Who Am I?

Short List –

  • Military School
  • US Navy Veteran
  • Structural & Wildland Firefighter
  • Certified Emergency Manager
  • Instructor
  • Prepper
  • Survivalist

Longer Bio –

Before you start taking my advice or put credence to the content on this website I want to share with you who I am.

First off I am well past middle age; approaching the age to apply for social security. That gives me a few years under my belt for plenty of experience. I grew up in the mid-west in a time when America was still free and safe. We didn’t lock our doors at night or when we left to run errands. I could ride my Sears 3-speed all over our town of 27,000 people and even to the neighboring towns as a pre-teen without my parents freaking out.

I spent my high school years in military school. Our military school was part of the Virginia State Militia. I qualified “Expert Marksman” at the age of 14. We carried the Springfield A3-03. I could take that rifle apart in my sleep, clean it and reassemble it when I was 14. At 15 I ran the infirmary (medical unit) under the direction of a nurse and served on the Battalion Staff.

I joined the military at the age of 17 after graduating from school. I served 4-1/2 years and then got out realizing that the Navy was not my sort of life. While in the military I served in several intelligence capacities and worked with some rather powerful specific weapons systems at times.

Right after getting out of the military I did some contract work for the military but realized that being a hired gun for the Department of Defense was not the life I wanted. I returned to my family’s home, started a civilian life and searched for something meaningful to do with myself. I ended up in construction and dating a fine woman from Illinois; married just before I turned 23.

Here is an important piece of information that you will need to know because it will drive and influence much of what I write. Just as I was getting out of the military I found God; or rather, He found me. I had been raised a Presbyterian but never found all the answers I was looking for. I joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints at the age of 21. Yes, that means I am a Christian and believe in God and in the sacrifice that His Son, Jesus Christ, made for us. No, that doesn’t mean I am some wild-eyed, push-it-in-your-face zealot.

During my 20’s & 30’s I lived off of, or close to, the land for the most part. We had a house without electric, without plumbing, without a furnace, and at the end of a rutted dirt road about a mile from our closest neighbor. There were only about 3 families in a 6-square mile area and less than 10,000 people in the whole county. We had a large garden, chickens, milk & beef cows, a goat and two horses. I taught survival skills to adults and teenagers as a sideline. I was a survivalist and “mother earther” without the long hair or pot.

In my late 30’s I started serving in emergency services as a structure firefighter. In my 40’s I began teaching emergency and disaster management classes and consulting cities and counties to organize for large scale emergencies. In my 50’s I went to work for the federal government as a wildland firefighter. More accurately, I was given responsibility for wildfire suppression on public lands. I also served five years on a national Incident Management Team in the Operations Section. I currently teach emergency incident management, wildland firefighting, and leadership classes for emergency managers.

Over the last 14 years I have taken some very specialized training at many levels, including with Special Forces. No, I am not a SF type, I never was, and can’t even dream of keeping up with them, especially as I am in my 50’s. But I have trained with them in their leadership classes and some of their field skill classes as well. I have trained with our local SWAT team folks and regularly attend various weapons and self-defense classes.   I have taught Kenpo and have taken Krav Maga.

But here is an important key…I practice what I preach. I won’t give you bogus information trying to be something I am not. What I present to you is what I have done, what I have studied, what I have been taught, and in many cases what I live right now. I will relay important and significant information to you that may come from other sources, but not until I have proven it. As I tell you about food storage, you can be sure that I am doing exactly what I encourage and suggest you to do.

Now, that being said, whatever I say, you must decide for yourself if it is right or not for you. I encourage you to do the following before you follow my advice:

  • Use common sense; if it doesn’t make sense to you then maybe you shouldn’t do it.
  • Compare my advice to others in the field; then see if/how it fits into your needs.
  • Pray about it! Yup, you heard me right; pray about it. That is the religious side of me coming out. God will answer your prayers if you ask Him and you listen to His answer.

So now you know a little about me. If you want to know more then ask me. I won’t share my real name or where I actually live. Suffice to say I live in the southwestern part of the United States and I still work for the U.S. government. And I really don’t want a problem with that.

And if you think I am a government plant, agent provocateur, etc. then I encourage you to have another glass of Kool-Aid, put on your tin-foil hat and head to another website. Yes, that means I have a little bit of a sense of humor. That humor comes across as kind of irreverent, cynical, sarcastic, biting, and even occasionally funny.

I am really glad you are here. I hope that my 40+ years of learning, training and experience can be of some benefit to you. Thank you for this opportunity.

11 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. Wow, your journal strikes a cord! I am a retired medical unit leader (used to be on an type ll incident team) and my husband is a base camp manager who is still active on wildland fires. We are still on the local fire department. I will be reading your journal and having my husband read them also. We are very interested in learning more about preparing for the future–because we think it is not a matter of “if”, but “when”. But so many around us think an EMP or other disasters are still 10-20 years out 😦 So that makes us the nutty ones.

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  2. Somewhere, I read that you have a prepper/survivalist store. If this is correct, is it online? If not, where is it located? I really appreciate your information and try to pass it on to others. Keep up the good work and God speed to you and family……..


    • I wish I did have a store, online or otherwise. Unfortunately I do not. Well, I guess my two books being for sale on Amazon might qualify as a very, very small book store 😉
      Thank you for the nice compliment about what I am trying to do with the website. I really feel that my “mission” is to get this preparedness information out to folks, even if it is just one person at a time.
      Thank you as well for “re-posting” so many articles. I appreciate you helping to spread the word. Folks like you make all of this 100% worthwhile.


  3. You sound like you have led an interesting and enviable life. My husband and I are serving a a local welfare service mission at the Oklahoma City Home Storage Center and have had the opportunity to meet lots of good folks. We are trying to get our family as self sufficient as possible without assuming the lotus position and chanting or swearing off haircuts and regular bathing. He works for the government and they frown on smelly hippies;) . We have taken advantage of a lot of city, county and federal emergency response and hazard mitigation training and have moved on to applying that to what we feel his on the horizon. We look forward to reading your book. A compelling story makes it so much easier to remember tips and ideas.
    I would like to discuss an idea with you, but would prefer not to do so in a public forum. If you have time, my e mail is provided. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and helping us prepare. (I’m mammadog on avow if that forum is better.)

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