Day 74 – Saturday (early evening)

I guess it is time to share about the Kane situation…Kane’s (Pete and Dorothy) –

This is why you really have to pay attention to people, what is really going in the world, and make good decisions! Let me explain…

A few years back we were friends with the Kane family; mom, dad, three boys. The dad was a friend of mine, a very good friend of mine at the time. We did a lot together, they loved the Lord, went shooting together, helped each other when we were sick and all of that. Then one day he quit calling me, he quit taking my calls, he didn’t respond to text messages. When I would run into him he was polite but BS’ing me about what was going on. One day about a year later I found out what the problem was…prepping. His wife had been giving him a ration of crap for being a prepper and she blamed me for it. So, naturally, after a while he wrote me off. But, he never talked to me about it and was never honest with me about when I asked him what was going. He just caught cut off our deep friendship between our families. Were my feelings hurt? Yeah, a little bit but I am a big boy and stuff happens. But, it was his dishonesty that really made the deep impression…a lasting impression.

About a week ago he and his wife show up. Yeah, he knew about Bill & Linda’s set-up, we had even been out here shooting before, campfires, BBQs, etc. So he shows up looking pitiful…and man, they were. He starts giving me this long story about what happened to him and his wife. I immediately asked him about his three boys…ages 14, 16, & 19. He said he didn’t know what happened to them. What!?!? If nothing else he loves his family, there is no way he wouldn’t know what happened to them. So I excused myself with the story I was going to get the some Gatorade. While I was over doing that I found Jared and asked him to go look around for the boys. And if he found them to bring them in as if they were prisoners and dangerous. He looked at me real strange but I asked him to just go do it. He did.

So a couple hours later Kane is done with this huge, elaborate, detailed story. It was pure BS. And on top of it…his wife wouldn’t make eye contact with me except once to glare at me. But, she was sure trying to take in everything going on around camp…her eyes never stopped looking around. I knew something was wrong. Maybe not the “big wrong” but something. There were too many things that didn’t sound right for him…out of the ordinary for what I knew about him. Most of all…no weapon. He had no gun of any kind on him. That wasn’t him.

Shortly thereafter Jared walks up under the canopy and says that the task done and tied up…and gives me a “look.” Then he walks off. Bingo!

So I ask the Kane’s what they think happened, are the boys dead, ran away, captured, or what. He says he has no idea but goes on about how much he loves them…and a tear appeared in the corner of his eye. I asked her what she thought. She just shrugged her shoulders. I said, “So no idea huh?” Shoulder shrug again.

Well, time for truth and consequences!

I gave a whistle for Jared and asked him to bring over our guests. To use the word “surprised” would be a laughable understatement. Jared comes walking in with the 3 boys in front of him. Their hands are tied together with some kind of wire and they looked like whipped pups. Kane started to jump up towards the boys…I backhanded him, he fell back to his seat. His wife starts screaming at me. My team was close in watching over us. Ken’s team had a loose parameter around us keeping everyone one else away. I knew Matt’s team was already SecFor.

I just looked at Pete and asked him, in a surprisingly calm voice to explain all of this. He stuttered a bit and then said he was scared of what I might do, he was just trying to keep the boys safe. He was lying…again. It was becoming a real habit.

I whispered to Jared to haul the boys off and question them individually about what was going on. I also wanted them to remain isolated from each other. The mom/wife is screaming and then made a lunge at me. Annie intercepted her and restrained her. Jared wired her and Pete’s hands just like the boys. Wire sure does work a lot better…they try to get out of the restraint and it cuts into their hands…real bad. It looked kinda like piano wire.

As Jared was walking off he told me there was one more thing…a fluffy white dog was with them. What? Yeah, a Great Pyrenees. It was a huge female, looked as if had puppies not that long ago, and it was skinny as a rail. Kim and Beth had the dog over in the cooking area and it was eating its way through a second helping of rabbit stew. I asked him to have it brought over. Jared said he would once they has the logging chain removed. Yeah, the dog had this huge, heavy logging chain around its neck like a collar with a long tail hanging down as a leash. On top of that the chain had rubbed a nasty raw spot around its neck.

To shorten the story…The youngest boy finally blurted it all out. They had planned on taking over the camp because they thought it would only be Bill, his wife, Lisa, and me here. They were going to set-up camp here and eat all the food…and kill us whenever they felt like it. Once they saw all the people in our camp they thought they would scout us out and then decide to rat us out to a gang in Las Cruces or join us. That is why the parents came into camp…recon.

The dog…oh, man! It had puppies about two months ago…9 of them. The family had been eating the puppies one at a time. The dog wasn’t even theirs…they had found the big dog just after the collapse. They barely fed it and they used the chain to control it. The oldest two boys enjoyed tormenting it. For some sick reason the two older boys had also killed the puppies they were going to eat right in front of their mother. She was chained to a tree and was never able to protect the puppies or break free. Finally she had just given up and was a walking zombie dog. You can’t imagine what I was feeling after I heard all of that! Jared whispered to me it wouldn’t solve anything to do what I was thinking.

Finally the older two boys coughed up info to confirm what the younger one had said, except the dog part. Jared is good. Now it was time to talk to the parents…and it is an insult to all parents to call them that.

The denied everything. I told them that all three boys had all said the same thing. They continued to deny it till finally she cracked. She started screaming at me and telling me it was all my fault, that I was to blame for all their trouble and problems. Pete just sat there and cried. She finally shut up and Pete offered to join us. I laughed out loud at him…I honestly couldn’t believe what he had just said. I told him we were going to execute him and his family at daybreak and walked away. They were put together and guarded. They were quiet as anyone could ever be. They were all looking at the ground. Pete mostly sobbing.

Of course Jim literally grabbed me and started running his mouth telling me I couldn’t execute them, it would be cold-blooded murder. I gave him this look to let of me, he did. I was in no mood to have any put their hands on me. I told him of course I wasn’t going to shoot them…that was stupid to even think I was serious. But, I told him I was within my rights to kill them…they weren’t innocent…they had plotted to kill us, they were guilty of attempted murder. Then I snickered…it’s just they weren’t very good at carrying it out. I walked away.

And yes, I talked to the Command Staff (myself, Jim, Lisa, and Susie), I also asked Jared to sit in on the meeting. I told them that it was 100% out of the question that they would join us…I had ZERO trust in them. They been dishonest a couple of years ago and they were all liars now. I didn’t tell them that eating the puppies would have been more than enough for me to shoot them on the spot. More info than they needed to hear.

My plan was to keep them as prisoners until we left, then we would free them. But, we were going to do some involuntary trading with them. Jared has disarmed them when he had found them. Turns out they had 2 really nice AR-15s, a POF and a Spikes. Both top quality guns. They had also had a piece of crap AK and a nearly worthless shotgun. We were going to give them the two AKs that we had confiscated in return for the 2 ARs, that would round out our Ops teams very nicely. They also had 2 Sig 226’s and 2 Glock 19’s. We were going to do some trading with them for those as well. The also had this little sub S&W .38, they can keep that.

Yeah I know…it wasn’t actually trading as such. I was going to take their guns and give them replacements.

Jim really started to object saying that was stealing. Ah Jim, they were going to kill us. I also told him that Kane had never owned a decent AR in his life, nor a Sig, or a Glock. I told Jim that we were acquiring Kane’s stolen weapons but giving him a relatively fair trade in return. Jim was still objecting but was trying to remain calm and persuasive. I asked Jim if he would like to hear the rest of the trade. Jim just clammed up and looked at the ground. He was being a pain in the butt right then.

I explained we would leave them 90-dyas worth of beans, rice, wheat, oats, and some garden seed as well. I am not heartless…just really pissed. Jim cooled off a bit and no one else objected. Done!

The Kanes have been under guard ever since. Jared chained them up with 10’ of chain between them, chained one person’s ankle to neck of another. They weren’t going to be running off. And to add a little learning experience…the log chain the dog had come with…it was attached to their restraining chain. Nice touch! Their guards were not allowed to talk to them or to listen to them. They were fed twice a day…a mixture of black beans, kidney beans, and rice with some TVP thrown in. They have actually put on weight the last couple of days.

Let’s talk about Bear for a minute. That dog is HUGE!!!!  Yeah, Great Pyrenees have all that hair to begin with. But, this dog has been eating like crazy. The first day in camp the cooks said it ate 3 gallons of rabbit stew…most of was going to be for dinner that night. Yeah…how did that work out for us 😉

The kids mobbed her. At first a few adults were worried about the dog and the kids. No need to be. That dog let those kids roll all over her, climb all over her, wrestle with her, it was amazing to see. Bear just somehow instinctively knew about kids, loved them, and instantly bonded with them. The kids named her because they said she looked like a big polar bear they had seen on some TV show. The name stuck…it was appropriate. Now Bear is never anywhere but where the kids are. She is constantly there…keeping guard. She is friendly to the adults but in love with the kids.

And let me tell you…Bear knows what’s going on. A couple of days ago one of the toddlers ran off towards the Kane’s holding area and got about 20’ feet away from the prisoners. Bear comes charging over, knocks the kid down, and stands there over the kid growling and snarling at the Kanes. The Kanes were all shouting to stop Bear from attacking them. Bear wasn’t going to attack them, she was protecting the child. No one stopped Bear. I thought there might be some poetic justice in the world. But, no…bear never attacked the Kanes. Too bad.

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