Day 42 – Tuesday

Last night was boring! And I am grateful for it. I got to a point west of the Butterfield Shooting Range just off the interstate, just west of exit 127. I saw the lights first, they turned out to be campfires, and there were a lot of them. I inched my way a little closer and it was in fact a bunch of campfires in a large camp of some kind. I had no desire to learn more, I just wanted to get home.

The two-track road that heads to the northeast that connects with the powerline road is just west of the shooting range by about three-quarters of a mile. Off I went. It felt really good to be out of the area of the Interstate. I just don’t like being that exposed. Then it hit me! I was on a road that was just west of a large camp that was just west of a large city heading in the general direction of one of the largest ranches in the area. I jumped off that two-track road so fast I didn’t think I could move that fast. I am an idiot! What the heck was I thinking? Even if there wasn’t a checkpoint or an ambush I was leaving a set of foot prints in the dirt that a blind man could follow.

I cut a big ole branch off a mesquite bush and went back to the two-track and started sweep my tracks. It was obvious that I had swept the tracks but that is OK, at least I was doing something to conceal some of the info that my tracks would give someone that might follow me. Then I spent about fifteen minutes walking in different directions from that point. I was hopefully confusing someone that might pick up my tracks. I doubt it though wishful thinking…but I had to do something and try at least..

I started heading towards the power line once again but this time I walked about 100’ off the road to the east. A little rougher walking but I would be harder to follow.

I made good time and picked up the power line in about an hour. The power line service road had lots of tracks on it so I wasn’t worried about leaving my tracks. But, I was worried about all the people who did leave the tracks. But, I just felt like I would be fine and headed off on the road. Besides, trying to parallel the service road would have been a nightmare even in the day.

I made it all of the way to Picacho Peak last night. I found a great place in the big arroyo that runs just to the north of Picacho Peak. I don’t remember the name of the arroyo but it was part of the old Butterfield Stage route back in the old west days. I found a super place with a nice overhang and a little cutout in the canyon wall. It will keep me well shaded all day.

I kept looking at the map, then looked again, then one more time. If everything goes well I just might, might be home come daylight!!! Home…freaking home!!! I honestly never thought I could do it. But, I had nothing else to do back in Tucson so I started walking home. And now I am almost there.

I can see the Rio Grande corridor from Picacho Peak. So later today I am going to hike up there and scope out what is going on with the river. I am thinking I will head straight for the river and head north instead of going along the base of the mountains. When I get to Box Canyon, not Apache Canyon, I will just head east on the best road I can find. I know where I can pick up the culverts that will take me under the Interstate.

When I leave Box Canyon I it will be about midnight I think. I am not going to try and hide my movements. I think I would look as if I didn’t belong and I was up to no good. I will walk right down the street like I belong there, as if it is my home. It is mostly inhabited by decent, humble, hard-working Hispanics that are farm labor. I don’t think they will give me any trouble even if they would get a good look at me. I will lower my threat presence by concealing my AR the best I can. I will also pack-up the tactical vest and drop-leg holster.

If I have the timing right I might get to the back yard just before daylight. And I am thinking that might not be the best time to just pop over the wall in my back yard and knock on the door. I would hate to get all this way just to have my wife shoot me thinking I am a bad guy. I might have to wait until full daylight. And that might not be a bad thing either. I can get a good idea of what is happening in the neighborhood by watching the dawn break.

I am excited. I hope I can get a little sleep before I head out.



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