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A.H. Trimble HomesteadI finally decided to get off my butt and write about our homestead project. Well, it isn’t exactly a “homestead” in the traditional sense of the word. It could be called a “vacation home” or a “bugout location” or a “retirement home” or any number of other terms…but I chose “homestead” because it wraps all those together…and it sounds quaint.

This section of the website is separated and dedicated to just our homestead process…the building of the house, infrastructure, and all the reasoning that went into each step and each decision. However, there are preparedness gems, nuggets if you will, embedded through the different articles. It will be up to you to find those that apply to you and what value they are to you. Otherwise, I hope you just enjoy reading the articles. I will try to be very informative and modestly humorous as possible.

So a couple of housekeeping items first off:

  1. I will have an introduction first outlining our reasoning for all of this.
  2. I will list several articles that also are related to this dedicated site section. It might help you understand all this if you read those articles first.
  3. I will list each article in chronological order, earliest first – most recent last.
  4. In addition to the chronological order, I will group the articles by the 7 Common Risks/Threats.
  5. I will include “Lessons Learned” along the way as they are applicable.
  6. These articles will be published as “pages” so you won’t get a notification for the page itself. But, I will post a short message in the form of a “post” so the email goes out to you and the notification will appear on the homepage of the site..
  7. Each article will have a “message form” that you can ask me questions or make comments privately to me.
  8. Each article will allow “comments” as normal for all my posts.
  9. And this page will act as a Table of Contents for the related articles.
Introduction –

Our quest for a “homestead” began in 2008…and lasted 8 years…8 very long years. At the time I was extremely concerned with the political scene at the time and our outgoing President faux-conservative Bush and our incoming President Marxist Obama. I was sure the country was coming apart at the seams…it just wasn’t completely unraveled at that time.

So the first article is actually a resurrected 2-part series that goes through the reasoning of our quest, find, and purchase.

Just to be clear…when I start writing about the building process, etc., know that the house is already done and we are living in it as of February 2021. So each article is in retrospect with a good dose of hindsight. But, I actually think it will improve the quality and value of each article in the long run vs. a “journal” approach. Fortunately, I have some pretty good pictures to document along the way.

> Table of Contents <

Previous Related Articles:
Chronological Order:
  1. The Search Begins – 2/6/2021
  2. Our Land ! – 2/6/2021
Homestead Article Sections:
  1. Violence
  2. Injury or Sickness
  3. Communications (lack of or poor)
  4. Organization (lack of or poor)
  5. Dehydration
  6. Exposure
  7. Starvation


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