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AHTrimble.com is a preparedness website that is focused on emergencies, disasters, ‘grid-down’ and current events. This is the ‘hardcore’ website for serious preppers. We want to prepare people to deal with whatever problems may come their way.

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  1. AH – Your Repub. debate comments are well taken, and appreciated. One serious problem – I make a serious effort to follow the Constitution. Article II, Section 1, clauses 5 & 6: ONLY a natural born Citizen may occupy the office of President, …” – for a specific reason – no split loyalty as Commander-in-Chief. Cruz is a naturalized Canadian, born to a Cuban Citizen father – not eligible. Jindal is a citizen, born to both parents Citizens of India (at the time), not eligible. Rubio is a citizen, born to both parents Citizens of Cuba (at the time), not eligible. I respect and admire all three as politicians, but not to be president or v-p. If a question on the meaning of “natural born Citizen”: http://www.scribd.com/doc/32679911/Vattel-s-Law-of-Nations-or-Principles-of-Natural-Law-as-Fed-Common-Law-Defines-natural-born-Citizen . We do not want to be caught in the DNC trap of Amendment 20 – Section 3: “…, or if the President elect shall have failed to qualify,” (he shall be removed) – just what the DNC would not hesitate to present to the SCOTUS.
    Not my opinion, only facts from the Constitution and Vattel, hopefully to keep us out of problems.

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    • Great research and information!! Thank you very much for the work you put into your reply. I appreciate you sharing that with us. I hope you come back and share more. AH

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  2. Excited to have found your website. Like the article about silver but am puzzled about why you’re so keen on junk silver. In a “grid down” situation no one is going to give you what that silver quarter is really worth, they’ll only give you 25 cents. ?????

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    • Hey John, Let me tell you how glad I am you’re here and found us. I hope over the coming weeks and months you find great value in the information we have on the website. There’s a lot here, take your time and look around. I wouldn’t even object if you told your family and friends about our website. Now…junk silver. You brought up a great point and one that deserves more than a fleeting answer. So yesterday when I read your comment on my phone I decided that you needed a complete answer, one that would make sense. Also, if you had that question, then there had to be plenty more folks in the same boat. So I wrote an article about it yesterday afternoon. Now I have to edit it, and get it in the posting rotation. We usually have posts ready 10 – 12 days in advance. I am thinking that by the weekend we can get the edited article posted. I would hope you take the time to read it. If you still have some time left, any comments of suggestions you would have would be appreciated. Thanks again John for visiting with us. Please share anything that you wish with us, we’re all in this together. AH

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