TIP – 550 Paracord

550 Paracordnote: first appeared in January 2015

550 Paracord earned its name because the working strength of the small diameter rope is 550 pounds.

Let’s make something really clear first…not all paracord can be called 550 paracord. And technically you would have to refer to it as Type III Paracord. There are multiple types of paracord, Type III being the most commonly linked to military use. So when someone is talking about, or more importantly selling you, paracord make sure it is 550 paracord or Type III rated paracord. Otherwise, you will think that those great little ropes will support you. Use the good stuff, you won’t be disappointed.Paracord1

The strands of paracord can also be used as well.  Simply separate them from the man rope and use as smaller strands.  Or separate them again to use the resulting thread.  Look for a coming post on all the uses of paracord.




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TIP: Slip 2000 EWL

I have always wanted to have the best gear and products for my weapons. Why? Because my family’s lives may depend on that weapon one day and I want it to function flawlessly. No, I might not perform “flawlessly” as the operator, but time will tell. What I want to do is reduce the probability of my equipment/gear failing. And that is why I am telling you about Slip 2000 EWL.

I can’t say I invented it or discovered it. I did however watch a video referencing it on the Internet so it must be true🙂

Pat Rogers at BCM says, "Run it hard, put it away wet."

Pat Rogers at BCM says, “Run it hard, put it away wet.”

The video showed an old crusty military veteran talking about M4’s and AR-15’s. He was talking about it is more important to keep your AR/M4 “wet” than clean. Yup, he showed his dirty, nasty bolt carrier group. And I am telling you it was dirty. But he simply would wipe it off, lube it with Slip 2000 EWL and it would run out just fine.

I put it to the test and it worked the same for me. I was especially concerned about it having a problem here in the desert southwest with all of our sand. But it was no problem whatsoever. Turns out that Slip 2000 EWL is made from synthetic liquid lubricant not petroleum products, so it doesn’t attract or hold dirt and sand.

I love the stuff! It works great and had improved the reliability of my semi-auto weapons.

From their website –

Keep it wet! This is after 15,000+ rounds

Keep it wet! This is after 15,000+ rounds

Slip 2000 EWL has incorporated advanced technology additives to enhance film strength and anti-wear properties. Penetrating the pores and bonding its self to the surface of the metal through physical absorption reducing surface tension thereby reducing friction between moving parts and minimizing wear and the build-up of wear related debris.

Slip 2000 EWL will not dry out or attract dust or dirt particles like petroleum products. Even when surface is wiped dry to the touch Slip 2000 EWL is still present and lubricating the metal parts from within the pores of the weapon. This product does not require a liquid carrier to be present for protection. Slip 2000 EWL does not evaporate off because there are no carriers needed for continued protection.

Slip 2000 EWL provides additional protection through additives that in addition to the ability to penetrate between metal surfaces, it will also aid in the effective removal of built up dirt, lead, copper, carbon, corrosion particles and firing residues that can buildup and become abrasive to both recoil and gas operated mechanisms.

After cleaning, a micro thin film of our enhanced preservative immediately bonds itself and forms a barrier film on the surface that displaces water and provides a corrosion resistant barrier against rust and dirt. It is designed to give protection against hydrogen sulfide (H2S), mild mineral acids, carbon dioxide (CO2), saltwater and brackish environments, musky water, chlorine and similar adverse environments and has passed the Salt Spray Corrosion (ASTM B-117) 150 Hour test. Additionally a barrier of protection is formed to protect against all other fouling of lead, carbon, copper and plastic wad.”





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Tip: from former Acting United States Attorney General Matthew Whitaker

One of the most interesting things to come out of my research into Mueller’s testimony on 7/24 was a statement made by  former Acting United States Attorney General Matthew Whitaker.

He was commenting on how so many of the people surrounding Trump Russia investigation ended up with obstruction and/or lying to an FBI agent charges. He was pretty upset about it and he was obviously not pleased with the behavior of the FBI and their conduct during their questioning of suspects.

Here was his takeaway point…Never talk to FBI personnel without an attorney present. He then repeated it and made clear that id din’t matter if they were talking to you as a suspect, person of interest, or even a witness.

So why an attorney present?

FBI personnel are highly trained interrogators. And it is well documented that the training includes “psychological manipulation.” Now, don’t read this sentence if you don’t want to see a vulger curse word…Special Agents commonly refer to this psychological manipulation as a “mind fuck.” Yeah, that means they know how to, and use, psychological manipulation (screwing with your mind psychologically) to get the answers they want. They also use environmental manipulation as well to make a person more susceptible to psychological manipulation. They have also been known to use violence as an interrogation method.

So Whitaker said first…Always be truthful with an FBI agent.Then he said…Always have a lawyer with you whenever answering questions by the FBI.

Why? Because anything other than the truth is a felony.

Interesting to note…it is perfectly legal for an FBI agent to lie while asking questions. Yup, FBI agents lie while asking questions and it is perfectly legal for them to do so.

Another trick they use is the threat of (i.e. blackmail) a long list of charges that you will be charged with…and/or family members will be charged. That extortion attempt is to get you to admit to whatever they are looking for (normally a less charge than used in the extortion attempt)…whether you are guilty of it or not. Remember…they, the FBI and federal prosecutors, are under no legal, moral, or professional requirement to prove you innocent. Their sole goal is a conviction, or plea deal, for a crime.

So…roll all of this into one huge ball of crap and a long history of infamous acts, including perjury, FBI agents are simply not to be trusted…ever! And that is from former Acting United States Attorney General Matthew Whitaker. Anytime the FBI would ever want to talk with you…have your lawyer there with you…a criminal defense lawyer. Why? Because a criminal defense lawyer knows the FBI tricks, lies, and mental manipulation techniques…and will prevent you from becoming another victim of the FBI. If you are actually guilty of something, that criminal defense attorney will ensure that due process is actually applied according tot he Constitutional rights we have as US citizens.

So, do you have to answer questions asked by the FBI? Yes, but only to identify yourself. Other than that you do not have to answer questions. And you have the right to have an attorney present during any questioning.

So, if Special Agents attempted to question me…about anything:

  1. I would only identify myself.
  2. I would politely inform them that I want attorney present before I answer any questions.
  3. I would not, never, ever, believe a single word that comes out of their mouth because they have a legal right to lie to you about anything. And they are trained to lie very, very skillfully.
  4. I would then not answer any question other than stating “I want an attorney.”
  5. Repeat steps 1 – 4……..no deviation….period!

So, you may want to doubt me…okay, fine. By ask yourself this, why would former Acting United States Attorney General Matthew Whitaker say, “Never talk to FBI personnel without an attorney present!”?

If you are honest with yourself you will know the answer.

And how do I know this to be true? Personal, first-hand experience. Yup, you read that right. Maybe one day I will write about it.




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TRAP – Generators can get you unwanted attention

Honda Generatornote: first appeared in January 2015

I had a buddy that was absolutely sold on generators, he had three of them. Swore by them and he was proud to own them. He was showing them off to me one day and I asked him, “What would you use them for?” He just stared at me with this blank look on his face. I asked him again. Finally he got his composure back and said for the house. I said okay, “Where is your fuel for them?” He only had a single 5-gal can of old gas, half full. My friend didn’t buy me lunch that day.

What I am getting at is a couple things:

  1. If you are going to own a generator what is specific purpose?
  2. Do you store enough stabilized fuel for it?Blackout

Then once you have asked & answered those questions I want you to think about this…Disaster struck, maybe even “grid-down”, and you get out your generator and stored fuel. You fire that puppy up and poof your lights are on, your AC is running and the freezer is safe.

OK, now think about this for one second…Who sees you are the only house on your side of town with lights on? And all your neighbors, or anyone else driving or walking by, can hear your generator purring along. What do you think will go through their head? So now it is day 5 or 10 or day 20. Now exactly how popular are you?

Honda generator with propane fuelYes, generators have their place in “prepping”, there is absolutely no question about that. But have you identified a specific purpose/mission/reason for your generator? Can it meet that task? Do you have the right amount of fuel for it and its mission? And are you prepared for a whole lot of attention, a bunch of it probably unwanted?

Do I have a generator?  Yup, a Honda EU2000i for keeping my batteries charged if the two solar panels can’t keep up.



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TRAP – The #1 obstacle to people getting prepared for emergencies and disasters is Normalcy Bias.

Normalcy Bias - Man with head in the sandI have never seen any reliable formal studies on what percentage of the US population is prepared for disasters and emergencies. Based on my 40+ years of experience I would say less than 3% for the most minor of emergencies and disasters that would last 10 days. For a longer-term disaster (i.e. hurricane Katrina) I would say that % drops to no more than 1% – 2%. For true “grid-down” I honestly believe that % is somewhere around .1%  (less than 1%) in the absolute best case scenario.

There are a number of reasons for the lack of longer-term and “grid-down” preparedness. Of which I think the top ones would be finances, knowledge and motivation. But for the average person being prepared for the most minor of emergencies and disasters would be Normalcy Bias. I written about Normalcy Bias before (TRAP – Normalcy Bias can kill you quicker than Competency Bias.).

And here is the thing…97+% of people don’t want to hear about emergency & disaster preparedness at all. Why? It is scary and way outside of what anyone really things will happen. Let me tell you I’ve seen folks who live in the forest with trees, brush and grass all around them. Then they can’t believe it when a wildfire is threatening. So how are those same types of people gonna process that the grid could come down? Come on, they couldn’t even fathom the damage a hurricane could produce living in New Orleans BELOW sea level!!

Normalcy Bias is the single biggest hurdle for almost everyone to overcome in preparing for emergencies and disasters.Normalcy bias - question mark holding man down

So, what is your Normalcy Bias preventing you from doing?



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TRAP : REI wool socks…

I hate issuing warnings, but sometimes they are needed. This is one of those times.

A bunch of years ago I purchased REI brand wool socks and really liked them. And like all socks, they finally wore out. Time to replace them!

So about two months ago I purchased a couple different pair of REI Co-op brand socks. And here is the sad part…I didn’t really spend enough time looking at the “tech specs” of the socks I purchased. Yeah…me!

A couple of weeks ago I noticed one night as I was taking socks off that the space underneath my toes, just forward of the ball of my foot was damp. That is not supposed to happen with wool socks! So, I tried another pair of REI Co-op the next morning, and the same thing that night. Time to test!

So, I take all four pairs of the REI Co-op brand wool socks and wash/dry them. I wear each pair (1 pair all day, I day each) for four consecutive days. All had the same results. Bad!

Wool socks that make your feet damp is a bad thing…a very bad thing! In cold weather that good spell disaster.

I then tried a couple pair of my Smartwool socks and my feet were just fine.

That means I now have to say don’t buy REI Co-op brand socks. They are not good for your feet.

Why were they creating the dampness? The REI Co-op brand of socks actually have a high percentage of “non-wool” materials (i.e. nylon, spandex, Lycra, etc.). I think anything less than 90 – 95% wool is not the way to go.

TRAP – Do not rely solely on yourself for survival, you will fail.

LoneWolfThere is a “lone wolf” mentality in the prepper world that says you can survive by yourself (or just you & your family) tucked away in a cabin somewhere away from a fallen society. I say that is pure hogwash!!!

You might make it for a couple of days, a week or 6 months…maybe even a year. But survival takes a lot of skills and resources to be successful. And I am willing to bet that even with a large family you don’t come close to having all those skills.

Example #1: How about security? In “grid-down” with a threat of physical harm you must provide security for your location. How many people does it take to provide 24/7 security? Let’s say just one person at a time on duty. OK, how long are the shifts? How many shifts per day? How do they rest when they are not providing security? Do they have other physical responsibilities when not providing security? I say it takes a minimum of 4 adults to provide minimal security for a location 24/7. And then it is questionable how long they can keep that up before they become burned out and complacent.

Example #2: Your wife’s appendix bursts, how do you keep her from dying? Are you a doctor with surgical capability?

Example #3: Your truck quits working because you blew a rod. Can you fix it? Can you manufacture a new rod?Group-PeopleShooting

Your only chance of survival long-term is in a group with the right combination of skill sets. Plus, it is more enjoyable than cabin fever! Go find yourself a self-reliance group and work with them to make it a great experience…and improve your odds of survival.

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