Day 25 – Saturday

Escape from Tucson: Day 25 – Saturday

Man, how am I going to get this in writing so people will ever be able to understand what happened last night! Well, maybe I should just start writing it, maybe like a story, and see how it comes out.

Last night we had been walking for about an hour when I started getting the sense that something was WAY wrong…and I was on edge like I’ve never been. I kept Ashley close to me as we slowly and cautiously crept along the railroad tracks. The night was dark, clouds blotted out the stars, and there was no moon. I decided to leave the tracks and move along a two-track road that paralleled the tracks about 150 feet away to the north. I thought it might give us a measure of safety.

We were moving along silently and I had my AR up and the safety off, finger indexed but ready to pull the trigger and take life if needed. Ashley felt the tension and behaved better than I could ask for…until she whispered she had to potty. I did as well, but I blamed the stop on her all the same. Hey, I didn’t say it was her fault…just said I blamed her

She took forever and I wanted to give her some privacy but I didn’t, and I won’t, let her out of my sight. Then my turn. Same thing, she has to stay close, she holds my AR. She’s giggled more than once. What a turd for a child!

We washed up a bit, watered up, had a snack, and moved off. I knew we were being watched and I couldn’t do a thing about it. I couldn’t lay a trap by hooking back around. I could simply start recon-by-fire but I had to think about Ashley. I will be danged if anything bad is going to happen to her. Another fifteen minutes and I saw she had her knife out and carrying it in her hand. She was low walking just like I was. Beans was nowhere to be found, hadn’t seen the dog for over an hour.

Then they struck…


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