Who is A.H. Trimble?

Who is A.H. Trimble?

A.H. Trimble is my ancestor; my great-great-great-great-grandfather to be exact.  He comes from a truly early pioneer American settler family.  He served his community with honor. He was a judge (but no a lawyer), served on the board of his church, held various elected positions (in addition to his job), and is a Civil War veteran. His father died when he was 6 weeks old. AH was working full-time in a dry goods store at the age of 15. He struck out on his own shortly thereafter making a good name for himself the rest of his life.

I am using the name A. H. Trimble as a pen name and for the website to maintain my anonymity. A.H. Trimble is a role model for me. I strive that I might measure up to my ancestral linage.

To know what my creds (knowledge, skills, experience, & abilities) and to generally know me better…(click here)

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