WATER: Summary

Water - Drinking purified and filtered water for emergencies and disasters and grid-downAs I considered what to include in my Summary I had a wide range of thoughts along with some “tips” I thought applicable. Then I went into “reflection and introspection” mode. So I boiled it down to the following:

  1. You have no option, you must have a supply of water.
  2. The water that you drink must be purified to the point of being safe to drink.
  3. You must drink approximately 3 – 4 quarts per day minimum.

That’s it, nothing more important as those three things. Now, there are a couple things I will share with you that might help you prepare for your water requirements going forward.Surewater 260gal water storage Tank

Storage – I have shared a lot of information in this series or articles, especially Part 2 – Water Storage . Additionally, the is a very cool option for storing water in your home. It is a large water storage tank that holds 260gals, stores safely in your closet and fits through doorways. Now, understand your wife might not be real happy with you taking up her closet space with a large plastic storage tank, but hey, it’s water storage!

Filtration & Purification – You must always have a way to filter/purify water with you at all times. I am serious about that. Water - NDURNow, I am not talking about having an NDuR in your pocket in normal daily life but you better have one in your Get Home Bag, your 72-Hour Kit and especially in your GOOD BOB (Get Out Of Dodge MSR Sweetwater purification system– Bug Out Box). Then when the grid goes down then I suggest you have one in your cargo pocket at all times. You never know when you will be thrust into a situation where you have to just “go” and go right now. You better have a way to make water safe to drink with you. Consider it your water “Blow out kit.”Monolithic ceramic water filter and purification system.

Take No Chances – Always, always filter and purify your water before drinking it during emergencies, disasters and Water - Drinking filtered and purified during emergencies and disastersespecially during “grid-down.” Yes, the bottled water you have sitting In your kitchen is safe to drink without filtering and purifying. I was speaking to any water you acquire through public utilities or surface water. And the same applies to self-bottled water. The water you’ve stored away yourself must be filtered and purified. What I am saying, just for clarification, never trust your self-stored water, it isn’t worth the risk of getting sick from drinking water that isn’t safe for human consumption.

I want to close this series of article on water once again emphasizing the importance of water. You can live for days and Water - clear, safe, filtered, purified for your family during emergencies and disasters, especially during grid-downeven weeks with little to no food. But you can’t make it more than a few days, at most, without water. Don’t chance it, always have a stash of drinking water in your house. And more importantly, have a way to filter and purify water for your entire family for at least a year.

The cost of Monolithic Ceramic water filter cartridges are so inexpensive you can well afford to have 2 – 3 years worth of filtering and purifying capacity. You never know, you may need to provide water to more than just your immediate family.



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