SitRep – 5/27/2017

What the heck is going on???? !!!!!! ?????

Doesn’t it seem as if you ask yourself that question each day! Well, there is good reason for that…we are in an era of unparalleled upheaval at every turn. And it is all of our own making.

Brennan, Another Coup Player –

Throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks is the game plan of those fighting against Trump. The latest was testimony of former CIA Director John Brennan trying to tie Trump to the Russians in some dark conspiracy. Let’s set aside the fact that he couldn’t actually make that connection…the important point is he tried to and was more than willing to do so.

First off, you have to understand he is a hand-picked Obama sycophant. This man spent 25 years with the CIA learning to kill, torture, lie, deceive, and overthrown sovereign leaders. He was personally in charge of the “Disposition Matrix”, otherwise known as America’s “kill list.” Yes, you read that right. John Brennan, under the direction of Barack Obama was personally responsible for maintaining the infamous kill list. This man could pick and choose who CIA personnel (and contractors) or the military killed without trial or even a hearing. Brennan stated, “it’s a necessary part of what we do”. How’s that for an item on your resume!? Or, how’s that for part of your moral foundation?

Brennan also served as the President and CEO of The Analysis Corporation (TAC). TAC is a government contractor performing very, very shady work for federal intelligence agencies.

What is important here is this…Brennan is another intelligence player trying to overthrow the President of the United States. That now makes it clear that the entire intelligence community leadership is working very hard behind the scenes and publicly to overthrow Trump.

Coup Note: If the coup is not real, then why is the Washington Times running this headline, “The latest news from the president in exile” from an article on 5/25? And why are they referring to the “government in exile” and Obama as the “president in exile“…just saying.

Manchester Intelligence Leak –

Right after the Manchester Bombing a few days ago, US intelligence agencies leaked extremely sensitive and highly classified information to the media. That intelligence was given to the US intelligence agencies by the Manchester police and other UK intelligence agencies. It wasn’t just a single leak but a series of leaks. Here is the reaction of the folks in the UK, “British police believe the leaks are unprecedented in their scope, frequency and potential damage.”

So why did American intelligence agencies leak that information to the media?

Only a single reason…to embarrass Trump and weaken America.

Why endeavor to accomplish those two missions? I’ve told you consistently for quite a while now…United States intelligence agencies, specifically the US secret police (FBI, CIA, & NSA) are in the process of overthrowing the President of the United States.

Their end goal? I’ve talked about this at length as well…their goal is nothing less than the establishment of a totalitarian police state. And they are winning. For more information read previous SitReps and the FAQ articles.

Sessions & 2nd Amendment –

Most of the time in today’s world it is the little things that you have to watch for that point out where we are headed and what is happening. One of those little things was Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his recent anti-Second Amendment stance. Remember, Sessions works for Trump, so what Session does supposedly represents Trump’s beliefs and desires.

Just a couple days ago Sessions declared his intention to work against the Second Amendment. For reference the Second Amendment states…

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

It is clear as a bell, no qualification, no equivocation, no exceptions, nothing…period…”shall not be infringed.”

Attorney General Jeff Sessions does not support the Second Amendment. Sessions is going to court to ensure that non-violent felons cannot have their right to bear arms restored. But, that is not the worse part…he isn’t protecting the Second Amendment to begin with!

Gun rights shouldn’t be limited or infringed period! It is crystal clear to any reader, lover, and supporter of the Constitution. It is exactly clear in what was written, what was intended, and for very good reasons. But, you have a powerful “law & order” advocate in AG Sessions that doesn’t believe in, and won’t support the Second Amendment.

It is plain and simple…you either believe in and support the Constitution or you don’t. If you don’t then you are no friend of our Constitutional Republic.

But, let’s test what I am saying…Is there anything else that would indicate the Jeff Sessions doesn’t support the Constitution?

The answer is once again, an unqualified “yes!” Sessions has made it clear that he 100% supports Civil Asset Forfeiture (CAF). CAF is a process, completely outside of the judicial system, that allows the federal government to seize any asset of any person they so desire. A person doesn’t have to be convicted of a crime of any kind for CAF to be invoked. And FYI…a person doesn’t even have to be charged with a crime. What about the CAF that violates the Constitution? CAF violates the Fifth Amendment, Sixth Amendment, and Ninth Amendment.

Let’s test Sessions one more time just to make sure I have it right. How do you feel about Big Brother? Do you feel the Patriot Act was the most “police state”, illegal, anti-Constitutional, intrusive, and power abusive move by the federal government in recent memory?

Constitutional expert and advocate Judge Andrew P. Napolitano said this, “The Patriot Act has a bad pedigree and an evil history.” Yup….he said “evil‘!

So now we test that against what AG Jeff Sessions has said about the Patriot Act, “The provisions in the Patriot Act are in no way extreme, in no way novel, in no way contradictory to the principles of the constitutional law this country has operated under since its founding.”

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is exceptionally anti-Constitution and extreme in his anti-American views of the law! He clearly rejects the Constitutional Bill of Rights (specifically five of them).

So what is he?

He is a huge advocate of a police state, an all powerful federal government, anti-states’ rights, and totalitarian government advocate. That is plain and simple…his beliefs, words, and actions prove it beyond a any doubt. AG Sessions is a very dangerous man.

So where does that place Trump?

Well, it was Trump that named Sessions as AG. It was Trump that has spoken highly of Sessions. And it was Trump that also stated that he supports and wants to strengthen CAF. On February 7th of this year in a meeting with law enforcement national leadership Trump voiced his unqualified support for CAF.

When a LEO leader brought up a Texas legislator that was fighting to weaken CAF Trump said, “Who is the state senator?  Want to give his name?  We’ll destroy his career.”

“Destroy his career.”   Those are the words that a madman, or a dictator, would speak.

Appears that Sessions and Trump are of the same mindset.

Greg Gianforte, They Just Don’t Get It –

This past week Congressional candidate Greg Gianforte “body slammed” a reporter. The media became hysterical once again. Why? Because they are some kind of alien life form! Listen, Montana elected this guy…why? Because they wanted him to represent them! So would I.

Everyone hates reporters, the polling data all shows that the media, especially reporters, are hated as much as herpes and rapists. Yeah, for good reason. So when a reporter pushed himself on Gianforte and invaded his personal space during a social event, the reporter got exactly what he deserved. More power to Gianforte…and thank you Mr. Gianforte for doing what most of us Americans would love to do.

There is this thing called “personal space” and you know what that is. It is the area immediately around you that people, decent people, stay out of. They stay out of personal space out of respect for each other.

Well, reporters are not respectful…actually, they are barely human. To understand the person that reporter Ben Jacobs is, it takes only knowing his background. Jacobs is a radical left-wing extremist. He has worked for far-left media outlets and he is a radical Progressive. He was there for one purpose, a single intention, to bait Gianforte. Well, he did…and he got what was coming to him.

If more people behaved liked Gianforte, and more people like Jacobs learned life’s lessons the hard way, we would have a much, much better society. But alas, the whack-job left has no clue how decent people should live and behave…so they will continue to be the provocateurs of violence and the personification of what is wrong in this world. All the while criticizing everyone but themselves.

Big Money, Big Corporate CEOs, Big Trouble for America –

Starbucks Howard Shultz and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerburg have recently become the latest big corporation billionaires to advocate for extreme socialism in America. They are advocating for extremist ideas such as universal income, government universal health care system, extreme tax rates for the middle class, massive welfare programs, massive redistribution of wealth, and a huge all-powerful federal government.

Why is that important? Because the Democrat Party with its anti-American extremist philosophies are the party of the rich. The Democratic Party dwarfs the Republican Party in terms of billionaire supporters. And guys like Zuckerberg, Shultz, Gates, Buffet, etc. are all extremely anti-Christian, anti-family, non-Consitutionalists, police state advocates, Federalists, and more…much more. And they have the money to move their agenda forward…and they are…and they are winning.

Remember, it is guys like Gates and Zuckerberger that are willingly and enthusiastically assisting the FBI, NSA, and CIA by providing all technology-based information on all Americans that pass through their huge mega-operations. Yup, go do the research. These left-wing radicals are providing information on you and all Americans to America’s secret police. And there is only one purpose behind it…an all-powerful federal government. And why do you think all those uber-rich billionaires are supporting an all-powerful, police-state federal government?

Static, Confusion, Deception, and You –

We are in an unprecedented time in America. We are watching and experiencing the overthrow of America’s Constitutional Republic form of government. We are seeing the federal government establishment -led by the FBI, CIA, and NSA- overthrow a sitting President. We are watching this tragedy unfold before our eyes. Everything good about America is being torn apart and destroyed by a coalition of the ruling class, the political class, the rich elites, and the media. We are watching the intentional and systematic destruction of America…in real-time.

What we witness every day is a mixture of truth and fiction. The fiction is designed to divert your attention, or capture your attention, so you don’t see the meaningful destructive actions taking place. The coalition that I just referred to wants to keep your life in such turmoil that you will be unable to see and/or react to what is happening that is actually important. That renders you helpless and ineffective…if you let them control you, have power over you. That in turn allows them to advance their agenda unimpeded.

Can you do anything meaningful to stop or reverse any of this? No, not really. This war is being fought at a very high level, far above what you and I can impact. But, there will come a time that is will directly affect you and I. And it will be our preparedness that might, and I say might, save us and our family.

Summary –

Once again:

  • Stay informed. Don’t become blinded by their shiny objects. Keep your Situational Awareness sharp. Don’t listen to the static. Don’t get distracted.
  • Don’t become a blind follower of anyone.
  • Keep preparing and don’t get discouraged.
  • Grow your sphere of influence. Become prepared to lead.
  • Be ready to act when the time and need comes.
  • Enjoy your life, enjoy your family, love that blue sky, take a walk and listen to the birds. Life and family are both wonderful gifts…don’t squander them.

If you would like to ask me a question concerning this SitRep…or any other subject, simply submit it via the form below.


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SitRep – 5/16/2017 >>ALERT!

I wrote this article yesterday afternoon (Monday 5/15), then did my final edit about 9:30pm. Yeah, then I woke up at 4am…worried. I was worried that the article was too “alarmist” in tone. I mean I am claiming WWIII to have started, that a Civil War is taking place, and our President is in the process of being overthrown by the ruling class.

Nah! That’s not alarmist at all…right!

So I laid there in bed and thought it through. You either believe me because I have proven myself to be pretty dang accurate in what I publish. Or, you will dismiss what you read because you think I am making stuff up. Then again, you might think I am a card-carrying tinfoil hat kind of person.

But, what hit me the most…I have to put this out there. I know I am right. I might not have each detail exactly right, maybe I am not spot-on about each person, and I probably am off on timelines. But, I know that I am connecting the dots correctly. So I am a voice of warning. What you do with that warning is up to you.

So here is the challenge…prove me wrong. Yup, don’t believe a single word I print in this article, or any other. Rather, try and find valid and reliable information that proves me wrong, that what I am saying is not true. Because in the final analysis you are responsible for yourself and your family. I am only be a voice of warning. And I am perfectly OK with that.

Here we go…the situation in the world and in the USA has just ratcheted up another notch. We have some serious problems facing us right now. Those problems are so serious that I am producing another SitRep on the heels of the one on 5/10 & 5/3.

There are dark forces at work right now in this country. Forces that would like to see nothing less than the Constitution being destroyed…completely destroyed.

In this SitRep I will cover the following:

  • The coup to overthrow Trump continues and intensifies
  • Update on the secret police in the US
  • World War III has started
  • I personally caught the Trump White House lying…clearly and unequivocally lying. And I can prove it.
The Coup Continues –

James Clapper, unindicted co-conspirator, has clearly made known his participation in the coup against Trump. I said back in March <SitRep – 3/6/2017> that James Comey and James Clapper were coordinating the actions of America’s secret police (FBI, CIA, & NSA) in the coup against Trump. Clapper, who repeatedly perjured himself during Congressional hearings, stated over the weekend that:

  • Russia interfered in our 2016 presidential elections.
  • Trump colluded with Russia in that interference.
  • Russia is assaulting our governmental institutions (i.e. an act of war).
  • Trump is assaulting our governmental institutions (eroding the Constitutional system of checks & balances) from inside the White House (act of treason).
  • Trump worked with, and gave a victory to, Russia when he fired James Comey.

Here is what we know about James clapper, former head of National Intelligence:James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence, he denied that the NSA spied on Congress

  • He repeatedly perjured himself in Congressional hearings. All of which are felonies.
  • He repeatedly lied to the American public through statements and press releases.
  • He led the intelligence services to illegally and unconstitutionally acquire communications of regular Americans through massive acquisitions of all electronic communications.
  • He illegally authorized the “unmasking” of persons to the Obama administration for purely political purposes. Estimates are in the 2000 persons range. All of which were felonies.
  • He illegally authorized intelligence services to unconstitutionally conduct surveillance operations on members of Congress, both Representatives and Senators.

Clapper is a slimy dirt bag that is actively attempting, in conjunction with others, to overthrow the President of the United States.

Here is what we know about James Comey, former Director of the FBI:

  • We know that Comey was, and still is, working to oust Trump from office.
  • We know that Comey was a highly politicized appointee by Obama working directly for Obama’s political agenda.
  • We know that Comey used the FBI in coordination with the IRS against Tea Party and other conservative and constitutional non-profits. Yes, multiple felonies.
  • We know Comey perjured himself in Congressional hearings. Once again, felonies.
  • We know that Comey worked for AG Loretta Lynch. And after Lynch met privately with Bill Clinton is when Comey announced that although Hillary Clinton repeatedly committed multiple felonies, including national security violations, that Hillary would not be charged.
  • This is the same Comey that had threatened Apple Computer to give the FBI unfettered access to all Apple devices regardless of country or the legality.
  • We know that Comey illegally used intelligence and electronic communications that were illegally acquired by the NSA.

Comey is another slimy dirt bag that is actively attempting, in conjunction with others, to overthrow the President of the United States.

We are now entering a period of critical mass. We have the Democrats in an all-out assault on the Trump Presidency. You now have multiple Congressional Dems calling for the immediate impeachment of Trump. You see sleaze bag Liberal/Progressives like John McCain (so-called Republican) joining the battle to overthrow Trump. The media is obviously all in for overthrowing Trump.

This coup is real and continuing to grow.

Now that they are building and strengthening the case of “Trump & Russia against the United States” you will see more calls from both sides of the political aisle for a special investigation and prosecutor to probe that connection. And they will find enough…I am not sure exactly what, but they will find enough.

And possibly, very possibly, it will accurate and real. Remember General Michael Flynn? He has made it easy to link Trump to Russia through his highly suspect actions and financial dealings. Guilty or not he has added gasoline to the fire.

The Secret Police –

I keep talking about America’s secret police, and for good reason. The FBI, CIA, and the NSA all comprise to make up the generic term secret police. Here is what we now know to be 100% fact about those highly armed paramilitary organizations:

  • They have been illegally collecting all electronic communications and information on all Americans for over 10 years. And the whole time they’ve been denying it. However, all the information and documents released over the last two years through investigations and document leaks makes it clear they have been lying to us and to Congress all along.
  • The FBI, in conjunction with the IRS, illegally worked to suppress conservatives, Tea Party groups, and Constitution advocate groups. This is not just illegal but irrefutably unconstitutional…an outright act of treason.
  • We know the FBI has a long history of political influencing via blackmail and extortion of politicians and even Presidents.
  • We know that the CIA has been working clandestinely to influence elections around the world for over five decades.
  • We know that the CIA has violently overthrown governments around the world, including assignations of sovereign leaders.
  • We know that the NSA and FBI have undertaken a systematic abuse of the FISA court to otherwise illegally obtain intelligence information of US citizens.
  • We know that the NSA and the FBI have intimidated and extorted cooperation of technology companies to provide massive amounts of data on regular US citizens that would otherwise be illegal to obtain.
  • We know that the NSA and the FBI has intimidated and extorted cooperation of technology companies to provide “backdoor” access to their software and electronic devices.
  • We know the source of last week’s world-wide cyber-attacks was done with malware developed by the NSA.

And the list could go on and on and on. The point is we know beyond any shadow of a doubt that America’s secret police are working against the interests of American citizens. We know for absolute fact that they are breaking the law and their actions are also without question unconstitutional. We know for 100% certainty that they are lying about it to not just the American public, but committing perjury (felonies) when testifying in front of Congress. Yet, they continue to operate with impunity!

So the natural question would be, “Why?”

There are actually two questions here; 1) Why are they doing it to begin with? 2) Why aren’t they being stopped?

The first question is an easy one…America’s secret police is committing these treasonous actions because they support the establishment of a police state, a totalitarian government, and are actively working to assist in its establishment. To overthrow the Constitution they must subdue the citizens and silence all opposition. Their actions prove their intentions.

The second question is almost as easy, just a little more complicated…America’s secret police can’t be stopped because of their immense power…we are talking serious life and death kind of power. And combined with that are their powerful co-conspirators that are in the government establishment (i.e. political class). And we know that the secret police answer to the ruling class (i.e. Clapper, Comey, Clintons, Bushes, etc.). Hence, the secret police are doing what all secret police have done throughout history…acquired power, abused power, subdued the population, silenced the opposition, and supported the ruling elites.

World War III –

I am sure by now you have heard some rumblings about WWIII in more alternative and  mainstream outlets. I am here to tell you the war has started…yes, it has already started!

Asymmetrical warfare is a concept of making war on your enemy in multiple ways, from multiple directions; quick and nimble tactics from unsuspected directions. It is unconventional warfare. It is designed to throw your enemy off-balance and not allow them a clear path of response.

What we are seeing is this:

  • Russia attacked us when they hacked political operations during the 2016 presidential campaign.
  • Russia and her agents are behind multiple cyber-attacks against the US and our allies as recently as last week.
  • Russia has openly challenged the US militarily with armed fighters vs. our intelligence gathering aircraft.
  • Russia continues to challenge US sovereignty by air and naval intrusions of US controlled airspace and water. The challenges have been both intelligence gathering and strategic aircraft, submarines, and intelligence gathering ships.
  • China has used North Korea to militarily destabilize the Asian Rim area in direct opposition to American interests.
  • China hacked US government computers systems repeatedly in the last couple of years. These were massive breeches and data acquisition.
  • China continues to openly and directly challenge the US by establishing military bases in contested China Sea areas.
  • North Korea has used military intimidation against her neighbors, especially South Korea and Japan (US allies) directly challenging the military interests of the US.
  • North Korea continues to openly challenge the US politically and militarily with the testing of ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons.
  • North Korea has placed two military satellites strategically over the US. Intelligence reports have confirmed that these satellites appear to be, and are highly likely, capable of EMP strikes.
  • Iran continues to regularly challenge the US militarily in the Middle East, primarily minor naval operations. They even captured two naval vessels and briefly held US sailors prisoner.
  • Iran continues to build its nuclear capability. The increased capability of Iran’s on-going nuclear program was financed through cash payments by President Obama directly to Iran via pallets of cash delivered by private jet.
  • Iran has armed and is using puppet states to combat US interests through international terrorism.

And the list goes on. We are in a de facto state of war. Mostly so far it is a cyber war, one we are losing. There are some limited military operations, none of which have gone to a state of open engagement…yet.

But, here is the main point…one that should gravely concern you…we have all these international players openly working against us in a virtual war, but we also have all the internal political players at war against the Constitution…at war with the American ideal…at war against the American dream of our Founding Fathers.

Clapper even openly stated that our institutions are being assaulted from external and internal enemies. He correctly identified the external enemies (i.e. Russia), but he is attempting yet another deception against us, a lie of biblical proportions…he, James Clapper, is part of the internal assault. Actually he is part of the leadership assaulting our country, assaulting our President, and most importantly…assaulting our Constitutional Republic. Clapper, along with Comey and others, are traitors…in my mind they have committed treason.

We are in a World War…a coalition of countries – Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, and Syria – are engaged in asymmetrical warfare against the United States of America.

We are in a Civil War…a coalition of the ruling/political class along with the elites are engaged in political warfare to overthrow the President of the United States and bring down the United States of America as a constitutional republic and replace with it with a totalitarian state.

And we are losing both wars.

Trump White House is Lying –

The Trump administration released a statement on Monday (5/15) that the recent cyber-attacks (last week and Monday) didn’t affect any US government computer systems. That is a lie! I have personal firsthand knowledge that the cyber-attacks last week brought down the largest federal emergency resources dispatch website five days ago. And it was still down as of late Monday morning.

I also have personal firsthand knowledge that multiple cyber-attacks were mounted against, and impacted, the Department of Interior’s entire computer and email systems last week. And there is still some residual affect as of Monday (5/15).

And who knows how many other Departments and Agencies were attacked.

So, ask yourself…Why would the Trump administration lie about government computers being cyber-attacked?

Summary –

Once again I am informing my website visitors that we are in some very tough times. On any given morning we could find ourselves in an open state of a shooting war in the world…or in a brutal and violent civil war started by those that wish to destroy America.

Is this credible? Test me on it. Look back over the last 2-1/2 years and the information I’ve been putting out about our government, the coup, the secret police, the people like Comey and Clapper…all of it. I’ve been right all along. And I am right now.

I urge you to continue to prepare. But, I also just as fervently urge you to not panic. There is no need to. The wars that are taking place right now are at a very high level and don’t affect people at our level in our daily lives…yet. There will come a time when it does…and it will be bad. But, that time is not yet.

Go about your daily life giving thanks for the blessings you have. Be grateful for and enjoy the time you can spend with your family. And go outside and do something as something as simple as take in the beauty of a blue sky morning.

Be prudent, prepare, but don’t panic. Panic will do you and no one else any good. What I want you to do is to listen to that little voice inside of you…and follow it. Listen to its promptings, its quiet whisperings, and allow it to guide you in doing the important things in your life. You need to.

In a bigger picture, I am monitoring the situations closely and will continue to provide updates through the website as I feel confident in the validity of the information. Until then…know that I care about you and your family very much. I can honestly say that I love my website supporters and visitors. That is you 🙂

Have faith in heaven above! He will not fail us.

If you would like to ask me a question concerning this SitRep…or any other subject, simply submit it via the form below.


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Comey fired, Trump in danger.

A bold stroke for President Trump! One that I highly respect, appreciate, and thank him for. Obviously I am talking about the firing of James Comey. Also, a move that Trump should be more than just a little concerned about.

For a very long time I have been sharing information on just how despicable a man James Comey, former FBI Director, is. He is a man that is all about power…extreme power. He is a man that is close to the center of leadership of the ruling elites in America. He was a key player when I wrote on March 6th of this year that Comey was coordinating America’s secret police (FBI, CIA, NSA) for their part in the overthrow of Trump. Yes, the literal overthrow. Trump has struck back and struck hard and to the very core of those involved. But, it wasn’t only a bold move, it was a dangerous move.

The ruling elite in this country have plans…a totalitarian state wherein people are finally and completely subjugated to the Federal government. That process has been going on for some time and has been highly effective…they are winning. That being the case, those behind the curtain are not going to stand ideally by and watch as their plans are thwarted and a key player of theirs is disemboweled from power. They will strike back. The question is, “How?”

We’ve already seen the main players stand up for Comey. Senator Chuck Schumer almost immediately came to the defense of Comey and implied that Trump was making a move to cover-up a Russia-Trump alliance. Of course Schumer would…as I said back in the March article, Schumer is coordinating the Congressional Democrats in that same coup against Trump. Comey and Schumer are part of that coordinated effort. Watch for who else defends Comey and attacks Trump.

Just how dangerous is this for Trump? I have a feeling this isn’t the straw that broke the camel’s back. But, this will embolden those ruling class, the elites that are determined to subdue America, depose the Constitution, and overthrow our Republic. They will not give up…and unfortunately they will win.

Comey was the ultimate Director of the FBI, in every way a mirror image of the infamous J. Edgar Hoover. The FBI has a dark and disreputable past reaching all the way back to their founding. The FBI has been influencing, interfering with, and adversely impacting our political system since day one. The FBI is the ultimate secret police, a powerful institution that almost no one can even dream of touching let alone dismembering to save the Republic. But, Trump has put the political class, the ruling elites, and their leadership on notice that he will not go down without a fight. Unfortunately, that is exactly what Trump is going to get…and he can’t win it.

Pray for our country, pray for our Constitution, and pray for our President. We need it now more than ever.



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SitRep – 1/11/2017 : Alert!

Situation Reports (SitReps)I’ve been watching the events of the last couple of weeks very closely and I knew something was unfolding. Now I am convinced. I started to call this post a “Warning!” but then decided against it because the potential for a violent outcome to individuals still seems fairly low to me so I changed it to just an “Alert”. Although I feel both the probability and possibility are very high. So exactly what I am referring to? Ah, that is a great question.

Please remember and take into consideration…this is only my opinion based on the facts and evidence that I am seeing.

Threat –

There is a very specific threat that has formed and it entails Trump, the intelligence agencies, the ruling class, and the media. I think we are seeing the groundwork laid for either an assassination attempt, a soft coup, or the foundation of Trump’s future impeachment taking place.

Background –

The CIA has been an organization working against Constitutional principles since its very foundation. The CIA is a dark ops group. They are mandated to operate solely on foreign soil, but reports over the last couple of decades have revealed they regularly operate on US soil…against US citizens. They are trained to disrupt elections in foreign countries and/or influence them in favor of the US. They are also well-trained to overthrow, violent or otherwise, governments of sovereign nations. Along with being drug dealers they are also some of the best trained assassins in the world. But, most of all…they are the best trained masters of deception in the world. In other words…they are everything decent people, people of morals, ethics and character should abhor.

The NSA has one of the most checkered and dark reputations of any US intel agency. They have conducted numerous surveillance operations against US citizens over the last 15+ years in direct violation of the law and Constitution. They operate with virtually no legal or Congressional oversight allowing much of their operational activities to go unmonitored, unsupervised, and wholly outside of the Constitution.

The FBI’s reputation is well known and well documented. They are nothing more than a dark ops agency to accomplish two things; 1) act as an enforcement arm for whichever political party is in power, 2) grow and ensure the power of the federal government. They have conducted horrendous acts of political subterfuge over the years to influence elections and destroy political enemies. This has been thoroughly documented even as late as the last eight years where the FBI worked closely with the IRS targeting conservative and constitutional groups in direct violation of the law. But, all of that activity pales in comparison to the FBI’s record of death. Whether it is the murder of a restrained suspect in custody, to the murder of a wife/mother and infant, to the burning to death of nearly 80 men, women, and children. They latest example of their death squad activity was the murder of Levoy Finicum last year. Not only did they plan and lead the fatal ambush, they attempted to cover-up their participation when it was discovered that FBI agents lied about what happened.

The Director of National Intelligence, while only a relatively recent government position, is quickly becoming the man behind the curtain. In this case, James Clapper. This man is one of the most powerful men in America at this time…and he is using his power and position for unbelievable acts of evil. He has removed himself from any and all oversight of Congress. He has repeatedly lied to Congress or withheld vital information relative to Congressional inquiries. And, he is still serving in that position let alone not in prison. Clapper has proven over and over again he is working in direction opposition to not only the best interests of citizens, but in direct opposition to the Constitution as well.

What do all of these agencies have in common? None of them are authorized by the Constitution.

So, why do they exist? Ah, that is another great question.

Recent Events –

The Ft. Lauderdale airport massacre was at the hands of whom? According to the government and law enforcement agencies it was a mentally ill, Puerto Rican, veteran, gun nut, suffering from PTSD. But, is that true?

Let me ask this question first…Why was Senator Bill Nelson (D-Florida) the person to first identify the gunman who conducted this the atrocity? Have you ever known of a sitting US Senator to be the first to name a shooting suspect ever in any kind of similar situation as this, and do it at a press conference? Not me. So, why him, why then?

The White House was aware of who the suspect really was, the WH directed Nelson how to frame the suspect, and then to direct local law enforcement to go along with it. And it almost worked.

The first day after the shooting I was receiving intelligence that the suspect was a Muslim and this was a planned terrorist attack. But, I couldn’t come out with any evidence proving it. Yesterday it was leaking out that the shooter was indeed a Muslim. Today we saw proof released that the suspect was in-fact a Muslim terrorist who was known by intelligence agencies. Yet another known Muslim terrorist living in the USA and the FBI and other intel agencies didn’t stop the attack. Kind of makes you ask…Are they that incompetent or is it something else?

Yesterday we started to hear all the BS about Trump and his “pervert” ties to Russia. Why yesterday when according to reports intelligence agencies have known about this for some time? The “Why?” question is the absolute right question to ask. But, before we go into the answer…

Trump won the election, so there was the scandal that the FBI won the election for Trump due to the Hillary email info released by the FBI days before the end of the election. When that didn’t change anything, then there was the push for multiple state recounts. When that didn’t work there was the “popular vote” controversy. When that didn’t work there was the Electoral College revolt attempt. When that didn’t work it was Russia influenced the election through hacking. When that didn’t work it was the Russia hacked the election in favor of Trump because Trump was the Russian candidate. When that didn’t work then it was this…the Trump pervert report that he was being blackmailed by the Russians.

And in the middle of all of this Congress tried to investigate what was happening and what did the intelligence agencies do? They refused to answer questions by Congress and even refused to appear at Congressional hearings for a very long time.

While all of this is going on Obama quietly slips into regulation and policy that DHS is now an overseer of all local elections. This was done via DHS classifying the entire voting process as “critical infrastructure.”

What Does It All Mean –

I kept going over and over all these seemingly unrelated events…dots if you will. At first I came to the conclusion that it was meant to discredit the election of Trump and set him up for failure. But, if that was the case, why not just swing the election results to a win for Hillary.

But, there was a nagging question…What would that have accomplished? I couldn’t come up with a logical response for that question. Then I remembered the underlying question when dealing with all things governmental and political…”Who will get money and power?

When put that into context it became crystal clear what was happening. Let me put this back in your head, “Never let a crisis go to waste.” Remember that?

This defining principle was inadvertently revealed by a mid-level player in the Anti-America Movement (AAM). He shed light on how they do business…by simply giving people what they want at a time when people are crying out for it. In the last 17 years it was been the demand by people for “safety & security.” So, the AAM folks gave us DHS, TSA, militarized police, and a whole slew of illegal, unconstitutional policies and laws that destroyed citizens’ rights, liberties, and freedoms.

Let me connect the dots…Dems lost the election and even the slightest amount of political power in DC due to Republications now controlling the Presidency, the Senate, and the House of Representatives. But, if the Repubs, specifically Trump, is dealing with all-consuming controversies even his power is significantly reduced, if not negated.

So, Dems are losing and Trump is caught up in turmoil and controversy. You have tremendous in-fighting within the Repub party. You have war-mongering Repubs like the degenerate McCain and Graham calling for war with Russia. You have many Dems joining in that call due to the election results at the hands of Russian hacking. You have Ryan and his Progressive co-conspirators ready to spend trillions and trillions of dollars in opposition to Trump’s plans. Everything is in complete turmoil…and we haven’t even touched on race relations and long list of other burning issues right now.

I still haven’t really answered the question…who benefits from all of this? In other words…To whom does the money and power flow?

Collectively both the money and power flow to the intelligence agencies (i.e. CIA, FBI, NSA, etc.) With Russia being such a “threat” we need more resources to investigate them. To ensure that our voting machines and process isn’t compromised we need more resources to shore them up. With our entire country being hacked by foreign governments we need more resources to combat that. And in governmental terms “resources” means money. And when dealing with these agencies we are talking hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars of new money flowing to them. But, it also means far more power to perform surveillance on not just all US citizens but to seize control of every aspect of the Internet and the voting process is the name of “security.”

Summary –

Remember power is not created, it can only move. In virtually every case over the last 130 years power has moved away from individuals citizens and to an ever stronger federal government. Money is similar…money has been moving from the middle-class to the rich class and to the poverty class via the US government.

Who leaked the info that swung the election away from Hillary? The FBI. Then who came out and said that they wouldn’t pursue Hillary? The FBI. Who came out with the report that Russia hacked and influenced the election? The Director of National Intelligence. Who produced the report substantiating that statement? The CIA and DHS. And when that wasn’t convincing enough who produced the report that substantiated the previous report? The FBI. And all of that without ever actually laying their hands on the allegedly hacked server!

I believe that we are seeing a well coordinated, well executed covert operation by US intelligence agencies to create chaos. The short-term goal is to acquire more money for their collective agencies. Along with the money comes power. The medium term goal is clear…a totalitarian state.

Doubt me? What happened to President Kennedy? The CIA convinced him to invade Cuba. Then the CIA subverted that operation and significantly weakened Kennedy politically. When Kennedy threatened to reform, if not disband, the CIA he was assassinated. Why Kennedy? It didn’t matter that it was Kennedy. Outgoing President Eisenhower warned us about the rise of the military-industrial complex which includes the ruling class and elites. Kennedy wouldn’t play along with their goals. The CIA destroyed him…literally. We then got President Johnson…the consummate political establishment insider who was 100% behind the AAM and overall goal of a totalitarian state.

Back in college I took “logic” classes…phenomenal stuff! Over the last 40 years I learned that you judge what is happening by “outcomes” because nothing else matters. Not only that, anything other than “outcomes” can be very deceiving. I also learned a couple of decades ago that politics and government was all about money and power as virtually the sole motivation

Marry the three concepts and what do all of the events add up to?

We are seeing one of three possible events taking place; 1) assassination attempt, 2) a soft coup, or 3) the foundation of an impeachment proceeding taking place. Why? To move more money and power to intelligence agencies. And US intelligence agencies are nothing more than the oppressive boot for the AAM folks moving us closer to a totalitarian state.

And, I do want to mention that in the coming days, maybe weeks, more information will come to light that substantiates what I am saying. This is a terrible time right now in America’s history…and most of us have no idea how truly ugly it really is right now. And yes, it will get worse.

What Do You Do –

Normally at this point I would say, “Keep doing what you are doing and don’t panic?” That message is only half-applicable this time. The half that is completely applicable is “don’t panic.” This is not a call to head to your bunker and seal the door behind you.

This is a call to expedite some things. However, I don’t know which things you need to expedite. But, I will suggest some things such as:

  1. Ensure that your weapons and optics are 100% serviceable. You have plenty of ammunition on hand, batteries are new or fully charged. You have a sufficient number of good quality magazines on hand and that everything is easily accessed in a hurry. I would go so far as to suggest that you load a few magazines and store them with each of your weapons. Make sure your tactical kit is 100% ready for action.
  2. Check, update, and round-out all of your medical and first aid kits. Get them 100% up to speed and ready to be used.
  3. If you have a prepper group, meet. Talk about current events, come up with immediate action drills, SOPs, Communication protocols, etc. If you aren’t part of a group consider joining one or starting one. Organize along the lines of the Incident Command System.
  4. Check all of your communications gear and ensure that it is all fully functional. Finishing any programming that needs to be done. Check to make sure you have fresh or fully charged batteries ready.
  5. Lay in a supply of drinking water. I suggest a minimum of 20 gallons per person. Your hot water tank can serve as part of that. If you don’t have a highly portable water filter, get one. If you don’t have a volume water filter, get one.
  6. If you don’t have food storage, get some. Make sure you have sufficient food for a minimum of 90-days. I would highly suggest that you have 10 – 20 days low preperation, highly portable food on hand.
  7. Make sure you can live at your house for a minimum of 30 days without power, water, or sewer services. Make sure that you could leave your home and take the essentials of survival with you.

Why do I feel that this is so vital and important at this time? I feel an event horizon is 95%+ possible and 90%+ probable. That is the highest that I have ever rated the potential of something like this. The only real question that I have is the potential for a violent affect on the average person. I can’t quite get a good feel for that in this case. What I mean is…I don’t think the average person’s life is imminently threatened by any of the three potential events that I see happening. I could be wrong and I am sure there could/will be exceptions, but, I think the average person won’t be the victim of violence due to any of the three. But, I could be very wrong.

The only way to handle any threat/risk is to reduce the probability of the incident occurring and/or reducing the severity of the outcome of the incident. Since the average person can’t affect the probability of occurrence in any way, there is only one other option. There are a number of things you can do to reduce the impact severity of an incident and I list the priorities this way, the threat or risk of:

  1. Violence
  2. Injury or sickness
  3. Poor, or lack of, organization
  4. Poor, or lack of, communications
  5. Dehydration
  6. Exposure
  7. Dehydration

If all goes as the intelligence agencies plan the average citizen will not even recognize what is happening. We will collectively just enjoy the next basketball game or Dancing with the Stars episode. However, if something goes wrong with their intended plan, it could get very ugly. And then there is the wildcard…the psychopath Obama coming to the end of his term.

And once again, as I started out this article…this is only my opinion based on the facts and evidence that I am seeing.

Remember, “If ye are prepared ye shall not fear!”



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SitRep – 9/14/2016

Situation Reports (SitReps)Could the world get any more bizarre? I am referring specifically to the United States presidential election for the most part, but not entirely. Granted we will still have a current president that is a complete hostile radical renegade strutting around doing as he wishes with no regard for the safety of our fellow citizens. And he continues his complete disdain and detestable anti-Constitutional behavior. Other than the radical socialist FDR we’ve never seen a president with more hatred for our Constitution that this Barry person taking up space in the White House. But, be that as it may…I’ve been working on this article for several days now and it is time to post the edited version.

The insane asylum has grown even more bizarre than it was, and quite honestly has gotten me a bit worried due to the larger ramifications that may be taking place. My concern has grown over a concept that last year I dismissed as near lunacy. Earlier this year I just considered it fanciful at best. Now, I have a growing concern…and I want to do the dot connecting thing for a minute or two…or ten.

Here are the dots –
  • Hillary’s health
  • The rise of the alt-right
  • Darren Seals killed
  • Government complicity
  • Election systems hacked
  • Where we are headed

Then I will summarize. If you are super pressed on time skip to the summary.

Hillary’s Health –

Of course by now, unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you read and heard endless commentary about Hillary’s health. Bottom line; 1) she is old, 2) she is grossly overweight, 3) she is gravely ill. Undoubtedly you’ve seen the video of her collapsing as she left the 9/11 memorial service. She “collapsed”…she didn’t stumble, she didn’t trip, she didn’t need assistance…she collapsed unconscious. Had her secret service detail not been there she would have face-planted into the sidewalk after her head bounced off the black van.

She previously has admitted she suffered a brain injury after hitting her head. Bill stated that it took six months of intense medical attention for her to recover. She wears special glasses to help prevent seizures or certain “episodes”. She is on heavy-duty medication. And let us not forget…she is a serious alcoholic. And then there is the matter of the stress…she has a ton of it with this election. Bottom line…Hillary is in serious trouble health wise. When I mean serious I am talking she could pass away at any time. Yes, it is that serious.

The Rise of the “Alternative Right” (a.k.a. Alt-Right) –

The alt-right has been described in many ways, most terms less flattering than reality. But, essentially the Alt-Right is a group of folks who are fiercely nationalistic. Some, Progressive media types, would add in terms such as white supremacists, neo-reactionaries, anti-Semites, racists, anti-immigrant, etc. You get the idea. But, make no doubt about it, regardless of the definition, it is a real and growing movement.

Whatever definition you wish to accept, it is a growing movement based around ultra-nationalism, and a movement to be very concerned with. Last year I expressed concern about Trump as a candidate. And I have not changed my mind on that issue. Yes, I know, I risk antagonizing some of my readers. But, read on before you blow your top if you are one of those that might get their panties in a wad.

There is a mood in this country right now that makes the US ripe for nothing short of revolution. Yes, armed, militant, deadly, government overthrow, revolution. I am not mincing words…I am talking about the overthrow of the United States government by a domestic movement. For simplicity sake…that sentiment is coming from mostly from the left but also from elements on the right. Yes, the country is in a total and complete mess right now…thanks to nearly 30 years of Progressive/Globalist Presidents destroying our Constitution and our culture. Those presidents, with the support of Congress and the Supreme Court, have done everything they could to grow and expand government while reducing freedoms and liberties. The one element that was missing, missing till eight years ago, was violent division in the populace. Well, our current president has managed to manipulate the US population to despise each other based on “groups”, including race. We are now ripe for a government overthrow.

The alt-right movement, taken at its extreme, is a group that could just as easily want the overthrow of the government as those in Black Lives Matter or any other violent left-wing movement. Yes, I referred to the alt-right movement in very derogatory terms…and I am serious about it and I mean it. There is nothing…absolutely nothing…inspiring or positive or patriotic or good about the alt-right movement. The alt-right movement is the beginnings of a fascist party in the United States. Yes, I am talking the type of fascist as in Hitler’s movement, Mussolini’s movement, skinhead, Brown Shirt, violent movement.

That being said…not all the people in that movement are those kinds of people. However, the good are being swept up with the bad. I am telling you flat out…the alt-right movement is a fascist movement led by people who have evil in their hearts and ill intentions towards our country. I know history, I know people, I’ve been watching what has been taking place…I know what I am talking about. Trust me on this one…the alt-right is nothing but bad news…to the extreme. Why? Because they want a strong man leadership to “fix” all the problems in the country. And that concept is 100% opposed to every single Constitutional principle and exactly the opposite of what our Founding Fathers supported. Our Founding Fathers went to war to defeat strong man leadership. Our Founding Fathers believed in a Constitutional Republic led by the people not some monarch, elitist, or dictator. Think about the rallying phrase “We The People” and you will understand what I mean.

Just in case you were wondering, do not for a minute equate the “alt-right” with the “moral majority”…it is not…not even close.

Darren Seals Killed –

You probably don’t recognize the name. But, Darren Seals is -rather was- a Black Lives Matter leader. And Seals was executed earlier this month. He was instrumental in organizing protests and other BLM activities. And, he was executed. By whom? Yup, that is the right question to ask. I am not going to tell you who, rather I want to show two options and let you see that dire condition of either being right.

Let’s say he was executed by the left – that means he was not violent enough, not radical enough, not willing to press the BLM and Progressive violence far enough. In other words, he wasn’t enough of a radicalized killer to suit the purposes of either BLM goals or the Progressive leadership. They want someone more violent, more radical, and they are willing to kill their own to get a replacement as well as send a signal to other leaders to be what is needed.

Now, let’s say he was executed by the right – that means there are “right-wing death squads” now operating to assassinate people who oppose them. To those in charge of the violent radical right Seals was too much of a threat to them and they wanted him dead thus removing him from leadership. They too wanted to send a message to others like Seals that they are not welcomed in this political climate.

You may challenge me on the use of the term “executed”…fine. What else would you call it? In the neighborhood where he lived there are three basic reasons that a black man dies; 1) drug deal gone bad, 2) gang killing, 3) robbery. Normally, the police solve these crimes fairly easily due to the evidence and/or someone taking responsibility via running their mouth. That hasn’t happened. And the person(s) who killed Seals torched his car as well to destroy any forensic evidence. That is the mark of a professional hit. It was an execution.

Whichever side killed Seals it shows that the leadership on either side has moved into a new era of brazenness. Back on August 23rd I posted information showing that four leading Democrat/Liberal/Progressive operatives where murdered…professional “hits”. They were killed within a two-month period and all were about to move against Hillary Clinton and expose more of her criminal activity. The ruling class in this country are not afraid to kill to protect their positions of power. Their killing and violence is getting more pervasive and more brazen.

The Government is Complicit –

We see the total corruption now of the US Government and it is plainly in the open, they are making no effort to hide their political allegiance. The FBI is in complete support of Hillary Clinton. FBI Director Comey made it perfectly clear that Hillary Clinton can commit any crime at any level, and she is not just immune from prosecution, she is supported by the US Government in committing her crimes. And to substantiate that position, the US Justice Department has reinforced that pro-Clinton crime family stance during a not-so-secret private meeting between Lynch and Clinton earlier this summer.

The US Supreme Court in multiple cases now stretching over the last couple of sessions has sent a clear signal they will no longer support the Second Amendment. The SCOTUS has upheld every single state ban on so-called assault weapons and any other gun and ammo restrictions. SCOTUS is clearly making significant anti-gun plays.

The President…well, his actions speak for themselves…the most anti-American, anti-Constitutional president every in the history of the country.

Congress is making no attempt, no effort, to uphold the Constitution and keep either the president or SCOTUS in-check. They are taking no steps whatsoever to control the President or SCOTUS. Why? Because Congress is run by Progressives that are complicit in what is taking place.

Election Systems Hacked –

We’ve heard numerous reports for the last couple months that a country, supposedly Russia, has hacked state election systems. This is a fact, the FBI has confirmed it and released a report about it. But, you have to ask a couple of questions at this point:

  • Who did the hacking and for what purpose?
  • Why did the FBI and other law enforcement agencies release this information to the public?
  • What is the endgame for the above?

Let’s look at who hacked and why…The list of countries that could be doing the hacking is long. But, the “why” is what is the important aspect of this issue. If the reason is to influence the election, who do they want to win? Clinton has proven to be such a weak and ineffective –even deadly– leader for the US, any number of anti-US aggressors would want to see her in office. She would bow to anyone, and continue to weaken the US. If they want Trump to win then “why?” He is seen by many as a “fascist wannabe” or leader of the emerging US alt-right. This would make him an ally of any similar leader or even a potential ally of the globalists. But, I think I am wrong on both those takes…and it really doesn’t matter. No external entity may be hacking the state electoral systems at all.

Moving on to the question about why the FBI released that information. I think this is a significant, probably the primary, aspect of this issue. The FBI is the most secret of secret police forces in the world. They don’t release information unless it will benefit them, the FBI. I am saying categorically that the FBI released the information because they see it as benefiting their agency and the goals of their agency leadership.

Finally, the endgame. This is where I will lose some of you. I think you can roll this whole thing into a single goal…undermining the election process. And why would they do something like that? To answer that you have to look at the mission of the FBI…to strengthen the power of the federal government by any means possible.

So, do you want me to tie in undermining the election process with the FBI goal?

You have to look at the bigger picture to get the right picture…the FBI has proven that it is working directly against the best interests of the United States citizens and against the Constitution. The FBI itself is a secret police force that is very specifically not authorized by the US Constitution to begin with. The FBI is hiding vital and crucial information from Congress that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Clinton did in-fact violate multiple laws regarding the security of the United States…all of which are serious felonies. The FBI leadership is coordinating with the Clintons, and other political leadership, to ensure that Clinton is not indicted let alone tried or imprisoned.

Now, let me bring that point to clarity…Should Hillary Clinton not be elected, the public has in their mind, courtesy of the FBI in conjunction with the mainstream media, that the election process/system would have been hacked and that Trump was illegally elected based on election fraud.

Do not doubt me that the FBI would do exactly that, support the concept that the election was fraudulent. FBI Director Comey has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is a Progressive political operative, nothing more. He is advancing the Progressive agenda vs. upholding the Constitution. He is acting under orders and he will continue to do as he is told. And, he is blatantly doing it in light of the overwhelming evidence against Hillary. He simply doesn’t care what the Constitution says, what the law requires, or what justice demands…to him it is all about forwarding the Progressive political agenda. Comey is a political hack…a disgusting, despicable political hack for the Progressives.

So Where Are We Headed?

Last year my best friend told me he thought that there wouldn’t be any elections. I laughed at him under my breath when he wasn’t looking. I am not laughing now. Does that mean I think there won’t be any elections? Well…

Our election process has never been where we are today. We have a Republican candidate that has never shown himself to be a Constitutionalist, and who has been a Democrat -a liberal one at that- almost his entire life. Actually, he and his supporters have openly and publicly mocked Constitutionalists. The Republican candidate has very low support across the board from Republicans. He is opposed by neo-con Republicans and many Constitutionalists…or at least not well-supported by them. He is a man that is outright hated by the entire left of this country. The Republican candidate has given voice to the alt-right.

On the Democrat side you have a known criminal, a person who actually did give aid to the enemy…or I should say enemies. She openly has committed one crime after another and should be rotting in prison vs. running for president. The entire right in the country hates her. The Democrat candidate suppressed the radical left of their own party, who also hate her.

Summary –

So let’s war game this just a bit…

1 – Hillary dies on the campaign trail. It is entirely possible because she is gravely ill.

2 – Trump gets killed by an assassin or dies in some “plane accident” or something similar.

Now what happens? No election taking place is a very real possibility. Or, no normal election taking place is also a very real possibility. What?????????? Yes, let me explain.

The primaries have no effect of the choice of a replacement candidate should something happen to Trump or Clinton. The parties themselves, rather their leadership, would choose the replacement candidates. Would either party leadership choose their respective current candidate? (Yes, that is a theoretical and hypothetical question.)

Would a general election take place? It doesn’t have to. The Constitution nor established law requires a general election in a situation where a candidate dies (or is removed) on the campaign trail. The presidential election could go straight to the Electoral College. And delegates to the Electoral College are chosen by whom? Yes, respective party leadership in almost every case. Even the President in extra-ordinary times could dictate that the election go straight the Electoral College. And if he did, who would challenge him? Seriously, who would challenge him?

And why would the ruling class not want a general election prior to the Electoral College election? Power. Eliminating the general election would ensure that the ruling class would have absolute power over who is elected. And the ruling class in this country is the Progressives. And what better way to ensure the justification of no general election? Violence. Yes, such a violent environment that the President decides that there simply is too much violence taking place amid allegations (actually…proof) of state election systems hacking. It would be easy to make the case that the Electoral College process is the only safe, secure, and democratic way to proceed with the election process. A very neat little package.

Will any of this happen? I have no idea. In reality, probably not. But, the ruling class always broadcasts what they plan to do. It is their way of planting possibilities in the minds of the public to make it more palatable when the event does occur. If you’ve been reading the news in-depth lately you’ve will have noticed an increasing number of mainstream news articles talking about the very things I just explained…alternative election processes in the event of untimely removal of candidates for health reasons or death.

What will happen this November? I don’t know. But, every single dot is lining up where what I mentioned could be a very feasible outcome. We know the government has been moving against the Constitution and citizens liberties, rights, and freedoms for a very long time. I don’t think they could have a more clearly defined opportune time to make their final move towards a totalitarian state than now.

What do you do about “it” as an individual or even a family? Nothing. Because a single person can do absolutely nothing for the most part. The exception could be another Edward Snowden exposing the whole criminal enterprise. Or Wikileaks coming forward with even more evidence of the total corruption of the system.

What is to be done? Nothing more or less than what you have already been doing; plan, prepare, practice.

So why this article? Situational Awareness.

The time may come where you must make serious decisions to protect your family from one threat/risk or another. Being able to make those decisions in time for the action taken to be effective you must be aware or what is going on around you. That Situational Awareness is the reason for this article.

Maybe my buddy was right all along. Dang, I might have to apologize for my earlier snickering.



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The time may come where you must make serious decisions to protect your family from one threat/risk or another. Being able to make those decisions in time for action to be effective you must be aware or what is going on around you. That SA is the reason for this article.