Pre-Make your 12vDC Anderson Powerpole connection cables & adapters.

Ham In The Box - Anderson PowerpoleI am absolutely in love with Anderson Powerpoles! Yup, it’s true…and my wife knows it. And honestly, she’s OK with it.

How’s that for a lead-in line to an article? Got your attention and now I hope I can give you something of value for your 12vDC power Anderson Power Polesneeds. That’s assuming you are using Anderson Powerpoles. If you aren’t…well, you should be.

While working with various pieces of Ham and solar power equipment over the last few months I have had to stop and make cables, connectors, and adapters. It took time when I really just wanted to keep building and get my project done. Yes, I got a bit frustrated.

I got to the point where I had a little down time. Actually, wife told me to take a little down time and watch TV with her and “talk” during commercials. Yeah…uh huh…right. So within 15 minutes I had my electronic toolbox and supplies out looking at what I could do to save time in the future as I worked on more electronic projects. Bingo! The following was born…


6' 12ga extension cable

6′ 12ga extension cable


12" in-line glass fuse cable

12″ in-line glass fuse (positive side only) cable & 4′ in-line glass fuse cable (positive and negative side) cable


OEM male & female connectors

OEM male & female connectors


Cables-08And when I was all done making these cables and adapters I did a simple organization grouping them together based on use.

Cables-07And into my electronic support box they went.

Note: Notice that I use Zip ties on the cables close to the Anderson Powerpole connectors? That was to take the stress off of the Powerpoles which makes them more secure.

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Powerwerx TRIcrimp for Anderson Powerpoles

Powerwerx TriCrimpSometimes I am an idiot! Yeah, I know, it comes as no big surprise to many of you. But I readily admit it in this case.

I decided early on that Anderson Powerpole connectors was the Anderson Power Polesstandard that I wanted to adopt for all my Ham radio uses. Then I decided that it made sense to use them for all my electronic and solar applications. Now that is and was a smart Ham In The Box - Anderson Powerpoledecision. But the story has just a little more background.

So I figure I know what I am doing with all this stuff coz I am some big shot prepper, electrical, handyman type person. I am using pliers and wire crimpers, etc. making up my Anderson Powerpoles. And the crimp and connections “looked” like junk, pure rookie. But I had saved $40 by not buying the specialized crimper tool! Surely it wasn’t worth the money!

Man, was I wrong!

Buy this crimper! spend the $40 for this tool! It is worth a whole lot more than just $40.

Seriously, the first time I used this tool and made my first pair of Powerpoles I knew I finally made a great decision because now my Powerpoles looked great, were solid as a rock and no “re-do’s” of filed connectors.

There are different heads you can purchase to use with the Tricrimper if you want to go that way. To me those are Powerwerx TriCrimp Interchangeable accessory die sets for the TRIcrimp powerpole crimping toolfar less important that making professional Powerpole connectors. This tool is worth every single penny! I just wish I would have bought it in the very beginning. I would have saved a whole lot of time, a whole lot of frustration, and life would have been considerably better just spending the $40 and moving on.

Buy this product !


Here’s the information on the Tricrimp from their website…


The TRIcrimp® crimping tool was exclusively designed to provide a positive crimp on the 15, 30 & 45 amp contacts manufactured by Anderson Power Products for the Powerpole® line of products. It has the following features.

  • Crimps all three sizes of Powerpole® contacts; 15, 30 and 45 amp
  • Built-in contact positioner that holds the contact during crimping
  • Ratchet mechanism assures proper crimps every time
  • Far faster and better than soldering
  • Provides the highest strength and the lowest resistance connections possible
  • Dimensions: 7.75″ X 3″ X 1.5″
  • Weight: 20 ounces
  • High Contact retention force

Contacts & Jaw Position

The 3 contacts have different amp ratings:

  • 15 Amp (SKU: 1332) is designed to receive 16, 18 and 20 gauge wire.
  • 30 Amp (SKU: 1331) is designed to receive 12, 14 gauge wire.
  • 45 Amp (SKU: 261G2) is designed to receive 10 gauge wire.

The contact size corresponds to the position marking on the die. The 15 amp contact goes into the 15 amp position, the 30 amp into the 30 position, and 45 amp into the 45 position.

Download the manual, click -> Powerwerx TRIcrimp Manual

TRAP: You think your 72/96-hour pack is light? Take a day hike for 6 hours…without Ibuprofen!

heavy back packI’ve seen folks load up what they intended to be a “72-hour pack” or a “Bug Out Bag” and think they are going to hike 1,000 miles to safety with it. But hang on a second – How much does that thing weigh?

A toughened, physically fit soldier can carry about 70 – 90 pounds of gear for a while. Are you one of them?

I am in good physical condition, workout regularly, and carry a 45 pound pack as part of my job during fire season. And let me tell you that is a heck of a chore! So, load up your “bag” (whatever you want to call it) and then go for a good hard mountainous hike for 6 – 8 hours and tell me how you feel afterwards.

Hey, you might even find out some interesting things about your boots and come to understand “Mole Skin” or “Second Skin” as your new best friend. But try out your pack before you think you have it loaded for the ultimate bug-out.