SitRep – 08/18/2017

Alrighty…breaking my silence this morning. So many things going on in the world and in my life. Seems as if it is a whirlwind of reality and emotion. It also feels like it is picking up speed and velocity. Unfortunately, I don’t have any relief for you in this post unless you read all the way to the end.

Among the things I want to share is “stop blaming”, at least for the most part. The “most part” that I am referring to is blaming those that are, for the most part, on the same side. And yes, there are sides to what is happening in the world today. All that is swirling around us is, almost totally, a deception…a mirage to keep us from seeing the true intentions of “end state”.

The end state of which I speak can best be described as…what is left once the dust settles. And I am referring to dust that was first kicked up about 120 or so years ago. But, more specifically, the dust that is currently (in the last year) being used to cloud our vision. Now, for more specifics of what is happening…the dust…what this country will look like when powerful people are done causing all of the problems we are currently experiencing.

The Economy –

I have spoken “ad naseum” about the economy so you should already know how I feel about it. For those of you that are new…the economy is in horrible shape and getting worse. Let me outline:

  1. Pensions, private and public, are failing and failing badly at an historic pace.
  2. We have had Puerto Rico go bankrupt, Illinois is close behind, California won’t take long.
  3. The national debt continues to sky rocket and will surpass $20trillion this year. The current government is talking no steps to control, let alone reduce, the national debt.
  4. While collecting record amounts of taxes, the national deficit continues to grow. The current government is talking no steps to control, let alone reduce, spending.
  5. The car industry is tanking.
  6. The housing market has begun to tank. The housing market is in virtually the same position and condition that is was in in 2006 – 2007. Yes, housing starts are dropping…just like 2007 pre-crash.
  7. Personal debt is at the highest point in history…and getting exponentially worse.
  8. Student loans are at the highest level in terms of amount borrowed and default rate…and getting worse.
  9. Increases in health care is far outpacing inflation and a growing percentage of household expenses.
  10. Increases in health insurance is far outpacing heath care costs and inflation… and a growing percentage of household expenses.
  11. While it might appear that unemployment is down, it is almost entirely due to people no longer even trying to find work. People permanently no longer seeking employment remains at historic levels.
  12. Real income continues to plummet for most people. A report just released showed that “wages” are rising. But, when you look at the actual facts and figures you find that it is only the top percentage of people (i.e. rich) that are enjoying the substantial increase in wages. Lower income and lower-middle income folks continue to see substantially lower wages. Middle income and upper-middle income folks are flat-lined or marginal increase, with few exceptions. Yes, that means the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer.
  13. The stock market has been going gangbusters for 8 years or so. However, there are a growing number of market experts warning of very ominous signs of a “coming soon” bear market…and a drop of significant margin. Generally speaking most experts agree that the stock market is over-valued at the very least.
  14. There has been no repeal of ObamaCare which means the health care industry costs will continue to spiral out of control and health insurance companies will continue to receive massive government subsidies. Any chance of repeal of ObamaCare is gone.
  15. There has been no tax reform to relieve the enormous tax burden on individuals and businesses. The tax situation is, and will continue, to strangle those that “produce” in America. There is now virtually no chance of any meaningful tax reform to relieve that burdened.

So the experts and market watches can all talk whatever game they wish…but facts are facts, the economy is in bad shape…and getting worse.

Civil Society Status –

There is no more “civil society”…period. By-in-large a state of anarchy exists. For quite some time now we have seen the Democrats (Progressives, Liberals, Socialists) and others on the radical left (Marxists, Communists, Black Lives Matter, Black Panthers) create a close alliance with the anarchists.  That alliance is now called the alt-left. The result of that alliance began clearly showing itself quite some time ago with campus riots, ambushes of police, street riots, etc. I stated at the time the worst was yet to come, and that the “worst” would start when the right-wingers would begin to react. That has now happened. We saw a group of right-wingers, under a reasonable pretense, organize a protest to protect both free speech and a status honoring a hero of the Civil War. However, most on the right were completely fooled in this effort. It was a “protest” organized for one reason…violence against the left…particularly the Antifa Movement (alt-left).

That protest was no protest at all. From the beginning, the true organizers (alt-right: Nazis and White supremacists) planned a violent confrontation with whomever showed up to oppose them. They knew it would be the Antifa folks. They got their wish.

I don’t give a rat’s behind who is right or wrong in this situation.

The alt-right are a bunch of anti-American haters that are trying their level best to bring violence to America. Their goal is to overthrow the Constitution and establish a country where only they are powerful.

The alt-left are a bunch of anti-American haters that are trying their level best to bring violence to America. Their goal is to overthrow the Constitution and establish a country where only they are powerful.

Yup, they both have the same goal. True, their outcome is slightly different…at least their short-term goal may differ slightly in who wins the war. But, both those groups, along with others, are merely pawns. And stupid, moronic pawns at that.

Whatever the politics, whatever the reason, whatever the goals…both sides are being played along with the majority of Americans in general. And yes, they’re all being played by the same small group of elites. And the ultimate goal of that small group of elites is utter chaos, violence, and mayhem. And that will create a very, very loud outcry for change, probably under some banner of “law and order” that is easy to sell.  The demand will come from the sheep in this country. And that my friend, leads to that elitist group stepping up with just such an answer.

And that answer we should fear with every fiber of our body.

The Presidency & Politics –

President Trump is done…his presidency is over. I will be completely surprised if he can last his entire 4-year term of office. The battle against him, the coup, is winning and winning decisively. Every single poll taken lately shows him losing the support of Americans, including his base. He is doing terribly in terms of “approval” among Americans…and that is just the statistical facts.

I don’t care if you are a Trump supporter or not. The fact of the matter is he has failed, and failed miserably. His one goal, the only thing that was going to make him a success and his agenda possible, was to unite the country behind him. And once that was done, he could make massive changes in Washington. He has failed at the first goal, has no chance now at the second. Many, myself included, felt all along that the second was never a true goal of his. I even had/have my doubts on the first goal.

Whatever the case…Trump is finished as an effective president.

The real “end-state” –

As it stands right now I can tell you that the actual end-state for those that have the power in this country is simple: usurp the Constitution.

Under the current system the Constitution is the law of the land. Supposedly, all other laws, actions, and powers of government are controlled and constrained by the Constitution. Without the Constitution, those in Washington would be free to do as they wish.

Now let me share a couple thoughts I have on this matter:

  1. The vast majority of people in the US want nothing to do with the violent idiots of the alt-left and alt-right. Most folks are fairly decent and just want to live their lives.
  2. The powerful people want two things, neither of which have anything to do with #1. The elitists want money and power…period. Nothing else matters to them, especially how they get either.
  3. The Constitution constrains the elites, particularly the political arm of the elites. Without it, they are pretty much free to do was they wish.
  4. Notice what the alt-left is accomplishing…the tearing down of the confederate war heroes. They claim any number of reasons for the destruction…who cares! The issue is they have won and the statues are coming down.
  5. Now, notice that there is an outcry to remove memorials to any slave owners. Also, the cry is growing to rename anything that has a name of a former slave holder (Civil War or Founding Father) is growing.
  6. If this movement continues, and they continue to win, our Founding Fathers will lose their stature, preeminence, and virtual omniscience. Why? Because most of them were slave owners.
  7. If the Founding Fathers lose their place in history, then the Constitution will be next. Why? Because the claim will arise (actually arise further) that these detestable, despicable, horrible men had no right to create a document that subjugated and codified people into slavery. The left will claim that the Founders were morally bankrupt, hence, the Constitution is an illegitimate document. And the Republicans would mount no defense to speak of beyond a token resistance.
  8. The cry will then be…write a new Constitution that represents today’s values of inclusion, diversity, and social justice. The Republican Party will readily agree.

At that point…the elitists will have won completely.

How can I say that? Simple…look at history! History shows that when every populist rebellion takes place…win or lose…the elites gain power, absolute power. The only exception in the history of the world is the United States of America. That exception was due exclusively to the moral, God-fearing, character of our Founding Fathers. Through which came our founding documents…Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.

And we are losing that battle as we speak. The USA is in the process of joining the rest of history.

Let me recap the “end-state”…the elimination of the Constitution as we know it. The establishment of a new Constitution for a post-racial, inclusive, modern world. Result: the power of the elites virtually unchecked.

Can you effect/change this plan?

The short answer is “no” in any meaningful way. The events taking place in today’s USA are being played out on such a large scale that a single person. Even a small group of people, can’t make any notable or appreciable positive impact at that level.

A single person or small group of people can make a horrible impact on a large(r) stage. Charlottesville is an example of that. Two small groups ignited in violence, people were hurt, the nation further divided. And a single person of one group killed a single person of the other group. Further worsening the situation by a large factor.

Individuals or small groups can’t make a positive improvement, but can always contribute to a worsening effect.

What to reject?

The #1 thing to reject right now is any bias you may have.

Personal Example: I went to school, military school, in Virginia. The military school I attended was around during the civil war. And yes, it supported the south. There were buildings and such on campus named after southern war heroes. The student body was part of the Virginia militia. So you can only imagine.

What I had to think through over the last 5 or 6 days was where was I in terms of Civil War memorials, statues, etc. What I had to realize were a few absolute facts:

  1. The southern states rebelled, forming the Confederacy, and caused a war in the United States.
  2. The Confederacy advocated slavery. A horrible anti-Christian practice.
  3. The Confederacy killed US citizens, and was the cause of, hundreds of thousands of soldier and civilian deaths and many times that number in injuries and disabilities.
  4. The statues and memorials in question honor rebels, those that caused all those deaths and the incredible destruction.
  5. The Confederacy lost.
  6. Why would we honor in public any of those that rebelled against the USA, advocated for such an unchristian practice, and caused so much death and destruction?

The short answer is…We shouldn’t!

I had to come to grips with the absolute facts and reality of the situation.

Now, do I agree with the destruction of those statues and memorials? No. They do belong in our history in my opinion…but in the right venue. But, ultimately it is up to the local community as to how they handle it. If they want the statues destroyed and vote to do so, that is their decision. If they want to create, or add to, a museum wherein those statues are displayed, then that too is fine with me as well. It should be decided at the local level where the people decide on their own terms what is to happen in their own community.

Now, let me tell you…that was a tough decision for me to come to. I had to drop my personal bias and revert to correct core values. Once I could clearly see the correct principles, then the decision on how to handle the situation was very obvious and in-tune with our country’s founding principles…and Christian values.

Bias, personal or group, is what is driving the violence right now. True, the root cause of the violence is being pushed by those behind the curtain. But, they are only successful due to their ability to exploit the bias of individuals and groups. Don’t allow yourself to be used as a tool.

Who do you join with?

Man, great question that someone asked of me the other day. How are my answers:

  1. Join no group if it is a political group (i.e. Republicans, Democrats, etc.).
  2. Join no activist group of any kind (BLM, Black Panthers, KKK, etc.). I am also suspect of any so-called militia group at this point. With the potential of them being alt-right supporters or infiltrated by law enforcement, I am recommending against membership in a militia unless you are well aware that only the best of intentions are present.
  3. Do join a church. I feel it is imperative that everyone that is sincere about avoiding the downside of current/future events have a spiritual life. Churches don’t ensure that by any stretch of the imagination. But at a minimum, church attendance can bring you into the presence of other people seeking a more spiritual life.
  4. Do join a service organization. I am talking about something like the Rotary Club, Boys Club, etc. What organization it is I don’t care. What I think is important is that we provide service to others. If your church can provide that service opportunity then all the better.
What more can I do?

Another question of incredible value!

The best thing that you can do is get your head screwed on right. And no, I don’t mean to be insulting. What I am getting at is this (not in any particular priority order):

  1. Forget politics now. All of it is bad, almost all of the people involved in politics are bad or have evil intentions. And politics is not the answer to the problems we face.
  2. Stop blaming and taking action on that blaming. Forget about blaming people or groups for what is happening. Or at least, compartmentalize it. What really matters is forget who is to blame and then work towards making things better. And you can’t contribute towards making things better if you are caught up on simply placing blame.
  3. Look past the obvious. Look at Charlottesville. No one was in the right. The alt-right are violent scum bags with no moral value. The alt-left are violent scum bags with no moral value. What happened at Charlottesville was planned by both sides. There was no value to the average person in what was planned in Charlottesville. There was no value to the average person in the outcome of Charlottesville. Only evil was accomplished. And we see that now in the demonization and destruction of our history…which will lead to the elimination of the current Constitution. Right now…nothing is as it appears. You have to look past/beyond the obvious at to what the outcome is, or will be.
  4. Strengthen your core values. Reject group values such as those associated with Republicans or Democrats. Walk away from any value system that is against Judeo-Christian influences. It is vital that you create a foundation within yourself that is immovable when it comes to righteous principles. Example: While I reject anything to do with the KKK, I have no problem with them having a peaceful assembly. Why? Because that is a Constitutionally guaranteed right. I would say the same for Black Lives Matter or a Bernie Sanders rally. It is the principle that I stand with, not a cause or group.
  5. Do not trust the federal government in any way, shape or form. The federal government, none of it, has the best interests of the American people in mind. Virtually every fiber, part and parcel, of the federal government is not working for the American people’s benefit. It is wholly working for the elites. Never trust a single thing that the federal government says.
  6. As for local governments, state and below, use your own judgement. We have seen time and again, even Charlottesville, where the government abandons the people for the benefit of the few. In Charlottesville the police completely abandoned the protestors allowing the situation to grow violent. Why? Because it benefits those that are implementing the bigger “end-state”.
  7. Find, cherish, and connect with those select few in government, especially peace officers, that truly are the good guys. The ones that actually will uphold the Constitution…the ones who actually have the morals, ethics, and courage to “protect and serve”. Those notable few need support, they need to know that they are not alone, they need to know that they don’t serve in vain. Most of all, they need to know they are loved. Find them…let them know. Then when the time comes, and it will come, protect them.
  8. Learn, study, understand, and gain a love for the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. Learn the divinely inspired principles in those documents. Then learn why those principles are included in our founding documents. Then…defend them at all costs, even to the laying down of your life.
  9. Teach your children your core values. Teach them to believe in and love correct principles…NOT groups. Teach them courage through your example to stand up for those principles. Love them unconditionally so that they too learn to love. Draw them close to you.
  10. Cherish your spouse with every fiber of your body and soul. Fiercely and ferociously support and defend your spouse. Become one with your spouse.
  11. Keep the faith and know that evil will not win in the end. Evil may be rearing its ugly head now. And evil may actually be winning right now. But, evil will lose in the long run. It has to, it does, that is the divine plan.
Summary –

Wow! What a post this is. I had no idea what I was going to write when I started four and a half hours ago. What I did write is strange to go back over and read. No, I don’t have an outline or a pre-thought out message when I start writing. I try to be sensitive to the promptings I get, the feelings that come to me. When I write, I want my words to come from the heart.

We are in historical times. We are literally seeing the battle for, the destruction of, America. It is being played out on the stage right before our eyes every day. We are having our values and principles challenged. We are having our heritage attacked. We under siege by the most vile of evil.

On a practical note, do those things that you know, or are prompted to do, to better prepare yourself to be as independent from the system as possible. Try your best to not depend on the system for your protection, your food, your water, your power, or medical care. Do those things that can help you help others.

Most of all know that you are not alone in this…and that God lives!



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Increase in alert level…

I know I haven’t been writing much lately, I’ve been super busy. I will write more on that soon.

But for now I wanted to let you know that I am increasing my alert level. I think that  a good chance exists that either Trump (United States) or Kim Jong-un (North Korea) will initiate military action. I think there is higher likelihood that Trump will be the first to strike. He has the support of the alt-right, the conservative media, the neo-cons, and most Republicans. I think he wants to create a “tough guy” image and show the world that America’s might and military is great again.

Actually, whoever strikes first doesn’t matter. With the first shot the dominoes could start falling quickly. The financial markets would feel it first, and then the situation could spiral out of control quickly.

Whatever you feel prompted to do to add to, or complete, your preps I would suggest you consider it seriously.

I will write again when, if, I feel the situation cools. Until then, while not on a war footing, I will do the following:

  1. Fuel up my vehicles and not let them go below 3/4 of a tank.
  2. Fill up at least one spare gas can per vehicle.
  3. Up the amount of cash I have on hand.
  4. Top off my water supply.
  5. Ensure that all my radios work. Including portable shortwave radio.
  6. Double-check my portable preps that I can easily load them into my truck & trailer. I have a destination and I would want to take my preps with me if at all possible.

I am sorry I haven’t been writing. I have been very, very busy. I will write more later.

AH Trimble



Status Update…

Good Morning!

I figured you might be wondering where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing. My absence has led to a serious reduction in posts lately. I want to take a minute and fill you in on a couple of things.

I am less than 6 months from retirement and there are a number of priorities at work that I have to fulfill. In addition to that we are supporting large fires in other parts of the country. I am responsible for those logistics.

Our cabin/shop is finished at our property in AZ. We spent the long weekend there over the Fourth of July enjoying it, relaxing, and doing some minor work. One of the things we realized is that it’s time to put in a decent driveway and work on the roads a little bit. No, the county does not maintain the roads. That means we needed to buy a tractor. And we did. I found a great tractor for our needs and I will be writing about that adventure. Yes, I will be writing about building the cabin, complete with pictures.

Since retirement is coming up and we are going to be building a small house next year at the property we are in the process of raising cash. I am doing an online garage sale, the remainder will go to eBay. My wife is heading up an initial garage sale here at our current house. That means we are a little swamped getting all of that done.

And then there are the daily tasks and responsibilities to take care of. All of that means that the website takes a backseat. I have some stuff ready to edit and post, I just need the time to do so. And that is a scarce commodity right now.

Here is something I do want to pass along. Although I will write about it in more detail soon I want to get the message out there to you. The economy is seriously in trouble. I’ve been writing about the pension problem. Well, the consequences have really begun. Central States Pensions began cutting people’s pension checks in half. Yup, in half! And it will get worse.

Car sales have dropped significantly. Car manufactures have reduced production and extended layoff periods. On top of that the sub-prime car loan market is in huge trouble and it is getting worse as well. People can’t afford today’s high-priced cars without easy financing. And that financing is in trouble and car buying has slowed down.

You’ve probably heard that job creation is up. Well, yes it is. However, the vast majority of those jobs being created are government jobs (money sucked out of the economy and out of taxpayer pockets) and low-wage jobs. But, don’t forget…job loss is double what it was last year!

And if you heard that the average number of hours worked is up…it’s due to the job reduction of minimum wage earners and a portion of those job hours being transferred to other low-wage employees. Also, you probably heard that the average per-hour wage is up as well. Again, correct. But, that is also due to a lot of job loss at the minimum wage earner level. That drives up the “average wage” since you are cutting the low end of the wage earners NOT simply putting more money in wage earner pockets.

Bottom line…the economy is in trouble…big trouble. The Fed has been raising interest rates. That is increasing the amount that the government pays for its debt. That in turn drives up the annual deficit which means that the government then has to borrow more money to meet its obligations. That means more debt to pay for. The Fed also announced that they will be selling off more national debt securities. That means the interest rate will go up on all Treasuries in order to entice people to buy them. That also will ripple to the current debt being incurred…driving the interest rate up even more.

I spoke with a number of people over the last month. I asked them each how they were doing financially and was the economy better or worse for them. None of them, not one, said that they were better off financially today than they were a year ago. And most of them said they were still hurting financially and were struggling to get by. That says a lot right there to me.

Please take a look around you at the economy in objective terms. Then look at your personal financial situation. Think of ways that you can put cash in the safe (or under the mattress). Look at how you might be able to reduce your debt load. Think in terms of…What if all of the sudden I was unemployed, how would I get by without government assistance?

Let me explain what I have done, or am doing, personally:

  1. We have a goal of zero debt. That is extremely important.
  2. I am turning unused assets into cash. Some of it goes to pay off debt, and I am putting the remaining cash into the safe…NOT the bank.
  3. I moved our retirement money/investments into “cash” (mutual funds) and out of the stock market (mutual funds). Yes, I am doing dollar cost averaging with the paycheck contributions. No, I am not a “cash it all in” advocate.
  4. I am looking at the economy with an attitude of…What if it collapsed, could I get by?
  5. We are simplifying everything! If we don’t use it regularly, and it isn’t part of our perpper strategy, it is getting sold. I feel the need for cash far more than the need of stuff. Especially “stuff” that is just sitting around doing nothing.

I will be focused on issues other than the website for a while, maybe another month or so. But, I promise I will be back with a vengeance in September! In the meantime I will write a bit but not a bunch.

Take care, enjoy the summer, think about what you can be doing if it fell apart this fall or winter.


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Stand By!!!

Stand by for a major SitRep release tomorrow morning.

The SitRep will cover the economic situation and provide hard facts of where we are and how bad it is. It will also declare when an economic collapse will occur…an exact economic indicator.

You won’t want to miss it…and you might want to let your friends know that it will be coming.

A true reality check based on hard facts and figures…not the mainstream media junk, not government deception, and not the fevered Trump supporters fantasies. The real stuff…TOMORROW MORNING!

Frequently Asked Questions – 4/11/2017

You deal with McCain just like you’re going to deal with Ray

Nope! I related info on McCain factually. “Ray” is a fictional character in a work of fiction. There is no connection between the two. McCain doesn’t need to be dealt with. He is a politician and part of the “old guard” Republicans that are hardcore warmongers and neo-cons. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and has been feeding off that deep family connection since his birth. And that feeding has been at great expense to the American public.

When will you turn the escape story into a book?

I am not sure that I will. It is a tremendous amount of work and that takes time. Time is not something I have much of lately and probably not for the foreseeable future.

Do you believe in aliens? That is a serious question.

Yup! They pour across our southern border every day causing great harm to our country.  If you mean the kind that might live on other planets…of course I do. The laws of mathematics make it undeniable that there has to be other living beings out there. Where? No idea. What do they look like? No idea.  Have they visited earth? No idea, but lots of people think so. And why do you ask?

Thanks for all you do, I just want you to know I am reading.

Super! I noticed that there was no question in there but I appreciate you letting me know that you like the site. Sometimes I have to remind myself that there are hundreds of people that come to the site each day to read what I have to say. And that means a lot to me.

Although I often feel I’ve wasted my time watching Alex Jones, there are many things he says which are true. He does ramble, but I believe him to be honest. Might be mistaken, but I “believe” he is honest. Do you disagree?

Describe “honest”… I think he is running a business. Therefore many of his decisions are geared towards making that business a success. I guess the thing that is most off-putting to e is his personality…too bombastic for me. Is he honest? I really don’t know.



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