Day 35 – Tuesday

Well, I made it to Hwy 180 last night. I pulled up just short of crossing the highway. There was a decent little ditch about 100 yards west of the highway so I figured I would spend the day there rather than try to cross it so close to dawn. I am glad I did.

So just about dawn, close to the time I would have been crossing the road, here comes a mounted patrol. No dogs. They were escorting two horse drawn makeshift wagons. The wagons were full of people. And when I say full, I mean no one else could have gotten into the wagons unless someone held them on their back. And the folks in the wagons didn’t look like it was a church hayride. They headed on but it took them about 30 minutes to get out of my immediate area of operations. I would have been vulnerable, or caught, had I tried to cross.

The other thing that I noticed was a slight shift in the wind from the west to the south. That’s when I smelled it…smoke. I know how different types of smoke smells…these were houses or other wood constructed buildings burning. Not open burning, probably more like smoldering. But, it was buildings burning all the same.

It just never stops.

I did spot an agriculture field just on the east side of the road close to where I am now. My plan is to cross the road at twilight when it is really hard for the average person to see. Then I will get into the ag field, get between a couple of rows and crawl east till I find a place to stand up without being seen. I still have Hwy 26 to cross as I swing back to the southeast. That will get me back to the railroad tracks running alongside the Interstate. But, I don’t know how Far East will have to go to avoid all of the Deming crap.

It’s kind of funny, I know the fire chief from Hatchita. His wife is the manager of the Holiday Inn Express and some other nice hotel on the east side of Deming, right on the outskirts. He always said I was welcomed to spend the night or just stop by and enjoy the buffet. I am guessing that offer has expired.



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