Day 85 – Wednesday (mid-morning)

Another bad day…Jamie is dead. We buried him alongside his sister. We had a memorial service for him, it was short. Another child whose last name we didn’t know, will never know. Another sad tragedy is a screwed up world. Another black mark that I can’t handle. The world gets darker.

Jared headed out early, found another water tank, about 6 miles from here. Plenty of water but a problem. There appears to be two families camped at it. He said they look relatively harmless, parents, kids, etc. Pretty well organized, a few guns, no organized guards, no dogs, and seems to be just people trying to survive. We’ll see about that.

For us, we have to get water there. It looks like, according to the map, that the next well or stock tank is at least 6 – 8 miles further on. That is too far. That would be another day’s worth of walking another day too long according to our water supply unless we went to half water rations. I want to avoid that.



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