Day 47 – Sunday

I guess I should layout what is going on with all the people in our little group. So here is the breakdown:

  • There is Lisa and I living in our house. (2 total)
  • There is Matt and his wife Susie also living in our house. They have the spare bedroom/office as their living quarters. Matt is 54, Susie is 53. (2 total)
  • There is Matt’s daughter Kim (28) and her husband Daniel (27). They have two daughters, ages 3 and 1. (4 total)
  • There is Jim Hansen and his wife Nancy with their 4 children living in their house. Kids are boy-14 (1 month from 15), girl-12 (1 week from 13), boy-10, and girl-8. Jim is in his mid-40, wife later 30’s (maybe 40). Jim is in great shape, so is his wife, and she is really good looking. Jim is way out of his league. I noticed that she is downplaying her good looks with baggy clothes, etc. Their 12-year old daughter (going on 19) is also a real cutie and trying to hide it. Their 14-year old is a big kid, played football for 3 – 4 years or so.
  • Then an older couple living with Hansen’s, they are in their mid-70 and their names are the Smiths. They got burned out of their house by the tax police for something.
  • And there is this guy/kid, maybe 19, that hangs out at the Hansen’s a fair amount. Lisa thinks he likes the 12-year old Hansen girl. Jim told me that the boy’s name is Jared and he is in, or was in, the military…something about Ranger School but he wasn’t sure. Evidently joined the Army just after he turned 17.

Kind of an eclectic group of folks, decent skill sets, and everyone has a decent attitude. A couple of good things going on is Daniel was a paramedic before he went to work for his father’s legal practice. His wife, Kim was an EMT, then a paramedic, then got her nursing degree. Their medical skills along with our cache of medical supplies gives us a nice edge when the injuries and wounds start.

Another family has asked to join-up with the Hansen’s. I think their names are the Hurston’s. Husband Ken, wife Annie, twin 16-year old boys, twin 14-year old girls. Ken is 38, Nancy is 35. Ken works out at White Sands testing some kind of optics for the Army, Annie is a stay-at-home mom but was in some geospatial something or another out of college. She met Ken working at some military testing facility in Nevada. Their boys are AROTC (Air Force ROTC) in high school. Jim said they are a solid family but their neighborhood is filled with liberals and they are worried about their safety. They are joining us for dinner tonight to see if the “fit” is right. Jared is also supposed to be there tonight as well. Should be an interesting meal.

I didn’t get to Ray last night, but I will tonight. I need to straighten this thing out with Ray…he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing…a dangerous wolf.

Seems as if there are a lot of wolves running around lately. I remember a series of articles on AH that talked about post-collapse personalities. He pointed out personality types in regular times and what/who they turned into after a SHTF event. He was spot-on! And only the Sheep Dogs can defeat the wolves to protect those who can’t protect themselves. As to those that won’t protect themselves…they are left on their own. I have no respect for people who are capable of protecting themselves but refuse to. Let life deal them whatever hand it might. As for those that can’t defend themselves…that is a whole different story.

And life is pretty much clearing the table right now. I am guessing that maybe 20% of the population of Las Cruces is dead. They simply couldn’t survive for whatever reasons…maybe health, maybe stupidity, maybe just bad luck, maybe lack of planning. Life is culling the herd. Our group is not going to fall into any of those categories…we will survive…then thrive. I promise you that…I promise them that. I will do whatever it takes…period.

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