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You know, there is always time and room to do new things…today is one of those times. I am going to do something I’ve never done before on this website, or anywhere else on the Internet. Over the last few weeks my wife and I just wanted to chill out on the weekend. No, not last weekend (4th of July), we were at the cabin for 5 glorious days! I will write more about that later. But, we wanted to be entertained and just relax. Movies!!

Yup, we watched three movies of particular note, and that is what I am going to tell you about right now.

Movie #1: “A Dog’s Purpose”

My wife and I love dogs…I mean we really love dogs. We think they are among some of the greatest gifts that God gave to mankind. We have two currently, and the last three have all been shelter rescue dogs.

The movie is utterly fantastic. It gives an incredible look into the interaction between dogs and people. There are some great teaching moments and more than enough emotional moments to drag a tear or two out of you. You simply have to see this movie.

Now, there are two potential controversies with this movie. #1 – Supposedly there was a scene where a dog was forced to do a stunt that was considered animal abuse. Negative. That hullabaloo was stirred up by some animal rights group. The producer went into great detail about filming the scene and in my opinion there was no, never was any, animal abuse of any kind. It was the same tired old liberal animal rights folks trying to cause trouble. #2 – The movie portrays reincarnation of a dog for multiple lives. This concept might be offensive to some religious based ideas of some folks. Please, get over it…this is a movie not a seminary class.

I can’t recommend this movie highly enough. It is wonderful! And 100% appropriate for children.

Movie #2: The Shack

This is a movie that can challenge you and move you. It did both for me. Make no doubt about it…it’s a “God movie” and a good one at that. The presentation is wonderful and so outside the box it will/may challenge you to see God in a truly wonderful light more than you ever have before.

I smiled, I shed a tear or two, was wonderfully happy, and chuckled a bit as well as I watched the movie. There are parts where you hurt for one of the characters, you cringe at a certain part, and I found myself wishing that some of it wasn’t true. But, it was a great -no, a wonderful- experience and well worth watching.

And again, if you are a religious nutcase without imagination or the capacity to understand…then this movie is not for you. If you think you know everything when it comes to religion, then do yourself a favor…don’t watch this movie.

On the other hand, if you want a moving movie experience with the capability of being touched deeply…then this is a great choice!

And please…this movie is so well done and rated for everyone…watch it with the kids!

Movie #3: Saints and Soldiers

If you like war movies and action, you will like this movie. If you like movies with a great story line, you will like this movie. If you like movies with a real hero, you will like this movie. If you like movies where the good guy wins, you will like this movie. If you like movies that the kids can watch with you, you will like this movie.

Yeah…you will like this movie. I sure did!

I can’t really share too much or I will turn into a spoiler. Bottom line, this shows how good does win over evil. If shows humanity where you think there is none. And it does it all with great acting and nail biting action.

The opening scene is a little rough for those really young kids but should be fine for anyone over 8yo.

This is a movie with heart…and valor.

Summary –

Please watch these movies. There is so much smut out there pushed by Hollywood, it is nice to see some quality movies that are well done for a change. These folks need support so the good movies keep getting produced.

While watching all three of these movies drop your guard. Open your heart. Let the spirit in. You won’t be disappointed.


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4th of July – Independence Day

4th-0Independence Day (a.k.a. 4th of July) commemorates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. July 4th is a day celebrating declaring independence from Great Britain. However, on July 2, 1776 the American Revolution leadership declared the legal separation of the Thirteen Colonies from Great Britain after the American Congress had voted to do so. And the 4th is when it was actually signed the document. .

But remember, open warfare had broken out a year earlier between the tyrannical British forces and American freedom fighters.

So if this holiday, the 4th of July – Independence Day, is all about 4th-1declaring independence and the signing of the Declaration of Independence. What is the Declaration of Independence all about?

4th-2Well, just take the first 18 words of the actual document –

“When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands…”

The Declaration of Independence was all about dissolving the tyranny that had been imposed upon them by the British ruling class. In other words, the Americans were fed-up with the tyranny they lived under and were finally doing something really serious about it. The Declaration of Independence was an explanation of what they were doing and why.

But you also have to understand by what “authority” they felt they had to take such drastic actions –

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government…”

They stated unequivocally what the problem was with the British government –

“…the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States…”

If you are reading this post you are more than likely not a first visitor to this website. And that being the case, you know I am not some blogger that wants to be all warm and fuzzy. I don’t believe in sugar-coating currents events and I damn darn sure don’t want to give false hope and impressions of what is going on or where we as a country are headed. I always want to give you the straight talk and the straight, honest answers. But remember, these are only my opinions. Seek out, research, and come to your own conclusions of what is happening in our country today and why. In this day an age of misinformation I want you to trust no one but yourself; and hopefully your spouse. I am confident you can figure out this situation, I just want to share some thoughts that I think are important to where we are as a country right now.

The American Revolution listed approximately 26 grievances against the government of Britain.  Among those I found these to be very interesting:

  1. He has made Judges dependent on his Will alone, for the tenure of their offices, and the amount and payment of their salaries.
  2. He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance.
  3. He has kept among us, in times of peace, Standing Armies without the Consent of our legislatures.
  4. 4th-3He has affected to render the Military independent of and superior to the Civil power.
  5. He has combined with others to subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to our constitution, and unacknowledged by our laws; giving his Assent to their Acts of pretended Legislation:
  6. For Quartering large bodies of armed troops among us:
  7. For protecting them, by a mock Trial, from punishment for any Murders which they should commit on the Inhabitants of these States:
  8. For imposing Taxes on us without our Consent:
  9. For depriving us in many cases, of the benefits of Trial by Jury:
  10. For transporting us beyond Seas to be tried for pretended offenses.

Let me make a note of those just for conversation’s sake:

  1. He has made Judges dependent on his Will alone, for the tenure of their offices, and the amount and payment of their salaries. Judges now “make” law, are appointed by the President, serve for life, paid by the government (who sets their pay scale), and the Supreme Court is untouchable even when ruling against the Constitution.
  2. He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harrass our people, 4th-4and eat out their substance. The layers of government local-to-federal now number in the 10’s of millions of employees. All serving in a system that can arbitrarily create policy and regulation that carry the force of law.
  3. He has kept among us, in times of peace, Standing Armies without the Consent of our legislatures. Not only do we have a huge standing Army, we have a huge standing Air Force, Navy, Marines and National Guard. Then when you factor in the nearly 1.5million law enforcement officers that are militarized you have a situation that dwarfs what the Declaration of Independence complains about.
  4. He has affected to render the Military independent of and superior to the Civil power. Our military now 4th-6has unlimited powers, via the NDAA, that even within the borders of the US. Posse Comitatis is no longer recognized by the federal government or the military. The military is free to arrest, detain, ship to another country, or kill any US citizen within the borders of the USA by the simple order of the President, and in some cases, by local military commanders.
  5. He has combined with others to subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to our constitution, and unacknowledged by our laws; giving his Assent to their Acts of pretended Legislation: Our government has now subjugated US law to UN law, agreements, etc. that are in direct opposition to US law. In many legal jurisdictions now, Sharia Law (Islamic religious law) is now recognized as superior to US law.
  6. For Quartering large bodies of armed troops among us: One only needs to look at the nearly 1.5million law enforcers stationed throughout every community, at every possible level of government, to understand this problem. There is little resemblance of yesterday’s peace officers to today’s fully militarized law enforcement officers who operate at the whim and will of federal guidance and political direction.
  7. For protecting them, by a mock Trial, from punishment for any Murders which they should commit on the Inhabitants of these States: The entire body of Senators and Representatives, as well as most of the Legislative branch of government are immune to arrest and prosecution for the crimes they commit. We see one politician after another commit serious crimes with absolute impunity. Such is the benefit of the political/ruling class.
  8. For imposing Taxes on us without our Consent: This goes without saying. But it is even worse than you 4th-5might think at first pass. Not only does the government, at all levels, impose taxes on its citizens at will and without authority or permission…it also eliminates the payment of income taxes by those they wish to exempt. It has gotten so bad that over half of the country’s citizens pay no income taxes while the minority of the population support the entire country’s finances…including the immense welfare system that the majority non-taxpayers benefit from.
  9. For depriving us in many cases, of the benefits of Trial by Jury:  The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), the previous Patriot Act, and the present Freedom 4th-7Act…as well as a host of non-laws (Presidential Directives) have eliminated the effect of the Sixth Amendment found in the Constitution’s Bill of Rights. The government can, at its own discretion, deprive citizens of rights, property, freedoms through the imposition of “policy” enforced by police. And they do so to the tune of 10’s of billions of dollars each year with impunity. There is little to no defense against such arbitrary civil forfeiture acts of government in today’s system.
  10. For transporting us beyond Seas to be tried for pretended offenses. The policy currently in use and in 4th-8force by the US government is called “rendition.”  The current policy of rendition is the government sponsored kidnapping and extrajudicial transfer of a person from one country to another to avoid the US legal system. And is so doing allows the torture and indefinite detention or execution of prisoners that the US federal government wishes to impose upon.

So, I guess some things haven’t changed.

Well, that isn’t exactly true:

  • We are taxed by the government far more heavily now than just prior to the American Revolution.
  • We are regulated by the government far more so now than just prior to the American Revolution.
  • The ruling government is far more controlling over the population than just prior to the American Revolution.
  • As percentage of population, we have far more government officials, bureaucrats, and regulators than just prior to the American Revolution.
  • 4th-9As a percentage of population, we have far more law enforcement officers than just prior to the American Revolution.
  • We have far more laws, regulations, rules, policies, and codes than just prior to the American Revolution.
  • As a percentage of population, we have far more politicians than just prior to the American Revolution.
  • As a percentage of population, we have far more people in jails and prisons than just prior to the American Revolution.

Pretty much according to every negative aspect of life just prior to the American Revolution, we have it tenfold worse here in our lives, in our good ol’ USA.

So what does that mean? To answer that question let’s look at who signed the Declaration of Independence:

Adams, John
Adams, Samuel
Bartlett, Josiah
4th-13Braxton, Carter
Chase, Samuel
Clark, Abraham
Clymer, George
Ellery, William
Floyd, William
Franklin, Benjamin
Gerry, Elbridge
Gwinnett, Button
Hall, Lyman
Hancock, John
Harrison, Benjamin
Hart, John
Hewes, Joseph
Heyward Jr., Thomas
Hooper, William
Hopkins, Stephen
Hopkinson, Francis
Huntington, Samuel
Jefferson, Thomas
Lee, Francis Lightfoot
Lee, Richard Henry
Lewis, Francis
Livingston, Philip
Lynch Jr., Thomas
McKean, Thomas
Middleton, Arthur
Morris, Lewis
Morris, Robert
Morton, John
Nelson Jr., Thomas
Paca, William
Paine, Robert Treat
Penn, John4th-13a
Read, George
Rodney, Caesar
Ross, George
Rush, Benjamin
Rutledge, Edward
Sherman, Roger
Smith, James
Stockton, Richard
Stone, Thomas
Taylor, George
Thornton, Matthew
Walton, George
Whipple, William
Williams, William
Wilson, James
Witherspoon, John
Wolcott, Oliver
Wythe, George

Collectively how do we refer to these men today?

We call them, or at least use to call them, patriots and Founding Fathers. We revere them, we honor them, we appreciate their great sacrifices that they made in founding our country and providing a rich heritage of freedom, rights and liberty.

But what if all of that Declaration of Independence stuff was all occurring in today’s world? What if a group of well-known and honorable men got together, outlined a long list of unjust tyrannical actions of today’s government? And then they declared that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish that government, and to institute new government. What would happen to these individuals?

Well, let’s look at what DHS and the FBI has to say about it.

You are considered a potential domestic terrorist if you are any of the following:

•    4th-14Americans who believe their “way of life” is under attack;
•    Americans who are “fiercely nationalistic (as opposed to universal and international in orientation)”;
•    People who consider themselves “anti-global” (presumably those who are wary of the loss of American sovereignty);
•    Americans who are “suspicious of centralized federal authority”;
•    Americans who are “reverent of individual liberty”;
•    People who “believe in conspiracy theories that involve grave threat to national sovereignty and/or personal liberty;”
•    Anti-abortion advocates (a.k.a. Pro-Life).
•    Bulk purchasers of food.
•    People who pay cash.
•    People who want internet privacy.
•    People who display “liberty” or “freedom” oriented bumper stickers.
•    People who display the American flag.

4th-10So there is little doubt if the Declaration of Independence was written and signed today, all of those original Founding Fathers, all those patriots, would be swept up in massive FBI raids, using no-knock raids with fully-militarized SWAT forces.

What does that tell you about the condition of our country today? What does that say of our freedoms, rights and liberties? What does it say of our massive system of government, especially at the federal level?

What does it all have to do with an “emergency preparedness” website?

Let me make it real clear for you…The #1 threat to America today is the police state. No, not the threat of a police state…the police state that we live under right now. And that very same police state that grows ever stronger each and every day.

At some point an event will occur, and the country will be thrown into confusion and chaos the likes of which you have never ever seen before in history. And when that happens the grid will come smashing down and it will come down completely. When that happens I want you and your family to be prepared. Better yet I want you to have a group of preparedness advocates organized and supportive of each other. And best of all…if you could have a whole community ready for emergencies and disasters…that would be my dream!

Folks it is coming. I assure you of that. Our country, our debt, our government can’t survive much longer…history has proven that over and over again. Please prepare yourself and your family for the emergencies and disasters that are coming.

In the mean time you will be ready for wildfires, recessions, hurricanes, earthquakes, unemployment, retirement and most other natural and man-made disasters as well.

Just please understand what we are dealing with right now…and what is coming in the near future. Please prepare yourself and your family. And while you’re at it…enjoy your 4th of July, Independence Day, by remembering what this day represents, who was there originally, why they were there and what principles they believed in.

Please prepare!




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What’s going on???

Man, what’s going on right now is a complete mess, a total mess. And there are lots of folks who love it that way because it is going their way. And their way is not good for America.

I have devoted a lot of time over the last decade to watching, figuring out the important dots, and then connecting them. I’ve been spot on sharing those things with you on this website. I was originally going to make a good portion of this article about how right I’ve been and how far ahead of so-called experts I’ve been at revealing what is happening in America. But, you’ve been coming to the site, you know what I’ve been saying, and there are lots of articles you can read to know just how accurate I’ve been. So I will spare you that self-aggrandizing discoursing.

By now it’s clear that the Trump presidency is a disaster. No, not Trump…just his time in office…his presidency. So no, this is not a Trump-bashing celebration. But, the disaster is occurring because of Trump…at it would have been occurring no matter who would have been elected. Had Hillary been elected there would have been as much, if not more, of a disaster taking place. There is no disputation, or there can’t be any disputation, that there is a disaster going on. Just a few things of note:

  • North Korea has nuclear weapons and just about ready to place a nuke on a ballistic missile that can reach the US.
  • China has all but conquered the China Sea and pushed out all the other countries. But, we still do poke our finger in their eye from time to time trying to prove we are…well, whatever we are trying to prove.
  • Russia is openly using a surrogate, Syria, to fight US troops and allies. And we are completely powerless and ineffectual in stopping them.
  • Speaking of Russia, it appears that they hacked all kinds of organizations during our 2016 elections. While Hillary lost simply because she is mentally ill whack-job and a criminal as well, it appears that Russia didn’t help her lose or Trump win.
  • We have about 1.6million investigations taking place trying to prove that Trump is some kind of Russia Manchurian Candidate. Which he is not.
  • You have all kinds of political battling going on at almost every level, but especially in Congress.
  • We have a coalescing of America’s intel and federal LEO agencies into a secret police effort to overthrow the President of the United States. That has been proven to be an absolute fact. Comey and Clapper removed all doubt when they testified over the last two weeks. There have been a long list of “leakers” proving this to be true beyond any reasonable doubt.

And I could go on but you know what is happening in our country right now. So, with everything going on what does it all mean?

I’ve been watching it very closely and I’ve been able to identify what is happening and who is behind it. I’ve shared that with you on this website in detail. But, what is the ultimate endgame. We know that too, a totalitarian state. But, what is the endgame right now and why? More importantly, how is it affecting you?

When you go back to basics it helps to understand the bigger picture. That picture is the acquisition of money and power. That is what is driving everything that is going on. But, how so?

One of the things I’ve been asked is why are members of the ruling class fighting each other? If their ultimate goal is for them to be the rulers in a totalitarian state, why don’t they work together instead of fighting each other? And that is the right question to be asking!

In any movement or effort, as in the goal of establishing a totalitarian state, there are many players and they come from different perspectives or camps. Take Bernie Sanders…a whack-job communist. Take John McCain…a whack-job Republican (so-called). It would appear that they are on the opposite sides of everything. Nope, not at all. They are on the same side with the same endgame. The difference is who they want to be at the top of the power pyramid when the dust settles. But, make no doubt about it, they are allies in the cause.

To understand why “they”, the ruling class, are doing what they are doing (creating the situation we have today) you have to go back to the revealing statement made by Rahm Emanuel (radical Progressive extremist)…

If you look at history terror groups work towards creating chaos and mayhem. They want the populace to be confused, afraid, upset, and terrorized. They want them so fed-up with what is taking place in their society that they scream for a “fix”. They want someone, or some group, to come along and make them feel safe again, to have things return to normal. They want law & order, peace, and security. Hey, who doesn’t?

But, in virtually every case that return to a calm normalcy comes at a very steep price. The price I refer to? The loss of rights, liberties, privacy, freedoms, and worst of all…loss of power of the populace. And all of that is playing out in front of our eyes.

You look at the long list of what is happening in America right now that is upsetting and unsettling…it is designed to be that way. It is being created for the sake of generating chaos and mayhem…terrorizing the American populace. Getting Americans to the point where they want it all to go away and “things get back to normal.”

So how does that happen?

Someone, or some group, will come along with a solution. All we will have to do is “this or that” and they can fix everything. Of course just like “9/11” we will lose more rights, liberties, privacy, freedoms, and power as US citizens. And they are succeeding…as have dictators and totalatarianists have throughout history.

Really people will ask for this?

How many people do you know that are simply fed up with what is taking place? No matter, left or right, Democrat or Republican, they are fed-up and want all the crap to just go away. And they will be willing to pay virtually any price to make that happen when the right solution comes along.

Doubt me? Don’t. We already allowed it to happen as recently as “9/11” and we will be more than willing to let it happen again.

What To Do About It –

Food and water storage wont’ fix this. Guns and ammo stored by the case won’t fix this. Water purification, iodine tablets, solar panels, and Ham radios won’t fix this. Nothing tangible in your pantry, basement, or Situational Awareness - Barriers * breaking through barriersBOL can fix this. There is only one thing that will help you truly prepare for what is coming…SA.

Of course you know, or should know, that SA stands for Situational Awareness.

You must, absolutely must, stay away from the static that is flooding your senses from every direction right now. The media has its agenda. The politicians on the right and left have their agenda. Wall Street has its agenda. Every national and international player right now has their agenda. If you try and sort it all out, figure out the details and the rationale behind it…well, you will go crazy.

If you try and align yourself with a political movement you will be on the wrong side…they are ALL the wrong side right now. Taking a political side right now is suicide. Pledging allegiance to any political figure or movement is a death sentence for your soul. None of them have, truly have, the best interests of the American people (i.e. the Constitution) as their goal.

What I do recommend that you do is:

  • Make “you” the best you that you can become.
  • Improve your family situation.
  • Become active in your community to strengthen it.
  • If not a church member, become one. That means unite with folks to grow closer to God.
  • And…prepare. Do all those things that we’ve been talking about for the last 2-1/2 years on this website.

Then when the day comes that your SA tells you that it finally hit the fan you will not have bias cloud your vision or delay your actions. You will be able to see what is happening and know what to do about it. And you won’t have any fear to do it.

Please don’t despair over what is happening in America today. It has been coming for a long time. They’ve planned it, they prepared for it, and they have a goal for it all. Don’t play into their hands, don’t be a victim, take control of who you are and what you are going to do about it.

Together we can accomplish anything!



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Musings, Observations, Absurdities, & Dangers – 6/9/17

This is a brand new section of the website. I hope you will enjoy it. I know I will.

The purpose of this new section is to allow me to vent, share, and opine about current events that don’t rise to the level of a SitRep. However, the subject matter is of sufficient importance to get it off my chest. You may feel from to call it “therapy”…my therapy to help keep me sane in this completely whack job world.

Let’s start with an Absurdity –

Kathy Griffin:

You know, when I first heard the stunt she pulled with the severed head the first thing that entered my mind was, “What a waste of human flesh!”

Yeah, I know…it sounds harsh, very harsh. And, I’ve been trying to be a kinder and gentler person. So, I am trying to repent and not be so cruel. But, then again…she is what she is. And as you well know, you don’t need me to tell you this, she is no comedian by any definition or by any stretch of the imagination.

So why did she do it? Two reasons kind of rolled into one. She is trying to stay relevant in today’s world. She has no other input or influence and her so-called career is all but non-existent. So she pulls this stunt knowing it will get attention. She also knew that there would be huge blow-back from lots of folks…and she was right. But, she knew it, she planned on it, and she succeeded in it. She then went into victim mode…which was her plan all along.

However, all that being said…Kathy Griffin is a waste of human flesh!

Observation –

James Comey:

I already wrote quite a bit about him and exposed him for the worm that he is. He is a power-hungry, self-absorbed, ruling class member. In reality James Comey is honestly nothing more than a worm. I watched most of his testimony and read the rest. This guy was dangerous. He’s not so much any longer, but only because he is now exposed to everyone for the person that he is. He was dangerous because he led a huge part of America’s secret police. And he, James Comey, was using the FBI to overthrow the President of the United States. Now, he is just another bitter, unemployed ruling class ex-bureaucrat.

Here is the real problem with guys like Comey…they are all over the place in our current government. However, if he were a good guy doing a good job protecting the country and supporting the Constitution that would be a great thing! But, Comey is none of those things. He was working from the inside to establish a totalitarian state.

And technically I guess he isn’t unemployed, he is just and outside advisor to those who still strive to establish a stronger police state here in a America.

But, here is the most telling view into the character of Comey…he leaked government information to the press through a lawyer to damage the President. He didn’t have the balls to do it himself so he had someone else do the deed for him. That shows he is a spineless coward with no morals…no ethics-based center.

And now for the main reason this is so important…if he “leaked” once he has leaked important and classified FBI information before. And since he leaked the latest info in his efforts to overthrow the President of the United States, I can only assume he has leaked vital information to other enemies of the United States in his quest.

Danger –

Most of you have heard by now the follow statement, “I read this and I literally wanted to rinse myself off afterwards,” said the former FBI agent. “I felt completely disgusted.” The former FBI agent that made the statement was James Gagliano.

No big deal right? He was only talking about how disgusted he was that Trump was trying to influence James Comey, former FBI Director.

But, that is not the important part of the interview. You have to watch for the golden nuggets laying around. They are there and you have to recognize them and snatch them up to understand the bigger picture…the dire and dangerous bigger picture.

Later in that interview with CNN on June 7th he also said this… “For 48 years FBI Director (J. Edgar) Hoover pulled puppet strings, and had presidents on their heels.” 

For a very, very long time I have been exposing the FBI for the dark and evil organization they are. I have presented fact after fact after fact how J. Edgar Hoover is truly one of the monsters of the 20th century. And here we have a former FBI agent stating clearly, on the record, on tape…Hoover was the puppet master of Presidents. Yet more proof of what the FBI is and who the secret police leadership really are.

That should scare you beyond comprehension.  The FBI is working against the interests of the United States and has been controlling Presidents for almost a half-century under Hoover alone. And we now know for a fact that Comey was using the FBI organization to overthrow President Trump. We are in a horrible state of affairs in the United States…and in very dangerous times!

Remember…one of Comey’s best friends, co-conspirators, and a co-worker is running the special counsel investigation into Russia-Trump. How’s that going to work out for ya? Robert Mueller is a snake in the grass waiting to bite…and he’s as venomous as they come.

Observation –

The following people testified in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee on Wednesday:

  • Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein
  • acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe
  • National Intelligence Director Dan Coats
  • NSA Director Mike Rogers

I think I must have been the only person I know who actually watched their testimony. And while I wasn’t surprised, I was startled at some of things they said. Here are four of the most powerful men in the world. Far more powerful than the President of the United States. These men have the power over life and death. They also are the head of the snake when it comes to the destruction, the utter annihilation, of Constitutional rights of American citizens. They can destroy or protect a President.

What I heard them say was:

  • We spy on whomever we want and whenever we want.
  • We spy on any thing we want to, it’s all available to us.
  • The FISA court, while a nicety, is not even close to a necessity for all Americans to be spied upon.
  • None of them believes in or supports Constitutional rights and liberties.
  • They do not recognize Congressional oversight or power.
  • They think that all Americans are idiots. Well, all Americans other themselves. And they made it clear that Americans should not be trusted with any information that could make the secret police leadership look bad.
  • They have no intention of stopping their activities or honoring the Constitution.
  • They are part of the top tier of the ruling class.

These men are dangerous to the country, of that there is no dispute. But, what I found most discouraging…they won’t reveal information to American citizens that we have a right to know. But, that doesn’t surprise me. Remember, information is power. And men like this are all about power! Power is all that is important to them…them having power over everyone else. And they have a complete and utter disdain for American citizens, they think we are idiots and not to be trusted. This is proven by their refusing to share information that we, as American citizens, have a right to know. They think they are gods.

Musing –

Reality Winner…what a cute little 25-year old sweetheart…that has run afoul of the Ruling Class machine. Her life is ruined, and a person could easily make a case that she brought it on herself. However, what I think is a little different. I put her in the same category as Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning.

I appreciate those folks!!!

You see I look at it this way…they are telling us vital and important information about our country that our country’s leadership refuses to tell us.

Why do they refuse? Because it exposes the criminal acts of our government that they are committing against us and others around the world. The information these folks make public show the dark and evil side of America’s secret police and ruling class. It shows how wicked and immoral that this government has become. Of course the government is going to prosecute her. She is to be made an example of.

Actually, I expect she will commit suicide in her cell or be killed by another inmate. Of course…orchestrated by the stooges working for the FBI, CIA, etc.

Hey, they’ve done it before. Doubt me? Don’t!

Remember Ibragim Todashev? He was being questioned by a roomful of law enforcement folks. An FBI agent, Aaron McFarlane, decided that during the questioning that he would kill Ibragim Todashev. So in front of other law enforcement personnel the FBI agent shoot “volleys” of rounds into Ibragim Todashev.

What? Why? The official story is that Ibragim Todashev refused orders to stop approaching FBI agent Aaron McFarlane with a broomstick. Yup, a broomstick in a room full of law enforcement…while being officially questioned.

Normally I would just make unflattering references to FBI agent Aaron McFarlane’s lack of masculine sexual organs. But, in this case it is important to know that before he was an FBI agent, McFarlane was a street cop. A street cop who faced multiple charges of assault and misconduct as a cop. The perfect FBI agent! A true hit man with a badge. Or should I say…another FBI hit man with a badge and a history of extreme and violent behavior against US citizens.

Reality Winner’s days are numbered…the FBI has her in their sights…literally. Oh, but that will come after the media, especially the alt-right media, has smeared her. And of course after all the law & order fanatics will want her crucified as well. Her character must be smeared into a pile of dog sh*t first.

I wonder how many folks really can understand, let alone see, what the bigger picture is here? I bet not many.

Absurdity –

Hillary Clinton!!!  I gotta end this first issue with this dingbat. I mean, come on…she has gone completely insane. But, then again…wouldn’t you if you were married to Bill? Or would that be the other way around?

Wait a second, if I am going to list Hillary Clinton as an absurdity I can’t ignore Nancy Pelosi…

Then there is yet another mentally ill dingbat Maxine Waters…

But, I have to add one more to this issue based on her behavior during the questioning of the Four-Stooges. Sorry, the four intelligence chiefs…Rosenstein, McCabe, Coats,  Rogers…the other day. In that hearing Harris showed she is a complete moron. And worse…a mean, angry, stupid moron.

How is that for an intellectual ending to an article!?

Well, I hope you have enjoyed this as much as I have. If not…well, I guess that is just too bad 😉 It was great therapy for me!

Want me to write about anything…especially shutting down the website??? Then just send me your subject matter suggestion…


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I am an utter failure…the looney tunes are at it again!

UN Troops enforce martial law in USA is insaneA few days ago I wrote a post about people, looney tunes, talking about the USA being invaded by Russia, China, Mexico, South America, the UN, etc. I thought I laid out a pretty decent case showing how that is impossible, at least in the near future (i.e. 20 – 30 years minimum). The numbers, history, and reality just overwhelmingly show that it can’t happen. But, that wasn’t good enough…and I got sucked into the insane asylum again.

< click here to read the related article >

So an article appears on another website about how martial law is imminent and enforced by UN troops. A really squared away military guy posts a response basically telling them it can’t happen. He gets absolutely blasted! I couldn’t stand for that so naturally I responded. Mistake!

I challenged all these insane responses about how it is virtually guaranteed that martial law will be imposed. The Russians could/would do it. But they would have to stand in line because the Chinese absolutely could and would beat them to it. But, their competition would be UN troops. At first I looked at it as their fantasy but then realized that they were being truthful and were convinced it was going to happen.

un troops in usa I tried to show them that it wasn’t even in the realm of possibilities by laying out facts, figures, and evidence. Well, evidently people’s fantasies are more important to them then actual facts and evidence. When I challenged these martial law fantasy advocates to provide any kind of real evidence they all failed. But, accounts of people’s dreams, chinese invasion of usanews reports of trains full of UN vehicles, and opinions of 200million troops from China alone flooded the response posts.

At that point I realized that fantasy had evolved to full-blown insanity. When you ignore all facts, all evidence, and abandon every shred of common sense then you are in the grips of insanity. These handful of folks had lost their grasp on reality and now dwell in Insaneastan.

I really had to chuckle when the guy advocating that 200million Chinese troops would invade the USA and impose martial law would not have to worry about logistics at all…they would eat our food. What??????????   He forgot one minor point…How in the world could you even fantasize about getting 200million Chinese troops and their vehicles to the USA to begin with?  But, not to worry…he knew that the Chinese government didn’t care if the 200million troops died…there were more where they came from. Ah, minor problem…the combines military forces is only slightly larger than 2million. So where do the other 198million Chinese troops come from? Or better yet, where does the second 200million Chinese troops come from?

Then let’s talk about transporting them…the largest cruise ship in the world can only carry about 6400 people at one time, and that includes the crew. But, since it is the Chines military we will double that amount to 13,000 troops. The comes to a grand total of well over 15,000 of those cruise ships to transport the 200million Chinese troops to the US. Well, maybe this brainiac thinks that Chinese troops can walk to the USA. But fact and evidence don’t matter to looney tunes…only their conspiracy fantasies.

FYI…there are less than a 100 ships in the world capable of carrying 3000 or more people at one time.

OK, at that point I just stopped. I can’t convince an insane person that they are insane…and I certainly can’t craz yperson UN martial law in USAchange their mind. So I posted a “good-bye” telling them to worry more about reality than fantasy. I am sure that will go over big.

Hey, wait a second…I bet some of them will post that I am a government mole or troll that is us government trollpart of the Invasion USA conspiracy! Maybe I can be a UN agent posing as a prepper website owner to support the imposition of martial grand poo balaw by Chinese troops so I can take my place on the High Order of Ruling Council of the United New World Order. I can only dream!

Please, please I beg you to not get caught up in all of that truly insane thinking. The USA is not going to be successfully invaded. Martial Law enforced by UN troops is nowhere on the horizon…if ever. We are not going to somehow find ourselves in the middle of a Red Dawn movie fighting Mexican or Cuban Special Forces.

We are far more likely to find ourselves laid-off, battling the flu, worrying about the power going out in winter, of needing to help feed a family that has hit hard times, or a dozen other possibilities. Let’s stick to the reality of prepping…emergencies, disasters, and grid-down. If we are properly preparing for those situations, that are both possible and probable, then we will be ready for Argentina and Brazil forming an alliance with China to invade us.

And for the record…I would welcome an invasion by China vs. Russia. Yes, I would. I think Chinese food would be so much better than Russian food…I like fried rice and General Tso chicken.

general tso chickenGo rent the original version of Red Dawn and enjoy your weekend!




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Russian Hacking…Really? Or an excuse for war?

Until this morning the US government played fast and loose with accusations that Russia hacked our 2016 Presidential Election and overthrew the democratic system of the USA. Really…did Russia really do any such thing?

First off, the USA is not supposed to be a “democratic system” but rather a Constitutional Republic. Those calling the USA a democracy lose credibility on that point alone.

Next, Obama’s spook agencies said the hack attack happened at least twice during the presidential campaign. Really? So why are they just now taking action…or even revealing it happened? Reason = the radical Progressive extremists (i.e. Democrats) lost the election and now they are trying to create a “soft coup” to undermine and overthrow Trump’s presidency.

But, let’s back up and talk about any evidence that Russia in-fact was to blame. In other words…where is the evidence?

New FBI Report –

Up until this morning there wasn’t a single shred of evidence being put forward by the government that Russia was behind the alleged hacking. Now, the media (ultra-liberal supporters) are touting an FBI report (Grizzly Steppe) that proves the Russian government was behind the election hack. Well, hang on a minute.

I actually read the report and the wording states things such as “indicators” from “analytic efforts” and only refer to “tools” and “infrastructure” that Russian civilians and intelligent services use. Those entities are collectively lumped into a single reference named “RIS”. The report goes on to talk about RIS “actors” performing cyber operations.

And here is the catch…when talking about the two actual identified hacks the FBI report only refers once again to “RIS actors” performing the hacks. That is like saying the FBI hacked the Russians…if a single American civilian actually hacked a business in Russia.

Then the report rather vaguely states that this report is based on “technical indicators” from a long list of entities including the “public” and “other entities.” How convenient that no original sources of evidence are referred to let alone actually named.

And a little overlooked fact that is being ignored by the media…the FBI report is dated 12/29 (yesterday). How convenient that the report comes out a week after Russia says there is no evidence and two weeks after other skeptics said show us the proof. Where was the FBI before the demand was made for the evidence?

So once again we have no definitive facts that any part of the Russian government is behind the hacking. But that isn’t the real point to all of this.

The Almost Real Point –

What exactly was hacked again? And exactly what information was released?

No government entity was hacked. No election location, no voting machine, or actual vote was hacked. The only thing that was hacked were Democrats! And the only information that was released was information that showed that Democrats are a bunch of criminals and no-good low-lifes.

Think about it…no government secrets were hacked, no government agency information was released, and no damage of any kind was done to the government or normal citizens. The only thing that was hacked and released were Democrat Party secrets showing how utterly detestable they are and how they were trying to manipulate the primary election of there own candidate.

So tell me…where is the problem here? The Democrats get exposed for the criminals, animals, and despicable people that they are…and that is a bad thing?

The Real Point –

You might not like this point I am about to make…but you have to put this into perspective.

Let’s just say for a minute that some Russian intelligence service, under the direction of Putin, did in-fact do the hacking and somehow did influence the election.

Now what?

Do we go to war? Do we retaliate? Do we take the offensive? What exactly do you expect the US to do?

Why is that relevant or important…and why is it the main point? Because the US spy agencies (i.e. NSA, CIA, etc.) hack foreign governments all of the time…including Russia AND our allies like Germany, France, and Great Brittan. Do you not remember those reports over the last 6 years that exposed our hacking…even the PM of Germany’s phone!

So how can we get ourselves into this righteous indignation posture for Russia doing something to us that we do to the entire rest of the world on a regular basis? Have we become that hypocritical as a nation? Or, are we that collectively stupid that we forgot so quickly that the USA is a far bigger culprit in world-wide hacking than the Russians and everyone else combined?

Or do we think that everything the USA does is just fine, called for, justified, and righteous? And everything that foreign countries do to us is automatically evil and worthy of a retaliation in an on-going cyber-war?

I say if we are doing it to other countries, including Russia, then we can’t say squat when they do it to us.

And dare I remind you of the extensive illegal and unconstitutional hacking and cyber spying that the FBI has done on Americans for nearly the last 20 years? So who exactly is the FBI to accuse Russia of hacking!!

And One More Thing –

Everyone is talking about how this is an attack on our election and a foreign government attempted to influence a presidential election. Sounds horrific and worth of retaliation. Yes?

Ah, remember that Obama and his co-conspirators admitted to extensive operations and spending millions of dollars during the Israeli elections? Obama tried everything he could covert and overt to make sure Netennaugh was not elected.

So the USA can try and influence the elections of foreign governments and that is just fine…but if someone attempts to do that to us it is wrong?

Seriously!?!?!   What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

Bottom Line –

The Democrats lost the presidential election. Obama’s party of radical Progressive extremists will no longer control any branch of government, effectively throwing them completely out of power. Obama has been a total failure and complete disaster as a president. He will have a horribly bad legacy follow him for the rest of his life.How does he want to be remembered in his last days of office?

The war in Iraq has been all but over for us to any great degree. The war in Afghanistan is winding down in regards to American involvement.Where to next?

People, especially entire political entities, hate losing power. Losing power also means losing the ability to retain and raise wealth. So? This situation is not to be seen in a vacuum.

A couple of weeks ago China brazenly intercepts a US Navy ship and hijacks a piece of US Navy gear…an underwater drone. Essentially China was showing that the US is powerless against them, not militarily, but in terms of political will. It was an act of war. Obama does absolutely nothing in retaliation against China…effectively yielding the entire Asian-Pacific Rim to Chinese control. And he does this right before he leaves office.

Obama effectively isolated and abandoned Israel last week, Kerry put a stake into it this week. Obama has emboldened Israel’s enemies…Muslims…and laid the groundwork for their countries to attack Israel without the US coming to the aid of Israel. All of this right before he leaves office.

Then Obama many, many months after the alleged hacking finally takes serious action against Russia. The sanctions and other actions Obama took are even greater than most US actions taken during the Cold War, virtually daring Russia respond to our war-like actions. All right before he leaves office.

ON top of everything else, for well over a month you have all the crazy anti-American liberals/Progressives trying to dismiss the legitimacy of a Trump presidency. You have the Democrats, along with their neo-con war-mongering allies (McCain, Graham, Ryan, etc.) calling for severe actions against Russia.

What does that all seem to add up to in your opinion?

In my opinion, it is clear…Obama is a spoiled brat throwing a temper tantrum in the eleventh hour of his presidency. He is making a desperate move to destabilize the US domestically, lay the groundwork for a war against Israel, and cause a soft coup to restore the Democrats to power.

And the sad thing is…most Americans are falling into the trap. People are not thinking the combination of situations in light of reality.

  1. We still have no clear, fact-based evidence that the Russian government or Putin is behind any hacking in the US.
  2. No one, including intelligence services, is saying that the hacking involved any government computer system at any level.
  3. Only the radical liberals and Progressive extremists are saying any hacking influenced the election.
  4. Any hacking that did take place is far less severe and important than the hacking that the US government has done against foreign governments or against our own citizens. Our own government has tried to influence other nations’ election before. Hell, we’ve even violently overthrown foreign nations’ governments.

Don’t get caught up in the sheer stupidity of this hacking BS. Don’t get caught up in the calls for war against Russia which is just what the war-mongers like Obama, McCain, Graham, McConnell, Schumer, Pelosi, etc. want. Don’t get caught up in the craziness that is happening right now…keep a clear head and realize that the Progressives are trying to continue to create an environment that does these basic things:

  1. Move wealth from the average American to the rich ruling class.
  2. Move power from individual citizens to the government because the ruling class hates Constitutional rights and wants to continue to establish a totalitarian state in the USA.
  3. Destabilize the country and the world to accomplish #1 & #2.
  4. Overthrow Israel because the ruling class simply hates them.

Never ever take the media at face value, do your own research before you establish what is fact.

Never ever believe anything that the government tells you. The FBI, CIA, DHS and the like are masters at deception (i.e. lying), they are thoroughly trained in how to do it. They will never tell you the truth…ever.

Stay the course, keep preparing, keep your head about you, think clearly, continue to do what is right, love your family, love and listen to God.

And if you have time…keep reading 😉



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