Who Is A.H. Trimble?

A.H. Trimble is my ancestor; my great-great-great-great-grandfather to be exact.  He comes from a hardcore early American settler family.  He served his community with honor and is Civil War veteran.  His father, Allen Trimble, was an early settler of Ohio and Kentucky, an Indian fighter in the early 1800’s and tough as nails.

I am using the name A. H. Trimble as a pen name and for the website to maintain my anonymity.  I still work for the federal government and would like to keep it that way until retirement.  I think they would frown on me authoring these articles, maintaining this website and publishing “prepper” books.

A.H. Trimble is a role model for me. I strive that I might measure up to my ancestral linage.

2 thoughts on “Who Is A.H. Trimble?

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