Immediate Action Warning! (5/7/2020 – Medical) : Amended 5/8/2020

5/7/2020 – 0800


There are significant indicators that show we could see a rapid decline in the economy, potential supply chain interruptions, and panic buying of certain retail items. Significant to the point that the one or medical/health related items may become unavailable.

With the recent economic developments, recent buying activity indicators, and supply chain disruptions, I am issuing an Immediate Action Warning – Medical.

I believe that the probability exists that as early as late summer or early fall we could see shortages of medical and health related retail items as well as some medications. The recent panic buying has clearly shown that the general public can easily fall prey to mass quantity buying of retail items more out of fear than out of need. Also, China provides 70 – 95% of many common over-the-counter (OTC) medications and 50% +/- of antibiotics… 80 percent of active pharmaceutical ingredients used by US based pharmaceutical manufacturers in the US are produced mostly in China. Should China and increase our existing trade/economic war, escalate the shooting war, or see further supply chain disruptions…these vital pharmaceutical ingredients could become scarce while US based manufacturers ramp up production. The time lag could be 3 – 9 months.

Possible steps to take:

  • Acquire 6 months of OTC medications that your family uses.
  • Ensure a 60 – 90 day supply of all prescription medications that family members take. Talk to your doctor, many physicians understand the need for a longer-term supply of medications to be “on-hand”.
  • Review your specific situation and assess the need for any OTC, trauma injury, or other health injury medication or medical related items. Then acquire what you may need.
  • “War game” possible scenarios (anticipate) and assess the need for other medical/health related items that you might need. Then acquire what you may need.
  • Acquire and safely store 6 – 12 months of vitamins and supplements. (see note below)

Make sure you properly store all medicines/pharmaceuticals and other related items to ensure their safe use when needed.

Note: I delayed writing this Immediate Action Warning for nearly a week. I was waiting to be 100% confident in what I was seeing…the probability of a serious enough issue to justify this warning. I never hit the 100% confidence level. However, considering the potential impact of not issuing the warning, I decided to proceed with it.

Note: Right after my breakfast in the morning I take:

  • 500mg of Vitamin C
  • Super Vitamin B-Complex that contains –
    • 150mg Vitamin C
    • 100mg Thiamine
    • 20mg Riboflavin
    • 25mg Niacin
    • 2mg Vitamin B6
    • 680mcg DFE
    • 15mcg Vitamin B12
    • 30mcg Biotin
    • 5.5mg Pantothenic Acid
  • 125mg Magnesium Citrate
  • 99mg Potassium
  • 50mg Zinc Gluconate

(Note: all of the above is followed by 2 snack size Hershey’s chocolate bars)

At night right before bed I take the following:

  • 1 Centrum Silver Men 50+ multivitamin
  • 1000mg Omega-3 (from fish oil)
  • 1200mg Red Yeast Rice
  • 1000mg Garlic

(Note: no Hershey’s chocolate bars)


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Immediate Action Warning! (5/1/2020 – Energy/Fuel)


5/1/2020 – 1500


With the recent societal developments and potential for civil unrest, including utility disruptions, I am issuing an Immediate Action Warning – Energy/Fuel.

To help offset the potential for energy and/or fuel shortages I am suggestion the possible steps to take:

  • Keep all your vehicles 3/4 full of fuel, or more.
  • Have a way (i.e. hand transfer pump) to move fuel from one vehicle to another.
  • Have a minimum of one 5gal fuel can with fuel safely stored on your property. Use a fuel stabilizing additive such as Pri-G or Sta-Bil.
  • Have at least one change oil of supplies ( oil and filter) for your primary vehicle. For all vehicles would be best.
  • Have an adequate supply of batteries for all lights, radios, etc. Rechargeable batteries would be best…and redundant methods of recharging them.
  • Consider purchasing a small solar system of 1000w or less (panels, battery, charge controller, inverter, etc.).

Do not delay in implementing those things you know need to be done.


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Immediate Action Warning! (5/1/2020 – Money)

5/1/2020 – 1300


With the potential extreme problems with the economy, stock market, and value of the dollar I am issuing an Immediate Action Warning – Money.

There are significant indicators that show we could see a rapid decline in stock market indicators and/or value of the dollar. Significant to the point that the dollar could collapse, and do so rapidly. There is also an increasing potential for a “bank holiday” to occur and a reset of the economy, banking system, credit markets, etc.

Possible steps to take:

  • Have cash on hand stored safely and securely.
  • If you don’t have any precious metals consider acquiring some. Silver would be my first choice, junk silver at that. There is plenty of it on eBay, or you can check with a local or online dealer. Get it in your possession as soon as possible. Do not let anyone know you are buying it.
  • If you already own precious metals and it is stored off-site, get it in your physical possession as soon as practical. Store it safely and securely. Do not let anyone know you have any or have purchased it.
  • Do not panic and dump stocks or mutual funds out of your IRA or 401k. I will stay invested in the markets through my IRA mutual funds. But not more than 33  – 50% of my total invested funds. The rest will stay in a money market fund.
  • If you are considering buying something of tangible value such as a tractor or generator, etc. do so as soon as you can responsibly do so.

Do not delay in implementing those things you know need to be done.


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Immediate Action Warning! (5/1/2020 – Food)

5/1/2020 – 1100


With the recent alarming developments in the current and potential food distribution chain I am issuing an Immediate Action Warning – Food.

I am warning against the increasing scarcity of some foods in the US. Of current specific concern is meat (i.e. pork and poultry). I have personally confirmed that there are significant problem with major food producers getting meat to the retail markets.

As US fruit and vegetable crops become available for harvesting there could also develop a shortage of farm personnel to harvest those crops. And there is also a similar potential issue getting those crops into the food distribution chain as well.

Possible steps to take:

  • Plant a garden with heirloom seeds. It doesn’t matter how large a garden, just get something planted. Prepare to harvest the seeds from your garden. The seeds may be the most valuable part of this year’s crop.
  • Begin to acquire additional meat as you would pantry items. Don’t go crazy and spend 100’s or 1000’s of dollars buying meat. But, buy an additional couple of pounds of beef, pork, chicken, or bacon. Freeze it, can it, jerk it, dehydrate it, etc. Any way you wish to preserve it is OK with me. Just get moving on it!
  • Acquire additional pantry items. I recommend a minimum of 90 days supply of normal every-day use pantry food.
  • Be creative in acquiring your food. Join a co-op, use the LDS church distribution center, go through someone you know who owns a restaurant and buys through a wholesale supplier, go direct to a meat producer and buy 1/2 a pig or beef through them.
  • Make sure your food pantry is full.

Do not delay in implementing those things you know need to be done.



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Immediate Action Warning! (5/1/2020 – Violence)

5/1/2020 – 0900


With the recent armed citizenry presence in the Michigan capital building and the resulting confrontation and previous widespread anti-stay-at-home protests I am issuing an Immediate Action Warning – Violence.

I am warning against the increase of violence in the USA as a result of Draconian government actions to restrict rights, liberties, and freedoms of American citizens under the guise protecting the public. There is also an corresponding increase the potential of violence of protestors, specifically armed protestors, who confront law enforcement personnel.

There is also a general potential for increase in violence as food becomes more scarce, medications become more scarce, more widespread use of anti-depressant and anti-psychotic medication, self-medication, and stress from the continued COVID-19 restrictions and related issues.

Possible steps to take:

  • Review your defensive weapons and ammunition situation. Do no delay in purchasing additional ammunition supplies, weapons, magazines, and/or weapons.
  • Make sure you have a serviceable tactical vest and accessories.
  • Clean weapons, magazines, and ensure your ammunition is serviceable.
  • Have your weapons readily available but safely stored.
  • Avoid protests.
  • Avoid confronations with law enforcement personnel.
  • Support Peace Officers.
  • Create/join a Neighborhood Watch program or security group.
  • Talk with other like-minded folks about the current and potential need for security.
  • Keep your Situational Awareness high at all times.
  • Review how you could improve the security of your home. Install a basic, stand-alone security system such as SimpliSafe with cameras, external sirens, etc.

Do not delay in implementing those things you know need to be done.


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Something to think about…Mark Cuban, and other changes

Mark Cuban and other changes…

In case you don’t know Mark Cuban…well, he is rich…very, very rich. He is a multi-billionaire and he owns the Dallas Mavericks basketball team. He is also a reality TV star, appearing on Shark Tank, encouraging, advising, and investing in start-up businesses. He owns many online media outlets, including many blog hosting companies, and a major movie distribution company. He is second-generation American.

While he has been influenced by Ayn Rand and espouses many libertarian ideals, he has endorsed and voted primarily Democrat in the recent past. Which appears to me to be  contradictory. However, I found him personally quite engaging, charismatic, and straight talking. But, something always seemed a little off to me, but I was never sure exactly what. Perhaps it was his coyness about presidential aspirations.

On 4/6/20 I quoted him in my SitRep. I have admired Cuban’s business acumen and he has always been pretty dead-on with his insight on the state of business affairs and trends. When asked what will change in the world due to COVID-19 he responded simply, “Everything!” And that rattled me a little bit. I personally thought we were seeing a major historical shift in the US, if not the world, but to hear it in such stark terms hit home.

On April 27th an article came out where Cuban was interviewed and he made it clear he was considering a presidential run this year. And here is where his words disturb me…he started espousing “big government” programs, huge increase in the federal minimum wage, and massive government jobs programs. He quoted socialist/Communist/Progressive principles of bottom-up economic principles and basically called for massive government intervention in the economy…through injections of trillions of dollars and draconian federal policies.

And here is the most glaring and disturbing statement he made, “There’s going to be a completely new dynamic…”

Why does all of this warrant a “Something to think about…” post?

First, he is savvy and has his finger on the pulse of business and the American public. Second, he is intelligent. Third, he is right about “everything” is going to change and there will be a “completely new dynamic” in the USA. Fourth, he is very charismatic and well-spoken. Fifth, he could run for President (obviously as a Democrat) and beat Trump handily. Lastly, and most importantly, his apparent complete abandonment of anything and everything Libertarian and rejection of principles advocated by Ayn Rand. IMO…he has become just another big-government advocate…but a very rich one…and a very influential one…one who could become President.

I’ve written extensively since COVID-19 outbreak and how it is revealing the true nature of people…in a very negative way. Well, this is another example, a high-profile example…one that could change the course of America.

Please be very observant of the changes going on around you…especially in people. Many people are turning out to be the exact opposite of who they seemed to be, who they appeared to be, who they sounded like, and most importantly…who they really were inside. I have said outright that many so-called; patriots, Conservatives, and Christians have proven they are not. They’ve proven it through their words and actions…proven it during this COVID-19 outbreak/panic.

Be careful folks…keep your Situational Awareness set on “high” and reevaluate who you can really trust and who you might want to be more suspicious of. And it will get worse…”everything!”

It may be helpful to learn more about personalities pre/post disasters/grid-down scenarios by reading my series Personalities – Pre/Post Disaster: Part 1 – Who are they?



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SitRep – 4/25/20

To say I am pessimistic about the future of the USA would be somewhat of an understatement. And I mean that wholeheartedly…unfortunately.

Economy –

Oil: Oil is absolutely collapsing…and that is bad thing beyond belief. First off, you may be enjoying a reduction in fuel prices at the gas pump…no complaints there. But the bigger picture is far more ominous. I have written before about a significant destabilizing effect it has on oil producing nations’ economies such as Russia and Saudi Arabia. Drastic reductions in national incomes from oil and gas production can lead to those countries taking drastic actions to maintain stability among their populations.

Once aspect of the oil price war is China coming out on top. No, not as an oil producing nation but as a net oil consuming nation. Their oil and gas costs drop dramatically. And as regional oil producing nations destabilize, do you think China will miss an opportunity to take advantage of that situation?

But, the primary concern I have is our domestic oil production. It hasn’t been that long ago that the US became, not just oil independent, but a net oil exporter. Being oil independent is a very stabilizing event for the US on the world stage. Oil producing countries such as Russia and Middle Eastern countries lose their ability to affect our economy and foreign policy when they can’t blackmail us through oil.

With the price of crude oil hovering around $16 a barrel our domestic oil industry has to grossly curtail operations. That is bad enough. But, the real problem comes once the economy recovers. It is very difficult to ramp up oil production to meet skyrocketing recovery demand. That could well make us a net oil importer again. And worse yet…many of our domestic oil production industry companies may never survive.

Real-Estate: I have been watching the real-estate market closely…the macro market. And once again…not good. A strange phenomena is taking place; 1) there is a notable drop is sales activity, 2) there is no corresponding drop in home prices. Sellers seem to be holding steady on home prices even though there is a drop in the number of home buyers. Without lowering home prices many buyers will hold off purchasing waiting for lower bargain prices. And with skyrocketing unemployment many earlier potential buyers are now unable to qualify, let alone pay for a new home.

Regardless of how fast we can turn the economy around there is going to be a lag in people wanting, and able, to buy new homes…they will be trying to simply catch up on paying delinquent bills. But, I do see a “surge” of home buying once we turn around, but it will be short lived and only from a small percentage of people who were able to whether the financial storm. In the mean time I still see a 30 – 40% drop in home sales in the coming months, maybe a year.

Bankruptcies: There are companies that specialize in assisting retail companies in going out of business. They work with those retailers to hold “final sales days”, sell off fixtures and other assets, sell building and real-estate, etc. In other words…they help retail business close their doors…normally including bankruptcy.

The top companies in this field are getting flooded with calls from retailers. And one expert made a statement that should be terrifying for our economy…he said, “A thunderstorm of bankruptcies in retail are about to rain down on Wall Street thanks to the aftershock of the coronavirus.”

This appears to not apply to just a few major retailers…but dozens. And it is being confirmed by Wall Street investment firms now. We could be looking at a change in the retail world the likes the United States has never seen before.

Depression: You’ve heard media pundits talk openly about a recession from government’s actions regarding COVID-19. In the shadows those same pundits have hinted about the potential for a depression. I’ve spoken openly about it, as a few others have. Now we have government officials talking about it. Just days ago the Governor of West Virginia stated we could be looking at a “full-fledged depression.” And his only qualifier was this…if we don’t get our economy open and running again within 30 days we are done.

Now, one governor does not set the course for the USA, nor does a single governor saying it, mean it will happen. But, it opens the door for others to speak their mind. If you see “depression” become a topic that is openly and more freely discussed…then bank on it.

State and local governments are now seeing significant shortfalls in normal funding sources, primarily taxes. Los Angles, California for example is expecting to fall hundreds of millions behind this fiscal year. Layoffs, pay cuts, and reduced replacement hiring is expected. Cuts and/or reductions in services is also anticipated along with those personnel/payroll actions. And we are now hearing talks about state governments going bankrupt.

Politics –

Something I’ve been watching since this whole COVID-19 thing began…the election this fall…and any possible disruptions or outright cancelation. Yeah, call me paranoid but when you have something like this touted worldwide plague…TPTB and a long list of politicians and other power brokers will think of a way to use it. And use it to their advantage…big time!

We know that the coup against Trump began during his campaign, developed into an official FBI field operation after his election, and became an interagency coordinated operation after his inauguration. All that has become documented fact through numerous official government investigations and investigative journalism.

What I find interesting is two-fold:

  1. Just as the final report was due out from the DOJ, from a supposedly bulldog investigator, COVID-19 breaks out and everything is put on hold.
  2. I raised the alarm of a potential COVID-19 impact on the election back at the beginning. Now we are hearing regular news leaks, government sources, and plenty of politicians speak of three things…mail-in voting, election results being delayed, and Trump delaying the election. First off I don’t give any credibility to Trump delaying the election. But, the other two issues are real and should be of grave concern. First is the mail-in voting…easily corrupted and manipulated by those who so desire…from the political parties on the ground all the way to the state governments who coordinate counting the final tallies. Second is any delay in the results. And I mean “any” delay means that the results have been corrupted/manipulated. And if Trump would be officially reelected I guarantee that the Democrats and the violent left will scream that the election is tainted and throw the government into a crisis…or overthrow it outright.
Government –

You already know the following to be true:

  • Massive new federal debt, kind of debt acquired in a year now acquire in weeks
  • Massive new state police powers acquired, rights, liberties, and freedoms taken from people…especially religious
  • Massive misinformation, deceit, and propaganda

Statistics and poll numbers now prove it.

Society –

Anti-anxiety medications up over 1/3rd. People are stressing out and becoming medicated even more than before the crisis. Worse yet could be the self-medication going on…drug and alcohol abuse.

We have gone from hearing about food chain disruptions now turning into worldwide famine

The country is now basically splitting the country into two. One side are those benefiting from the transfer of wealth taking place (the rich) and those benefiting from the power grab (i.e. politicians and government workers). On the other side are those losing the wealth and power. Those who are now unemployed, losing their small business, losing their life’s savings, and being forced to stay home, etc.

Threats, Risks, & the so far “unknown” –

I’ve seen a lot in 65 years…a President killed and another almost, seen a dozen wars, several mild recessions, a couple of tough ones, seen stock markets near-crashes, watched real-estate bounce up and down like tennis ball, watched the country go from relatively free conservative country to a raging liberal/progressive cesspool, and even watched as various flu seasons killed nearly 80,000 people at a time. But, I’ve never seen a time in the US as we are seeing now. And as you well know…it ain’t good!

I am backing up on my “probability” estimate of an economic and/or societal crash in the USA. I still think the probability is there…but less than 50% on both now. Why? Because I am seeing indicators that show that a “crash” is not what is wanted by the powers in control. At least not a crash yet. Why not now? That is the real question…and I am not a 100% sure I know the answer. But, I do think they want more wealth transferred from the average person to the super-elite-ultra-wealthy-power-players. So no crash…yet.

But do not think for a minute that I consider that means we are out of the woods and life will go back to normal. Nope! No sir, life will never, ever go back to normal. We are looking at a massive reset of what is considered “normal”…and it ain’t good. I think we are looking at some cataclysmic times ahead. How bad? Well, let me explain it in terms of “threats”…

I am now on day #4 writing this SitRep. I’ve been researching the different issues and making sure I had my facts down right…let’s call them the “dots” if you don’t mind. But isolated facts, issues, or events don’t mean much if they don’t mean something together. Being able to see the relationship of each individual dot to the others, if such relationships do exist, is the vitally important aspect to all of this. That process is called “connecting the dots”…and this morning I think I put it all together while I was pondering what was happening and why.

I am sure ya’ll beat me to the punch on all of this and I am simply playing catch up. But, please indulge me and see if what I write next will help you.

Let’s review the facts, the absolute facts: 1) We know a massive transfer of wealth is taking place…to the tune of trillions of dollars. Those trillions are going to the super-rich, the world’s monetary elite. 2) Government at every level is growing stronger. Meaning they have significantly more power over people now than they did just a few months ago.

But, this morning I still knew that to be true but also felt there was something else happening…something that dwarfed both of those by an order of magnitude. Then it dawned on me…Overton Window!

“Joseph Overton observed that in a given public policy area, such as education, only a relatively narrow range of potential policies will be considered politically acceptable. This ‘window’ of politically acceptable options is primarily defined not by what politicians prefer, but rather by what they believe they can support and still win re-election. In general, then, the window shifts to include different policy options not when ideas change among politicians, but when ideas change in the society that elects them.”

That rang a bell the likes I haven’t seen/felt in a very long time. We are seeing the most significant, massive, historic Overton Window shift in perhaps the last 100 years! I think even deeper, longer, more significant…and only the start to a more historic set of events.

Let me share this with you first… Death Stats in the USA:

  1. About 650,000 die each year from heart disease
  2. About 600,000 die each year from cancer
  3. About 170,000 die each year from accidents
  4. About 160,000 die each year from COPD, bronchitis, emphysema, & asthma
  5. About 145,000 die each year from stroke and cerebrovascular diseases
  6. In the 2017 – 2018 flu season over 80,000 died from the flu

So far from COVID-19 the government claims about 55,000 people have died. But 1/2 of the country believes the government is lying about those numbers. But, let’s say the government stat is correct.

We have a relatively minor cause of death occurring in the US but we see the economy ruined, unemployment the highest since the Great Depression, “social distancing”, toilet paper shortages, and all levels of government able to shut down society, etc.. For goodness sakes we are seeing mothers arrested for having their children in a public park!

Why? Why the reaction, overreaction, to this event?

I explained the first two: 1) transfer of wealth, 2) government power grab. But it is the third that is the devastating! An Overton Window shift.

We are seeing a massive shift in acceptable public policy. Meaning: what we, the public, are will to accept from the government…what we are willing to accept them doing to us.

How else could you explain what the government is doing? Mandating 6’ social distancing, shutting down eating in restaurants, closing schools throughout an entire state, controlling how many people can be in a store at one time, and the list goes on and on…and on…and on…

Another way to look at it…we are being “trained” to accept what government dictates…for our own well-being.

And that should scare the hell out of you!  But, it gets worse. Ask yourself

“What are they training us to accept next?”

Summary –

I can’t possibly summarize what I’ve already shared…you either believe it or not. It is entirely up to you. So I will use the “summary” section to share with you what I think you should consider doing…and what I am doing.

The most simplistic way to explain it…”Prepare to live as independent of the system as you possibly can.”

Yup, that simple…and that monumental. But, I am telling you, the more you can survive independently of the system the most likely you will be to retain your freedom, rights, and liberties…as much as possible. The more dependent you are on the system, the more you will be controlled…and  that means the more rights, liberties, and freedoms you will lose.

Let me share this with you…THIS IS NOTHING NEW!!!  I’ve been explaining in detail for years how to accomplish this. You must recognize that there are, and will be, 7 threats/risks that you will have to mitigate. To understand those threats/risks and information on how to address each, read the articles:

Of course you MUST read/know 7 Common Risks/Threats

If you read those articles now you understand the basics. Now what? Have a plan!! Before you develop that plan I suggest you read the following articles. If you have already read them, review them again.

OK, now for the specifics…ah, no! You have to develop your plan, specific to your situation. But I would suggest a couple of things:

  • Stay aware and find others that are similar minded
  • Be flexible and adaptable, work with others to be the same
  • Put in a garden, help others put in a garden
  • Keep your vehicles at least 3/4 full of fuel
  • Keep at least one 5gal can of fuel safely stored
  • Have multiple ways to cook food
  • Have multiple ways to stay warm
  • Have a bugout location identified and at least 3 ways to get there

And the list goes on.

But here is the #1 thing you can do to survive what is coming…KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!

I am telling you plain and simple…you must know who you are, what you believe in, what you know to be true, and how far you will go to back that up. If you are not firmly anchored as a person you will fall prey to government, wolves, the fear mongers, the hype hustles, the control freaks, and every other danger/threat/risk that is coming.

If you don’t have a firm foundation…build it now! If you have a firm foundation…reinforce it now! And help others to do the same. When all is said and done this won’t be about wealth transfer or government control…it will be about who you are…or what you allowed them to make you to become.

This is the largest transformation of society this world has seen in 100 years…maybe longer. You will either fall victim to those change merchants…or you will hold fast to the rock, your foundation…and you will have helped others to do the same.

Be careful…be aware…be vigilant…be prepared. It is coming.



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Something to think about…Stenotrophomonas Maltophiliafrom China

Stenotrophomonas Maltophiliafrom China

A Chinese firm, Lingen Precision Medical Products in Shanghai, supplied contaminated COVID-19 test kits to the University of Washington School of Medicine (UWSM). UWSM obtained thousands of test kits and discovered on April 16 that some of the test kits were contaminated with Stenotrophomonas Maltophilia.

Stenotrophomonas Maltophilia is a bacterial infection; most common sites of infection are the lungs and blood. The Stenotrophomonas Maltophilia bacteria is found in body fluid such as blood, mucus, urine, or abdominal fluid, and in a hospital setting it can be found in irrigation solutions and intravenous (IV) fluids.

Interesting to note… Stenotrophomonas Maltophilia bacterial is resistant to many antibiotics, so treatment options may be very limited.

And the Stenotrophomonas Maltophilia infection symptoms are strikingly similar to COVID-19 symptoms. And yes, Stenotrophomonas Maltophilia bacterial infections can be fatal; at the very least it can damage lungs.

So my question are:

  1. Why did China send those contaminated test kits to the US?
  2. How many other test kits are contaminated that health organizations here in the US do not know about?
  3. Who here in the US got infected from contaminated kits?
  4. Is this another “shot” in the China/USA war?
  5. What comes next…and does it continue to escalate?



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FAQ – 4/17/2020 (COVID-19)

  • In your last SitRep you mentioned potential for violence and protests, are they really that widespread and how likely is the violence?



Protests have taken place within the last week:

      • Lansing, Michigan
      • Frankfort, Kentucky
      • Raleigh, North Carolina
      • Columbus, Ohio
      • Albany, New York
      • Bremerton, Washington

Protests are planned this week for:

      • California
      • Idaho
      • Oregon
      • Texas

And those are only the ones I know about. And that is a lot of protesting in the last week…with more planned. With each protest there is an increase in frustration and stress. Eventually that will end up in violence. Either some wingnut will use a protest to go violent to stir the next revolution, a cop will lose it and beat on a protestor, or some fringe element will infiltrate the protest and spark violence simply because that is what they believe in. But, you don’t get that many people in that many areas all protesting the same issue -overreach of government authority- without it almost certainly getting violent.

  • In your SitRep – 4/6/2020you talked about rising unemployment, are people going back to work now or is unemployment getting worse?

In the last 4 weeks 22,000,000 people filed for unemployment. In Michigan…over 1/4 of the state’s workforce is recently unemployed…and their unemployment benefit system broke down. In AZ they raised unemployment benefit by $200 per week. Many people can now make more money unemployed than employed. You do the math on that one.

  • You’ve done Hoax Alerts and written about COVID-19 death rates being fake, what is going on now, better data or worse fakes?

An article came out just this morning, it states:

  1. “Epidemiologists have estimated there are 5 to 10 people with undetected infections for every confirmed case.” That means mortality rates are 1/5th to 1/10th as bad as current published numbers. In other word…today’s reported numbers are 671,000 cases and 33,000 deaths. That would indicate a 4.9% mortality rate. However, most epidemiologists are saying that 5 – 10 people actually have COVID-19 for every reported/confirmed case. So that would mean that the number of cases is actually 3.4million – 6.7million. Using the same death rate would put the mortality rate at .9 %(point 9%) – .5% (point 5%). That would be substantially lower than the mortality rate being promoted now by those who are ignorant.
  2. “We know how many people are dying, but we don’t know how many people are infected.” That means there is not enough testing to confirm who actually has COVID-19 or not. A lot of the testing is postmortem not actually people reporting symptoms. Many people have COVID-19 and show no symptoms. And there are health officials simply stating a person has COVID-19 when they have not been tested.
  3. “New York City increased its death count by more than 3,700 on Tuesday, after officials said they were now including people who had never tested positive for the virus but were presumed to have died of it.” That means exactly what it says…NYC is just one example…that death certificates are now showing COVID-19 as cause of death even if they were never tested for COVID-19. If someone simply thinks the victim had COVID-19 that is now listed as the cause of death.

So we know for a fact that the numbers -ALL numbers- associated with COVID-19 are fake, false, hoaxes…whatever you want to call it…they are NOT accurate. And that is stone cold FACT!

And honestly I don’t think we will ever know the actual truth when it comes to accurate numbers. All the numbers will be estimates or based on models.


Ask me a question …


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SitRep – 4/16/2020

This a very focused SitRep today…I almost made it an Immediate Action Warning but decided against that move. Reason? No specific action to be taken. Well, almost none. I will explain more in the Summary. This will be a very narrowly focused SitRep.

Authoritarianism & Draconian Actions & Potential for Violence

We all heard about Rhode Island and Delaware state troopers pulling over out-of-state drivers in regards to violations of COVID-19 Executive Orders. We’ve seen that Pennsylvania troopers are issuing tickets for stay-at-home violations. And of course California is simply off the charts for their enforcement actions. But it is now growing exponentially worse…

New Mexico: Within the last two weeks the ultra-liberal Governor of New Mexico clamped down her state. She imposed extreme Executive Orders (EO) controlling the state’s population. New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham comes from a strong political family dynasty in New Mexico. Her family has been running New Mexico in one form or another for generations. Grisham herself is a strong abortion supporter, a radical environmentalist, and anti-gun extremist. She was also caught in the Azerbaijan scandal shortly after her election to Congress. She was caught accepting travel funding, money, and gifts from the radical Muslim authoritarian government of Azerbaijan.

Grisham’s EOs went far beyond any Constitutional authority she actually has. First she shut down gun shops…not to control the spread of COVID-19, but to stop guns going into the hands of those that were worried about the potential of coming violence…those who wished to protect their families. Her state troopers literally forced the closure of gun shops. Next she forced general merchandise stores to rope off areas of their stores that sold “non-essential” goods. Then this past week her state trooper thugs showed up at farm and ranch supply stores and ordered them closed as well. The store employees and owners were threatened with arrest if they refused to comply with the demands of law enforcement.

Kentucky: Last week the leftist Governor of Kentucky ordered church’s to cease and desist, stopping church members from meeting together. The C&D Order was given just before Easter to stop Christians from celebrating Easter. Now, you might think it is coincidental…it’s not. Andy Beshear (63st Governor of Kentucky) is the son of Steve Beshear (61st Governor of Kentucky). Steve Beshear is a rabid anti-Christian and proved that while he was Attorney General of Kentucky. He started his campaign against Christians almost immediately after his election as Attorney General of Kentucky decades ago. One of his first attacks was forcing the removal of the Ten Commandments from public schools. Back to the current Governor, his son Andy. After Andy was elected Attorney General of Kentucky he immediately began attacking the then republican governor in the court system…using public taxpayer funds to unseat his political rival. So we have an autocratic political family, who have proven themselves to be anti-Christians, using taxpayer money for their own personal benefit, actually attacking Christians…and the Constitution’s Freedom of Religion!

“Attack”…how? Not only did Andy issue the EO banning Christians from meeting, he ordered his jack-booted state troopers to conduct surveillance operations of churches on Easter Sunday. They were to record license plate information, use that information to obtain names and addresses of the vehicle owners, and turn that information over to the State Health Department. Then the health department personnel will contact each person and issue a 14-day quarantine order. This was all verified by Breitbart news. And it actually happened according to USA Today!  Not only that, there were nails, tacks, and screws found at church parking lot entrances. Did the cops do that? Probably not. But, the Governor’s influence and anti-Christian attacks against Christians and churches sure motivated someone to attack Christians.

Michigan: Michigan is one of those states that is an oxymoron. On one hand it is an extremely liberal/progressive state. But, then you have a sizable militia presence as well…and they are not on the political left to be sure. So who is the Governor of Michigan who issued the extremely strict authoritarian stay-at-home order? Governor Gretchen Whitmer who is a strong abortion advocate, rabid anti-Trumper, and huge tax advocate. And yet another member of a very strong state political family dynasty…an autocrat.

A protest yesterday in the state’s capital called ‘Operation Gridlock’ was organized by rights advocates in opposition to her authoritarianism. Of particular note brought up by the protest organizers…”heart surgeries are banned as non-essential, but abortion clinics remain open” and Easter was cancelled by the Governor of Michigan. What was the Governor’s reaction to the protest…she threatened even stronger enforcement of existing orders…and imposing new, even stronger orders restricting citizens travel/movement and right to assemble. Now that is a perfect, to the letter perfect, example of a dictatorial leader.

And the list goes on and on…

We have all heard the nightmare stories from the leftist states along the east and west coasts. Those radical authoritarian steps taken to shut down rights, liberties, and freedoms of those states’ citizens. But, we are seeing more and more of those actions taking place…even in the mid-west. In every instance of these radical Draconian measures that I have investigated, I’ve seen that those politicians behind the orders are radical leftists. And I mean the most radical of these left-wing extremists and/or Progressives. They are drunk with their own power…and now it is turning oh so obvious what they are doing and it is showing signs of the beginning of violence…politically motivated violence.

Summary –

We are nearing a boiling point…a tipping point…whatever you want to call it…it is getting very close. We’ve are seeing more and more criminal activity, we are seeing more and more violence, and now we are seeing protests springing up against all of this uncalled for restriction of rights, liberties, and freedoms. We are seeing our economy destroyed every single day, massive unemployment, massive new government debt, food bank lines growing longer, food supply chain shortages, vegetable seed shortages, manufacturing grinding to a halt, and the largest transfer of wealth in the history of this country. And you have to ask yourself…How much longer till the explosion happens?

And when/if that explosions takes place it will be unrealistic in every sense of the word! And it is getting closer every single day. And that isn’t happening by accident. Political and other subversive power-players are moving us ever closer to the “explosion” by plan and design. Why?

When there is fear, panic, violence, unrest, and massive threats of every kind…people will DEMAND that it be stopped, fixed, eliminated. And government will be all too happy to oblige…and they will “fix” it. But the cure, or fix, will be kill any last vestiges of the Constitution, rights, liberties, freedoms, or the hope of any. The governments’ cure for what is developing will be authoritarianism. And that will lead to totalitarianism.

Back on 4/11 in my SitRep I spoke of the economy crashing in 4 – 12 weeks. I still hold that to be the probable case. Now I am seeing a better than 50/50 chance of our Constitutional Republic crashing, in conjunction with or independent of the economic crash. And that crash could occur within 3 – 9 months. Yes, I just said we could well see the destruction of the United States as we know it within 3 – 9 months…the probability is now better than 50/50!

What can you do?

Go back and read the articles, especially the previous SitReps, I lay out exactly what to do. Actually, this entire site is designed for, and all the articles written for, just such grid-down events. It is up to you to educate yourself or not. I suggest you do…and then plan accordingly.

Plan for a dister, emergency or grid-down now.What should you plan to do? The short answer is…the GOAL should be to survive and thrive. How you do that is entirely up to you…your PLAN.

Each person, each family, each congregation, each community is different…so should the plan be different. But, I suggest you get started…quickly.




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