Day 75 – Sunday

We have finally decided when we will leave…two days. A little sooner than we had hoped for. But, we are being scouted…someone is watching us. We haven’t caught anyone yet, it was just this morning we discovered they were there. We just can’t take any chances. Some of our folks thought we should leave right away, but there is just too much to do to get ready. Logistics is a key to any successful operation! And logistics takes time and coordination…or an operation turns into a disaster pretty quickly.

Last time we knew we were being watched it turned out to be Jared’s buddies. Now there is something I should write about.

Late last week two of Ken’s team came back in from a recon patrol. They had come across a single boot print. Everything else appeared to be brushed out except this one boot print…and it was hard to spot. They took Jared out to look it over and see what he made of it. As soon as he saw it he kind of freaked out…well, freaked out for Jared is calm for most people. He sent Ken and his team back to camp right away with word to go to red alert. For us the means a lot! Ops goes into 100% readiness mode, everyone in a fighting position. The kids are taken to the Alamo and InSec (Internal Security) is brought on-line to protect the kids there. Now that freaked everyone out!!  Yeah, me too! I wasn’t sure what was going on but if Jared tells us to go to red alert that means something serious…very serious. Strange, my mouth went so dry. If I hadn’t had my CamelBak I would have had a hard time even talking let alone function. Lesson learned!

About 2 hours later Jared comes walking into camp with two guys coming in behind him. Now, we aren’t that stupid…we have signs and code words in case we are under duress in company of people other than our group. He was wearing his hat correctly and responded correctly when challenged. He also gave me the “look” personally. We were still on edge…the ragged edge. Something was up.

Turns out these guys are a couple of Delta operators that had been sent to find him…and bring him in. They found him and told him he had to go back with them…there were missions that had to be done. I guess it got a little tense at one point when he explained to them he wasn’t going back until we were safe in Colorado. Yeah, we are going to AZ…it’s called mis-information or mis-direction…part of OpSec (Operational Security).

And I didn’t pick up the at the time that they used the phrase “bring him in” when talking about Jared. Not “make contact”, not “bring him back”, not anything friendly. It sounded more like cops talking about bringing in a criminal. I need to pay more attention to what people say. Yeah, part of good SA.

They had started to brief him on what had happened, and what was happening, but he told them he wanted Jim and I to hear it as well. They were reluctant to share the info with Jim and I but somehow Jared convinced them.  They probably didn’t share all of the really good stuff…I don’t know.

So the executive summary…it’s all politics! Yea, you read that right…freaking politics! This is all happening because of a bunch of politicians in DC…both sides of the aisle.

I hope I remember everything because I want to get it right and I want it recorded to make sure that someone hears this side of it. Here goes…

You already know most of this basic stuff but I want to paint the whole picture from the beginning. So we had a liberal/Progressive Democrat President that talks like a Marxist. And we have a socialist Vice President who sounds more like a Communist. And, we had a Republican controlled Congress (House and Senate)…most of them are either Progressives themselves or Law & Order freaks. But, they were no check and balance. They didn’t raise a finger to stop this libertard from screwing up the military and implementing all these insane democrat policies. The President was already obscenely rich from real estate deals. He got richer by the day in the White House.  But, a lot of other dems didn’t care for him because he hadn’t come up from the entrenched, oligarchy democrat families. The Progressives and liberals in the Republican Party liked him because they thought a lot like him and helped him pass HUGE budgets adding trillions of dollars to the already huge national debt. That means about 80% of all the elected politicians loved this guy and worked to forward the radical leftist agenda he proposed. But most people, at least those that paid attention and read AH Trimble’s SitReps, already knew this and it was no big news to us.

So then they started to explain to the three of us that the “law & order” Republicans really hated this guy with a passion because he was shrinking the military, reducing federal law enforcement agencies, he had stopped Civil Asset Forfeiture, had stopped giving military hardware to police departments, etc. They were secretly trying to figure out how to get rid of this guy as President. Evidently in one of their brainstorming sessions (an oxymoron) one of them brings up the line of succession under the Constitution. It goes from the President to the Vice President to the Speaker of the House and then to the President pro tempore of the Senate. They evidently talked in terms that they were actually considering a plan to get rid of enough folks to get one of their own in the Whitehouse. Well, it turns out that the NSA was listening in. They had remotely turned on the cell-phones of a couple of these guys and were listening in as if they were right there in the room with them. The spying should come as no surprise…the NSA spies on everyone…even political leadership. And the NSA shares this info with the President.

So the President decides his side’s (the 80% folks, liberals, Progressives, etc.) leadership should hold a meeting…including some of the leading Republicans since they are mostly liberal Progressives as well. Some dummy that was there (a Hispanic Congress woman from NY, a hardcore socialist) mentioned it was time to bring the USA into a new age…and enlightened age…the age of the New USA. They started discussing martial law, arresting all the rebels, and “outlawing” conservatives (Law & Order freaks). Well, turns out that they went too far for one of the Repubs that was there. Well, that guy met with the law & order (L&O) freaks and told them what was going on. So those guys start talking about what to do…their master plan…to stop it all. But, they too were going too far I guess…they were talking a coup.

The leader of the Senate is a Republican. He is mostly a hardcore oligarch type, but cloaks himself in the flag and patriotism…but wouldn’t recognize the Constitution is if was sitting right in front of him. He is more interested in power than anything. Yeah, 5 terms in the US Senate will do that to you. Perfect case for terms limits…one term for Senators.

Well, the L&O folks went and talked to the Air Force Chief of Staff who was a real hawk, L&O freak, and not shy about his own political ambitions. He was 100% onboard with their plan. And he had a contact with the CIA that they could bring in. Now, the CIA has always been an evil organization…Satan’s little minions…from the very beginning. If the American public had ever known half of what the CIA had actually done over the decades…well, the prisons would be full of CIA employees…for the rest of their lives. The rest would have been shot as traitors. But that is another whole story in itself…with plenty of books written about it documenting their acts.

The Air Force guy had a handful of Commanders at a couple of bases that would do whatever he asked them to do…they were hawks and L&O freaks just like him. On the surface these guys appear to be hero military folks…flag wrapped ready for a recruiting poster. Yeah, these guys held a very distorted view of the Constitution and their oaths. The plan centered around enough EMP detonations to disable certain military facilities and national infrastructure. And part 2…the CIA had contacts with several radical Islamic groups in the USA and would have them go operational and take out some key folks at different military bases, especially air force pilots and command personnel that would prove “problematic” to the overall plan.

The Muslims would also be the scape goats or patsies for the next step in their plan. Part 3 involved the CIA also, they had a couple of contractor groups that they had on a retainer basis that would do the operations that even the CIA thought too dirty for their own creeps to do. Those contractors would take out the President, the VP, the Leader of the House of Representatives. They figured it wouldn’t be too hard since the Secret Service (SS) had become so freaking incompetent over the last couple of decades. Many of the SS people had become more interested in drinking and prostitutes than protecting the President. Once a couple of years ago a crazy man got all the way to the Whitehouse Presidential living quarters before any of the uniformed SS could stop him. They figured the CIA contractors would have no problems….and the contractors would be extremely well paid.

And the payment was even covered by the CIA! They would pay them through a company that the CIA had created, a legitimate company at that. The records for the company showed it was owned by some Arab Muslims from Saudi Arabia. Once again, Muslims would be the scape goat. CIA operators planned to kill the CIA contractors once the job was done, then let it leak that the money had come from this Muslim company. Then the Air Force would conduct a drone strike on the company…a fine mist of pink would be all that remained. All tracks covered…or eliminated.

And here is the kicker…once all that was done…the new acting President would declare martial law and virtually rule America via Executive Orders under some far reaching laws that were already in-place via some defense authorization acts. Of course the Repubs would go along with it because their guy would be President (technically acting President) but that was good enough for them. And the US sheep (i.e. citizens) would fall in-line quickly because they would want safety and security…want it more than rights, freedoms, and liberties.

Yeah, is that convoluted enough for you?

Well once again, the NSA was listening in and reporting all of that L&O planning info to the cabal of Progressives. So the Progs decided to hit first and have the FBI “strike” the rebels. For decades the FBI had become extremely militarized…and weaponized politically…very liberal politically. Even their Hostage Rescue Teams (HRTs) were commonly known now as death squads. Ever since the Waco Massacre, the FBI did what they wanted and killed with impunity. They saw themselves as above the law, above the Constitution, and acted they like it. When they set-up the outright murder of Finicum they proved they could kill at will…and get away with it.

Here is where is just get weird…I should say weirder…the Department of Defense Intelligent Agency (DIA) picks up some random chatter about some strikes against government politicians and such. They alert the Joint Chiefs of Staffs…and that includes the Air Force Chief of Staff. He gets spooked that the L&O plan will fall apart now that they are found out…so he pushes the go button before anyone gets taken out by the FBI death squads. But, the entire FBI leadership sides with the Progs and they start arresting or killing anyone that isn’t on the liberal/Progressive/Socialist side during and immediately after the EMP strikes are taking place.

The CIA somehow figures out that some of their folks are involved and hit them…yeah, kill them. But, the contractors are already in motion and they take out the Pres, VP, and the leader of the House…along with a whole bunch of SS folks. The CIA figures that this could all come back on them so they switch sides  and are then with the Progs and begin a purge of anyone that isn’t on the in with the Progs.

Inside the FBI there aren’t a lot of folks that are true Constitutionalists any more so it didn’t take long for them to eliminate anyone internally not willing to side with the Progs. It got a little ugly for a while but blood flowed and anyone willing to uphold their Constitutional oath was gone. Same for the CIA.

The NSA was not much better off. Since they are a true-blue police state organization they are 100% behind the government…period! No, not 100% behind the Constitution…100% behind the government. Remember who these organizations work under and for…the President (i.e. the government). They have zero reason to have any allegiance to US citizenry.

But, there were a few NSA folks in the big data center in Utah that tried to stop what was happening. Those few Constitutionalists that were brave enough thought the best thing they could do was destroy the computers storing all that electronic data. The “data” included every email, text message, cellphone conversation, and every government video camera feed for the last 20 years was stored there. They figured that might be a way to cripple the coup taking place…or at least take away some of their intelligence ammunition. Unfortunately, before they could carry out any part of their plan, they were caught and killed on the spot by the NSA’s counter-terrorism unit. All of the folks were killed, their immediate families were killed while “resisting”, and their houses burned to the ground. All told…22 families….some 120+ people.

I just sat there trying to comprehend it all. I am still not sure I got it all right. Jim on the other hand was crushed, he figured that most of those killed at the Utah data center had to be members of his church. Why they killed the families and burned their houses I don’t know…really barbaric. Maybe it was meant as a message to anyone else who might try to resist.

The FBI goons had killed the President pro tempore of the Senate and it was looking as if the whole thing was crushed. Why? Because now most of the Conservatives, especially the L&O freaks, were dead or in prison, and the Progs all united together. Now the Progs figured out that this was a perfect time to put into play their combined ultimate goal…a totalitarian state. One of the most evil and dangerous men of the early 21st century had said to never let an emergency go to waste. They now had a new plan…their ultimate plan…their final solution…all they had to do was carry it out. And who was going to openly oppose them at this point?

Well, the DIA had been using their resources and heard what the Progs were going to do. They let the Joint Chiefs know what was going on and the Marine Chief of Staff put a bullet into the head of the Air Force Chief of Staff to start off the meeting. The military decided they absolutely 100% had to uphold their loyalty to the Constitution. They would not let the coup stand. Later that day 3 Supreme Court Justices and 8 state governors met with the remaining Joint Chiefs and voiced their support. But, there was a problem…all the remaining people in line for succession to the presidency were flaming liberals and Progressives. And they were the biggest part of the problem that was taking place. The Governors wanted the military to take control. All the military folks declined absolutely, they would not be part of any military coup.

They talked about it and came to no conclusion on how it would work. But, they all knew one thing…the FBI and CIA were out of control and on a killing spree. They were now killing any non-liberal, non-Progressive they could get in their sights. Even the Repubs that helped them out and were part of their plan, were now being killed. If it went on much longer the Democrat Party would have successfully executed a coup against the United States of America and it would be a totalitarian hell.

Now here is where the military shined…absolutely showed their courage, valor, honor, and commitment to the Constitution. They committed to actively uphold their oath to protect the Constitution against all enemies…both foreign AND domestic. The Supreme Court Justices that were there, stated they were 100% behind the military and executed a court order. That US Supreme Court order stated that all FBI, CIA, and NSA personnel were now considered domestic terrorists. Yeah, you read that right. Three Supreme Court Justices just outlawed three large secret police agencies on the federal government…and put them into the special category of “domestic terrorists” which open those agency folks up to some serious crap!

Now those agency personnel have the combined Special Forces of the United States military on their heels. The military folks assured everyone in that meeting that the SF folks were just as committed to the Constitution as those in that room. They committed that justice would prevail and the Constitution would not be subverted by the Democrats and their coup against the USA.

One problem I have with that…where exactly is all of this authorized by the Constitution?

Now, not all in the military were as committed to the Constitution as most. Retired General Leslie Anne Clarke (yes, a guy) still had a lot of influence among some active duty military commanders who were themselves rapid liberal Democrat leftists. So some military units decided to support the Democrat Party Coup.

Fortunately there were off-setting pro-Constitution military forces that put a check on them real quick. After a couple of confrontations all military commanders agreed to keep their troops on their own base and out of the action. They would not participate one way or another in the coup or trying to stop the coup…it was a civilian matter. Except of course for the SF folks. They were working hard to clean out the FBI/CIA/NSA scum problem. The FBI found themselves, and their pride, hurt at the hands of folks like Delta, SEALs, and the Marine MARSOC. The FBI may have had an easy time killing the men, women, and children at Waco…not so much now.

What does this all have to do with Jared and his two buddies? All three ate Delta operators. The two that showed up at camp were sent to find him, to make sure he wasn’t helping the Democrat Coup, and to ensure his help in continuing to help clean out the FBI/CIA/NSA cartel of anti-Constitution criminals. After he explained, under no uncertain terms, what he was going to do…well, they agreed to it. They would let him do his thing as long as he would return to service after we reached Colorado.

At one point during the conversation these two guys started talking about taking him with them whether he liked it or not. I sense the change immediately in Jared, I tensed up and put my hand on my pistol. That didn’t go unnoticed by the SF guys, they started going for their pistols since their M4s were leaned up against a crate. And about that time my team and Ken’s team popped up out of nowhere. I knew they been lurking around. I had asked my folks to be nearby to discreetly listen in and just kinda be there if needed. They read a lot into it…I am glad they did.

I told those two meatheads that Jared would make his own decision…period. And if they attempted to take him by force they would die doing it. They kind of chuckled and said a whole lot of folks would die in the process. I am telling you, as hard of hearing as I am, I heard a bunch of safeties click off from our folks. They must have heard it as well. Jared is the one who defused the situation and a couple minutes later we were talking reasonable again. But, these tow “friends” of Jared’s never looked at us the same again…nor set their rifles down ever again…and never took their eyes off of us again.

As the meeting broke up about an hour later one of the guys was walking away he shoulder bumped me. He whispered he would have killed me first. I said in a loud enough voice for all to hear…then we would have had dinner together in hell. He smiled and flipped me the bird. As I turned to walk away I saw Jared’s pistol in his hand watching every move the guy made as he walked away. Death was close that day…very, very close.

What scares me most…I didn’t give a crap if I died that day. I just don’t care anymore if I die or not.

After dark that night I asked Jared if we had anything to worry about. He said that only I did. His buddies had given their word that the camp was safe and Jared could trust them with that. On the other hand…the one guy that had bumped into me had decided to hate me…and that was a bad thing, a very, very bad thing. He said I wasn’t safe…and never would be.

He didn’t say so but I know Jared threatened him back…or I would be dead by now.

So there you have it! All this crap the country is going through is because our politicians love themselves and lust for power more than any love of or commitment to the Constitution…or freedom, or rights, or liberty, or anything else that is good. And although it was led by the Democrats, the Republicans were just as bad, and the law and order freaks were just as blood thirsty. Where did all the good guys go?

You know, as I think about it…the crap with the FBI/CIA/NSA doesn’t surprise me one single bit. None of those agencies are authorized under the Constitution. And according to the Constitution…if it isn’t authorized therein…it is unconstitutional! The Founding Fathers set it up that way to protect citizens from an all too powerful federal government. But, it never stopped the government from creating these unconstitutional agencies. No wonder…it just makes politicians safer and more powerful. Sad.

Fortunately, the military is loyal to the Constitution and are willing to stand up for it. There is our hope…maybe our only hope.

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