Day 84 – Tuesday (mid-afternoon)

The meeting went really, really well! Jim conducted…and yes, he started it off with a prayer. I think Jim is somehow getting paid for each prayer we say. He has to be a gazillionaire by now. He is so good with people…amazing! I wish I was 1/10th as good as he is. I am waiting for the day he has a prayer…to say a prayer!

Everyone proposed solutions, no complaints, and no more issues/problems came up. All in all it appears that all the solutions proposed should make our lives easier…at least more bearable. Jim wanted to vote on any proposed solution. He wanted every proposal to be passed by at least 75% majority in order for it to be adopted. That would protect any minority opinion. I like that idea!!!  Sometimes majority rule (democracy) is two wolves and a lamb deciding wat is for dinner. And yes, that it why our Founding Fathers created a Constitutional Republic NOT a democracy.

We did talk about water for a minute and while we get close sometimes to running out, we haven’t yet. It was a concern. Jared piped up and said he would to a better job of spotting potential water sources. Paul (Bravo Team) wanted to make sure we didn’t tie up Jared too much looking for water. Great point. Tim suggested that 2 people from the RIT could investigate any potential water source that Jared spots which would free up Jared for more scouting responsibilities. Melissa piped up and said that she thought the off-duty Team could become more alert to reinforce the RIT as needed. I agreed we should give it a try.

The weirdest proposal came from the teenage girls. Melissa had been the one talking about not being raped…ever. She spoke up and said the girls (teen girls) had been talking. They wanted everyone to look the same. I didn’t understand what she was talking about until she explained more. She said the girls were going to shave their heads…tennis ball haircuts. That would make them look more like guys. Their thought was any long hair, or trying to hide long hair, would be a giveaway that they were girls. If everyone had the same haircut then we would all look the same and the women would be less noticeable. No one objected, I liked the idea…I already do the tennis ball haircut. Done! They had a pair of scissors and Daniel said they had a manually operated hair clipper in one of the med kits. The barber shop opened right after the meeting.

The nice thing about any of the proposed solutions…it had to be with the approval of the Section Chief that would be tasked with implementing the solution. No Chief objected, but a couple of the solutions were modified a bit to gain full approval. All solutions were considered temporary until they proved out in “real life.”.

Then the issue of food came up. Oh boy. We just don’t have enough food. We doubt that any Albertsons or Walmart will be open along the way. And we have no way to produce food while traveling. The only solution is acquiring food as we go. And that means hunting, snaring, and foraging. Matt whispered to me, “or taking.” Normally I would have given him the look but he was right…it was a valid option. Not one that would be at the top of our list, but an option all the same. We had responsibility to not let our group starve to death. We don’t have responsibility for anyone else.

So we talked for maybe three hours. Proposed a lot of solutions, accepted almost all of them, and the mood of the group improved. The Jones’ didn’t participate, they stayed to themselves, the boy (Jamie) is still non-functional. Nothing, no reactions, no talking, no movement, and he actually soiled himself while just sitting there. Kim told me he is dying. He has simply given up due to the death of his sister. She thinks he will die pretty soon because he isn’t drinking any water and the state of his mental health. She said there is nothing she can do for him.

We don’t need another dead child. We can’t handle another dead child. I can’t handle another dead child.

We head out in the morning.



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