Escape from Home!

Just a quick note folks…to help sooth a couple ruffled feathers.

Some of you have expressed a little “displeasure” that I am not producing enough journal entries for Escape from Home. Ah, sorry. I do have a life…I am building our new retirement house (1000 sq feet of heaven), and actually spend some time with my wife (yes, she enjoys it…go figure).

But, at the same time…I hear ya!

To make folks happy I’ve written a whole lot of journal entries (over the last 8 months) stretching out quite a bit for Escape from Home. And I just spent 2 days doing some editing and expanding some some of the entries. But, I am not going to publish them all at the same time…that would be way too nice of me. And I can’t have that now can I?

I have already scheduled 20 days worth of journal entries and they are ready to go and will appear automatically no matter what I am doing at the time. A new entry will show up about every 3 days or so at 7am MST.

So there you have it…enjoy!

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