Day 4 – Saturday (late evening)

Escape from Tucson: Day 4 – Saturday (late evening)

Well, I actually did fall back asleep for a while, even though I didn’t want to. I figure my body and/or mind needed it. But, people nearby or not, it could prove to be dangerous sleeping like that. I mean, there is no one to stand guard while the other sleeps. I am completely vulnerable while I am asleep. Someone could sneak right up to me and slit my throat and I would never know it. OK, maybe I would know it, but it would be too late to prevent it. I gotta work on doing something to give me some warning while I am asleep.

The other thing I was thinking about was the dogs. No, not the bad side of them, but the good side. I miss my dog Abby. She is fifty pounds of solid muscle, cute as a button, ears the size of Texas, and one of the toughest dogs I’ve ever known. She has some Pitbull in her, not sure how much, but less than half. But she is a fighter when provoked. Otherwise, she is this be old smootchy, lover girl that curls up under my arm when I am sitting on the couch. If she were here I wouldn’t worry about much of anything. But, I am glad she is home watching over Lisa.

I actually try not to think of Lisa. I can’t let my mind wander off like that. She is either safe or not. If she isn’t, there isn’t anything I can do about it while I am here. If I start to think about her too much about her, then my mind plays tricks and conjures up all sorts of problems that she could be going through…or worse. All I can do right now is concentrate on getting home.

It looks as if I have about eight miles to really get away from Benson. That is way more than I originally thought but there all of these little places where they have built houses. A lot more than I expected to get out of big city of Benson, it is stung out, and strung out along the railroad tracks. Why the heck would someone want to build with tracks just two hundred feet away from their house?  Makes no sense to me, none at all.

If all goes well it shouldn’t take me more than five hours to get my trek accomplished tonight. But, any plan that has “if” as its first word is a plan that sucks!

There is a place on the map called California Wash, it is near the San Pedro River. It is surrounded by BLM land and not likely to have anyone out there. I can hold up there for the day, I’d be close to water, and maybe get a bath of some kind while I am at it. I stink. Oh, and I doubt that there are any BLM rangers running around shooting folks or sicing dogs on people like they did the Bundy’s. How sick was that! But not near as bad as the FBI murdering that Finicum guy…murdering him in cold blood. They never did produce a clear picture of him trying to pull a gun. Yeah, imagine that.

One thing I haven’t done is explain why I am writing this.  Well, it is simple…history. We, United States citizens, are living through history. And I want to capture my view of what is happening. If nothing else maybe my four grandchildren can one day read this diary that I am keeping and “oooooooh & ahhhhhhh” at what I was able to do. Or, whoever finds my body might think it entertaining that a 61-yearold idiot thought he could walk over 300 miles back home.

Whatever happens, at some point I am going to start writing about how we got here, rather, why we got here. Coz, I don’t think for a minute this all happened for any reason other than a plan. I think this has been coming for a very long time. And I am not saying at the hands of some foreign nutcase. I am saying at the hands of our own Psycho-In-Chief. I mean why else would we be hit by an EMP at this particular time?

He did brag from day one that he was going to fundamentally transform America. Well, he sure did, even before the EMP. And none of the transforming was for the good, it was all to the destruction of the Constitution, the removing of many fundamental rights, and a complete and utter disdain for the “traditional” America.

I hadn’t really much thought about it before…I wonder what the military is doing.

But, that is a huge thing to think about, but for now I have to figure out what to do about food. I am almost out of everything but my Mountain House. I am saving that for the very last emergency, life or death situation. In the mean time I gotta find some food, and soon. I have had zero opportunity to acquire a gun. I need a gun. A knife is only good for a range of about four feet. That automatically loses against any gun. I need a gun. Dang! I never thought to search that Latin King punk back in Tucson. I better smarten up and quick!

But, for now…I am going to get ready to start walking. As soon as it is hard dusk I am pushing out of here.

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