AI, ML, DOD, & US Secret Police Agencies

As I have been warning you about for years…there is now proof-positive evidence the US Government is now actively involved in spying on every American, using AI/ML (artificial intelligence / machine learning) to search for “threats” and then to counter those threats in operations…called “mitigation”…and there are no limits to what those measures/operations will/could be.

The Federalist in a March 21st article revealed all the details and evidence outlining this previously covert operation against US citizens. They even cited the contracts and companies involved in the public/private partnerships with the US government. And yes, this is in direct opposition to the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. The details show that the US government is monitoring “every conceivable mode of conversation.” That includes:

  • news sites,
  • blogs,
  • social media platforms,
  • podcasts,
  • TV and radio,
  • email newsletters,
  • newspapers,
  • militant groups,
  • social networks,
  • messaging apps,
  • RSS feeds
  • peer-to-peer messaging platforms,
  • forums,
  • “gray” propaganda sites,
  • the dark web,
  • Telegram app,
  • Reddit app,
  • Discord app,
  • all publicly captured images.

So anything and everything that is on the Internet, or uses the Internet, will be captured and analyzed by AI and ML, communications identified as a potential threat, and then mitigation operations launched against those potential threats…ALL without human intervention!

Look one more time at the last item on the list above…”all publicly captured images.” That means any image that is on the Internet will be captured and analyzed. But it doesn’t stop there…ANY image that is in the public domain will be included. That means ANY image via traffic cams, street cams, city observation cams, store cams, etc. will be included in this effort. We will be China…Communist China…actually, as of now, we are Communist China.

I have repeatedly warned you that our country…the United States of America…is lost, it has fallen, we are an authoritarian state…a police state.

Now that the US government has made its intentions and operations against US citizens clearly, factually, known…we now clearly know what we are dealing with…and the wide-spread treason involved in this throughout the government and technology companies.

Act accordingly, make informed decisions, and please…I ask you seriously…read the Declaration of Independence. Download a copy, print it out, print multiple copies, study it, understand it. Please pay particularly attention to the first two paragraphs. Let me say that again…pay particularly attention to the first two paragraphs.

Have you figured out who you are, what your principles are, where your red lines are, and are you truly, actually willing to stand by those principles…no matter what…no matter the price.

“And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm Reliance on the Protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.”


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My head wants to explode because of science deniers…part 2

stuff that makes AH Trimble's head explodeWelcome to Part #2 of my exploding head rant. If you didn’t read yesterday then you are probably better off from a mental health perspective. But, if you are determined to read today’s Part #2 then you should probably read Part #1 from yesterday.

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Warning: Reading yesterday’s article and today’s article may make your head want to explode also.

Let’s get right to it…

#4 – Let’s just go ahead and kill everyone! First off the countries of the world combined kill approximately 140 unborn babies each minute. Think about that for a minute…73,000,000 babies that will never experience life because they will be killed by medical professionals.

But no…that is not enough…not near enough! Back in 2016 Canada approved assisted suicide. Yup, death by Doctor for whomever wants it. But, that too wasn’t good enough! How about this…if you are feeling depressed, or lonely, or kinda blue…the mentally ill…yup, you can have em kill you too.

But wait…that isn’t good enough either! How about…let’s kill kids too! Not the 73million unborn babies already being killed, this is a whole new group of kids that doctors can kill. So who are these kids in Canada? Any unemancipated minor patient (child below the age of 18) that a doctor feels is mature enough to make the decision…can now make the decision to kill themselves and have a Doctor help them. How nice…Doctors at their finest!

And who pays the doctors to kill the babies, the adults, the mentally ill, and now young kids? Oh, the Canadian government. So the more kids and babies that Canadian doctors kill…the more money those doctors make. How convenient.

Yeah, how’s that for a great country like Canada!!! Kill babies, kill the mentally ill, kill adults, kill kids under the age of 18…kill, kill, kill! That almost sounds like eugenics doesn’t it.

Not to worry…only in 10 countries around the world is it legal to kill people on demand…or if the doctor thinks it appropriate. But not to worry…there are more than 50 countries where it is perfectly legal, and women are encouraged, to kill unborn babies.

And there are still a few people that wonder why the world is in such a mess as it is today. Imagine that!

Oh, and we just celebrated Thanksgiving…and so did The Nation magazine. They had the headline…We are Thankful for our Abortions! Oh, and they said to “celebrate the experience.” And FYI…The Nation is solidly communist and the editors have interesting backgrounds including Soviet spies and rabid Communists and Socialists. Imagine that!

Once again, I am willing to accept and use science to stop the deaths of millions and millions of babies, kids, adults, and the mentally ill around the world. And that scientifically proven method to stop all of that death is…simple, stop baby killing abortions and stop the killing of minor children and adults on demand under the guise of euthanasia.

So who are the pro-abortion, abortion rights advocates in the US, Canada, and around the world????

#5 – Biden…yes, “Joe-the-Pervert” Biden, says semiautomatic firearms have no social redeeming value. Dang! Well, give him credit…that comes after a number of high-profile shootings. Shootings by mentally ill folks and criminals in predominately liberal/Democrat controlled cities and/or states.

So let’s not blame the shooting on the actual primary causes…criminals and mental illness…let’s blame the gun. The gun that is obviously perfectly capable of making decisions on its own and pulling its own trigger…while aiming itself at people.

While “Sexual Predator” Joe is senile and in the throws of dementia, he and those around him know why the Founding Father believed so strongly in the Second Amendment…the average citizen’s capability to resist a tyrannical and oppressive central government.

Of course “Child-Hair-Sniffer” Biden wants the guns gone…then our tyrannical federal government can’t be resisted as the Founding Fathers wanted and that the Bill of Rights ensured.

And of course this comes on the heels of a report that shows that half of all Americans believe the US is close to another Civil War. Huummmm……

So, since I am not a science denier let’s look at the science to stop gun violence. Since the mentally ill are one of the largest groups to commit shootings, let’s pass a law that forbids the mentally ill from buying or processing a gun. Oh, we already have that. Well then I guess that means we should have institutions where the mentally ill can receive quality care, be protected from themselves and each other, protect potential victims from becoming victims of the mentally ill, and that creates a safe environment where the mentally ill can’t realistically possess and use a gun to shoot and kill people. Oh, the liberals, Progressives, and Democrats already made those kinds of institutions a thing of the past.

Now that leaves the criminal element who commit a large portion of gun violence. Well, science and logic would then dictate to keep the guns out of criminal’s hands. Oh, we already have that. Well, maybe the best way to keep guns out of the hands of criminals is treat criminals as criminals…lock them up. When a person commits a crime where a gun is used then the criminal gets locked up for a very long time. Plus, automatically, no bail upon arrest. If a person committing a crime uses a gun to injure someone then it is life in prison, if they use a gun to kill someone they get the death penalty. So there is that scientifically proven cure.

Now there are two remaining additional known statistics/facts associated with gun violence. First off, most gun violence occurs in jurisdictions that are under the political control of liberals, progressives, and Democrats. Solution is simple…disallow local jurisdictions from being politically controlled by liberals, progressives, and Democrats. And, just to be fair, any politician who is the governing authority in a political jurisdiction at the state level or below, where gun violence is above the statistical mean for any given year is immediately removed from office, and forbidden to hold any future political office, regardless of political party association. A perfect scientific solution based on statistics and facts.

And finally, the last of the last two additional known statistics/facts associated with gun violence. According to CNN, 2021 was the worst year on record for mass shootings. Further, they state that 2022 will eclipse 2021 and become the worst year on record for mass shootings, making 2021 and 2022 the worst years in history for mass shootings. That is science, statistics, facts…and they are not to be ignored, they are not to be denied. During those same years Joe Biden has been President. Obviously, based on the very same science that liberals, progressives, and Democrats use for a whole host of decisions…Joe Biden should be immediately removed from office…obviously there is a clear and undeniable scientific link there.

So you can clearly see that I am not a science denier and I am more than willing to apply facts, evidence, and scientific methods to cure problems in the USA.

# 6 – The best for last…oh yeah!

So there seems to be some confusion out there on a particular subject…but science can eliminate that confusion. So let’s not deny science shall we. Let’s embrace and believe in science!

From Psychology Today (scientific journal) titled X Y Chromosomes

“Each human cell contains 23 pairs of chromosomes that carry DNA within their nucleus. The X and Y chromosomes, commonly referred to as the sex chromosomes, are one such pair. They determine the biological sex, reproductive organs, and sexual characteristics that develop in a person. Female (XX) mammals inherit one X chromosome from each parent, but males (XY) receive an X from their mother and a Y sex chromosome from their father.”

Then there is the SCIENCING (scientific journal) article Differences in Male and Female Chromosomes.

“The main differences between males and females are the X and Y chromosomes. Among humans, two X chromosomes make a woman, and an X and a Y chromosome make a man.”

So there we have it…there is no confusion, no debate, no concern any more about male vs female!! It has been scientifically proven for 117 years. Yeah, go figure…people, to this day, are still denying science and thinking that biological males can become females, and biological females can become males. If you have XY chromosome you are a male, if you have XX chromosome you are a female.

But of course…a person can play at, pretend to be, another sex. For instance a male can pretend, make believe, he is a female…but he is still a male. And there is no third or even ten-thousandth gender available in science. And no, a person can’t be “gender fluid” unless they have found a way to change their XX & XY chromosomes at will like contact lenses. Which science says, when it comes to chromosomes, they can’t and don’t.

Summary…there are only two genders, two sexes according to science…male and female. Of course any normal, reasonable, intelligent, non-idiot, with even a single functioning brain cell person already knew that.

Now here comes the biggest issue I have in regards to the “gender issue”…children.

When someone teaches children that their gender is not “fixed” or determined by science they are lying…criminally lying.

When someone assists a child to pretend to be another gender they are committing a criminal, dangerous, and disgusting act.

When a person gives a child hormone altering drugs so a child can resemble a sex other than that which science says they are…then that is a foul and repugnant criminal act. If that person providing the drugs, or prescribing the drugs, is a medical professional then that person is beyond a criminal…they are evil.

When someone mutilates a child’s physical body to allow that child to make believe they are a gender other than what science says they are…that is the worst of the worst kind of extreme child abuse crime. That is consistent with the thinking and actions of Josef Rudolf Mengele, physician, Nazi SS officer, referred to as the “Angel of Death” during the 1930’s and 1940’s.

And then there is the perversion and degenerate activity that has become popular…drag queen shows for children as young as 3. I can hardly conceive a more debauched and depraved activity than this! A group of scientifically proven males dressed up in the most hideous costumes pretending to be females and corrupting not just the minds of children…but corrupting their very souls.

How as a society, one that was founded on morals and correct principles, devolve to a point where this disgusting and completely morally bankrupt activity takes place? And how can our elected officials not only tolerate it, but encourage it?

How totally void of morals, ethics, principles, and decency does a person have to be to take part in this kind of utter evil against children?

As for the parents who take their children to such events…there will be a day of reckoning…if not in this life, then the next.

Stop denying science…assist biological males to be MEN…assist biological females to be WOMEN!!

Summary –

Man, long posts over the last two days to be sure…but I had to get some of that crap off my chest. It has been bugging me since early last week. But I wasn’t sure how I wanted to write it up…I am glad I waited.

The evil in the world wants to corrupt truth into lies. The evil in the world wants to somehow make science only applicable and true when it benefits them, the evil ones. The evil in the world wants to corrupt the good in the world because it despises all that is good and decent.

The best way to avoid evil taking hold in your life, in your family, is to know truth…and hold to that iron rod of truth! Do not be swayed! Do not tolerate evil! Do not allow evil people and evil ideas into your life…not even one iota!

Read truth, watch truth, listen to truth, embrace truth, and only truth. When it comes to being open minded…it doesn’t apply to that which is evil…reject evil completely and totally and immediately!

Take care folks…and I mean that sincerely. I am a believer in, and a student of, history. And I can’t remember ever reading about more global evil being present in the world than what we have today. Evil is claiming more and more people, destroying more souls and lives, but you can fight it and you can win!



Find the truth, hold on to the truth, and fight evil at every turn.

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My head wants to explode because of science deniers…part 1

stuff that makes AH Trimble's head explodeYeah, I didn’t write much while I took my week off over Thanksgiving…but I did do a little reading and some research as you would have guessed. And while doing so…I found some things that just wanted to make my head explode. Mainly, I want people to STOP DENYING SCIENCE!!

Yup, stop being a science denier…yes, you…yes, me…yes, them…yes, everybody!

Those 6 “explode my head” things are…

#1 – A Christian organization, Faithful America, has started a petition protesting Trump’s 2024 campaign. And they are asking Christians to “speak out” against Trump running for president. The petition amassed close to 15,000 signatures of their 20,000 signature goal.

Well, I decided to look into who they are…and guess what…they are a radical liberal group trying to pass themselves off as Christians. Now, they may well be Christians individually, but their organization is truly liberal, progressive, or anything but solid doctrine followers of Christ. So we have to be ever vigilant to not be misled by a name alone. And yes, they are mostly pro-Catholic that adamantly support Pope Francis. And yes, they are also eco-nazis.

And speaking of Pope Francis, did you know he is not just a believer in “humanism” he is a hardcore preacher of it? More than a dozen sermons advocating for it in the last few years. Yup! And just for a second think about this…”humanism” is essentially placing the individual and society above God, depending primarily on science and technology, from liberal education sources, to solve problems vs looking to God’s guidance and eternal truths to guide us. Humanism is its own morality. Yeah, go figure…a global church leader, a religious leader of over 1 billion people…a leader who places human knowledge and capability above that of God.

#2 – In 2016 Dallas Police Department used a robot to kill a suspect. Yup, no arrest, no charges, no trial, no jury, no judge…no nothing. The DPD just decided the suspect needed to be killed…even though he was no imminent threat to anyone at the time. His suspected crime…a cop killer. What? Cops wanting to outright kill someone they thought was a cop killer??? Noooooo…say it ain’t so.

When I first heard of this event I was appalled and worried at the time, and wrote an article about it for another website. I cautioned that this would become the norm and take decision making out of the hands of actual people and place the life and death of US citizens in the hands of machines. And since then I have written about the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and its increased use…against humans. And I have written about the US federal government use of drones to kill Americans, mostly overseas. Well, now it is normalized and right here in Amerika.

A month ago a city council in the US voted unanimously to approve the use of robots to kill people. Yes, obviously, to kill people who are suspected of crimes…the key word being “suspected” as you can guess. And now, guess which state in the US this city is located? Well, just think the state most like Communist China with all of its anti-citizen repression and anti-rights suppression? Yup! You guessed it…California. And now guess which city…think the most racial leftist, socialist city in the Communist State of Kalifornia. Bingo! You are batting 100%…San Francisco!

So think about this folks…no arrest, no charges, no trial, no jury, no judge, no due process…no nothing…just a robot sent in to kill a living breathing human being. How’s that make you feel about where we are headed as a country and people? Oh wait, we are already perfectly fine with a multilayered surveillance society…so why not be perfectly fine with government that kill you via machine with ZERO due process…hell, murder with no human even pulling the trigger. Sure will get the LEOs off the hook more!

Let’s stop denying science…or rather…let’s stop using science and technology from killing people on demand.

#3 – Research just released shows over 70% of children 7 – 12 years old are now fearful, scared of, climate change. Yeah, scared of something that has been taking place for millions of years is now the new boogie man and scaring our kids to death. Gotta love it!

I am not a science denier for sure!! The climate is changing…has been for a very long time…that is proven science. And now for a minute let’s say man is a large contributor to that…hell, let’s say mankind is the #1 contributor driving up CO2 and related emissions.

So, that being said there were approximately 200 private jets that flew to COP26 & COP27 Climate Summits (2021 & 2022). The EU’s Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) says that each flight emitted 43.5 metric tonnes of climate destroying emissions, that is 95,900 US pounds of environment killing vapors. But don’t forget…there were 200 flights…that is just shy of 20million pounds of planet ruining emissions…one way. Yeah, that is 40 million pounds round trip.

So doing the math…our climate saviors, the best of the world’s elites, (about 300 people) dumped the same amount of poison into the environment in two weeks as about 2,300 Americans do…for a whole year!

Oh wait, that doesn’t include the ground transportation emissions for our betters, our elites, to talk about what to do to save the planet from poisonous emissions. Oh wait, and that doesn’t include the poisons from the air conditioning for the luxury hotels they stayed in. Oh wait, that doesn’t include the poisons from the manufacture of the private jets they flew in or vehicles they rode in.

So I have a list of science based ideas:

  1. All private jets must be turned over to a global organization that will recycle every component in them, turn those materials into cash, and distribute that cash to the poorest of the poor in Africa. Of course, no compensation to those jet owners who turned in those private jets…it is their reparations for their destruction of the planet.
  2. The US government will turn over all non-tactical, non-logistical aircraft (including Air Force One) to the same agency as mentioned in #1 for the same processing.
  3. To protect our ocean’s coasts and prevent further damage to the coastline and oceans, all beach front homes (those within a ½ mile of the ocean’s coasts) will be carefully torn down and those building supplies will be used to create free homes for disabled veterans of their respective countries. Of course, no compensation to those home owners…it is their reparations for their destruction of the planet.
  4. All homes larger than 5,000sqft that use utility produced heat/electric will be processed the same as #3. Of course, no compensation to those home owners either…it is their reparations for their destruction of the planet.
  5. Any limousine, or similar vehicle, will be surrendered to the agency mentioned in #1 for processing that dismantles the vehicle and recycles all usable parts. The proceeds from the project will be turned over for feeding homeless veterans of their respective countries. Of course, no compensation to those vehicle owners…it is their reparations for their destruction of the planet.
  6. To further reduce emissions and reduce the national budget/debt, all federal politicians will be responsible for their own transportation to/from work, walking or bikes. Federal buildings will have their thermostats set at 80 during the summer and 65 during the winter to further decrease emissions and the budget/debt. And further more…to truly save energy, reduce emissions, and cut the national budget…Congress will only meet twice a year for a session and for one 1 week each session. And yes, the sessions will be held in mid-July and mid-January…and certainly complying with federal thermostat standards.

What do you think? A good start!!?? Of course no federal politician, elitist, environmental advocate, federal employee, or corporation should voice a single objection…any objection would show they would be in favor of killing the planet along with killing our children and grandchildren.

But not to fear…the UK is here! The citizens of the UK have seen 200 – 400% increase in energy bills in the last year. Some residents can’t even come close to paying their energy bills. But not to worry…the UK government just issued a statement saying they will be cutting off subsidies to their citizens that helped the poor pay for luxuries such as heat and electricity. And they are cutting that off just before winter really sets in.

But the UK government has a solution…reduce the thermostats in your homes, and stop using rooms in your house, and then close those rooms off. So how many government offices does that apply to????

And why would they stop those payments right before winter? Oh wait…they just agreed to pay climate reparations to other countries to the tunes of billions of equivalent US dollars. Way to go!!!!! Globalism first!!! Screw our own citizens!!!!

So let’s stop denying science…let’s get the rich elites and government lackeys to set the example to stop climate destruction!! Let them show us mere mortals, the great unwashed, how it’s done…apply science…SHOW us by your actions how to stop killing the planet.

So today’s “3” things that make my head explode are calm, temperate, and mild compared to tomorrow’s! Come on back and enjoy yourself reading Part #2 🙂

< click here to read Part #2 >

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Relax Already!

stuff that makes AH Trimble's head explodeLet’s go to Trimble’s fantasy land for a minute…and relate a story to a current event.

So here you are, you and your spouse are competing in a National Greatest Parent competition. You need all the votes you can get to receive that very prestigious award and the multi-million dollar prize that goes with it. But you think you are lacking about 5 votes to win. Hummmmm…what do you do for those last 5 votes???

Then you have a flash of brilliance…you know how to get the last 5 votes and maybe a couple extra…YOUR CHILDREN (15 of them)! But, there is one small problem…your 7 biological children are not real happy with you because you haven’t really been keeping your promises lately and they just kinda struggle with you in general terms. But, you know you probably can’t make them be loyal to you, you can’t make them love you, but you how to get their vote…you are determined to win Nation Greatest Parent!!

See, back about 10 years ago you lent each biological child a lot of money over 4 years…lent them each $37,667*. Yes, you had an agreement that they would pay you back the money but you really haven’t worried about them paying the money back. Why? Because you are very, very rich and the money they repay you is a very tiny fraction of 1% of the income you make each year. And no worries at all…you borrow money every year anyways. See, even though you are very rich and makes lots of money, you borrow money each year in order to pay your bills.

Actually, you are so not worried about them paying you back, that over 2 years ago… you told them stop making payment for a couple of years just to help them get through this whole COVID nonsense. And it was so nice of you to do…some of them bought a new house, bought a new car, and some even took a great vacation just this year to Disneyland for National Pride Month.

And all of that has been amazing for you and your kids! See, each one of them is married and the combined income for each couple is $184,648…… per year. They certainly needed the help!

So your plan is going to work…you will “give” them (debt forgiveness) each $10,000 – $20,000 and they will vote for you this year so you can win the National Greatest Parent title that means so much to you.

But, you have an even bigger plan…in 2 years they are having Greatest Parent of the Universe competition. And you know that to get their vote for that…you will forgive all of the money they owe you. You smile to yourself…you are brilliant!!

Get my drift?

So, back to reality, let’s review a couple of things:

  • Don’t blame people receiving the debt forgiveness, it wasn’t their decision. And, I doubt you would give back a $10,000 or $20,000 check that the US government sent to you.
  • No “expert” has a clue how much this stroke of the pen will eventually amount to. But, it will be in the hundreds of billions.
  • It will not add to inflation. Recipients haven’t had to make payments for two years now…so there will be virtually no “new” money going into the economy. For each person…the $10k forgiveness amounts to well under $200 per month…not an inflation feeding amount.
  • There doesn’t have to be a mechanism to “pay for” this debt forgiveness. It is a debt, not an added welfare payment…there is no money being sent out. The government will simply remove hundreds of billions of dollars from the ”asset” side of federal government bookkeeping…no money going out. Hence, no need to pay for the program.
  • Vote buying is a corrupt election practice that obstructs our voting process by impeding the exercise of our rights to freely choose our leaders. This move by Biden is simply vote buying to help Democrats keep control of Congress and ensures that everyone sees the power of the US federal government.
  • And no, the Constitution has no authorization for the President to do this. Actually, the Constitution has no authorization for a student loan program to begin with.
  • The US government considers a couple to be “upper-class” if they make $144,251 per year. So Biden’s plan covers all of the upper-class…stretching well into the “rich” category. For a single person the US government considers you “upper-class” at $72,126. So the debt relief program was geared specifically not toward middle-income class at all. The wealthy were targeted for this vote buying debt relief program. The lower income folks, including the middle-income” folks just happened to get swept up in it.

So you knew from the very beginning what this was all about…vote buying. But, now you understand it was also about wealth transfer…moving money from the government to the upper-class income folks. Why else would the government transfer $20,000 – $40,000** to couples making an average of $184,648…… per year?

Oh, one last step back to Trimble’s fantasy land…

About the 8 adopted children that the couple has…well, they never got any “loans” from the parents. And the parents could care less about how they are doing or getting their vote. And no, the parents are not going to give them a single dollar for any reason whatsoever.

Why? They don’t even talk to those kids, don’t know where they live, never send them a Christmas card, and don’t want anything to do with them.

Why? Because those kids made their own way in life, paid for their own education or got a great job as an electrician, computer programmer, plumber, mechanic, firefighter, etc. And those kids aren’t particularly in love with their adopted parents either…because those adoptive parents disowned them a long time ago.


Maybe Uncle Joe isn’t so crazy after all.

Then again…

* Average total student loan debt.

… †Federal Student Loan Payment “Pause” Program.

…… Average income for each couple who has student loan debt. Average income for each individual person is $92,324.

** $10,000 per each person debt relief standard. $20,000 debt relief for those who received Pell Grants.



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Time to write about crypto-currency!

stuff that makes AH Trimble's head explodeI will be blunt, honest, and probably insulting…and no doubt rude in this article. I am going to approach this from two angles, crypto-currency as 1) a personal investment, 2) a preparedness item. I will use “Bitcoin” as the example of choice. Yes, that means there are more, but not for this article…too many to list and all basically the same. I will use facts, historical charts, experience, and common sense. If you don’t like any of the above…then don’t read the article!!!

Personal Investment –

Let’s look at the historical price chart of Bitcoin to gain the big picture…

As we look at it we see that from 8/22/2014 – 7/17/2017 it went from $400 – $2,730…a 582% gain, almost 90% annualized gain. VERY good indeed!!  Especially considering the consistent trading volume. But that was only the start. From mid-July 2017 to mid-December of that year it jumped another 600%!!! Sweet, to say the least. So, had you purchased a single Bitcoin in August 2014 for $400 you would be looking at that account value being just about $20,000…in 3-1/2 years. Hey, does it get any better than that?

Before I go too far…do you remember the old saying, “If it is too good to be true, it usually is”?

Another example: You were cautious of Bitcoin until December 2017, but you liked what you saw in its historical performance…and you bought a single Bitcoin in December 2017 for $20,000. You are going to strike it rich!!!  In the spring of 2019 you decided to buy a new house with the Bitcoin profits…paying cash for a house. So you sell off your single Bitcoin…for $3,673. Oh my! A 82% loss…YUCK!

So let’s spin the wheel again: You decide to not sell your Bitcoin and not buy a new house in 2019…you hang on to it. In the spring of 2021 you decide to review what your Bitcoin is worth…over $60,000! That is really nice…and now you are thinking a mansion vs just a puny new house. You decide to wait on the mansion for awhile and being smart, you buy another Bitcoin to take advantage of a no-lose investment. Now you are the proud owner of two Bitcoins worth $120,000…you are a sure winner in this crypto-lottery. Now it is the end of 2021 and you need money for a serious issue in the family…you sell your Bitcoins…and pocket $98,400. Yes, a loss of over $20,000 in just 8 months. Oooopppppsssss!

Not an issue you say to yourself…I only had invested $60,400 total and got back $98,400. That is still a net gain of $38,400. Not too shabby…63% gain over 7+years. You are very, very proud of yourself…that is 6.92% annual return on your total investment spanning 7+ years!!!

Silly me…My S&P 500 index mutual fund investment only yielded 14.9% annual return during that same period of time.

Now, granted that original Bitcoin that you paid $400 went to $48,200…and that is nothing to sneeze at. And hopefully you are very lucky! Because if you aren’t so lucky your Bitcoin was stolen along with the over 4,000,000 other Bitcoins that have been stolen since the beginning…12 years. That is $192,800,000,000…yup, as of today that is 192 billion dollars’ worth of Bitcoin stolen. That’s $16billion per year on average. Oh, and FYI…an additional 20% of all Bitcoins have been lost by their owner’s and are not recoverable according to a 2019 research article. And then again…in 2020 the Federal Government seized $1,000,000,000,000 (1 billion dollars) of Bitcoins from Silk Road, a website that used Bitcoin in their currency wallet. And no, the Feds have no interest or intent to find the actual owners of the Bitcoins.

So if your Bitcoins weren’t stolen, or you didn’t lose them, or the Feds didn’t seized them…you are in great shape. Notice the operative word “if”!

And no problems…there are always more Bitcoins to buy, right! And Bitcoins are a wonderful investment because they have fantastic intrinsic value. Bitcoins are made through mining…the process of creating new bitcoin is by solving a computational puzzle via computer(s). Yup, computers create Bitcoins out of thin air! Oh, and there is no licensing for Bitcoin miners…and no regulations, no oversight, no tracking, no nothing for Bitcoin miners or how they go about their mining.

And now let me introduce you to a couple of very successful Bitcoin miners, just to instill confidence in you of course…

They are Aanya and her brother Ishaan, 9 years old and 14 years old respectively. They are making in excess of $30,000 per month “mining” Bitcoin and two other cryptocurrencies. So that should lead you to the question of…What value does Bitcoin actually have?

There are two ways to determine Bitcoin’s value; 1) intrinsic value, 2) market value.

Intrinsic value means the value the item has in and of itself, or as its own property. Silver for instance has intrinsic value because it can be made into a wide range of marketable items. Silver is used for jewelry, electrical and electronics parts, solar panels, aircraft parts, medicine, tableware, water purification, and monetary coins…just to name some.

Market value is what other people are willing to pay for the item you have, the value is strictly determined by the other person’s willingness to purchase what you have. Real estate is a good example of an item that has “market value”. A person who wishes to purchase your home is willing to offer a certain amount of money…hence, that is what your home is worth on the open market. But, a home has additional capacity to have intrinsic value as well. The wood, block, copper, appliances, trim, flooring, etc. also have intrinsic value.

Now, back to the question… What value does Bitcoin actually have?

Bitcoin has absolutely no intrinsic value at all, none whatsoever. There is ZERO intrinsic value in Bitcoin because there is no physical property, real value, that represents Bitcoin. However, Bitcoin has market value…but that is all that it has. Bitcoin is only worth what someone else is willing to pay you for it. If no one is willing to pay you for your $20,000 purchase price Bitcoin…then it is worth nothing. If they want to pay you $100 for that $20,000 Bitcoin then that is exactly what it is worth and nothing more. Market value is strictly determined by other people.

So let’s look at that for a minute in a little more detail…the old “how much someone is willing to pay you” thing…

Reviewing the historic price chart of Bitcoin you can see a whole lot of times that Bitcoin’s price dropped 50% – 60% of its value. Those and other drastic drops occurred on a regular basis…nice, right? So you can see that under normal market conditions the price people are willing to pay for Bitcoin varies dramatically with huge loses often occurring. So for me…that doesn’t sound like a good personal investment option for my wife and me. Just saying…

Oh, and one more thing…Bitcoin’s history…Bitcoin only been around since 2009. That’s only 12 years of history! Yeah, about the average age of the Bitcoin miners mentioned above. So, tell me…how much faith would you put in a 12 year old to handle your money correctly?

Preparedness Item –

Putting Bitcoin into perspective as a preparedness item requires us to look at its value in relationship to the three basic events to prepare for; 1) emergencies, 2) disasters, & 3) grid-down. To be Surviving Any Disaster - even TEOTWAWKIconsidered a preparedness item worth stocking up on Bitcoin must prove itself to be of value during all three of the above event types.

To be clear, Bitcoin must:

  1. Be widely accepted for goods & services during those events.
  2. Be readily accessible.
  3. Be easily transportable.
  4. Be easy to set a value to for bartering and payments.
  5. Preferably be non-traceable.

To determine the preparedness value of Bitcoin compared to those five requirements.

  1. Be widely accepted for goods & services during those events – Bitcoin is not even widely accepted as payment for goods and services under normal social conditions. Currently Bitcoin has extremely limited ability to pay for anything day-to-day. There is no indication under any emergency conditions where it would be any more widely accepted than it is now. Actually, the exact opposite is true…every indication is that under any emergency situation Bitcoin would be virtually unacceptable as payment to any person or company.
  2. Be readily accessible – Bitcoin is only accessible via computer and through the Internet via service providers. During a grid-down event, and most other events, it is widely agreed upon that there will be no Internet and no service providers. And depending on the event itself (i.e. EMP, solar flare, etc.) there may be no functioning computers either. Although a note must be made here that 20% of users, under normal conditions, cannot access their Bitcoins at all, lost forever. And since there have been hundreds of millions of dollars in Bitcoins stolen and over a billion dollar of Bitcoins seized by the US government, there is ZERO guarantee that a person’s Bitcoins would even be there to begin with, let along accessible, in any foreseeable emergency.
  3. Be easily transportable – Bitcoin is easily transported when electronics and the Internet are available and accessible. However, those Bitcoins may not be easily transferable to another person during an emergency due to computer failure, inaccessible Internet, etc.
  4. Be easy to set a value to for bartering and payments – Since there is NO intrinsic value to Bitcoins there is no way to establish a baseline value to them. And since their value is only based on what someone is willing to pay, there is NO way to anticipate that Bitcoin would be of any value at all during anything other than normal times. Bitcoin’s difficulty in transporting and accessing could negate them having any value at all under any emergency circumstances.
  5. Preferably be non-traceable – Bitcoin is transferred via the Internet through service providers. Hackers have fairly regularly stolen Bitcoins, therefore hackers have traced them. The US government has seized them, therefore the government has traced them. Bitcoin is electronically mined and added into the system, therefore there is a traceable path for all created Bitcoins. All transactions have an electronic pathway, therefore all transactions are traceable. All that being said…Bitcoins are 100% traceable by the wrong types of folks.

The way I see it Bitcoin has no value whatsoever when it comes to emergency preparedness…NONE! And that is especially true when compared to precious metals. If you remember I have written extensively concerning precious metals and their place in emergency preparedness.

However, when compared with other preparedness items such as food storage, water purification capability, medical supplies, and defensive means…then Bitcoin really and truly has no value at all in any way, shape or form. Bitcoin (and ALL other crypto-currencies) are worthless in terms of emergency preparedness and have NO place in this arena…PERIOD!!

Summary –

I hope I’ve made myself perfectly clear in this matter of Bitcoin…or any other crypto-currency. If not, let me try this one more time…

1) As a personal investment I can’t imagine a more speculative, volatile, and dangerous way to go. Yes, you could make a whole lot of money…as in a pyramid scheme, but your chances of it losing value, having it stolen, having it confiscated by a government, losing access to your wallet, losing access to it via the Internet, or having it hacked makes it just plain stupid. Then there is the whole fact that it has absolutely NO value of its own…nothing, ZERO, zip, ZILCH, nada…ensures that it is worthless in the long term as an investment. If I had ALL my preps done for a 7 year period, had a fully funded 401k and/or IRA, had a year’s supply of cash for expenses, had ALL my debt paid off, and nothing else to do…with a mindset to lose every cent that I put into Bitcoin…then I would do it. Otherwise, I wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole…wait, make that a 10 mile pole.

You want to read something interesting…read about the “The Dutch tulip bubble of 1637” and then ponder that at least tulip bulbs can grow flowers and can be held in your hand. That is FAR more than Bitcoin can claim.

2) As an emergency preparedness item I can’t, in my wildest imagination, on my worst day, in the throes of stupidity, see Bitcoin or any other crypto-currency as having any value at all. I also couldn’t fathom why anyone for any reason would have crypto-currency as part of an emergency plan of any kind. When it comes to emergency preparedness, Bitcoin is utter fantasy!

So there…now you have absolute clarity on my crypto-currency opinion. An opinion based on facts and 45 years of emergency preparedness experience, more than 30 years of that being professional real-life experience with emergencies and disasters.

And here is a great endorsement for Bitcoin and crypto-currency. If you believe in this guy, if you trust this guy, and you think he has all the answers…then believe him by all means!

FWIW…what easier way for an authoritarian government to control the entire economic system of any country or the world???? Controlled via something 100% controllable by the same governments…the Internet. And what is virtually 100% dependent on the Internet? Crypto-currency! Good luck with that…you’re going to need it.



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Three of the most significant indicators/signs of an authoritarian/totalitarian regime is the controlling of media, promoting government propaganda, and suppressing voices of opposition.

A person only needs look to countries such as the former Soviet Union, current Russia, China, and North Korea to see the most fully implemented examples of such behavior. And the European Union countries are examples of almost fully implemented authoritarian media controls. But here in the USA the First Amendment has protected, for the most part, our right to free speech for over 230 years…until now.

Let’s be honest…the media has been earnestly bullied and attacked since the Nixon years. And since Clinton the effort to transform the media into an extension of the government propaganda arm has become serious and focused. Every President since Nixon has gone after the media and the people therein…some Presidents with gusto, others more subtly. And for the most part, the media has complied and become little more than shills for the US federal government.

And to be fair, there are a couple major media outlets that still maintain some margin of objectivity and fairness in reporting. However, and unfortunately, they tend to be conservative agenda driven organizations. And being such, almost exclusively promote a conservative agenda vs true objectivity.

The US government has for the most part been discreet, subtle, and used subterfuge to bring the media into compliance. However, they are not above using threats, intimidation, and the legal system to bring the most wayward of media under their control. The most recent example is the NSA’s spying on Tucker Carlson. But Carlson is not alone…the NSA has been well-documented to be spying on all of us. But government spying on media personnel is especially troublesome.  And for this article I won’t even begin to discuss the truly troubling programs the FBI has and is using against specific journalists.

Now to my point…On July 14th, 2021 the US Government went from subtle anti-free speech program towards full blown censorship. On 7/14 the US Surgeon General released a report outlining how big technology companies, especially social media platforms, are to censor any dissenting speech that falls outside of federal government approval. While stopping short of criminalizing dissenting speech, the government declared exactly how big-tech was to use all methods at its disposal to silence dissension.

This is no small development…actually, it is the largest single outright blatant attack on the US Constitution and Bill of Rights that I can remember in my lifetime. This is a huge development, although not a surprise at all for those who have been reading my website for even a few months.

I have been writing extensively about the federal government’s efforts to destroy the Constitution for a very long time. I have outlined how big-tech was nothing more a tool of the US government, both working towards the same goal. This latest move is simply a blatant public release of the goal the federal government of the United States, with the assistance of big-tech, is moving us towards. And that goal…a solid and unchallengeable authoritarian/totalitarian state.

The most dangerous specifics in the policy statement:

  1. Page #11 –
    1. All media companies and journalism schools are to train personnel to identify any information source that doesn’t conform to federal government “truth.”
    2. Use only information, including graphics, that will keep public opinion in-line with what information the federal government is promoting.
  2. Page #12 –
    1. Change their technology software and hardware to ensure that any “misinformation” is identified and suppressed.
    2. Identify all users who dissent from federal government propaganda and make that information available to all government personnel, government compliant media sources, and government approved academic personnel.
    3. Penalize anyone and everyone who the federal government has identified as “repeat offenders” of misinformation.
    4. Identify misinformation and move to counter that content with an overwhelming amount of content that is compliant with federal government propaganda.
    5. Promote media sources of complaint information over dissenting sources.
    6. Protect cooperative federal government media sources from any information that would challenge or discredit them.
  3. Page #14 –
    1. The promotion of extensive private funding towards any and all organizations that promotes federal government propaganda.
  4. Page #15 –
    1. Directs all levels of government to comply with the federal government propaganda promotion program, including the promotion of all compliant sources and the penalization of all dissenting speech and sources.

Yes, there are more statement points to be made that prove beyond even a shadow of a doubt that the US government is now actively, publicly, blatantly, and seriously going public in their program to  crush any dissenting speech. Meaning…the US Government is now openly suppressing/eliminating free speech. Free Speech…the most fundamental of God-given rights guaranteed to us under the Bill of Rights.

I have written repeatedly that from the perspective of the US Government, and its renegade agencies (FBI, NSA, CIA, DIA, DHS, etc.), the US Constitution is dead and gone. Period!

The only saving of the US Constitution will come from dedicated and committed people willing to give all to defend its principles.

The US Government, all branches, have no desire whatsoever to uphold the Constitution. That has been made clear by decades of eliminating rights, freedoms, and liberties. Till now they have been the evil lurking and working in the shadows…but that has now changed. They have now moved into the full light of day…unafraid of showing their evil for exactly what it is!

I want to state clearly, and hear me clearly… on the 14th of July, 2021 the US Federal Government, under the direction of an authoritarian Biden/Harris regime, made it public that they are now working openly to eliminate ALL rights that have been previously guaranteed under the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. And they started with the most fundamental and the most needed right of all…Free Speech.

This latest version of an authoritarian regime is the most extreme in philosophy and action than anything previously seen in the USA. This is the most major and significant -and dangerous- step ever taken in modern times to subjugate the citizens of the US to the point of no return.

For those of you who are aware and informed…this is the FULL implementation of “1984”… make no doubt about it.

Where do they go from here? I am not 100% sure…but it will become obvious fairly soon. This bold step towards the destruction of the last vestiges of the US Constitution is a major mile post…one that will be followed up rather quickly by those dark and evil powers that now control every aspect of the US federal government.

Now, one more extremely disturbing point…I am sure you are aware, but let me remind you…The US Surgeon General holds the rank of Vice-Admiral. Yup, that means they are a member of the 8 branches of the armed/uniformed services of the United States of America.

I told you earlier this year that we have lost the military…this recent move makes it crystal clear that the US uniformed services no longer honors their oath to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. Those organizations are now rogue…and working openly against US citizens.


Take such actions to prepare yourself, your family, your congregations, and your communities against further implementation of authoritarianism. Failure to act now ensures you will have to comply with their demands in the future…and become nothing more than sheeple.

Who is US Surgeon General Vivek Hallegere Murthy? <click here to find out>

Note: I am attaching the official full report (US government PDF file) for you to research and conclude your own opinions. < click here for the OFFICIAL-surgeon-general-confronting-health-misinformation July 14 2021 statement>

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