Day 50 – Wednesday

Jim, Ken, Matt, and I talked for a couple of hours this morning. We think there is only one option…the cabin in Arizona. We can’t even begin to guess how long this mess will last. At the same time we have no idea how bad it will get here. When we were talking Jim said he was familiar with that area of Arizona. He said it was a solid area with conservative, patriotic people living there. He said the Mormon Church had a lot of members there and he was sure it was a safe place to be. He thinks that it will be well organized and a community of people that are willing to help each other out.

We are going. The question is…when?

Yeah, we are going to the cabin. We will leave soon, real soon and it will be a 325 mile walk during the desert monsoon season. Ironic, if I had headed to the cabin vs. walking home I would have been there in no time…only 200 miles from Tucson. And here I am going to walk another 325 miles after having just walked 320 miles. Well…life is no longer boring I can tell you that. I just hope my feet will hold out. They are still kind of torn up. Not as bad as they were but still not good. Lisa has me soaking them in Epsom salts every night.

We are going to have a meeting with the wives and other husbands this afternoon to talk about the cabin, etc. If Jared is around, we will include him. If he doesn’t go I think Morgan would sneak away and try to stay with him.

There are 23 of us total. 15 adults, 8 kids (5 of which are teenagers) and 1 toddler, and a 1-year old baby. And we are going to walk 325 miles through the desert southwest during the monsoon season to a cabin in Arizona that we aren’t even sure is still standing. Man, oh man…what are we thinking? But, to stay here is going to be a disaster…a fatal one. We have to go…we will go. This is bug-out time!

I talked to Lisa again about the cabin. She is desperate to get there. She says it is the only safe place for us. She is fine with sharing our stash with the others. She wants to know if I am going to say anything about the conex building full of stuff. Nope! I told her we would do that once we were there. OpSec (operational security) is paramount at the moment. No need to tempt anyone. Besides, no one would probably believe me. And another thing…I would love to see their faces when I open it up.

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