My View on Life & the World

  • I believe that is makes complete sense to be prepared. What exactly you prepare for is up to you; but to not be prepared for something/anything is to be lost before the game starts.
  • I believe 100% is if you are prepared you will not fear.
  • I am not crazy about politicians. Actually I think they are the primary problem with this country. I think their love of money and power has ruined us.
  • I am fiscally conservative. But I am essentially a social libertarian but a healthy dose of “civil society” thrown in. I believe the government at all levels needs to shrink 50-70% and rarely interfere with our lives. The Founding Fathers designed government to protect rights and property; they no longer do either.
  • I firmly believe that this country went off the rails starting with the election of Widrow Wilson. He was a hardcore Progressive and began the transformation of this country away from our Constitutional Republic toward democratic socialism. In the process an oligarchy has developed as we slip into a police state.
  • I think the two most dangerous organizations that afflict our country are The Federal Reserve and The Council on Foreign Relations. The unions, as a whole, represent the third most dangerous organization. Of those, the teacher and police unions are at the top of that list.
  • I believe the answer to the problems that our country has is:
    1. Becoming a moral people once again and bringing God back into our daily lives.
    2. Treating each other by the Golden Rule, respecting our God-given rights.
    3. Re-embracing the Constitution with its limitations on government and disassociating ourselves from the oligarchy that has become our ruling class.
    4. Eliminating multiculturalism; we are Americans, drop the hyphens.
    5. Teach values and morals in our homes.
    6. Restore education to learning and away from schooling.

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