for rights/freedoms/liberties now! No way!!! This is American by golly…and we don’t want any of that crap in our country…no, not now! Follow the orders of the Biden/Harris regime…no matter what…no matter what the Constitution or the Bill of Rights says.

Did you ever read Animal Farm?

And of course…their mere presence sends a clear message to the American people, especially the “right”…don’t worry we now have peace and security…oh by the way, no Constitution or Bill of Rights…but we have peace and security. I am sure the right’s law & order freaks are loving life right now…their ultimate wet dream…military troops on the streets of American cities!!!  Peace and Security…Right on!!!

And the saddest part of the US military occupying the nation’s capital…well, they kinda forgot something…

“I, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.”

They especially forgot the part “…I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same…”

Maybe at some point they might remember it…but I am not seeing that at all…nope, nowhere.

So there you have it folks…the US is now nothing more than a Banana Republic, a third-world dictatorship, (or a Russia or China) with the military guarding our nation’s leadership…and their temples to themselves. The same leadership that fears “We the People“, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence, and their own shadows.

But here is my question, although the military leadership side-stepped some very basic questions about the military presence in Washington D.C….those were the easy questions. Here is my somewhat tougher question,

“Why is the entire military leadership, from state-level National Guard Generals, to the highest levels of the Pentagon leadership, going along with the military occupation of Washington D.C.?”

Now there is a question to mull over. And I bet your answer will keep you awake at night…just as mine did.

note: What I find interesting…I can’t find a single veteran that approves of the military presence in Washington D.C. Interesting…think about that for a minute.



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4 thoughts on “The Military Occupation of Washington D.C.

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  2. The Gadiantons are in charge now! They have the military, who it seems will fire on their fellow citizens. We have people willing to roll over and take the abuse. People even think it is necessary. The only way out of the mess is we have put ourselves in is for a miracle. That way our is the Savior of the world and for Him to show up and throw the bums out. We the people have given up our rights and privilege’s for a little peace and a little security.

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  3. Ever see pictures of what the German troops entering a “peaceful” town. This is over the top and most Americans are rolling over as if this is an everyday occurrence. We are in deep kimchee with no way out unless the Lord comes quickly. The gadiantons are now in charge!

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