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I have published two books, a 2-book series entitled My Journal. They chronicle a man who finds himself in a politically, financially, and morally declining country that falls apart completely. It takes the reader through their struggle to survive, their highs and lows, their love and loss, and their journey to a place of safety.

Book #1:

Tim, along with his new bride and a group of friends, see the country is crumbling under an insane despotic President. This close-knit “prepper” group of friends and family are determined to survive. They have prepared the best they could. Civil war now approaches, the economy is in ruins, the banking system all but nonexistent and food grows scarce. The question is, “Can they survive?”

Tim is a man who has personally struggled, lost his way in life, and has risen again. Now Tim faces a new challenge that will cause him to question his conscience, his morals, and his religion. He must survive America’s worst nightmare – a despotic takeover of the country by a ruthless, egomaniac President.

This series covers everyday people suffering though the collapse of America. This first book covers how they find a way to survive America’s collapse as danger assaults them at every turn, all the while trying to keep their humanity. Tim and his group are normal people thrust into calamitous times; now they must survive or perish. They are “preppers” but have they prepared enough?

Most around them have failed to prepare, failed to recognize the dangers and are now suffering and dying. How many can Tim’s group help and at what cost? Tim struggles with his own demons as he continues to try and build a marriage with his new wife while their world is collapsing all around them.

The America as we know it slips towards civil war, the economy is collapsing under the weight of government control and regulation. The stock market is in free fall and the banking system is all but non-existent. Corrupt political forces work to subjugate the American people. The big question is, what will the military do?

This book sounds as if it could be written from today’s newspaper, because it was.

My Journal is written in diary form by the man who lives it.

A.H. Trimble is a pen name and not the author’s actual name. The author is a certified emergency manager, a U.S. Government employee currently serving in a federal land management agency as Chief of Suppression Operations for millions of acres of federal and state public lands, is a US Navy veteran, has served as a Chief Officer in a structural fire department, and for nearly 30 years a structural and wildland firefighter. He has extensive training in emergency services and has participated in major disasters on several continents. Additionally, the author served in the Operations Section on a national incident management team where he helped manage major disasters all over the country.

Trimble has 1000’s of hours of fire and FEMA training for natural and man-made disasters. In addition to his formal emergency training, he has taken hundreds of hours of weapons training with SWAT teams and other weapons experts. Professional leadership training has come from a multitude of sources including US Special Forces and their instructors.

In addition to his day job, Trimble has responsibility for emergency preparedness for 13 church congregations. In this responsibility he has prepared emergency contingency plans, emergency communication plans and even hosted city-wide preparedness fairs.

He is dedicated to the patriot community and preparing Americans for the coming disasters that will strike America. As an OathKeeper he has sworn an oath to do everything in his power to never fail the America or the Americans he loves.

Most of Trimble’s life falls into three categories; his God, his family, and his profession. He believes deeply in God as his Heavenly Father and in His son Jesus Christ. He loves the gospel of Jesus Christ, and although he has struggled most of his life, he strives to live up to the basic tenants of being a good Christian. He is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He is married to a very lovely and wonderful woman whom he has been with for over 10 years now. They have wonderful dates, including his marriage proposal, at the shooting range. His wife has taken considerable training in weapons, has her conceal carry license, and loves her custom built AR-15 with which she is very good. He and his wife are currently purchasing land in the southwest United States on which they will build a cabin for a retreat.

A.H. Trimble loves to tell folks, “Keep your eyes wide open, your powder dry and your heart open to Christ.”

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Book #2:

My Journal - Going HomeSecond in the My Journal series. Tim, along with his new bride and their group of prepper friends and families, saw the collapse coming and they prepared for it. They saw the sociopath President for who he was and the danger he posed to the Republic and they prepared for it. This prepper group did everything they could and they survived the collapse. Now it looks like they will have to fight and flee.

This is the second book of a series covering everyday people suffering through the fall of America and the rise of freedom and liberty.
In the first book the economy has collapsed, lawlessness reigns, and the federal government has become nothing short of tyrannical. Western states have moved to leave the Union and a mentally unstable President is threatening violence against them. People are in a panic, families are being ripped apart, and people are disappearing. The good Peace Officers are all but gone, kicked out of their law enforcement agencies or they have simply disappeared. The future of America is bleak and getting worse.

Tim, his wife, and a small group of friends have left their homes and sought shelter in the Desert Southwest. Their small band of survivalists, along with the friendly rancher that has taken them in, are safe for now. But the world around them is falling apart, their safety won’t last long.
Events won’t let them rest for long. There are other people that need help, other souls in distress, and danger is just outside their little community. As the country slips closer to civil war, there are urgent issues to deal with nearer to their new home. They must act or people will die and young children will have their lives destroyed forever.

All the while, Tim continues to have strange dreams that he doesn’t understand. Until one day a man of God is rescued by the group and he helps Tim to appreciate who he is.

And not all of the danger lurks outside the wire. There is one among them that is betraying them, one who has dual allegiances.
Much of this book sounds as if it could be written from today’s newspapers…because it was. My Journal is written in diary form by the man who lived it.

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