SitRep – 5/16/2017 >>ALERT!

I wrote this article yesterday afternoon (Monday 5/15), then did my final edit about 9:30pm. Yeah, then I woke up at 4am…worried. I was worried that the article was too “alarmist” in tone. I mean I am claiming WWIII to have started, that a Civil War is taking place, and our President is in the process of being overthrown by the ruling class.

Nah! That’s not alarmist at all…right!

So I laid there in bed and thought it through. You either believe me because I have proven myself to be pretty dang accurate in what I publish. Or, you will dismiss what you read because you think I am making stuff up. Then again, you might think I am a card-carrying tinfoil hat kind of person.

But, what hit me the most…I have to put this out there. I know I am right. I might not have each detail exactly right, maybe I am not spot-on about each person, and I probably am off on timelines. But, I know that I am connecting the dots correctly. So I am a voice of warning. What you do with that warning is up to you.

So here is the challenge…prove me wrong. Yup, don’t believe a single word I print in this article, or any other. Rather, try and find valid and reliable information that proves me wrong, that what I am saying is not true. Because in the final analysis you are responsible for yourself and your family. I am only be a voice of warning. And I am perfectly OK with that.

Here we go…the situation in the world and in the USA has just ratcheted up another notch. We have some serious problems facing us right now. Those problems are so serious that I am producing another SitRep on the heels of the one on 5/10 & 5/3.

There are dark forces at work right now in this country. Forces that would like to see nothing less than the Constitution being destroyed…completely destroyed.

In this SitRep I will cover the following:

  • The coup to overthrow Trump continues and intensifies
  • Update on the secret police in the US
  • World War III has started
  • I personally caught the Trump White House lying…clearly and unequivocally lying. And I can prove it.
The Coup Continues –

James Clapper, unindicted co-conspirator, has clearly made known his participation in the coup against Trump. I said back in March <SitRep – 3/6/2017> that James Comey and James Clapper were coordinating the actions of America’s secret police (FBI, CIA, & NSA) in the coup against Trump. Clapper, who repeatedly perjured himself during Congressional hearings, stated over the weekend that:

  • Russia interfered in our 2016 presidential elections.
  • Trump colluded with Russia in that interference.
  • Russia is assaulting our governmental institutions (i.e. an act of war).
  • Trump is assaulting our governmental institutions (eroding the Constitutional system of checks & balances) from inside the White House (act of treason).
  • Trump worked with, and gave a victory to, Russia when he fired James Comey.

Here is what we know about James clapper, former head of National Intelligence:James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence, he denied that the NSA spied on Congress

  • He repeatedly perjured himself in Congressional hearings. All of which are felonies.
  • He repeatedly lied to the American public through statements and press releases.
  • He led the intelligence services to illegally and unconstitutionally acquire communications of regular Americans through massive acquisitions of all electronic communications.
  • He illegally authorized the “unmasking” of persons to the Obama administration for purely political purposes. Estimates are in the 2000 persons range. All of which were felonies.
  • He illegally authorized intelligence services to unconstitutionally conduct surveillance operations on members of Congress, both Representatives and Senators.

Clapper is a slimy dirt bag that is actively attempting, in conjunction with others, to overthrow the President of the United States.

Here is what we know about James Comey, former Director of the FBI:

  • We know that Comey was, and still is, working to oust Trump from office.
  • We know that Comey was a highly politicized appointee by Obama working directly for Obama’s political agenda.
  • We know that Comey used the FBI in coordination with the IRS against Tea Party and other conservative and constitutional non-profits. Yes, multiple felonies.
  • We know Comey perjured himself in Congressional hearings. Once again, felonies.
  • We know that Comey worked for AG Loretta Lynch. And after Lynch met privately with Bill Clinton is when Comey announced that although Hillary Clinton repeatedly committed multiple felonies, including national security violations, that Hillary would not be charged.
  • This is the same Comey that had threatened Apple Computer to give the FBI unfettered access to all Apple devices regardless of country or the legality.
  • We know that Comey illegally used intelligence and electronic communications that were illegally acquired by the NSA.

Comey is another slimy dirt bag that is actively attempting, in conjunction with others, to overthrow the President of the United States.

We are now entering a period of critical mass. We have the Democrats in an all-out assault on the Trump Presidency. You now have multiple Congressional Dems calling for the immediate impeachment of Trump. You see sleaze bag Liberal/Progressives like John McCain (so-called Republican) joining the battle to overthrow Trump. The media is obviously all in for overthrowing Trump.

This coup is real and continuing to grow.

Now that they are building and strengthening the case of “Trump & Russia against the United States” you will see more calls from both sides of the political aisle for a special investigation and prosecutor to probe that connection. And they will find enough…I am not sure exactly what, but they will find enough.

And possibly, very possibly, it will accurate and real. Remember General Michael Flynn? He has made it easy to link Trump to Russia through his highly suspect actions and financial dealings. Guilty or not he has added gasoline to the fire.

The Secret Police –

I keep talking about America’s secret police, and for good reason. The FBI, CIA, and the NSA all comprise to make up the generic term secret police. Here is what we now know to be 100% fact about those highly armed paramilitary organizations:

  • They have been illegally collecting all electronic communications and information on all Americans for over 10 years. And the whole time they’ve been denying it. However, all the information and documents released over the last two years through investigations and document leaks makes it clear they have been lying to us and to Congress all along.
  • The FBI, in conjunction with the IRS, illegally worked to suppress conservatives, Tea Party groups, and Constitution advocate groups. This is not just illegal but irrefutably unconstitutional…an outright act of treason.
  • We know the FBI has a long history of political influencing via blackmail and extortion of politicians and even Presidents.
  • We know that the CIA has been working clandestinely to influence elections around the world for over five decades.
  • We know that the CIA has violently overthrown governments around the world, including assignations of sovereign leaders.
  • We know that the NSA and FBI have undertaken a systematic abuse of the FISA court to otherwise illegally obtain intelligence information of US citizens.
  • We know that the NSA and the FBI have intimidated and extorted cooperation of technology companies to provide massive amounts of data on regular US citizens that would otherwise be illegal to obtain.
  • We know that the NSA and the FBI has intimidated and extorted cooperation of technology companies to provide “backdoor” access to their software and electronic devices.
  • We know the source of last week’s world-wide cyber-attacks was done with malware developed by the NSA.

And the list could go on and on and on. The point is we know beyond any shadow of a doubt that America’s secret police are working against the interests of American citizens. We know for absolute fact that they are breaking the law and their actions are also without question unconstitutional. We know for 100% certainty that they are lying about it to not just the American public, but committing perjury (felonies) when testifying in front of Congress. Yet, they continue to operate with impunity!

So the natural question would be, “Why?”

There are actually two questions here; 1) Why are they doing it to begin with? 2) Why aren’t they being stopped?

The first question is an easy one…America’s secret police is committing these treasonous actions because they support the establishment of a police state, a totalitarian government, and are actively working to assist in its establishment. To overthrow the Constitution they must subdue the citizens and silence all opposition. Their actions prove their intentions.

The second question is almost as easy, just a little more complicated…America’s secret police can’t be stopped because of their immense power…we are talking serious life and death kind of power. And combined with that are their powerful co-conspirators that are in the government establishment (i.e. political class). And we know that the secret police answer to the ruling class (i.e. Clapper, Comey, Clintons, Bushes, etc.). Hence, the secret police are doing what all secret police have done throughout history…acquired power, abused power, subdued the population, silenced the opposition, and supported the ruling elites.

World War III –

I am sure by now you have heard some rumblings about WWIII in more alternative and  mainstream outlets. I am here to tell you the war has started…yes, it has already started!

Asymmetrical warfare is a concept of making war on your enemy in multiple ways, from multiple directions; quick and nimble tactics from unsuspected directions. It is unconventional warfare. It is designed to throw your enemy off-balance and not allow them a clear path of response.

What we are seeing is this:

  • Russia attacked us when they hacked political operations during the 2016 presidential campaign.
  • Russia and her agents are behind multiple cyber-attacks against the US and our allies as recently as last week.
  • Russia has openly challenged the US militarily with armed fighters vs. our intelligence gathering aircraft.
  • Russia continues to challenge US sovereignty by air and naval intrusions of US controlled airspace and water. The challenges have been both intelligence gathering and strategic aircraft, submarines, and intelligence gathering ships.
  • China has used North Korea to militarily destabilize the Asian Rim area in direct opposition to American interests.
  • China hacked US government computers systems repeatedly in the last couple of years. These were massive breeches and data acquisition.
  • China continues to openly and directly challenge the US by establishing military bases in contested China Sea areas.
  • North Korea has used military intimidation against her neighbors, especially South Korea and Japan (US allies) directly challenging the military interests of the US.
  • North Korea continues to openly challenge the US politically and militarily with the testing of ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons.
  • North Korea has placed two military satellites strategically over the US. Intelligence reports have confirmed that these satellites appear to be, and are highly likely, capable of EMP strikes.
  • Iran continues to regularly challenge the US militarily in the Middle East, primarily minor naval operations. They even captured two naval vessels and briefly held US sailors prisoner.
  • Iran continues to build its nuclear capability. The increased capability of Iran’s on-going nuclear program was financed through cash payments by President Obama directly to Iran via pallets of cash delivered by private jet.
  • Iran has armed and is using puppet states to combat US interests through international terrorism.

And the list goes on. We are in a de facto state of war. Mostly so far it is a cyber war, one we are losing. There are some limited military operations, none of which have gone to a state of open engagement…yet.

But, here is the main point…one that should gravely concern you…we have all these international players openly working against us in a virtual war, but we also have all the internal political players at war against the Constitution…at war with the American ideal…at war against the American dream of our Founding Fathers.

Clapper even openly stated that our institutions are being assaulted from external and internal enemies. He correctly identified the external enemies (i.e. Russia), but he is attempting yet another deception against us, a lie of biblical proportions…he, James Clapper, is part of the internal assault. Actually he is part of the leadership assaulting our country, assaulting our President, and most importantly…assaulting our Constitutional Republic. Clapper, along with Comey and others, are traitors…in my mind they have committed treason.

We are in a World War…a coalition of countries – Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, and Syria – are engaged in asymmetrical warfare against the United States of America.

We are in a Civil War…a coalition of the ruling/political class along with the elites are engaged in political warfare to overthrow the President of the United States and bring down the United States of America as a constitutional republic and replace with it with a totalitarian state.

And we are losing both wars.

Trump White House is Lying –

The Trump administration released a statement on Monday (5/15) that the recent cyber-attacks (last week and Monday) didn’t affect any US government computer systems. That is a lie! I have personal firsthand knowledge that the cyber-attacks last week brought down the largest federal emergency resources dispatch website five days ago. And it was still down as of late Monday morning.

I also have personal firsthand knowledge that multiple cyber-attacks were mounted against, and impacted, the Department of Interior’s entire computer and email systems last week. And there is still some residual affect as of Monday (5/15).

And who knows how many other Departments and Agencies were attacked.

So, ask yourself…Why would the Trump administration lie about government computers being cyber-attacked?

Summary –

Once again I am informing my website visitors that we are in some very tough times. On any given morning we could find ourselves in an open state of a shooting war in the world…or in a brutal and violent civil war started by those that wish to destroy America.

Is this credible? Test me on it. Look back over the last 2-1/2 years and the information I’ve been putting out about our government, the coup, the secret police, the people like Comey and Clapper…all of it. I’ve been right all along. And I am right now.

I urge you to continue to prepare. But, I also just as fervently urge you to not panic. There is no need to. The wars that are taking place right now are at a very high level and don’t affect people at our level in our daily lives…yet. There will come a time when it does…and it will be bad. But, that time is not yet.

Go about your daily life giving thanks for the blessings you have. Be grateful for and enjoy the time you can spend with your family. And go outside and do something as something as simple as take in the beauty of a blue sky morning.

Be prudent, prepare, but don’t panic. Panic will do you and no one else any good. What I want you to do is to listen to that little voice inside of you…and follow it. Listen to its promptings, its quiet whisperings, and allow it to guide you in doing the important things in your life. You need to.

In a bigger picture, I am monitoring the situations closely and will continue to provide updates through the website as I feel confident in the validity of the information. Until then…know that I care about you and your family very much. I can honestly say that I love my website supporters and visitors. That is you 🙂

Have faith in heaven above! He will not fail us.

If you would like to ask me a question concerning this SitRep…or any other subject, simply submit it via the form below.


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SitRep (4/8/2015) – Religious Freedom, Indiana, Constitution and Politicians: Threats – Post “Grid-Down” (Part 2)

Christianity is under attack by progressives, christianity is under attack by the government, christianity is under attack by LGBTWashington politicians, and most state-level politicians, have absolutely no desire to uphold the Constitution. Actually, most politicians have not true understanding of the Constitution to begin with. To Progressives the Constitution is a hindrance to their remake of society to match their vision; a vision that should scare the hell out of any thoughtful, reasonable and intelligent person. A vision that will make Communism and Nazism look like picnic partners. However, going into the details of their vision or scaring you about its content is not the intent of this post. I am here to tie today’s politicians into the support of the recent anti-Constitutional LGBT threat of violence and their destruction of all who stand in their way.

LGBT extremists violence against christiansIn my last article Religious Freedom, Indiana, Constitution and Politicians: Threats Post “Grid-Down” (Part 1) <click here to read article> I went into detail about how violent and destructive the LGBT extremists can be and how much of a threat they will be after a “grid-down” event. I cautioned you to not underestimate the violent LGBT element and their just as extreme Progressive co-conspirators. If you have not already read that article I would suggest you do. <click here to read it>

So how do politicians tie into the LGBT community, the recent events in Indiana and how does that all threaten “preppers?”

Seriously? Really? I have to explain that!

OK, enough of my sarcastic approach to humor. I can explain it quite easily. Here we go…

Harry Reid is attacking christians, harry reid attacks christianity, harry reid a liarHarry Reid – In 2012 Harry Reid claimed Romney hadn’t paid income taxes in 10 years. Reid knew at the time it wasn’t true and didn’t provide a single shred of evidence or name a source to prove that it was true. His outright lie contributed to the defeat of Romney in his Presidential bid to unseat Obama. Then in March of this year Harry Reid admitted he told that lie. And he went on to say he didn’t regret having said the lie. Then he admitted that the intention of the lie was to help defeat Romney. And finally he gloated about the fact that he had blatantly lied in order to influence a presidential outcome and it worked. The last tidbit of information came in the fact that Reid told the lie on the floor of the Senate. Due to that fact Reid can never be prosecuted because there is a wavier for Senators lying while on the floor of the Senate.

Obama is a liar, obama hates christians, obama attacks christianity Obama – The sheer volume of Obama’s lies is too long to list in this article. However, from Obamacare to Benghazi to Iran to a huge list of other subjects he has lied about – he is the consummate liar. He has lied about his childhood, his domestic terrorist ties, to his radical Marxist beliefs, to his college years, to his church participation and everything in-between. It will take years to uncover all the lies this man has told in his lifetime. He is the perfect Progressive in every possible evil way you can imagine.


Hillary Clinton is a liar, hillary clinto lies, hillary clinto hates christianity, hillary clinto attacks christiansHillary Clinton – In 2012 Hillary Clinton told an absolute undeniable lie about what happened in Benghazi the night our Ambassador and three others were killed. It was a lie then, she knew it was a lie and she told it multiple times since then. She got away with it. In 2009 she was appointed Secretary of State. Immediately she broke the law by establishing her own private email address and email server, then using it for official US government business. In 2015 she repeatedly lied about the contents of theBill Clinton lied, bill clinto is a liar, bill clinto hates christians, bill clinto attacks christianity emails, the server, and her use of both the server and her email account. However, she comes by lying honestly, she is married to an impeached Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton was a blatant liar throughout his entire political career; during his Presidency and was impeached for lying.


James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence, he denied that the NSA spied on CongressJames Clapper – In March 2013 James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence, denied that the NSA spied on Congress while testifying at a Senate hearing. In the fall of 2013 it was revealed by Clapper’s own testimony that not only did he lie to Congress that the NSA does in-fact spy on Congressmen but that the White House is fully aware of the illegal spying and approved of it. Let me digress for a moment, in the 1990’s he held several key positions in intelligence agencies under President Bill Clinton. In 2010 President Obama appointed Clapper Director of National Intelligence which oversees the NSA. You have a man appointed by a known liar and perjurer to a powerful intelligence agency leadership role. Then 10 years later the most rabid Progressive extremist president appoints him to head the most powerful intelligence agency in the country. All three men involved are proven, known liars.

George W Bush lied, he is as bad as the clintons or ObamaGeorge W. Bush – A conversation about liars cannot be complete without a hefty reference to President George W. Bush. His use of the Patriot Act, secret FISA courts and the National Defense Authorization Act is well known to have killed most rights under the Constitution. And his repeated lies that it was all to keep Americans safe is the ultimate lie. His actions were nothing more than a well-orchestrated agenda to deny citizens some of our most basic and cherished Consitutional rights. He was the man who secretly grewJeb Bush is progressive, liberal, extremist left-wing the NSA and the DHS  to the horrific monsters that they are today. The same NSA that Clapper is now in charge of. The same Clapper that was used by both Clinton and Obama. And then in February 2015 Jeb Bush (President George W. Bush’s brother) stated his unequivocal love and appreciation for the NSA and the work that they do. He also clearly expressed his unyielding support for the NSA and DHS missions.

Note: In my post Power, Politicians, People…and “Prepping” – Part 1 I review “power” families and the problems their power poses. <click here to read article>

DHS report on rightwing extrmeism and domestic terroristsI have touched on just a couple of folks in Washington D.C. politics. But I have tied them all together in their shadow world; the world of immense power to spy on and crush the American people at will. The same shadow agencies (DHS/FBI/NSA) that describe domestic terrorists in America as:

  • Americans who believe their “way of life” is under attack;
  • Americans who are “fiercely nationalistic (as opposed to universal and international in orientation)”;
  • People who consider themselves “anti-global” (presumably those who are wary of the loss of American sovereignty);
  • Americans who are “suspicious of centralized federal authority”;
  • Americans who are “reverent of individual liberty”;
  • People who “believe in conspiracy theories that involve grave threat to national sovereignty and/or personal liberty;”
  • Anti-abortion advocates (aka Pro-Life);

And let us not forget the 2009 FBI report that had these listed as potential American domestic terrorists:

  • Bulk purchasers of food;
  • People who pay cash;
  • People who want internet privacy;
  • People who display “liberty” or “freedom” oriented bumper stickers;
  • And my personal favorite…”people who display the American flag.”

And the most despicable of all characterizations of potential right-wing domestic terrorists…”returning military veterans.”

Now, let’s go back to my first article wherein the LGBT extremists so easily targeted Indiana’s religious freedom law. Liberals are Liars, progressives are liarsRemember how the LGBT extremists were so successful in destroying a pizza shop owner and violently threatening not only the owner’s family, but the man who tried to help them. Look at all the long list of names of Progressives so ready and willing to stand by the violent LGBT community to destroy not only the law but the law makers and the Christians that support it. Then look at the ties that the Progressives have with each other and the most powerful intelligence agencies and the Department of Justice. Then look at how they, the Progressives, have labeled the most patriotic Americans, those that believe in God, those that believe in the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and those that believe in sanctity of life. Then look at the lists describing what our federal government and all their law enforcement agencies consider to be the prime domestic terrorist suspects.

“Preppers” are square in their sights as their prime terrorist suspects. Why have they done that? It is a propaganda move as old as the use of propaganda itself. You demonize the enemy to make easier to kill them. Michael Bhatia in his book Terrorism and the Politics of Naming says “Demonisation – In other words, portraying the enemy as malicious and repulsive creates feelings that makes killings easier.” But the practice actually goes back 2000+ years where Thucydides writes “It is a banal fact that political leaders of nations fighting wars habitually demonize the enemy.”

So why would our own government, law enforcement and political leaders, along with the entire Progressive movement label so many good patriotic American freedom-loving Christian Americans as potential domestic terrorists? That has already been answered – they see themselves at war with us.Government Control and native american tribes, us government killed indians, genocide

Now, consider for just a moment when the grid goes down who will they come for first? What will the government full of dangerous proven liars do?

Situational Awareness (SA) is key to understanding what is coming and when it will come. A “plan” is the key to surviving when it happens.

What is your plan?

KKK was founded by democrats and liberals ku klux klan was founded by democrats


Let me leave you with a visual on who the liberals, democrats and progressives really are deep in their heart –





Articles that can provide more information of immense importance on this subject –

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How Do You Kill 11 Million People? “Net Neutrality” – Part #1

Net NeutralityWhy the heck is this important? “Net Neutrality” is the answer my friend.

How is this important to emergency and disaster preparedness? Ah, that is why you need to read this article.

The other day I was thinking through the current events swirling around us in today’s day. I was trying to sort through the mountain of information that is all around us in all forms of media. In other words, I was working on my “Macro SA” (big picture Situational Awareness). While I was thinking through it a book came to mind that I read a couple years ago that staggered me at the time; staggered me as if I was hit by a palm-strike to my nose. It was a simple message, almost anti-climactic in nature but also by design. The book is exceptionally small and Andy Andrews wrote it in a way that makes you feel he is having a conversation with you. But, it is a conversation with the wisest man on earth and he is giving you the most precious of wisdom pearls. So what is the answer?Hitler

Remember the question – – How do you kill 11 million people?

Answer – – You lie to them.

“What?” you say! Yup, you lie to them. I won’t steal all of Andy’s thunder but I did share the simple and undeniable answer, “you lie to them.” Who is “them?” It is us.



If you are any kind of student of history you know that the United States government and its politicians are wholly incapable of telling the truth about anything.Patriot Act

The Patriot Act – Destroyed more individual rights of US citizens than and other piece of legislation since FDS imprisoning US citizens based simply on their ethnicity.

National Defense Authorization Act – Has far far more to do with allowing the government to imprison and kill US citizens that protect the same from an external threat from international terrorists.

The latest DHS report on terrorism – Out esteemed keepers of all things law enforcement, DHS, chose to ignore the very real and present danger of Islamic terrorism in the world today while naming right-wing domestic terrorism as the single biggest threat in America. And did so with absolutely no factual information to back it up.Net neutrality is government control of the internet and all the content.

Net Neutrality – That FFC set of regulations, with zero authority from Congress, has nothing to do with making the “net neutral” and everything to do with the government seizing control of the Internet.

Government and its politicians are absolutely incapable of telling us the truth. In other words, everything that comes from them are “lies” pure and simple.



President Obama told us he did not have the Constitutional authority to change immigration lawsTwenty-two times President Obama told us he did not have the Constitutional authority to change immigration laws on his own as President.  His own words!!  Yet, via Executive Order, he did just that in February 2015. In speech after speech President Obama spoke passionately about the use of Executive Orders. He was absolutely apoplectic about President Bush’s use of Executive Orders. Over the last six years no one has used Executive Orders against the will of the people and against the Constitution more than President Obama.

But what does that have to do with “prepping” for emergencies and disasters? Ah, that is the question that needs to be asked. For the answer means success or failure.

Andy Andrews - How do you kill 11 million peopleLet’s go back to the book How Do You Kill 11 Million People? Now, read the subtitle “Why The Truth Matters More Than You Think”

Nazi GermanyHitler’s Germany killed 11 million people that all started from politicians lying. Then the lies came from the government. The lies got bigger and bolder. The Germans ate it up. Correct, some didn’t believe the lies.  And there was small handful of those that spoke out about the lies were swiftly and severely dealt with. It’s called death.

But that could never happen in America, right?

James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence, he denied that the NSA spied on CongressI am sorry, for this conversation tell me where this isn’t happening in America? I maintain that the government tells one lie after another and not a single government official is truly held accountable. Take March 12, 2013 when James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence, denied that the NSA spied on Congress while testifying at a Senate hearing. In the fall of 2013 it was revealed by Clapper’s own testimony that not only did he lie to Congress that the NSA does in-fact spy on Congressmen but that the White House is fully aware of it.

So what happens to Clapper for not only illegally spying on all Americans and spying on Congressmen, and lying about it while under oath at a Congressional hearing? Absolutely nothing! And his excuse? He said is didn’t merit telling Congress. What!?!?!?

James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence, he denied that the NSA spied on CongressYup, he made his own judgment call on whether to lie to Congress and simply because he felt it right to lie. And that was a good enough reason for him, Congress, and the White House. Evidently, that was good enough for our government – allow man in charge of keeping America safe to lie whenever he wants to and to whomever he wants to.

So trust the government about anything? Absolutely not!

But again, “What does that have to do with prepping?”

Everything! Do you believe unemployment numbers? How about GDP numbers? How about CPI numbers? How about what domestic threat is real or not? About anything?

Exactly!!!   You can’t believe a single word that comes out of the government. And if you can’t rely on them to tell you the truth about important matters from supposedly trusted government officials…what gives you any assurance that the government will help you one single bit when there is a disaster or an emergency?Looters

Prepare yourself, prepare for your family, prepare for your trusted neighbors and community. Prepare to handle things without the involvement of the government; or maybe more like it, in spite of government involvement.

Work on your Situational Awareness and make sure you never ever believe the government. Remember who has killed more Americans that anyone else. Oh, you don’t know the answer to that one?

The American government has:

  • Killed more Americans than any other country or government.
  • Has sent more Americans to prison camps than any other country or government.
  • Has seized more property from Americans than any other country or government.
  • Has taken more money and other financial assets from Americans than any other country or government.

So you are going to trust the very government that has harmed more Americans than anyone or anything else in history? Really?

So how does this tie into Net Neutrality?  Read the answer here…How Do You Kill 11 Million People?  “Net Neutrality” – Part #2 <click here>



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