Day 33 – Sunday

It’s been several days now, my feet are in great shape, and I’ve got to get headed home. I leave today, tonight actually. Earlier there was a meeting and I was the center of attention. Thanks and appreciation were plentiful for getting Ashley to them safely. I could tell they missed her parents, but they were grateful to have her there with them.

They filled my backpack with Mountain House food packets, filled my water bladders, they had cleaned my boots and fixed a hole that had started to show. They gave me new REI wool socks. They had burned my old ones, said they couldn’t get them clean. They had cleaned and tuned the AR and offered me a Sig P226 in 9mm. Oh yeah! Initially I had refused the offer but after the third time I accepted. They loaded me up with 147gr Hornady XTP rounds, two spare mags, and a Blackhawk drop-leg platform with a Blackhawk Serpa II holster. When I laughed they told me they had originally standardized on that after having read several articles by AH Trimble. A lot of them had gone to the Glock. I laughed even more, same guy is teh same one that I had learned a bunch from. They had also given me a brand new MSR Sweetwater Filter system with a spare filter.

I have enjoyed, really enjoyed, my time here. This is an incredible extended family. Well, a combination of a bunch of families actually. They are all Mormons and practice what they preach. They pray a lot…a whole lot. They are close, organized, prepared, tough, but full of empathy and compassion.

The “patriarch” spent a little time with me and shared a few deeply spiritual things with me that I might share later. The one thing that he did tell me that really rang true was the three old guys. He told me that they were messengers from God, and that they had been around a long time, and had directed me to take care of Ashley and bring her home to them. I laughed at him initially and told him that God had better men then me that he could use. He simply asked, “Who?”

For an old guy he is pretty sharp. How else can I explain those three appearing to me? And the same three appearing to Ashley? Maybe there is something to this whole God thing. This mob of Mormons has me thinking about it. My head hurts. Too much thinking. Jim Hansen would be chuckling at me right now.

A couple of the younger guys got together with me yesterday and talked about some intelligence information. The world is not looking good right now. They have a Ham radio up and running. They’ve heard a fair amount of news from around the country. None of it any good. They tried reaching Las Cruces to get a hold of my people but they had no luck. And that stands to reason. If Jim or Matt were on the air they would only respond to someone trying to reach them if they used the right code word. And the Tanners hadn’t talked to me to get it before they tried.

A couple bits of bad news that will directly affect me; Deming and Las Cruces. Deming has been taken over by some law enforcement militia. Las Cruces is under the control of drug gangs. Neither of these tidbits of intelligence is welcome. The Las Cruces thing could be prove fatal…or already has.

One night at a time now. Four to seven days to get to Las Cruces…then we will see what happens. I am starting to lose hope.



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