Day 82 – Sunday (2am)

Day off tomorrow!!!! = good thing.  Bad thing…we are nowhere near where we wanted to be distance wise. And we aren’t making any progress…and I am struggling to see where, or if, it might get much better. One of the big problems right now is sleep. We are all bone tired and unable to sleep much during the day. I even found one of the SecFor folks asleep while on guard. Unacceptable! Although, I admit…I’ve been barely able to keep my open as well.

Jim and I had a very brief discussion late last evening. He asked me to think about changing our plan and traveling during the day and resting at night. Honestly, I don’t see that as bad. Actually, it is the only viable option right now. The group has to get it pulled together, become far more functional and reliable and get MOVING!!!

Day off tomorrow!!!  Oh, and of course Jim’s church meeting. Bummer! But, at least I get to sleep in 😉


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