Overturning Roe & Casey…Impact on us all

This is a follow-up article to Immediate Action Warning! covering potential for extreme violence based on the overturn of Roe and Casey.

So let’s get the obvious out of the way…and it will be a disclosure as well. I am thrilled that Roe & Casey cases got overturned. It overturned the Supreme Court’s position that a woman has a stated Constitutional right to abortion. For me abortion as it was/is in the United States akin to infanticide.

Now, on to the reality of the situation…what this all means and how it will potentially impact all of us.

What the decision means –

First off overturning Roe didn’t/doesn’t ban abortion, actually it is not about abortion at all, it is about a individual’s Constitutional right and states’ rights.

Point #1 – Nowhere in the Constitution is there any wording that states that a woman has a right to an abortion. And I mean nowhere, in any way, in any possible twisting of language does it make that statement. So plainly, clearly, unequivocally, unambiguously there is no right guaranteed for a woman to have an abortion.

Point #2 – Since there is no federal guarantee for a woman’s right to have an abortion it falls to the states to act as they see fit. That is in the Constitutional principle under the 10th Amendment…

Bottom line…the overturning of Roe simply was overturning bad law. And even Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the most extreme leftist to sit on the Supreme Court in modern history, spoke publicly in 1992 that Roe was bad law and would probably be overturned. And so it was…the law was set right, actual Constitutional rights reiterated/restored, and states’ rights restored.

When you hear folks say that this bans abortion…it does not. When you hear folks say it restores a right to life…it does not. It only returns those issues to the state level for a decision by those states on how they, that particular state, will deal with the question of abortion.

The potential impact on us –

You have to remember I am pretty organized, some would say obsessive, in the way I view things. Yeah, okay…so be it.

In this case I see three ways to classify the potential “impact” on us; short-term, medium-term, and long-term phases.

Short-Term (1 – 3 months):

The short-term has already started. There have been, and will be, peaceful rallies on both sides of the issue. There has been, and will be, demonstrations and protests by the pro-abortion supporters. These will in the short-term grow more numerous and more violent. These will last well into the medium and long term phases as well, although growing less numerous as we move into the long-term phase. But, in the short-term I believe there is a strong potential for the more radical leftists to commit significant acts of violence, just not in large numbers.

Last night, within 12 hours of the Roe announcement, Phoenix police had to use tear gas and flashbang grenades to disperse violent protestors attempting to take over the state capital building. Many protestors were carrying death threat signs against the Supreme Court Justices.

There will be political posturing and rabid calls for action by leftist politicians. Some of the more radical pro-abortion organizations will call for and/or plan for acts of violence relatively soon, but I expect the most serious ones to appear more towards then end of the short-term.

The short-term will be used primarily for planning and setting the stage publicly, politically, and coordinating with the leftist media…especially the on-line social communities.

Medium-Term (4 – 12 months):

This phase has a tremendous potential for numerous acts of violence, some of it extreme. It will be almost all originating from the leftist pro-abortion supporters/terrorists (i.e. Jane’s Revenge, Planned Parenthood, etc.). However, I do expect to see some pro-life radical elements respond and there is a high likelihood for those folks to commit violence as well.

The violence will include; vandalism, physical assaults, arson (including fire bombings), murders, and more assignation attempts on public figures. I also see a high potential for mass shootings at rallies/demonstrations, and non-shooting mass murder attempts such as ramming groups with vehicles.

As the election nears I see an almost certainty of extreme violence on the part of the left. They have a long and sordid history of political violence and it will be manifested as their extremism is placed under pressure internally and externally.

On election day, in areas where abortion bans are already in-place, or about to be voted in, I expect voting locations to be especially targeted for demonstrations and violence.

Long-Term (1 year +):

This is going to be the most devastating phase for America. We, as a country, are already irreconcilably divided. There is no foreseeable solution to reunite America…especially as a Constitutional Republic. The abortion issue in America will significantly deepen the divide we already suffer from. And that deepening may be the final straw that will lead to Civil War II or American Revolution II.

Here’s why…there are two completely different “camps” of states when it comes to abortion; pro-abortion and pro-life. The pro-life states have already passed, or soon will pass, laws regulating abortion (including bans in some cases). But the other side, the pro-abortion, side will go so extreme that calling them “death factories” would be an understatement.

The radical leftist states (i.e. California, Oregon, Washington, New Mexico, Colorado, New York, Illinois, and all the little northeast states) will enact extreme laws to promote abortion. They will use taxpayer money to ensure that abortion clinics can kill as many unborn babies as possible. And many will codify post-birth abortion. They will aid women from all over the country to come to their states to have abortions. Movie and TV stars, politicians, the media, and abortion advocates will celebrate their efforts and accomplishments in the number of babies they are killing. The radical leftist states will become the 21st century moral equivalent of Auschwitz, Buchenwald, and Dachaus.

[side note: Interesting that it was Margaret Sanger who developed the concept of abortion and “planned parenthood“…it was called “eugenics.” Sanger, who was a avowed socialist, had the support of Democrats and unions as well as their funding her cause. Her organization taught eugenics to Hitler’s Nazi’s in Germany in the 1930’s. The KKK founded by southern Democrats were taught eugenics by Sanger and supported both Nazi efforts and Sanger’s organization. Sanger is worshiped by today’s Democrats/liberals/Progressives as a virtual goddess. To learn exactly how Sanger, Nazis, KKK, Planned Parenthood, and Democrats all fit together click here.]

The end result will be two completely different and deeply divided America’s…pro-life and pro-abortion exacerbating the existing political divide. And it will be a very, very deep divide that will not only be irreconcilable, it will grow steadily worse and deeper. And that worsening will end up in only one place…war. Yes, war!

The two sides will be pitted against each other and emotions inflamed to the point there will be no other workable solution. And that too will be by design.

So there is victory in the overturning of Roe and Casey…but it will also not end well for the USA. Then again, regardless of Roe and Casey, it still wasn’t/isn’t going to end well for the USA. This landmark decision will just more clearly delineate the opposing sides. However, neither will win actually.

The key question to this phase is the timing…how soon will all of this happen. I see the radical leftist states finalizing the development of their sanctuary killing grounds within 12 – 18 months to enable the infanticide to be commonplace, regular, abundant, and lauded. I could see significant reprisals (i.e. Bubba Effect) within 3 – 6 months after that. Within 12 – 18 months after that I could see open and regular violent conflicts between the different sides at state lines and at the death factories. At about the 2 year mark I could see the beginnings of open warfare on both sides. Not conventional warfare with armies and such, but at the organized radical group level…organized guerilla warfare…American against American.

I am not 100% certain that I have the time-frames right. They could be off in start/end times. They could also overlap to some degree such as one or more months. And a lot depends on the election and how much the left stirs up the hate and violence against pro-life folks…or their insatiable desire to burn the whole system to the ground.

As for my Christian thoughts on abortion –

Let me state again; 1) I am grateful for the overturning of Roe and Casey, 2) I am thankful beyond belief that it will slow down the infanticide in the US, 3) it strips power that the US government took unto itself with no Constitutional basis, 4) it restores states’ rights, 5) it gives people more power over their lives by being able to control their state governments’ actions through the ballot box…and their feet.

I have thought long and hard for decades about abortion and what my personal beliefs should be…and now are. And I hopefully have based that belief on correct eternal and legal principles. I see a person’s belief on abortion falling into two general categories; 1) faith based “Christian-Judaeo”, 2) non-believer.

If you are a non-believer then it is a matter of when you think a baby is a person. It can range from inception/fertilization to the baby’s presence outside of the mother. Former president Obama held some of the most radical abortion beliefs…supporting post-birth abortion. Meaning…a baby who was born, and is outside of the mother’s body, can be left to die by denying it any medical attention, feeding, liquids, oxygen, etc. Most rational people would call that murder…but not in the minds of leftists. Obama’s belief based on his own words…throw it in the corner and let it die.

If you are to believe science and medical doctors the baby has its own heartbeat, can feel pain, and moves on its own at a very early age. But, that also doesn’t seem to matter to the pro-abortion crowd…cut those babies to pieces and pull the dead baby parts out of the mother. And in the case of Planned Parenthood…sell those dead baby parts for money.planned parenthood crushing babies alive for body parts









As for me…a believer. I believe in the 10 Commandments,the book of Exodus in the Jewish Torah and the Christian Old Testament. Within that scripture it states, “Thou shalt not kill.” The Hebrew version roughly translates to, “You shall not murder.” And that essentially means that unlawful killing resulting in bloodguilt is against God’s will and desire for us. And FYI…”bloodguilt” is wrongly causing a death.

God has also given us the right to defend ourselves and our families, including to the point of taking a life. Taking a life during war can, at times, also be justified due to the self-defense principle. There is debate that when the “law” allows for the death penalty that too is also allowable to take a person’s life within that law…if that law is just.

Generally speaking Christian doctrine is such that you should not shed innocent blood…pretty plain and simple. And I believe that to be true and I abide in it.

Jeremiah 1:5 says…

“Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.”

That is pretty plain as well…we existed before this life and the Lord knew us. And He knew us when we were in the womb and treated us as one of His. So, to me…life begins in the womb period. So I tie it all together…killing a baby in the womb is shedding innocent blood and is forbidden by God.

And you read in Mathew 19 about how much the Lord loves little children. Then in Mathew 25 you read about the Lord’s statement, “doing it” unto these you do it unto the Lord.

And then there is always the Golden Rule, “Do to others as you would have them do to you” found in Mathew and Luke. Pretty clear, if you believe in abortion…you believe that anyone can simply take your life as well…for any reason whatsoever at any time. Meaning, you treat unborn babies as you want others to treat you.

I hope that makes it pretty clear on what I believe and why. There is one exception that is included in my abortion stance…based on a God-given right…the right of self-defense.

The Bible speaks well to the right to defend ourselves against injury by others. Thomas Paine spoke to self-defense as a natural, God-given right all the way back in the 18th century. In my opinion when a baby in the womb that directly and indisputably jeopardizes the life of the mother, then the mother has the right to decide on an abortion based on the sound medical advice of a qualified doctor. She is exercising her right of self-defense.

All that being said…if a state passes such law(s) that allows for abortions on demand then the citizens can exercise their rights within the laws of that state. But, that doesn’t free them of the consequences of their actions. But at that point it is a moral issue not a legal issue…and God alone will sort that out…that is His job…and only His job.

A person who is pro-abortion must look at their discipleship…do they truly believe in the scriptures…the word of God…or not? Do they believe in what the Lord has said…or not? Can a person, as a self-proclaimed Christian, justify the shedding of innocent blood of an unborn baby? Or, as a pro-abortionist, does a person forward the cause of Satan?

Summary –
  • Roe and Casey was overturned based on it being recognized as bad law.
  • The overturning of Roe and Casey doesn’t ban abortion.
  • States’ rights were restored.
  • The citizens of each state are now free to decide the abortion issue within their state bounds.
  • The US states will become divided into two camps…pro-abortion and pro-life…irreconcilably so. That is on top of an existing deep political and cultural divide.
  • There will be growing violence between the two philosophical camps.
  • The overturning of Roe and Casey will cause an irreparable divide in the US that will result in escalating extreme violence, and ultimately war.
  • This divisiveness crisis will be used by those in power to their advantage against both philosophical camps.

But, most importantly…the lives of some unborn babies will be spared! And that cannot be over-stated.

The impacts on all of us will come, and some of those impacts will be devastating. And it will end up as violence, extreme violence…and eventually war. Wars have been waged over far less. The world went to war against Hitler and all of Nazi Germany for their murder (eugenics) of 11million people. Imagine what will happen in the US over 70million murders in the last 50 years…and more to come by the radical leftists creating death factories in their states designed for one purpose…killing babies.

One more example of how the world is turning upside down…and becoming ever more unstable and violent. Be careful and be wise…more so than ever before.

Know who you are, know what you believe in, know who you follow…and know your own courage and convictions. And most of all…do not fear.

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note: This article was supposed to appear appear yesterday. However, COVID hit our household and I just wasn’t up to finishing the editing to get this info ready in time for yesterday. This morning I was determined to wrap it up and get it out to you. Why? Because it is more important than our COVID.

I hope you read the previous article regarding the Bill of Rights. Why? To fully understand this article I think it is important that you hear that previous message. It all ties in together.

Last week I was having a conversation with a long-time couple friend of mine. Of course we were talking of current events, politics, economy…you know, the usual stuff preppers talk about these days. The husband, we will call him Charlie for this conversation, was making a profound statement and he used the word “intensify” and it struck me like a bolt of lightning for some reason. The context was what the future holds for us.

For a decade I have maintained and have been sharing about the economic fall of the USA, and that position morphed into the fall of the USA in general. I have made the case that we, as a country, have been falling for 130 years and will continue to do so until it all collapses around us…whenever in the future that may be. However, I have also stated many times that we could wake up one morning and in one fell swoop it could have all collapsed overnight.

Nevertheless…we are falling, have been falling, and will continue to fall…until we hit bottom.

Or have we already hit bottom?

And what does the bottom look like?

And FYI…when I use the term “collapse” I refer to the complete transition of our country into a totalitarian state…the total implementation of authoritarianism.

Ah, that “bottom” is what I will share with you today. For now consider these tidbits…

  • ‘The economy is going to collapse,’ says Wall Street veteran Novogratz just last week.
  • In 2022 alone the average mortgage payment for single-family home has risen $589…and that doesn’t include the latest Fed rate hike.
  • Home foreclosures are now up almost 150% over last year.
  • Credit card debt is at historic highs…as well as % of delinquent payments on credit card debt.
  • Mortgage rates went from 2.6% when Biden took office to 6.1% on 6/16…135% jump!! Yes, well more than doubled under Biden.
  • The Federal Reserve has raised the fed rate by 600% in 2022 (.25% – 1.75%)
  • The Fed Funds Rate hike represents interest on the national debt (debt service) going from $75billion to $525billion. That represents more than the entire budgets for: Department of Health and Human Services, Veterans Administration, Department of Education, Department of State, Department of House and Urban Development, and Department of Homeland Security…combined.
  • Massive layoffs have occurred in the first half of 2022…to the tunes of 10’s of thousands. And an accelerated pace of layoffs is predicted in the second half of 2022. A former Democratic Treasury Secretary stated day before yesterday that 10million people would have to lose their job over the next couple of years to beat the years-long recession we are about to experience.
  • The stock market has been beaten up to the point where it is now in bear territory.
  • The ridiculous crypto-currency market has all but collapsed.
  • Fuel prices are now entering critical mass territory…the rising fuel prices are escalating the price of everything and there is no end in sight. Biden promised to destroy the oil & gas industry back in early 2020 and he is do so.
  • Food shortages are common and food prices are skyrocketing.
  • Farmers and ranchers are facing the highest cost of doing business in history.
  • Farm Bureau leader stated to lawmakers, “We have reached that point to where it is very close to being a sinking ship. We are teetering on the edge right now.”
  • Trillions of dollars of retirement savings have been wiped out.
  • Rental markets have pushed approximately 18% of people out of the rental market.
  • Home starts dropped dramatically in May.
  • Consumer spending has now plummeted.
  • Business spending has nosedived.
  • Average car financing payment hit historic highs.
  • The vast majority of US manufactures anticipate a rapidly approaching dramatic recession…or worse. And the trime-frames quoted range from a year to as much as five years.
  • On June 16th President Biden threatened to use Presidential powers to stop state’s from enacting laws within their borders regarding abortion…a direct violation of the Constitution.
  • “Jane’s Revenge” a violent leftist pro-abortion domestic terrorist group threatened violence, murders, fire bombings, and other acts of terror against any and all pro-life groups and individuals.
  • The Democrats encouraged and called for illegal protests and demonstration against Supreme Court Justices in an attempt to influence their decision in an upcoming court case.
  • Taking encouragement from Democrat leader Chuck Schumer, a man recently attempted to assassinate a Supreme Court Justice.
  • No Democrat leadership has come out against the violence, protests, and demonstrations…which are illegal…at the homes of Supreme Court Justices. Biden has yet to do a single thing to increase security for Justices even after the attempted assignation attempt of Kavanagh.
  • Mass shootings have skyrocketed since Biden took office.
  • Teen suicides have skyrocketed since Biden took office.
  • Under Biden illegal alien border crossings have skyrocketed along with violent crimes committed by repeat offenders that are illegal aliens.
  • Democrat leadership has made the decision that Biden will not run in 2024 for reelection. They have a short list of potential nominees…all of which are avowed socialists and/or Marxists. And yes, all are authoritarians.
  • Draconian federal gun rights restrictions are about to be passed with support from both parties.
  • More and more radical (left & right) groups are creating or attempting to create more and more violence and division in America.
  • Poll: Half of Americans now predict U.S. may ‘cease to be a democracy’. Former President Bill Clinton recently said, “I have never before been as worried about the structure of our democratic form of government.”

Do I need to go on? I could add 30 – 50 more items to that list with great ease by simply scanning the headlines.

And about now you are wondering what my point is other than to state what you already know…and add to your growing depression. Well, there is a reason to this…the USA is dead…dead politically, economically, and civilly.

As a Constitutional Republic we started dying 130 years ago…it was pretty much set in stone by 1913 with the ratification of the 16th and 17th Amendments to the Constitution. The passage of the 1934 gun restrictions coupled with the elimination of state militias in the late 19th century ensured there would be an omnipotent US federal government…and the complete inability of US citizens or states to restore the republic.

OK…now what?

Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunchSo by the early 20th century the USA became a democracy vs a constitutional republic. And that set into motion our “transition” as a country and as a citizenry.

OK…but what does that have to do with the here and now?Democracy is the road to socialism. Progressives and politicians love it!

Did you ever stop and review what happens to the USA after any crisis? Have you ever taken a hard look at the post-crisis fixes?

Let me digress for just a minute…

Let’s go back to the beginning of the article when I used the term “intensify” that Charlie shared with me last week. Putting it into context is why I shared the long list of info above. Those of us over 60 can talk about how free our country was when we were kids…compared to today. If you are 90 then your childhood was even more free…compared to our childhood. And if we could get the stories from their parents, then even more freedom was enjoyed when were children, then those 90 year olds when they were children.

And if you reflect for only a minute or two…think about this…

My point is this…the US federal government’s control of our lives has grown ever more extreme as each generation, each decade has passed. And after each crisis the intensity of that control grows ever more suffocating.

Will we “recover” from the economic situation we are in now? Yes…but only in relative terms.

Will we “recover” from the horrific disaster of the Biden presidency? Yes…but only in relative terms.

Will we “recover” from the unneeded oil/gas crisis? Yes…but only in relative terms.

If we are to believe historic facts and evidence that are abundant and all around us, any “recovery” will be relatively minor, albeit circumstances will better than before the various crisis’s. But the power of the US federal government will be greater and their control over us will have grown significantly. Meaning…we will have fewer rights, freedoms, and liberties post-crisis…but we will feel as if we weathered the storm. And both the government and media will make sure we know, or at least feel, we recovered. That is what propaganda is for.

But, all the same problems will still be there…and will be intensified…and all the bad/evil stuff will intensify towards the next crisis.

Here is my larger point…as a country we have crashed politically and economically and civilly. We went off the cliff some time back…and we have already hit the bottom…we have felt the “thud”…and now comes the real pain…and it will intensify with each passing day, week, month, and year.

And once again…I will laugh in your face if you think for a second that electing any one party over another (i.e. Republicans over Democrats) will make things better! As I have written before…show me historic evidence where we are better off today, after having in the last 130 years elected a Republican Congresses and/or Republican Presidents!!

If you are objective and realistic…BOTH parties are destroying our country…there is no factual basis to show where Republicans can, or will, restore our Constitutional Republic…PERIOD!!! If they had wanted to…they would have….but didn’t.

So here we are…a fallen United States of America government. The facts, the statistics, the evidence shows this to be 100% true. We are now a democracy headed straight into a totalitarian state…there is no denying it, there is no logical argument against it, it has been happening for 130 years…one slow cut at a time.

So now what?

It’s quite liberating actually. When you think about it…there is no longer a need to struggle against the fall…we have already fallen. There no need to get wound up over politics, there is no need to get stressed out over current events. You are now free to focus on those things that are important. It is a massive off-loading of “static”, worry, fear, panic, distractions, and general BS.

Come up with what your priorities are such as getting your head together, clarifying what your core principles are, building a strong family who know Constitutional principles, work at a building a close-knit congregation with strong God-centered beliefs, work at getting local leaders elected (especially Sheriffs) that have correct principles and the backbone to fight for them, get your kids out of public schools and home-teach them, build skills that are enduring (mechanic, plumbing, electrical, gardening, shooting, reloading, etc.), build your finances to endure the coming worsening economic times, acquire/enhance your food storage, learn to garden, serve others…and the list goes on.

Some don’ts:

  • Do not allow yourself to get sucked into everyday “static”, and get rid of the mainstream media news crap.
  • Do not listen to freaks and weirdos preaching one conspiracy theory after another…they will drain your energy and distract you.
  • Do not worship idols…especially political idols (i.e. parties, candidates, etc.)
  • Do not go into debt to do your prepping, spend your money wisely where it will do the most good.
  • Do not get sucked into big debates (political, religious, etc.) but have thoughtful/respectful conversations about principles.
  • Don’t preach or moralize to others…especially about prepping to non-preppers. But, share the security that comes with being prepared for things like food shortages.
  • Do not get involved in any kind of violence, or plans for such.
  • Do not trust the government at any level…or any of their various agencies…they are not your friends…especially federal law enforcement agents.
  • Do not depend on the government at any level…they are not your friends.
  • Do not panic.
  • Do not fear.

None of the problems that exist today will go away…they will only intensify over time. But, there are folks out there who have their head on straight, who believe in Constitutional principles, who believe in rights/freedoms/liberties, who are preparing for what is to come, who understand the need for community and joining with like-minded folks, and know this…you are not alone. Find them…find the others.

Hang in there, accept reality as it is, don’t create your own version of reality, be smart, have a plan, work your plan…and know that as the US federal government intensifies this transition there will be opportunities to be in a place of safety. When that opportunity presents itself to you…seize it.


Consider yourself liberated…now, get to work.

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Bill of Rights: Dying Fast or Already Dead?

Let me make this easy…we live in a post-constitution era. Yes, that means I am saying that we are no longer governed by the Constitution of the United States as it was designed and written by the Founding Fathers. Its principles, protections, guarantees, and political foundation framework are all lost to the last 130 years of political maneuvering and power brokers. And for quite awhile now I have been warning about the post-constitution days we live in.

The most sure way to verify this is to simply look at the part of that great document that directly affects all US citizens’ right, liberties, and freedoms, and where we stand now in relation to its original wording and intent.

Yes, there is a specific reason for this article at this time…it ties directly into tomorrow’s article. This is a prequel if you will.

Amendment I – Dying…almost dead!

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Americans are not allowed to freely exercise their religion. In 1878 the Supreme Court killed freedom of religion (Reynolds v. United States, 98 U.S. 145) when the non-constitutional “separation of church and state” became the law of the land via black robes. And again in 1954, according to IRS documents, verbal or written statements by a 501(c)(3) in favor or opposition of any candidate can result in the denial or revocation of tax-exempt status. And yes, churches are 501(c)(3) organizations. So the government essentially controls what churches can do, when, and where they can do it…because churches are not going to want to give up their tax-exempt status.

Freedom of speech and freedom of the press died in April of 2022 at the hands of the Department of Homeland Security when it established the “Disinformation Governance Board” with no legislative action and no law being passed by our elected representatives. Freedom of speech and freedom of the press was already dying long before then due to the media’s cooperation with the US government in invoking “cancel culture” tactics.

Right of people to peacefully assemble died over 60 years ago with the widespread implementation of “permits” to parade, rally, protest, demonstrate, etc., as well as governments and law enforcement agencies employment of “free speech zones.” Both of which are widely used against any group or cause that doesn’t align with government policy.

Amendment II – Barely on life support!

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Militias have been demonized and criminalized effectively eliminating them in the United States since the late 19th century.

The right to keep and bear arms has been repeated infringed since the 1930’s to the point that the right as originally intended is no longer recognizable. The latest “bi-partisan” attempts that will soon become law further infringe upon that right. Thanks needs to go to both political parties throughout the years for killing these two rights.

Amendment IV – Dead!

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

The FBI, as well as all other federal law enforcement agencies, through the use of FISA courts have killed the “warrants” & “probable cause” clause. The NSA gathers, stores, and analyzes all electronic correspondence of US citizens without warrants. And the federal government has successfully argued in court the right to have a “kill list” of US citizens wherein people can be outright assassinated by the mere stroke of a pen at the Executive Branch level of the US government. Remember, it was a FISA court that authorized the coup against President Trump…and the FBI that provided leadership and operational personnel.

Amendment V – Dead!

No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offence to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

The most blatant example is the use of “civil asset forfeiture” which has killed due process by taking private property without even a person being arrested or suspected of a crime. Additionally, since 2001, thanks to the Patriot Act (among others), American citizens have been tortured in overseas black sites as well as on American soil and the information illegally gathered has been used against them. The FBI and CIA are the two primary federal law enforcement agencies in this regards. In addition to torture, both FBI and CIA personnel have outright assassinated US citizens; and the federal government reserves the right in court to do so whenever they deem it needed…and the courts have upheld that right.

Amendment VIII – Dead!

Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.

Case after case after case is well documented where FBI personnel have simply murdered “suspects” even when those persons have been unarmed. And, the same agency personnel have killed family members and friends of these so-called “suspects” as they did at Ruby Ridge. A case you may very familiar with is Lavoy Finnicum. In the most glaring of infamous cases the FBI have even been known to burn to death men, women, and children as they did in Waco.

Amendment X – Dead!

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

This goes without any need to describe. Long ago the US federal government usurped the rights and powers reserved to the states and people, assuming those rights either through extortion, bribery, or at the point of a gun. The passage of the 17th Amendment diminished the check and balance of the states to virtually nothing. Couple this along with the federal government destroying half of the 2nd Amendment by outlawing militias ensured that there is no true check and balance of the states to stop the imposition of tyranny by the US federal government.

Summary –

So there are 6 out of the 10 Bill of Rights amendments that are either outright dead or virtually dead. And those 6 are the most important to US citizens out of the 10!

What does this mean? Our original rights, liberties, and freedoms as the Founders established them are gone. And there is no hope or peaceful mechanism to revive them.

Had there been any civil way to restore them…then why hasn’t it been done? Not a single Congress, not a single President, and surely not any political party has ever restored any of those rights, freedoms, or liberties. It has only gotten worse and worse with each passing election for the last 130+ years.

Why do I point this out? Well, tomorrow is the answer to that question. Today was laying out the “slap your face” reality check for what I will share with you tomorrow. Tomorrow you get a huge stress relief, an off-loading of a heavy burden…a freeing moment in your life. It will give you an opportunity to focus on the really important things.

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I was on the radio!!

So mid-morning on June 9th I get a frantic call from a really good friend of mine. She is telling me that I am on the radio! For clarification…a radio talk show host is reading an article of mine on his radio show. And a couple of minutes later I verified it…my material was on the radio!

Well, well, well…interesting world!! I wrote an article on June 7th “Answer: What should I do?” which was basically cut out of my May 2022 SitRep “SitRep – May 2022 (part #4 of 4)”. Seems as if someone really liked it a lot. They sent an email, with the article link, to Bryan Hyde; he is a radio guy and podcaster. Bryan liked my article enough that he was reading in whole on the air.

Bryan Hyde appears to be like-minded with me in many respects, enough so that I am listening to him pretty regularly now. Going forward I am going to embed some of his podcasts because I think you will find value there.

Man, his voice is smooth…prefect for the radio…and he made my stuff sound really good. Thank you Bryan!!

So here is hour #1





from his website…

Who Is This Guy?

Handsome. Erudite. Brave. Charming. A magnanimous leader of men. These are just some of the words which will never be used to describe Bryan Hyde.

He is, however, a trusted voice of truth who strives to inform and unite his audience. Bryan is a veteran broadcaster, podcaster, writer, speaker and educator with more than 35 years experience behind the mic.

His goal is to elevate the discussion from shouted partisan slogans to thoughtful examination of the key principles at stake.

What’s His Background?

Bryan has been a talk radio host, program director, executive producer and advertising executive. He also has traveled throughout the U.S. as a professional public speaker and educator and has been a regular columnist and freelance writer for the past 15 years.

His company With One Voice LLC reflects his personal mission to bring people together on the issues that matter most that they might speak with one voice.

Anything Else We Should Know?

Bryan and his wife Becky are the proud parents of 3 sons and 3 daughters and two very spoiled grandkids. In his spare time, he loves to read and is always looking for an excuse to cook something tantalizing on his Pit Barrel Cooker.

Visit The Bryan Hyde Show website…(click here)

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! Warning ! “Be prepared to lose all your money in crypto!”

This morning a stark warning was issued by a major bank head in light of recent moves by Celsius. Celsius operates somewhat like a traditional bank, albeit one for crypto rather than fiat currency. Until this week, it was considered among the most successful parts of the decentralized finance (DeFi) movement.

Yesterday Celsius issued this, “Due to extreme market conditions, today we are announcing that Celsius is pausing all withdrawals, Swap, and transfers between accounts.”

All crypto-currency has taken a huge hit…Bitcoin alone has lost 67% in the last 8 months.

I’ve warned about crypto-currency for a long time. It is NOT a prepper item at all…and it is a horrible investment option. It is something that any sane person would stay very far away from.


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Interesting article of mine from 3-1/2 years ago…

I was doing some research on my own website and came across this article from 3-1/2 years ago. I know I have a whole bunch of new followers since then…so, I thought I might point it out. Might make for some real interesting reading for some folks.

The title of the article is The Future…as of 1/10/2019





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Democrats/Radicals/Leftists/Authoritarians Attempt to Murder Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh

Early this morning a man was arrested with weapons and entry tools in close proximity to Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh’s home. He stated he was “incensed” at Kavanaugh’s assumed support of overturning Roe v. Wade. The man who has not yet been identified was apparently a resident of the radical left-wing state of California.

The armed man holds radical pro-abortion beliefs and was taken into custody in suburban Montgomery County, MD as he approached the immediate neighborhood of Justice Kavanaugh. He reportedly told police he wanted to kill Justice Kavanaugh and/or his family.

Justice Kavanaugh’s home has previously been the scene of illegal and borderline violent protests and demonstrations. These protests and demonstrations were called for by Democrats and other radical leftists. And no Democrat leader condemned the protests and demonstrations or violence even though both are illegal as per federal law. And the FBI has not intervened to prevent the protests and demonstrations, the associated violence, or threats of more protest violence against Justice Kavanaugh.

However, this is only 1/2 of the plot to murder Justice Kavanaugh.

In early March of this year Democrats’ Senate leader, Chuck Schumer, called for violence against Justice Kavanaugh. In front of a mob Schumer continued to increase tensions and urged those in the mob to commit violence to the point that “I want to tell you, Kavanaugh. You have released the whirlwind and you will pay the price. You won’t know what hit you!”

It is unknown if the man attempting to assassinate Justice Kavanaugh was in the mob being incited by Schumer. It is also unknown if the assassin at anytime met with Schumer or any of Schumer’s staff. What is clearly known…the man acted in accordance with Schumer’s encouragement and direction.

At this time no charges are expected to be filed against Schumer or any of his staff in the plot to assassinate Justice Kavanaugh.

As I have been warning about for a very long time…the radical left, at the direction of the authoritarians, have been very violent and will continue to hatch plots of more violence, murders, and assassinations. Their intent is to create chaos, confusion, and enough violence and fear that US citizens will cry out for “safety & peace” and “law & order.” This will allow the authoritarians to implement even more eliminations of rights, freedoms, and liberties of US citizens.

I encourage you to be prepared to defend yourself, your family, your home, your community, and your congregations. But, do not be part of any militia or take part in any demonstration/protests/rallies, etc. Said participation could quickly turn to a point were violence erupts and you are caught up in the violence, or brought into a situation where you are wrongly found to be part of instigating the violence.

Do not be overly alarmed at this attempted assassination attempt. This is all part of the authoritarians’ plan and they want a knee-jerk reaction, they want panic, they want fear, and they will use it against you and others who share your values. I have been warning you about this for a long time.

But understand this…this is another attack of the authoritarians, carried out by the radical leftists (i.e. Democrats), against our Constitutional Republic and a civil society. They are destroying the country one step at a time. They are planning more attacks, many more. Be prepared.

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The Fall of the U.S. Empire

This is the second standalone article carved out of the May 2022 SitRep. Why a standalone article?

I was talking with a long-time friend last night. And yes, for the record…I have friends. With this particular friend…45 years of really good friendship.

As we were talking we discussed the 7 part May 2022 SitRep…she loved it, thought it was well presented, good editing, and the research was excellent. But she had a criticism…a valid one…the 7 part article was over 18,000 words. And the average person would need a little over an hour to read all of them…or about 10 minutes per part. Too much time!!

So after I got over being truly offended that people would object to spending an hour reading my most excellent series of article(s) I realized she was correct. I decided that there was critical information that I needed/wanted to share with you folks. So here it is…

For years, lots of years, I have been studying history…including great empires. And I am sure you are aware as well of the rise/fall of empires, the Roman Empire is a prime example. And I am sure that you have made, or read, about the comparison of the USA to the rise and fall of other empires. Well, it is true, proven by fact, well documented, and shown beyond a shadow of a doubt that the USA is on the same track. How close to the “fall” we are has been hotly debated for a while now. I personally believe we are close, very close, to the “fall” as an empire.

First of all let’s get this out of the way…if you think the USA is not an “empire” then you are either ignorant or a reality and truth denier.

Now, the most researched, documented, and clearly written information regarding empires that I have ever seen has been produced by a guy by the name of Dalio. He went into factual scientific detail, extreme detail, regarding the rise and fall of the great empires in the last 500 years. So let’s start with this…a chart that shows the life-cycle of an empire:Yeah, this chart represents exactly and factually what all empires go through…its called their empire life-cycle. Does anything look familiar?

Then we can review how all the empires have cycled in the last 500 years:

But that looks a bit confusing, so let’s boil it down to the top 4 empires:

Notice which empire is rising and which is falling?

Just gotta throw a couple more charts in there. Next one is rise/fall based on the global reserve status of an empire’s currency.

Notice which empire is rising and which is falling?

Next are the eight factors that empire’s rise/fall curves were based on and their place in the empire’s life-cycle.

Is this clear yet?

There is a variable factor that has come into play throughout the 500 years, but most notably in the last 100 years…technology. The technology of today is accelerating the curves, both the rise and fall ended of the curves.

The United States of America is an empire…an empire is steep decline. That statement is factual, based in reality, founded on history, and well researched empirical scientific evidence. Worse yet, nothing will occur that will or can stop the fall…it is already occurring…and the USA will complete the collapse. Again, that too is based on fact and historical evidence.

Here we see the status of 9 areas of importance controlling the rise and fall of the US Empire:

The only trait that is consistently rising over the last 30 years is the US military. And that is because our endless wars and the military-industrial complex grip on the government and our desperate gasp to be relevant in the world.

In the following two charts we see where the US Empire is in relation to the modern Chinese Empire:

Here is the key and the point to all of this…why do you think that the US Federal Government has started the revolution that I talked about in Part #2? Why do you think they are intentionally creating chaos, mayhem confusion, hate, violence, pitting once group against another, etc.?

The powers behind the monstrosity that is called the US federal government know the United States empire is falling and will collapse, they are simply implementing a plan (revolution/civil war) for that which is to rise from the ashes of that coming fall. And I am telling you now…it ain’t no Constitutional Republic they plan to resurrect.


  1. Do you recognize fact, do you accept scientific evidence, do you believe in proven historical datum?
  2. Do you see what they are planning for the USA, and why, after it collapses as an empire?
  3. Do you have a plan on what to do about it or how to cope with the fall?
  4. Have you talked it through with your family, your community, and your congregation?
  5. Do you even know anyone else who accepts this information or believes similar to you?
  6. What will you do going forward now that this is staring you right in the face?

USA’s divine origins…Yes, I believe the Founding Fathers when they talk about the US being founded with divine help from God. The Declaration of Independence uses the very terms “God”, “Creator”, “Supreme Judge”, and “divine Providence.” So yes, the United States of America was founded, in whole or in part, by God for His purposes.

Does God guarantee that America will survive or operates with his blessing today? I can’t find a single inspired source that says that. And I believe that any country such as America that kills nearly 1 million unborn babies per year is not, and will not, receive the blessing of our Father in Heaven.

Now for an extremely important point that I have to make; and it is critical to everything I have talked about and that I will talk about going forward. Not understanding the next statement will jade opinions of everything I’ve written in terms of the US Empire and its fall, a war mongering people, etc. So here goes…

There is no comparison between the people of the United States and the federal government of the United States. The government of the United States is completely corrupt, decadent, and its leaders totally depraved lusting only after power and money. It follows no eternal truths, acts against the best interests of its citizens, and performs abhorrent acts of evil. The US federal government has abandoned the rule of law, turned away from the Constitution, no longer recognizes natural God-given rights, or respects rights guaranteed through the Bill of Rights.

On the other hand, as a people, citizens of the United States are some of the most warm, friendly, compassionate, and giving people in the world. Global statistics show that to be 100% true. One only needs to travel to the mid-west or localities that are church-centered to see that this is true. Granted liberal run states are far less so, but still as a country, we are a good and decent people. Not near as much as we once were, but still on the positive side of the scale.

But let me be clear…the US federal government doesn’t mirror the positive qualities of its citizens. And to be quite honest…the federal government it doing its very, very best to crush the good and decent people of the US into oblivion. Why? So no one looks to fellow citizens for decency or help…they look only to the federal government for answers and solutions. Thus becoming serfs to the authoritarians. They seek to crush any form of self-reliance…temporal or spiritual.

Yes, there are a few decent people at the federal political level, but damn few…probably could count them on one hand…maybe. Virtually all politicians and bureaucrats prefer compromise vs consensus, power vs liberty, regulations vs freedoms, controls vs rights, wealth vs fairness, politics vs principles, and authoritarianism vs a Constitutional Republic.

So please don’t confuse the qualities of people in the US vs the immorality of the government of the US. The problem lies in the fact that the people no longer control the government…and people fear the government.

money and power used by the federal government creates tyranny at the loss of rights and freedom.Bottom line…

  1. As a government the US federal government has fallen into decay, ruthless tyranny, and is totally debauched.
  2. As an empire the US is falling fast and the crash cannot be prevented. What rises from its ashes will be much, much worse than what exists today.
  3. You must have a plan on what you are to do, how you are to do it, and with whom you will do it. Failure to do so ensures failure of the worst kind.

May 2022 SitRep –







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Answer: What should I do?

I was talking with a long-time friend last night. And yes, for the record…I have friends. With this particular friend…45 years of really good friendship.

As we were talking we discussed the 7 part May 2022 SitRep…she loved it, thought it was well presented, good editing, and the research was excellent. But she had a criticism…a valid one…the 7 part article was over 18,000 words. And the average person would need a little over an hour to read all of them…or about 10 minutes per part. Too much time!!

So after I got over being truly offended that people would object to spending an hour reading my most excellent series of article(s) I realized she was correct. Her suggestion was to take the “answers” part and make it a standalone article for folks to read…about 4 – 5 minutes. Then include links to the rest of the parts if a person was interested.

She is one smart lady so I will take her advice…and here it is…

My response to the question, “What should I do?”

  1. FIRST and FOREMOST – In order to stay alive and out of prison do not participate in violence of any kind. Do not attend protests, demonstrations, or any kind of rally. At this point in time all of these have the real potential to turn violent. Do not get involved in those activities! Don’t even talk about committing violence no matter how patriotic it may sound. When you are around people do not allow them to talk about committing violence, or even advocating for it. If they do, then tell them you will have no part in it and leave. Why? Same as I have told you before…the federal law enforcement agencies have agents or informers in every militia in the US and any other group they see as a threat. They will look for and find any reason to arrest and imprison anyone they can. And if that can’t find a reason they will manufacture one as they have done so numerous times. Stay away from any anti-government style violence or discussion of such…period!
  2. Have a clear set of core principles that you believe in no matter what. If you don’t already have them, develop that set of core principles. Those principles must be based on both temporal (i.e. US Constitution & Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, etc.) and spiritual concepts (i.e. 10 Commandments, the Sermon on the Mount, etc.). Make the decision to stand by those principles no matter what, and then do not compromise those principles. When challenged, do not shrink from defending those principles using sound reasoning, logic, and compassionate understanding of others.
  3. Clearly see the magnitude of the problem and the utter enormity of the collapse that has already occurred and more which is coming…and stay situationally aware. Focus on knowing what is going on in the country and world from only trusted sources of information. But, do not become obsessed over current events, ignore all non-trustworthy sources of information, stay away from those promoting conspiracy theories, avoid “fear porn”, and do not give time to the “static” in life.
  4. Be willing to have am emergency preparedness plan, make a plan, and be committed to work that plan. The plan must be based on solid, practical, and proven concepts of emergency preparedness. The plan must cover all areas of threats/risks and above all, it must be realistic.
  5. Forget acting globally, forget acting nationally, but do act locally. Be involved in your family, community, congregation, and possibly at the state level (if you feel prompted to do so). It is highly likely that you can have no impact at the global or national level to right this sinking ship…so don’t waste your time, talents, efforts, or resources on that pointless effort. Stay focused and engaged where you can make a difference. Start at the smallest/lowest possible level and then expand from there. Concentrate on where you can be both active and effective in your ability to help others. Serve.
  6. Do not be part of political party politics and do not support any political party platform. Advocate, support, and advance only your principles as outlined in #2 regardless of politics or political parties. Push forward the sound principles that you have formed when you are involved in your community. Do not compromise those principles. Seek consensus not compromise. When you vote, vote for the candidate whose principles and ideas match yours regardless of political party affiliation. Do not donate your money to any political party; you have no true knowledge of what they are doing with that money.
  7. Talk about emergency preparedness whenever appropriate to get as many people aware as possible. But, do not show your preps to anyone and do not be specific regarding the extent of your preps.
  8. Gently, quietly, without fanfare, find others who think and act as you do. Start a moderate conversation regarding emergency preparation in general terms. Gauge their response, move forward if there is common ground, but do so only in small steps. Know who you are talking to. As trust and confidence grows move the conversation to mutual support and assistance in your emergency preparedness endeavors. A good place to start would be at church. But, don’t assume that just because they are fellow church goers that they share all of your preparedness beliefs or share your core principles.
  9. Do everything you can to be as independent of all levels of government as possible, especially the federal government. Think “self-reliance” in every aspect of your life.
  10. Be willing and committed to defending yourself, your family, your principles, and your community against all threats that would jeopardize those principles or the safety of those you love and have joined with.
  11. Have “realistic expectations” of yourself and your family when it comes to emergency preparedness. It would be wonderful to be 100% prepared for any emergency that might come your way…but that is 100% unrealistic. Do the best you can with what you have…and that is good enough. Focus your time and resources on that which is the greatest risk/threat against you and your family, solve that, and then move on to the next item. Work your plan but do not become obsessive.

I apologize if you were expecting some great “silver bullet” solution. But I don’t apologize if you were expecting me tell you to join a militia, take up arms, revolt, become an Alexander Hamilton, etc. These times are not those that cry out for violence as our Founding Fathers did after decades of trying to solve the problems with England. If you are drawn towards violence at this point, a repeat of the 1/6 disaster, etc. then I am not your guru, I don’t have your answers.

What we need in this country right now is civility, compassion, willingness to serve, level-headedness, calm, and people determined to be prepared for emergencies, disasters, and grid-down. We need people who Preparedness Communitycan reach out to their families, their communities & neighbors, and their congregations with helping hands. We need people with strong principles, or at least those willing to embrace strong righteous principles, willing to stand-up for those principles, and then share them with others in a calm and gentle manner.

Look at what the federal government is doing, what bureaucrats are doing, what politicians are doing, and how they are behaving and what their position related actions are. We need good people doing the exact opposite. We need good people doing good things for the right reasons, helping and serving others. Embrace selflessness…abandon selfishness.

The best way, actually the only way, to fight evil is to fight it with good. And you must be that source of good. For this is truly a struggle of good vs evil. Right now evil is wining on a global and national level for the most part. But that can and will change. I am asking you, imploring you, to be part of that good that makes that change.

Now, just for clarification…I am not advocating that you not physically defend yourself or your family against threats and acts of violence. You have a God-given right to defend yourself and you have a responsibility mandated by God to defend and protect your family. And I urge you to take both of those responsibilities seriously, as seriously as you need to…only you can make that judgement as to what degree.

This is not a month long struggle, not even a year long struggle; it may not be resolved even in your lifetime. But, you are part of the solution, today’s solution, tomorrow’s solution…be the part of the solution that you need to be.

May 2022 SitRep –

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