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My Journal book series special offerMy book series My Journal consists of two books with two more in the works. This series covers everyday people suffering though the collapse of America.  The books’ main character is Tim.  Tim is a man who has personally struggled, lost his way in life, and has risen again. Now Tim faces a new challenge that will cause him to question his conscience, his morals, and his religion. He must survive America’s worst nightmare – a despotic takeover of the country by a ruthless, egomaniac President.

BOOK: My Journal : Surviving the Collapse by AH Trimble

My Journal – Surviving the Collapse

Book #1 : My Journal – Surviving the Collapse

Tim, along with his new bride and a group of friends, see the country is crumbling under an insane despotic President. This close-knit “prepper” group of friends and family are determined to survive. They have prepared the best they could. Civil war now approaches, the economy is in ruins, the banking system all but nonexistent and food grows scarce. The question is, “Can they My Journal - Surviving the Collapsesurvive?”  This first book covers how they find a way to survive America’s collapse as danger assaults them at every turn, all the while trying to keep their humanity. Tim and his group are normal people thrust into calamitous times; now they must survive or perish. They are “preppers” but have they prepared enough?

Most around them have failed to prepare, failed to recognize the dangers and are now Grid-Down anarchy lawlessness riotsuffering and dying. How many people can Tim’s group help and at what cost? Tim struggles with his own demons as he continues to try and build a marriage with his new wife while their world is collapsing all around them.

The America as we know it slips towards civil war, the economy is collapsing under the weight of government control and regulation. The stock market is in free fall and the banking system is all but non-existent. Corrupt political forces work to subjugate the American people. This book sounds as if it could be written from today’s newspaper, because it was.

My Journal - Going Home

My Journal – Going Home


Book #2 – My JournalGoing Home 

Book #2 picks up where Book #1 let off. Tim, along with his new bride and their group of prepper friends and families, saw the collapse coming and they prepared for it. They saw the sociopath President for who he was, the danger he posed to the Republic and they prepared for it. This prepper group did everything they could and they survived the collapse. Now it looks like they will have to fight to survive as civil war approaches.

There is little left of the United States, but the Constitution is worth fighting for. Till that day when the bullets start to fly they must survive. There are others, especially children, that desperately need rescuing. Their group is small but they will not give in or give up, they will do whatever they can for those in need. There are bright spots in the world of doom that has been forced upon them, Tim and Lara are blessed with a new family member, a pre-teen daughter. But one among the group is betraying them, planning their downfall.

The question is, “Can they make it home?”

Book #1

Book #1

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Book #2

Book #2

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My Journal books were written in diary form by the man who lived it.



18 thoughts on “| My Journal Book Series

  1. Just finished book 1. its after 1 am or I would start book 2. Very well written and kept my interest as well as learning a few new things and ideas for my own prepping. I am going to recommend this to all my prepper friends. this is very realistic to what could happen shortly.


    • Thank you for the very kind words! I really appreciate it. Book #2 was professionally edited so you will find it a bit easy reading than Book #1. I’ve been asked by several people to write a Prepper’s Manual based on the books and the website. What do you think of that idea? And please let me know what you thought of Book #2. I am toying with a third book in the series, My Journal – Mike’s Years. I haven’t decide that yet.


      • Book 2 now finished! I cried even though I knew how it would end. I love that TJ finished up the journal. I was very touched by the whole story I think because I share the deep love for this country and the despair of where it is now. I know the Lord is in charge and has a plan but it is still hard to watch what is happening. I had no problem believing how quickly things went downhill. I have read several “Last Days” novels but i think these are going to be my favorites and will be read several times.

        I am very impressed with your knowledge and abilities and I think you should definitely write a prepper’s manual. I know i kept copying ideas and products into a word document so I could go back and look at them for myself and check out the products. I appreciated the lessons learned by the group as they worked at survival.

        Now I look forward to going thru the info on your website.

        thanks so much for writing these books


      • Thank you so much! I really appreciate hearing back from folks who have read my books. And yes, I am glad I made you cry 😉 The story pulled at my heart strings as well. And thank you for the compliments, I will try my best to live up to them. If you have any specific topic or subject you would like me to provide information on just let me know. And hey…spread the good word around and let people know they can come here too.

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  4. Wow! It was almost as if I was right there with Tim, Lara and the group as I was reading My Journal. Thank you for sharing your insight and obvious experience as a well-trained and prepared Prepper. I am looking forward to Book Two and I do hope that Betty has the opportunity to give the invitation for Tim and Lara to come to St George.


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  8. I loved this book and could hardly put it down.Stayed up late reading it. IT rang true and I feel this is a pretty good picture of what awaits us in the not too distant future. Liked the prepping info. the whole thing felt so real, it was like being there and feeling what it would feel like in the various situations. IF an experienced person would feel those feelings, I can imagine what it will be like for someone who is inexperienced and who thinks they have it all together. There will be a lot of unglued folks running around. May God help us all!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am so glad you enjoyed the book! Book #2 is in the final stages of publication and I expect to be released mid-April. I think you will enjoy it just as much, maybe even more. Although there is a lot more action and some loses as well to the group. So, how do you like the website for providing preparedness information?


      • This is what I tried to post on Amazon for the second book, but they said they couldn’t post it…I didn’t understand why.
        This review is from: My Journal : Going Home (Volume 2) (Paperback)

        There are practically no words to describe my feelings. While reading, I was there with these people…they were my family and I deeply experienced every heart wrenching moment. In the words of the song: “These are the times we’re living in..”
        I think I understood Tim’s dreams but I didn’t want what I thought was going to happen to be, so I pushed it out of my mind.
        The title, at the end had such deep levels of meaning that I was in tears. I am tearing up now as I write this.
        For me, this wasn’t a book…it was an engrossing experience…I stayed up late at night reading for many nights. I couldn’t read it all at once because of the deep immersion and because I didn’t want it to end.
        It prepared me in some ways I hadn’t thought of. IF you have an inkling of what awaits us soon, read this book! OR if you just want an engrossing read that will deeply move you, I highly recommend it!!!
        Can’t wait for book three!!


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