It’s been a month now and I think I have it figured out…for now. What I am referring to is this website. Unless you have had your head in the sand for the last 30 days, you will be aware that the website has essentially been “out-of-service”. Now is the time for the explanation of why and sharing the path forward.

First off…I have loved putting AHTrimble.com together and publishing nearly 900 articles in its short life. The conversations and email from ya’ll have been a source of enjoyment and smiles.

Now, let me remind you of a couple of things; 1) I still work fulltime, 2) I have a wife who actually likes to spend time with me (yeah, go figure), 3) I am active in my church and that takes time, 4) I do try to have a life. And finally, I am nearing retirement. What does all of this mean?

Writing for the website takes a tremendous amount of time. Even short articles are 1 – 2 hours. A SitRep was taking me 6 – 10 hours over a couple of days. Then there was all of the actual hands-on testing and evaluation I was doing. It all added up to an immense amount of time being spent on the website. But, that was only the “toll” in time.

Yesterday I was talking on the phone with one of the website’s biggest fans. I was explaining to her what the plan was and why. She got a little emotional and told me how much all the information had helped their family. They had been pretty aware before, but AHTrimble.com had added a wealth of information to what they already knew and helped them see more. I was grateful for that.  But, here is the problem…the research I would do for a SitRep or an Opinion & Observation piece was exhausting mentally and spiritually. That was also taking a “toll” on me. Having to read and validate all the evil and negative in the world in order to provide you guys with solid reliable information wasn’t easy to handle day after day.

As I mentioned earlier, I am nearing retirement. Yup, after more than 50 years working I am finally going to retire. Notice I didn’t say stop working. Over a year ago we bought a little place in Arizona. I’ve been steadily working on it ever since. But, once I retire I am committed to building our retirement home there. And that takes, not just money, buts lots of time.

So here’s the deal…the website is going to be taking a back seat for a while.  I have to spend my time more wisely now that I have the new place to build. And yes, I will be building most of it myself…by hand. So here are the changes that will take place:

  1. I will be writing far less articles for the foreseeable future. Most of those articles that I do write will be focused on preparedness principles and how they apply to our little off-the-grid house.
  2. I will be re-working the website. I will be –
    • Removing all SitRep posts
    • Removing all Opinion & Observation posts
    • Removing all other posts that are not directly related to tangible preparedness
    • I will be revamping the Table of Contents and updating it as well
    • I will be revising and more succinctly identifying each article for the “Categories” list on the left-hand side of each page.
  3. I do not intend to write any more SitReps. While my SitReps have been spot-on accurate, I don’t see them having any value…or rather, enough value for the effort. You already know what is going on and will handle it just fine. If you don’t agree with what I am saying then I doubt I will ever change your mind. So, the effort simply isn’t worth telling you what you already know and believe and are preparing for.
  4. I am not doing radio work or selling radios any more. All of the existing radios information and files will be made available for everyone to use.

I hope you understand the changes I am making and why. And again, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope in some small way AHTrimble.com has made a positive difference in your life.