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You know, there is always time and room to do new things…today is one of those times. I am going to do something I’ve never done before on this website, or anywhere else on the Internet. Over the last few weeks my wife and I just wanted to chill out on the weekend. No, not last weekend (4th of July), we were at the cabin for 5 glorious days! I will write more about that later. But, we wanted to be entertained and just relax. Movies!!

Yup, we watched three movies of particular note, and that is what I am going to tell you about right now.

Movie #1: “A Dog’s Purpose”

My wife and I love dogs…I mean we really love dogs. We think they are among some of the greatest gifts that God gave to mankind. We have two currently, and the last three have all been shelter rescue dogs.

The movie is utterly fantastic. It gives an incredible look into the interaction between dogs and people. There are some great teaching moments and more than enough emotional moments to drag a tear or two out of you. You simply have to see this movie.

Now, there are two potential controversies with this movie. #1 – Supposedly there was a scene where a dog was forced to do a stunt that was considered animal abuse. Negative. That hullabaloo was stirred up by some animal rights group. The producer went into great detail about filming the scene and in my opinion there was no, never was any, animal abuse of any kind. It was the same tired old liberal animal rights folks trying to cause trouble. #2 – The movie portrays reincarnation of a dog for multiple lives. This concept might be offensive to some religious based ideas of some folks. Please, get over it…this is a movie not a seminary class.

I can’t recommend this movie highly enough. It is wonderful! And 100% appropriate for children.

Movie #2: The Shack

This is a movie that can challenge you and move you. It did both for me. Make no doubt about it…it’s a “God movie” and a good one at that. The presentation is wonderful and so outside the box it will/may challenge you to see God in a truly wonderful light more than you ever have before.

I smiled, I shed a tear or two, was wonderfully happy, and chuckled a bit as well as I watched the movie. There are parts where you hurt for one of the characters, you cringe at a certain part, and I found myself wishing that some of it wasn’t true. But, it was a great -no, a wonderful- experience and well worth watching.

And again, if you are a religious nutcase without imagination or the capacity to understand…then this movie is not for you. If you think you know everything when it comes to religion, then do yourself a favor…don’t watch this movie.

On the other hand, if you want a moving movie experience with the capability of being touched deeply…then this is a great choice!

And please…this movie is so well done and rated for everyone…watch it with the kids!

Movie #3: Saints and Soldiers

If you like war movies and action, you will like this movie. If you like movies with a great story line, you will like this movie. If you like movies with a real hero, you will like this movie. If you like movies where the good guy wins, you will like this movie. If you like movies that the kids can watch with you, you will like this movie.

Yeah…you will like this movie. I sure did!

I can’t really share too much or I will turn into a spoiler. Bottom line, this shows how good does win over evil. If shows humanity where you think there is none. And it does it all with great acting and nail biting action.

The opening scene is a little rough for those really young kids but should be fine for anyone over 8yo.

This is a movie with heart…and valor.

Summary –

Please watch these movies. There is so much smut out there pushed by Hollywood, it is nice to see some quality movies that are well done for a change. These folks need support so the good movies keep getting produced.

While watching all three of these movies drop your guard. Open your heart. Let the spirit in. You won’t be disappointed.


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