> Revised January 2023 < This is the third revision of this article and series.

Now that we have gone over the basic categories of post-disaster personalities, let’s talk for a minute of a couple of situations that may occur, called “hybrids”. If you didn’t read yesterday’s post…now is a good time to do so before we move on.

Hybrids will start out as one personality type and morph into another; possibly without the person themselves even being aware of their true nature to begin with. And, folks may morph more than once.

This morphing will generally not be to the betterment of the person, or the people around them. Probably the most common morphing will occur would be considered unintentional morphing or situational morphing. Meaning they change but it is due primarily to circumstances and it is unintentional in the fact that there was no conscious awareness of who they were prior to grid-down but have to change in order to survive.

I consider all morphing to be towards their true self, who they really are deep inside. It will be a stripping away of the layers that have hidden their true nature.

Another type of hybrid will be a latent personality who knows exactly who they really are inside but they are waiting for the right time to let their real personality surface. They will have disguised themselves, their true personality, to avoid others from detecting who they really are. Again, the morphing will not be considered a “good” change, and these will probably be the most dangerous of the morphing individuals in a post-grid-down environment.

There will also be those that do morph into something better but this will be extremely rare. Example: some sheep will become sheepdogs, some sheepdogs may become shepherds.

Gang thug changed his life around.

Even an owner/master may repent, change their nature, and become a sheepdog or shepherd.

And yes, some herding dogs may even become sheepdogs. But rarely, herding dogs are simply too used to power, authority, and control of others; their lust for control is simply too strong to overcome.

I think all of those “betterment” morphings will be very rare, generally speaking. But within this category the primary change will be sheep into sheepdogs. This I believe will be due to the general good nature of many folks who are currently just going through life trying to do the right things such as being good parents and spouses, going to work, and watching out for neighbors.

I think that particular evolutionary personality type, sheep to sheepdog, may be more prominent than anticipated. Society today does everything it can to eliminate any sheepdog tendencies…in favor of simply being compliant sheep. Today’s Progressive, liberal, Democrat/Republican society wants sheep not sheepdogs, they want compliance not challenges. But the underlying goodness of many people will not be denied, many may become sheepdogs when needed…just don’t count on it being a widespread phenomena.

Interestingly, those same cabal people on the left, plus Republicans, coupled with the law & order freaks, want to develop herding dogs…as long as the herding dogs do their masters’ bidding and are controllable. When herding dogs step outside of that box then they become the enemy to be crushed…or at least “defunded.”

All that being said, hybrids, generally speaking, could be very dangerous to deal with because they are unpredictable and have the capacity to be extremely violent while implementing the element of surprise.

A wolf in sheep’s clothing –

We’ve all heard that expression before, and there is good reason for it. These types of people are readily prevalent in current daily life, and they will definitely be present, and even more apparent, in any post-apocalypse wolf in sheep's clothingexistence. First off, this will be a person that is well versed in deception, such as lying, deflection, and misdirection.

They may, and probably do, currently deceive those around them every day in their marriage, their work, their personal relationships, their religious/church life, and/or their interactions with people in general. They are probably going to be business people, especially sales people, also government workers and politicians.

The key ingredient that keeps them from surfacing quickly as a predator is their potential lack of power or lacking in confidence, in successfully getting away with openly predatory behavior in today’s society.

In a post grid-down scenario that lack of power could come in the form of lack of support from people (i.e. weak group, or lack of respect) or lack of resources (i.e. food, weapons, etc.). It boils down to they just don’t have enough “juice” at first.  They may, and probably will, recognize that fact and bide their time as they acquire enough power and resources to attempt a successful morph.  Only then they would feel confident that they are ready to make their move against fellow flock members. Consequently, this person will likely try to keep a low profile to ensure not being easily or quickly identified too soon. They know that if they are identified too soon, before they had/have sufficient power, that they would suffer retribution or punishment. They won’t want to risk their current situation/status until they feel they have a high probability of success.

This person will be the one that most likely steals from an individual family or the group they belong to.

wolf in sheep's clothing.

Bradley Stone & wife – less than 1 year before he killed her and 5 other family members.

They will be capable of selling out (betraying) their own patrol to an enemy force if they think there is sufficient reward for doing so (i.e. acquiring status in a new, more powerful, group). They will most likely be identified only after a period of time where a number of the individual’s acts can finally be connected to crimes or betrayals.

This is a very dangerous individual because they will keep escalating their types of crimes until they are forcibly stopped. This person could well be a rapist and/or abuser. And they will also stop at nothing to avoid being caught or punished. This most likely would be a person that would kill sheepdogs and shepherds to avoid being held accountable.

Wolf masquerading as a SheepDog –

Within a group there is a very real possibility that a “wolf” could masquerade as a sheepdog. In this case they will portray themselves as powerful and not to be trifled with. They will be both defensive and aggressive, Herding dog disguised as a sheep dogappearing to be a strong Type A personality, above reproach, and not to be challenged.

Watch for signs of them making lewd and inappropriate comments about members of the opposite sex. They are most likely to be males and come from a profession where they had power, virtually unquestioned authority. If a particular “wolf in sheepdog’s clothing” is a law enforcement person, they probably had a history of citizen complaints against them, including sexual harassment and/or “use of force” complaints. They may also hide behind religion. They may appear as a “defender of the faith” and criticizing/condemning a person as not being religious enough, or not agreeing with their version of religious beliefs. In this particular situation think…”Taliban-like” behavior.

This is a very dangerous person and a very dangerous situation for a number of reasons. First, they probably have some competent skills…especially if they come from a law enforcement or military background. Second, they understand tactics and the advantage of timing. Thirdly, they understand, and are probably very good, at social engineering; meaning they know how to manipulate people.

Do not underestimate the potential danger from these types of people. While still under the guise of being a sheepdog they can get people to lower their guard making it easier to take advantage of them when the time is right for their true purposes. The same thing could be said when applied to the entire group…they let their guard down collectively.

Once this person is discovered they are even more dangerous and the situation is particularly volatile. The now exposed wolf will try to maintain their false persona at all costs. Failing that, they will lash out, probably violently so. Due to this propensity to commit extreme violence and their skills do so so, they must be dealt with quickly and decisively. They will likely be irredeemable due to their exaggerated ego, narcissism, and view of self aggrandizement; in other words…no humility. They almost assuredly see the situation as “survival of the fittest”…their survival.

A herding dog masquerading as a SheepDog –

This could be a very hard, probably the hardest, situation to recognize. These two types dogs are very similar and appear to have the same goal, protecting the flock. But the herding dog’s desire and intent is to “control” the flock more than protect it.

A herding dog that is hiding in the guise of a sheepdog will probably complain about the lack of discipline within the group, lack of use of force, lack of weapons, lack of ammunition, or lack of offensive tactics/actions, etc. They will likely promote more use of force, especially when dealing with external threats. They will likely volunteer for the more dangerous tasks/missions or where violence would most likely be used or required.

They can come from a military background, but normally not a successful, respected, or rewarding career in the military. The most probable of backgrounds would be troubled law enforcement personnel. A person who felt underappreciated and/or underutilized in their military or law enforcement role.

Most law enforcement personnel, by a large margin, currently are herding dogs; some very aggressively so.

Cop brutally kicks handcuffed woman.

Cop brutally kicks handcuffed woman.

The law enforcement personnel that will normally be the most aggressive will tend to be younger, 20’s & early 30’s, or older late 50’s+ towards the end of their career. Currently and post grid-down they will tend to be single, muscular from strenuous physical training and/or steroid use. The steroid users will be the most dangerous subset of this group due to the resulting and increased aggression from steroids’ chemical makeup.

Law enforcement personnel are trained in, and function daily in, an unquestioned/unchallenged authority system. And they expect instant compliance from those they deal with in daily life…comply or die…comply or at least get beat-up really good.

They are also used to large supporting systems (i.e. fellow officers, courts, other agencies, unions, etc.) to back them up regardless of the situation. Subsequently, they will most likely expect unquestioned support from the flock and leadership regardless of their actions. This group of personality types will be very susceptible to being influenced by an owner/master or wolf hiding among the flock. They will gravitate to them because they crave and respect power and authority…and they are willing to “fit in” with that tougher crowd (brotherhood), including committing violence. They will strongly desire to once again operate within their previous environment of power and authority, while being respected…or at least feared.

Officer Jackie Neal handcuffs and rapes teenager.

San Antonio police Officer Jackie Neal, 11 year veteran police officer, was in uniform and on-duty when he groped, handcuffed and raped a teenager.

All the while they will be thinking and saying their actions are for the good of the flock, that they know best, their actions are to protect and serve. This individual can be extremely dangerous and vicious if confronted and challenged, especially if punishment/discipline is attempted. Once this “herding dog” person is exposed and challenged they will become very defensive and susceptible to wolf morphing.  If the group continues trying to hold them accountable, this personality type can become extremely dangerous and violent…a huge singular threat to the flock. Their greatest threat may come from them feeling betrayed…as that may force them to seek another group/flock…and then lash out at the former group/flock as retribution.

An owner/master in sheep’s clothing –

This person is similar to a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” and must be watched for with great vigilance.
This person can be very dangerous overall to the group in many forms. Left unchecked, they will think that

Charles Manson Family

Nice family!

whatever power-grabbing scheme they are hatching is working if they just do it long enough.  They will feel certain that they can achieve their goal of becoming an owner/master no matter who stands in their way or what they do in the process.

One key indicator will be they will tend to be a primary or regular source of conflict. Not a “complaining” type of conflict nor assertively offering alternatives.  But these people will be more playing one person off against another in order to create doubt in people’s minds of someone, probably the group leader.

In others words…regularly creating conflict against or between people, especially leadership.Think of the term “playing politics” or “playing mind games” to get a better understanding of this personality.

This person is likely to lay low with the sheep until they can put together a sufficient power base and then they will move against existing leadership. They may try to gain some control over, or at least associate with, herding dogs so they can have an opportunity to identify current or potential allies.

Charles Manson Family

Charles Manson years later. This “not so nice family” brutally killed 7 people.

They would then use deception, promises of power and other rewards to lure current or potential herding dogs into doing their bidding. Once a latent owner/master has established himself, he is likely to attempt (and succeed in) surrounding himself with herding dogs, or “wannabe” herding dogs. He may also be successful in attracting some “wolves in sheep’s clothing” as well. But this is likely to only occur should he appear to have a high probability of maintaining and growing his power.

Herding dogs won’t want to be on the losing side of group dynamics. And anyone he allies himself with will only be “tools” for him to use…then discarded as needed/required.

The “wolves in sheep’s clothing” would most likely be his “secret weapon”, kept hidden while doing his dirty work for him, such as creating additional group conflict. That would be different than his use of herding dogs which he would use as tools of intimidation. Once found out, a latent or rising owner/master is not likely to willingly give up his power base…or give up his quest for power and leadership.

They may feign a “surrender” move or appear repentant if needed, but it will only be a deception to buy him more time to grow stronger and improve his chances of success later…and to avoid discipline or punishment.

Once a latent owner/master makes a move against existing leadership he will be hard to deal with. This will be true due to his knowing he will likely only have one real chance to establish himself as the new leader and absorb the associated power. He will place all of his efforts and resources into play once he makes his move.

Watch for a hidden/secret resource he keeps in reserve to be his “stop gap” or “last resort” option…kinda like an “October surprise” in politics. But this hidden/reserve resource will be one capable of almost unchecked violence.

Hybrid Summary –

In the last post on this subject I went over identifying post-disaster personality types in today’s world by occupation and personality signs.  Being able to recognize the potential typical personality types is important to good Situational Awareness (SA).  It is even more important to know about the “hybrids” and the danger associated with them.  Don’t be blind-sided…be informed and aware…be ready.

Healthy inter-personal relationships are difficult in normal times for hybrids; they will become exponentially more so when you are talking post-disaster. If we are talking TEOTWAWKI it will be difficult to figure out who these people really are and what they are capable of. The reason being is our normal personal and societal boundaries, limitations, rules and morals will be absent post grid-down for the most part, whether in actuality or only perception.

You, as well as all those in your family and/or group, will need to be hyper-vigilant in assessing people on a regular basis, especially “new-comers.” Become familiar with the signs and symptoms of sociopaths and psychopaths…then don’t ignore them or rationalize them when spotted in a member of your group…or another group you interact with.

You will have to establish baseline behaviors for each person and then watch for deviations from that baseline. Situational Awareness of people, including your own people, will have to be spot-on to recognize deviant behavior.  Or you may suffer by missing signs that could point to personality shifts (a.k.a. morphing). Worse yet, you could miss the signs that a person falls within one of the dangerous hybrids mentioned above to begin with. Be careful, very careful.


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POST-DISASTER PERSONALITIES : Part 2 – How to Identify Them In Today’s World

> Revised January 2023 < This is the third revision of this article and series.

Identify personality types during emergenciesSecond post in a 5-parts series. Make sure you read yesterday’s post to more fully understand today’s post.

So how exactly do you identify who in a post-collapse is what type of person in today’s world? There is no exact science to accomplish that…and it can be rather subjective. Well, on the other hand, this “identifying” might not be real hard in some situations but it can be challenging and very tricky in others.

Yes, this is generalizing people into broad categories, while in reality each person is different and unique…to a point.  Not all people may fit into these generalized descriptions, but it is a starting place.  It is however a good beginning on identifying folks and what they look like today to know what they may look like in “grid-down”…

Sheep –

This category will be the largest category of people, I am thinking upwards of 80%, maybe more, of all people. This is a pretty easy category to recognize now. Almost to a person those that will become sheep are the Sheeple - welfare and government handoutsbasic progressives, liberals and political Democrats. Also, anyone who is a big supporter of the government or the “law & order” freaks (that includes most Republicans and Conservatives) will generally fall into this category.

Obviously, anyone who currently receives government handouts will continue that mentality and expect to continue to receive those handouts…disaster or not. Also, this category will contain almost all of your neighbors, fellow church congregants, neighbors, and community members. Virtually all academics (all grade levels, including college professors), many doctors, and most professionals are in this category.

Some folks in sales may be excluded from this generalization due to a potential present day aggressive personality. Some people, such as doctors and academics, may start out thinking they are herding dogs or owner/masters, maybe even sheepdogs; but will soon be relegated to sheep status due to lack of survival skills and/or proper physical preparations. So don’t let current profession or academic status fool you into thinking they will be something special. Obviously medical doctors will be “special” due to their skills alone, but little more than that.

The sheep are not a bad thing!  Sheep can be very productive after a grid-down has hit because there are plenty of tasks and chores that need done; sheep are perfectly capable of performing work such as manual labor and organizational tasks.  They can also perform supervisory responsibilities to a point.  But do not expect the sheep to stand up on their own to defend themselves or others; for the most part it is simply beyond their capability. These “sheep” are your fellow citizens and probably family members as well. And…regardless…if you are a shepherd or sheepdog you have some responsibility to care for sheep.

Predators (wolves) –

This is also a fairly small category of folks, probably somewhere in the 10% range. They are also likely to be easily recognized. They are low-lifes now and will be low-lifes post-disaster.  They are the criminals of today, Predators gang members wolveswith rare exception, regardless of their incarceration status.

One notable exception will be someone who is otherwise a “sheep” in today’s world but sees the benefit of being a predator once it becomes clear that it gives them power in a post grid-down scenario.

There are far more male predators than female predators. But the true Alpha or Beta female predators are seriously dangerous and ruthless. Sexual predators abound…even Sexual predators during grid-down and emergenciesdressed in Dockers. They try to leverage their resources to take advantage of people for physical gratification. However, should trickery fail to work they will often resort to outright violence to get their sexual gratification and other needs met.

Some predators are some sales people today, albeit not many. If a salesperson is truly aggressive today, that may carry forward to post grid-down. But, they may also fall into the “wanna-be” category as well. And yes, there are some bad cops who are solidly in this category, mostly at the federal level but also at the state and locals levels as well.

Herding Dogs –

This is a somewhat tricky category due to their close resemblance to sheepdogs. This category represents about a 2 – 4% portion of the population.  Herding dogs will generally be Type A personalities but not strong most cops are herding dogsleaders when you look under the surface. They will most likely be manipulators vs leaders. In reality they are more likely to be along the lines of a Beta male/females in today’s world. Many military, current and former, will probably fall into this category. Same would be true for law enforcement officers.

Position in their organizational food chain will not usually determine herding dog status. For instance, a deputy sheriff from a small county department is more likely to not be a herding dog, but a sheepdog. Whereas, LEOs from large police departments and state LEO agencies, and virtually all LEOs from all federal agencies, will almost certainly be herding dogs…maybe even wolves if truth be told.

These folks will attempt to sound noble and will probably be very convincing but their herding instincts are there Cops will commit violence as herding dogs when they want to.and can be seen in their current daily jobs/activities. Those negative herding traits usually display themselves quickly when dissent is voiced or their authority is challenged.

Herding dogs will not tolerate having their authority challenged, especially by anyone they see as a sheep. By default they do not like sheepdogs due to the sheepdogs’ closer relationship with, and dedication to, the sheep. The loyalty of sheepdogs is also seen as an inferior trait by herding dogs.

Herding dogs try and control sheepdogs by whatever current authority they have. Herding dogs respond to command authority in today’s world, and they readily accept being told what to do, and rarely (if ever) question authority. They will only feel secure and safe when they are in control of a situation and in control of others beneath them.

A common way to identify a herding dog is to listen for, “Hey I don’t make the laws I just enforce them.” or “I was just following orders.” Both statements show intense weakness of character and lack of morals and ethics…and a strong disposition to be a herding dog.

SheepDogs –

This can be a tricky category of folks to identify in today’s world. Sheepdogs are a very small percentage of today’s population; maybe less than 1%, maybe much less. Failing to recognize sheepdogs in today’s world is Sheep dog rescuing childdue mostly to two reasons; 1) many sheepdogs in today’s world are low-profile, you simply don’t see them acting as a sheepdog, 2) some of today’s herding dogs are actually sheepdogs but that sheepdog characteristic won’t manifest itself until the “owner/master” of today disappears after grid-down.

Some sheepdogs in today’s world are looked at by sheep as “extremists”, “nuts”, “kooks”, “tea party members” or similar labels. Some sheepdogs are seen in today’s world as, and labeled as “heroes” but not always. Sheepdogs are generally very humble, don’t want the spotlight, and willing give the recognition and praise to others.

Progressives, liberals, and Democrats…and most Republicans…in general hate the concept of sheepdogs because they embrace, and far prefer, Sheep dogs may be militia membersherding dogs. Progressives, liberals, democrats, and republicans love sheep, they want everyone to be sheep with the exception of herding dogs (if they, and they only, can control the herding dogs). And yes, some Progressives, liberals and Democrats, and most Republicans, see themselves in the roles of herding dogs and owner/masters; all Progressives do for sure…99.9999999% of politicians see themselves as herding dogs also. And that is why they have a natural enmity towards sheepdogs and shepherds.

Most sheepdogs will normally keep to themselves until they are needed. Not always, but commonly, they are the person helping to change a tire on the side of the road, Some cops can be sheep dogs but very few.they are the person carrying groceries for an old lady, they are the ones helping mow an elderly neighbor’s grass or shoveling the snow off their walks. The reason I said “not always” is because predators will also use those acts of apparent kindness and helpfulness as a tactic to engage potential prey (i.e. social engineering). The difference is a sheepdog does it because it is the right thing to do, a herding dog does it because he was trained, or told, to do it…and a predator does it because it is one way to gain access to prey.

Owner/Masters –

This is an easily identifiable group in today’s world. Mostly they are politicians, community leaders, media celebrities, and heads of businesses (mostly large corporations). They tend to be rich and include all of theOwner/Master country’s elite old-money families, and most of the new-money families as well.

However, they can also be low-level bureaucrats and mid-level government employees. These are people who currently have some authority and feel they are entitled to special treatment and specially entitled being able to control others. They see themselves as natural leaders in today’s world as their right and destiny.

For the most part:

    • They expect special treatment; most of the time they demand it.
    • They are used to having their way, either through paying for it or intimidating for it.
    • They feel that they are superior in intellect and capability to everyone else.
    • They generally drive the fancy cars, live in large and expensive houses, and take extravagant vacations.
    • They lust for power and money; and want as much of both as they can acquire.

With exceptions doctors and academics will more than likely start out in this category but will soon find themselves lumped in with the sheep. Probably the largest identifiable group of people in today’s world that will become owner/masters are some military leaders, some law enforcement, and most of all – politicians at Owner/MaOwner/Master manipulating herding dog.ster manipultating herding dog.the federal and state level. Many politicians at the local levels will be in this category but by a smaller relative percentage compared to federal and state politicians.

Generally, these folks already have a power base of one kind or another. They actively engage…currently and post-grid-down…in expanding their existing power base any possible way they can…usually through money and flattery.

One of the “groups” that are the most dangerous are unions, particularly unions that have been known for violence such as teamsters, miners, and pipe-fitters…to a lesser degree public employee and police unions. These groups have large powerful bases and existing leadership that will see themselves as naturals for the owner/master role…since they already see themselves in that role.

Shepherds –

This is the rarest of person in today’s life and especially after a “grid-down” has occurred. They are a small fraction of 1% of the population. Most people will be mainly concerned with survival and that means securing Shepherdresources and power. Shepherds are not interested in either.

The focus of a shepherd, almost exclusively, is and will be the protection of a flock. There will be no desire to be exalted above the sheep, any indication to the contrary will indicate that you are probably dealing with an owner/master NOT a shepherd.

Shepherds will recognize sheepdogs and appreciate them and be grateful for their support. Shepherds also are generally able to recognize herding dogs and the inherent danger they represent. Shepherds will most likely try to convert herding dogs into sheepdogs. They will probably be successful to some degree in this and exhibit great patience in this effort. However, the converted herding dogs may well turn on the shepherd should adverse situations, or opportunity for personal gain, present themselves.

The archenemy of the shepherd is the owner/master. If a latent owner/master is a member of the shepherd’s flock they will probably do one of two things; 1) make a play to unseat the shepherd from their leadership position, 2) try to bring in outside influence or bargain with a neighboring owner/master to overthrow the shepherd.

Shepherds’ behaviors and actions should never be confused with any form of cowardice. A shepherd will be ferocious in defending the flock and will do anything within moral and ethical bounds to do so. A shepherd who has been a sheepdog, especially a trained sheepdog, is very competent and able to defend the flock.

A shepherd is normally cautious with their own ego and desires. Should a shepherd begin to place his own needs and wants above the welfare and needs of the flock, they normally rather quickly slip over into the category of owner/master. And they unfortunately turn into a very capable and brutal owner/master since the moral and ethical foundation will have been removed. Rare (extremely) will be a true shepherd who converts to an owner/master.

In summary…a shepherd will earn your trust and deserve it. Give your trust freely to a true shepherd…then defend them.

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> Revised January 2023 < This is the third revision of this article and series. In late 2022 and early 2023 I did extensive updating and editing on this series of articles. It is of great importance that we understand who we are dealing with after a disaster or grid-down event…and I am talking of a TEOTWAWKI as well. If we fail to understand who people really are, who they are inside, and what they are capable of…well, we are at their mercy. And human nature in extremely tough times can be ruthless…and fatal. Educate yourself on the personality types referred to in this series of articles. Be watchful and careful, humans by nature want to trust…and the bad guys know this…and know how to play you.

Post disaster personality types.Have you ever given much thought to the type of people there will be walking around after an emergency or disaster occurs?

I have wondered that…a lot. And, over the last 40 years through my work as a first responder I have seen them first hand. I’ve also worked with them as fellow responders so I know them generally and individually.

Then again, have you ever thought much about what label to put on people after a “grid-down” event? Yup, right again, I have. And that is the point of this series of posts – What kind of people will there be after “grid-down”, which will be notably different than those after a more simple emergency or disaster.

Oh, you are not comfortable putting a label on people? So, you don’t believe in Situational Awareness (SA)?

Observing people and assessing their threat level is a key aspect of SA; then label them accordingly is just plain commonsense. Then once properly identified, acting accordingly could well keep you and your family alive. So you are not really judging people, you are assessing, the best you can, their potential behavior and the impact that potential behavior could have on you and your family.

Maybe a more fair question would be…Can how people act now influence/predict how they will act after grid-down? Is there some way to predict or identify who they “will be” or “might be” based on who they are now?

Based on what I’ve seen firsthand I have put a lot of thought into this unique phenomena and how it might affect survival post-grid down. I mean, come on, the biggest risk you will face after a “grid-down” will be the threat, or risk, of violence. But violence will come primarily from people. So you have to understand people to understand their potential for violence.

I believe the “types” of people will breakdown into a short list of categories:

  • sheep
  • shepherds
  • predators (wolves)
  • sheepdogs
  • owners/masters
  • herding dogs
  • mass murderers (added in January 2023)

The trick is trying to figure out which category people fit into and who is the most dangerous…both now and in the future. Based on that challenge I did a little reflection on my experience with emergencies and disasters and how people, victims and responders, acted during those events. Then I compared it back to what I knew of them before the emergency or disaster. That way I think I can make some general assumptions of what people are like now and project/guesstimate what kind of people they may become, or how they will act, after grid-down. Remember, this is all in general terms about people generally speaking…and solely my opinion.

Let me describe what I think are the personality attributes of people after grid-down:

Sheep – 

These are the folks are easily identified, they are the folks who are basically lost, unprepared, having no clue what to do, but overall, decent folks.  Or they may be folks that are prepared in many ways but not prone to be leaders, they are submissive in Most people are sheep.nature, and they are inclined to avoid conflict. Either way, they will be seeking assistance, direction, and leadership…they will actively seek out opportunities to be followers. They will start out benignly and humbly requesting help of any kind and will wait for someone to take care of them and their family. They will not be able to take care of themselves and will panic easily, they will be easily driven by fear and misinformation.

They will also be easily manipulated and controlled. They will have a breaking point, there is no doubt about that. But by then, the majority of them will be mostly useless (unless constantly led and fed) and of little threat or danger.

A small percentage of this group will become dangerous and must be considered as such in direct proportion to their capability to be so. Capability example: access to, and ability to use, weapons. Their greatest weakness will be Normalcy Bias.  Many will be useful, they may be good people who just didn’t have it together in terms of preparedness…or unable to be leaders in their own right.  These sheep can become productive resources in the right group setting with strong and constant leadership. In such a setting some/many may be mostly seen as “high maintenance” individuals.

Predators (wolves) –

These folks are also easy to spot. They will typically be armed, assertive, demanding, and dangerous. They will prey on anyone that they can dominate, or who they can overwhelm by surprise, numbers, or superior Predators / Wolves will prey upon sheep.power. They will have no scruples, morals, or ethical base. They will simply feel entitled to what others have that they themselves lack, or simply want. They will have no reservation to humiliate, hurt, maim, or kill other people. At first they will act fairly independently but will quickly form gangs/packs/tribes with a clear hierarchy that is strictly and violently enforced.

Some wolves will have true predatory skills while others will be purely “posers” and “wannabes” trying to act the part of a predator. The later will be quickly crushed by those who are prepared and capable of resisting, and the “wannabes” who survivor will probably assimilated by the true predators.

All predators will be dangerous regardless of their current weapon status. If lacking weapons they will use cunning, deception, and subterfuge to gain any weaponry they may need or want. Or lacking that level of finesse…they will simply take weaponry by any means available.

For the most part the wolves’ greatest weakness will be their Competency Bias. That will not be true for the upper level apex predators (Tier 1) that will have skills, experience, knowledge, and intelligence. Hence, they will actually be competent…and deadly…true apex predators.

Sheepdogs –

These are folks who will be prepared for emergencies and disasters…and see themselves as protectors of others. Although their level of preparedness will probably vary widely from minimal preparations to multiple-years worth of supplies and appropriate defensive gear.  Some may only have their skills vs. supplies & gear but will Sheep dog guarding and defending the flock of sheep.quickly assume the role of sheepdog because of their inherent desire and self-perception. These folks will be honest of heart and have a true desire to help and protect the sheep.

The “help” may manifest itself in feeding, medical assistance, or training. While sheepdogs may be reluctant to share their supply of food, they will probably step up when sheep need to be protected, but, they may not risk all for others.

However, sheepdogs have been known to attack large packs of predators even when highly out numbered; and have been known giving their lives to protect the lives of their flock.

Sheepdogs will likely be neighbors and community members that have a strong sense of family, community, Sheep dogs don't tolerate predators.and duty. They will most likely be Christians and feel a God-given calling to help take care of and protect people.

Sheepdogs will be highly drawn to shepherds and allow themselves to be led by those shepherds that they truly trust. Sheepdogs will be naturally opposed to owner/masters and will rebel against them. Sheepdogs will generally be tolerant of herding dogs to a point. Sheepdogs will tend to feel that they can change a herding dog into a sheepdog with enough work and being a good example.  However, should a herding dog show too much aggression towards the flock, a sheepdog will not hesitate to attack a herding dog to defend the flock…or the shepherd.

Herding Dogs –

While actual herding dogs might be appear superficially to be sheepdogs, there is a significant difference. Sheepdogs live, eat, and sleep with the sheep; they are part of the flock.  And when necessity calls…sheepdogs will sacrifice themselves for the flock’s protection.

Herding dogs work for the sheep’s Herding dogs are controlled predators NOT sheep dogs.owner/master and respond to their master’s commands. Those commands are given for a specific intention…to strictly to control the flock of sheep. Herding dogs circle the sheep and move them by acting much as a predator would; which in-turn makes the sheep respond to the non-verbal body language of the herding dog (i.e. threat of violence).

A herding dog is actually a predator who is so highly trained that they won’t kill sheep (normally) but will not hesitate to “nip” (i.e. light bite) the back legs of the sheep. Herding dogs are Herding dogs are controlled predators NOT sheep dogs.also known for a game called “sheep tag.”  Herding dogs will run among the sheep biting them and then run off.  To them, sheep are little more than “chew toys.”

Herding dogs are not known for protecting a flock, they are there to control the flocks movement and behavior. And they don’t respond to the needs of the flock and rarely repel approaching predators on their own. They only respond to commands given to them by their master/owner.

Herding dogs will view sheepdogs with contempt and disgust. Herding dogs will see sheepdogs as beneath them in status. Herding dogs will view sheepdogs as lacking skills & intelligence and not living up to their potential.

Herding dogs and sheepdogs will be natural opposites and will have open conflict with one another if the situation presents itself. Herding dogs may/can change allegiance from a flock to a violent pack of predators given certain circumstances.  Should an owner/master not provide enough incentive (or strong enough leadership), a herding dog could be easily persuaded to join a predator pack that promises greater rewards. Should the right set of circumstances present itself, a herding dog could betray an entire flock to a predator pack. A herding dog sees sheep as just another animal or toy, beneath them in status and not truly worthy of anything other than to be controlled.  They have virtually no allegiance to the sheep other than as a means to gain rewards from the owner/master.

Shepherds –

These folks will be few and far between.  They are of high moral and ethical character. They will be leaders of Shepherd watching over his flock.sheep. They will also be the leaders of sheepdogs. They may have the ability to change some herding dogs into sheepdogs, but that will rarely occur due to the natural instincts and desires of herding dogs. Shepherds will understand predators but not hate them. Shepherds will protect the flock from predators to the point of freely giving their lives but not hate predators.

Shepherds will naturally draw sheepdogs to them. Sheepdogs will see the positive leadership traits and “goodness” in a shepherd and want to serve him while concurrently following their instinct of protecting the flock. The sheepdog will see that a shepherd frees them up to concentrate on what they do best – protection.

Shepherds will “serve” their flock. The will make decisions that are in the best interest of the flock and not for The Good Shepherdthe gain of the shepherd himself…or for the exclusive benefit of sheepdogs.

Shepherds will be those folks who will gain close-knit followings of sheep and sheepdogs who are committed to not just surviving, but thriving as a group and as individuals.

Some herding dogs will be drawn to shepherds but will rebel against the nature of the shepherd’s leadership, preferring to control the sheep vs. lead the sheep. For those of us that are believers, we have a great example in “The Good Shepherd” referred to in the scriptures.

Owner/masters –

These folks will be those that have a sense of entitlement to leadership. They will feel it is their right, even their duty, to lead sheep…or everyone for that matter. They will voice that they are doing their best to protect the sheep from harm and danger but their true intentions will simply be to control and manipulate…then benefit from the work and sacrifice of others.

They will make decisions primarily serving their own agenda and gain. Any benefit to the flock will be secondary, incidental, even accidental. However, the owner/master will take great efforts to make the appearance of what they do is completely for the benefit of the flock.

When pushed owner/masters will be ruthless with all members of the flock, including sheepdogs. They will have no trouble sacrificing flock members or sheepdogs for their own gain or protection.

Owner/masters normally will be “pretty boys” who talk good, look good, act good, and smell good…and the like. They will use flowery and/or passionate speeches and quote learned men; they may even use scripture verses to justify what they do. But all they do will be for their own benefit and advancement.

Owner/masters will readily identify herding dogs and elevate the perceived status of herding dogs to control the flock…ruthlessly if they have to. They will reward herding dogs with special privileges such as praise, recognition, food, liberties, and sexual partners. They will provide herding dogs with higher quality food, tools, weapons, and living accommodations.Justifying it by declaring it keeps them strong and ready to defend.

Additionally, the owner/master will provide a sense of “purpose” to the herding dogs. They will touch the herding dog’s sense of duty and work ethic. They will manipulate the herding dog to think they are as noble as a sheepdog, and even superior.

An owner/master will naturally not like sheepdogs; they will see them as competition for leadership. But they will keep that feeling/view hidden from others. They will see in sheepdogs everything that they, as owner/masters, are not. They will try and change sheepdogs into herding dogs. If that is not possible they will try and ostracize them. Should that fail, the owner/master will use whatever means necessary to remove the sheepdogs from the flock. And that will include an owner/master killing the sheepdog should the sheepdog be seen as a big enough threat by the owner/master.

The greatest threat to an owner/master is the shepherd. It is a prime example of the “evil” of an owner/master vs the “good” of a shepherd. Owner/masters will work to destroy shepherds.

So there are the basics of how I see people will fall into the basic post-disaster caste system. I have seen it on smaller-scale disasters (i.e. hurricanes, floods, wildfires, etc.) over the last 40 years or so and I have no reason to believe anything different would happen after a major “grid-down” experience. Actually, I think the likelihood of this caste system occurring increases in direct proportion to the scale of the disaster. And my research of history has lent credence to my view.

There is one additional group of people but I will cover that group in an entirely stand-alone additional article just prior to me publishing the revised summary article in this series.

So what do you do with this information? Where is the value? What does it all mean?

It makes the difference between life and death in all probability. Yeah, potentially that dramatic.

I wrote a series on Situational Awareness (SA) and this information on post-disaster types of people is directly related to good SA. If you don’t know what kind of people to expect then you are likely to get sucked into a bad situation or worse.  In the next post I will cover how to identify the different post-disaster personalities

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Just be Careful

A few things have happened that have made me stop and think…and I would like you to do the same.

#1 – Less than a week ago Saudi Arabia announced it would accept payment for oil in currencies other than the dollar. That is pretty significant for three reasons…1) the dollar has been the world’s reserve currency since WWII, 2) the dollar has been the “petro-dollar” for as long, meaning oil was bought and sold only with US dollars, 3) Biden really screwed up the US – Saudi Arabia relations last year…to the point of open economic hostilities. Opening up oil payments to non-dollars weakens the US dollar on the world economic stage.

#2 – US will give Ukraine over 30 M1 main battle tanks. These are the best tanks in the world…and an offensive weapon. Russia has been threatening war with the US over Ukraine, the US and NATO have been threatening war with Russia over the Ukraine. Even the use of nuclear weapons has been thrown about by both sides. So why would the US and NATO want to poke a finger into Putin’s eye right now? Remember, Ukraine is winning the war on the ground, so why tanks, why now? Oh, the only real winner in this Ukraine-Russia war is the military industrial complex…making tens and tens of billions of dollars.

#3 – All forms of debt in the US are at historic highs. All forms of savings in the US are at historic lows. A US housing bubble has started to burst in earnest. The US has run out of borrowing capability until Congress passes a new bill allowing the US to borrow trillions more to pay its bills. Interest rates are high and climbing. It appears that the US will lose 150,000 – 200,000 jobs per month in the first part of 2023. The US is already in a recession, and it appears to be getting worse for all of 2023. US workforce participation is at an all time low. US productivity is hurting and getting worse. Less than 1/3 of US workforce say they are “engaged” at work…meaning that more than 2/3 of employees are only putting in their time with minimal effort.

I am not saying anything in particular, I am just saying “be careful”.

Saudi Arabia and Russia are allies. And China and Russia are allies. And Saudi Arabia and China are now allies because of Biden. Saudi Arabia and Russia are the #2 & #3 oil producers in the world…double what the US produces. China is now coming out of their forced COVID lock-down…and they are a huge oil importer lately…and will significantly increase their oil imports in the coming year or so. China is in economic war with the US, Russia is in a near-shooting war with the US…and it may get worse. Saudi Arabia is in a oil/economic war with the US.  If Saudi Arabia makes even a minimal global impact by accepting non-dollars for oil, that will be a Pearl Harbor against the US dollar.

So what does all this look like to you?



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The Fallacy of “Month-Over-Month” Inflation Numbers

Real quick and easy question for you…Is inflation bad right now?

If you were to believe “Demented” Joe Biden you would think inflation is under control and the economy is recovering from the little hiccup that occurred recently. I mean, come on…really?

If you were to listen to and believe in the official federal inflation numbers, inflation is all but cured…because the month-over-month inflation rate is falling…right?

Well, actually that is true, it is. But does that mean inflation is falling/retreating?

Ah, no.

This latest round of inflation, the one since “Dementia” Biden took control of the US, peaked in June 2022 at 9.1%. And then it started dropping like a rock to 6.5% in November 2022. That signals a 28% reduction in inflation…month-over-month.

Wow!!! We are recovering…good times are back and inflation is down 28%…”Uncle Pervert” Joe has saved the day!!!!

Ah, no.

While it is true that the month-over-moth inflation rate reduced by 28%, inflation was still 6.5% over the year before. And the year before the inflation rate was 7% over the year before that. So in real terms, the kind of terms that come out of our wallets…prices were up 13.5% under Crazy Joe! So there is nothing and no one in the world that can tell us that inflation is down…or even getting better. But if you listen to the federal government…we are on the road to recovery.

Ah, no.

To get a real picture of inflation you have to look at a realistic time period. So if you are to judge “Mad Hatter” Joe you would have to look at the time period that includes his entire reign of economic terror (a.k.a. his presidency).

So starting in February 2021 (the first full month of his presidency) inflation was 1.7%, then 7.9% in February 2022. So his best inflation period during his presidency was showing price increases of 9.6%…and that is devastating to the average middle-class person…and horrific to the lower-income folks. The worst period was 14.5% June 2021 and June 2022. Holy molly “Hair Sniffer Biden”…that is killing the average American family.

So don’t buy into the “month-over-month” inflation rate rise and fall…because it is simply not an accurate picture of what is happening. You have to view inflation over a much larger, and specific, period of time. And to be a fair representation of someone’s performance (i.e. a President or Congress) you have to assess the numbers in terms of their influential time period.

You already know how “Mafioso Joe” is doing when it comes to destroying the economy…it is a major success for him…he is right on his target/goal/mission…the utter destruction of the US economy. But, let me put it into pretty plain terms using actual government figures…

  • Since Biden took office the December year-over-year inflation rate is up 958%!!!
  • And the December 2022 month-over-month inflation rate is up 24%!!!

Do those numbers make sense?

Ah, no…although they are accurate, they don’t paint a realistic picture. But, do you hear the White House bragging about those numbers? No, of course not…you only hear the boasting when the month-over-month rate is coming down. But, they should not be bragging then either…if they were being truthful.

Just use your common sense…the price you are paying now for everything is WAY higher since Biden took office. Don’t get caught up in the federal government number deception game…their utter lying.

Oh, and by the way…do you know who has the responsibility to control inflation?

If you guessed the Federal Reserve (Fed) you got it right. If you understand that the Fed is a private corporation owed by private banks you will get some serious bonus points. If you also know that the Fed has autonomy from US government control…WAY more bonus points. And if you know that the Fed doesn’t legally have to reveal anything they do or any reasoning they use to anyone at any time for any reason, including Congress or the President…then you get all the bonus points in the universe.

Why is that important?

Let’s make it real…

  • in 1960 the average US home price was $12,000…in 2022 it was $429,000…up 3475%
  • in 1960 a gallon of gas cost just about .10 (10cents)…in 2022 it was $3.36…up 326%

How’s that for controlling inflation????!!!!!!?????

Another way to look at it…my parents would send me to the corner convenience store to buy a half-gallon of milk, a 16oz bottle of Pepsi, and a loaf of white bread. And guess what…I would come home with change from the dollar bill they sent with me! And…when I took the empty Pepsi bottle back to the store I would get another 5cents from the deposit!

So tell me again how well the Fed is doing on inflation in real terms. Yeah, think seriously about that for a minute.

But you demand to compare that to household income…right! Because you think it has gone up tremendously and we are far better off now than in 1960…right?


  • In 1960 the average household income was $5,600…or 47% of the average home price.
  • In 2022 the average household income was $79,000…or 18% of the average home price.
  • In 1960 if the average household used all of theie income to buy gasoline they could buy 56,000 gallons of gas.
  • In 2022 if the average household used all of their income to buy gasoline they could buy 23,500 gallons of gas.

The actual factual numbers prove that the US is going backwards financially and economically…BIG TIME! And I mean really, really, big time!!

So have you bought into the lie that the US citizens are better off in 2022 than in 1960?

So how in the hell are they able to convince so many people that the US is this golden land of opportunity!?!? When the numbers clearly prove that US citizens standard of living is falling apart at the seams…tell me, please! We have been economically collapsing since 1960!!

But, here are two questions…

  • If the average US citizen’s economic/financial standard of living is plummeting…who is benefiting? Who is making the money that the average person is losing?
  • And why do we tolerate the Fed doing this to us, our grandparents, our great-grandparents, our children and our grandchildren?
  • And the real question…Since it is factual what they are intentionally doing, clear evidence to prove it, why are they doing it?

Well, I guess those questions prompt me to ask…

  • How long will we tolerate it?
  • What will you do to protect your family from this intentional and organized financial/economic destruction?
  • And…if we, as a citizenry, decide not to tolerate it any more…what are you willing to do?



It is coming faster than you think…and is closer than you imagine.

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Massive (un)Employment Problems!

These past couple of weeks 6 technology companies announced 10’s and 10’s of thousands of job layoffs. Bluntly…nearly 60,000 people will lose their job! Right now the average technology worker earns $70,990 per year. That sucks over $4billion out of the US economy in one single stroke! And that is just the big corporation job loss information for a single week in the technology sector alone.

But you say, “They tell us the unemployment rate is 3.5%, so it isn’t that bad after all, they will quickly find another job.”


Where do you think that unemployment number comes from? First off…it comes from the US federal government…when was the last time the federal government ever told the truth? I can’t recall any time in the last 120 years that they told the truth about anything to anyone at anytime about anyting. Can you?

I wrote extensively about unemployment numbers and how they are calculated (i.e. guessed at) and declared…< click here to read about it >…but the bottom line…government unemployment numbers are as fake and fraudulent as anything that ever came out of any liar’s mouth.

The easiest way to get a feel for the actual unemployment numbers and employment situation in the United States is to look at the Workforce Participation Rate. Yup, the people who are actually working (i.e. the employed who are eligible to be employed).

The Workforce Participation Rate in December 2022 was 62.3%!

Yup, that means more than 37% of the people who are eligible and capable to work are not working. That is a staggering figure!!

So don’t buy into the federal government BS…you need to understand the real figures not government lies!

But that is just the start…once you know the real numbers such as unemployment, then you must figure out how that might affect you personally and how it impacts the larger picture…the country and the world in economic terms as a whole.

But you aren’t done yet…then you must make a plan to mitigate any adverse economic outcome that might impact you and your family.

But you aren’t done yet…you MUST work your plan and constantly reassess your situation…and adjust your plan as needed.


It is coming faster than you think…and is closer than you imagine.

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Complete “woke” insanity!!

So first off, they are science deniers…second, they are entirely insane, delusional, or just plain run-of-the-mill mentally ill.

So here is this “guy” that goes into a hospital, then complains when the hospital staff questions if “he” is pregnant. Duh!!! Men, guys, males, canNOT get pregnant!! Period! That is pure 100% science…any other belief is pure delusion. And it seems that not only was “Danny” delusional and/or insane…but Yahoo article writers are just as insane.

Get this article headline…”Transgender men can get pregnant. Here’s what they wish more people understood.”

Let me digress…why would a pregnant woman, posing as and appearing as a fat man (including a beard), think she would have trouble being taken seriously by medical personnel when she claims she is pregnant????


First off, let’s be clear…men can’t get pregnant no matter who says what…it is simply not possible.

Next, women/females (XX chromosome physiologically) can get pregnant. But, when a woman dresses up like a man, when a woman disguises herself like a man, when a woman expects to be treated like a man…they can’t FREAKING expect to be taken seriously about anything…especially when it comes to medical care!

So both “Danny” and “Kayden” need to shut their freaking pie holes and quit complaining when it comes to their delusion-based mental illness problems.

And authors who write articles supporting their plights and defending their mental illness need to have their fingers…OK, I better stop…free speech, freedom of the press, and all.

So why am I upset? Simple…

1) People have gone insane and try to be something other that what science says they are. Living a delusional mentally ill delusional lifestyle.

2) Then those same unstable people complain when they are treated as the gender they try to appear to be in their opposite-gender disguises.

3) Media folks try to convince us that there is something wrong with us that we do believe in science and commonsense.

4) Society is more and more demonizing normal people with normal beliefs, who accept science, who want a sane and civil society…and idolize delusional freaks.

Listen to this stinking pile of insane, mental illness crap, “Shon McCloud, a Virginia-based U.S. Army vet who identifies as trans, is currently pregnant with his first child, conceived naturally with his male partner. “

Do not get caught up with this insanity that it evil personified! There is a single goal for all of this…it is to…well, you, my website folks know what the goal is.

Hold to the iron rod of truth…real truth…not this made-up garbage that evil people are pushing on society!

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Some serious food for thought…the U.S. Empire

So I have been staying away from most news and current events…thankfully. I gave up what little social media I was involved in long ago…thankfully. I have been concentrating on two contract projects that I am doing for a local solar company, this is my third & fourth for them. And there is the family I am trying to help out -service project- they were taken advantage of by a disreputable solar company. So I have been a bit busy with actual “work” even though I am supposedly retired. The good thing…these contract projects have provided the funds for our solar system upgrade. Well, minus the fourth battery that is in out near future…hopefully.

Several things have been on my mind even though I have avoided current events. One is the utter decadence that our country is falling into; yeah, and the entire world, if truth be told. Another is the financial situation in our country; yeah, and the entire world, if truth be told. But most of all…the US Empire situation. Yeah, I know…oh boy, here we go again. And you are right…here we go again.

For about a year and a half I have been doing research on various empires in the history of the world. Empires such as the Roman, Dutch, French, British, Russian, and German. Yes, for the record, the Dutch (Netherlands) were an empire, rising in the early 1600’s and fallen by the mid-1800’s. The Dutch empire having been replaced mostly by the French empire which rose in the late 1600’s and had fallen by the early 1900’s. For the German empire I am referring to the Nazi German empire, not the early so-called German empire (1870 – 1918).

True, I have been an avid student of history for nearly 50 years now but just in the last few years I have really dived into the details of their societies and mentality of their leaders. And no, I have no idea why I am so intrigued and fascinated by history other than it is who we are as societies and individuals. The single most surprising aspect of empire history…they all repeat themselves almost exactly…like 99% match-up.

In early 2021 I began to watch a large number of documentaries of empires. I wanted to get a more visual representation of them rather simply words on a page. Then this year I began to watch docudramas on the same empires. Yes I know, by definition docudramas are not entirely historically accurate. But, they do give a glimpse of a more visual representation of the color of the societies and people living in that day and age. And I did find it rather interesting how well they did match written historical accounts on the macro level. And further, they matched the actual places I visited throughout my life. Since a young sailor in the 1970’s I have visited such places as Rome, Italy…London, England…Tunisia, France, Malta, Gibraltar, Cuba, Australia, Wales, and Sicily.

So where am I headed with all of this? Ah yes, the big question to be sure…and I will give you the answer…one you probably won’t like.

First off you need to understand two things; 1) every empire that has ever existed has fallen or is falling…with the exception of China, it is still rising, 2) the United States of America is an empire, whether you believe it or not, it is.

#1 is easy to prove true…just look it up…of every single one of the world’s empires that have ever existed, they have all fallen (except two, so far, but the US is in the later stages of falling, China is still rising). And these empires follow a specific pattern in their rise and fall. I presume that is due to the fact that they are all controlled by humans, and human nature doesn’t/hasn’t changed much in the history of humankind. Ahhhhhh, that it what makes us human.

#2 is either accepted or rejected based on personal opinion (i.e. bias) of given facts and hard evidence. However my friend…facts are facts…period. And all of those facts line-up exactly with the data points of all prior empires the world has seen. So bluntly speaking…if you don’t accept the fact that the US is an empire then you are viewing factual evidence through a prism of your own bias. Well, in my opinion anyways.

To learn more about the US Empire you should probably read “The Fall of the U.S. Empire”

The true point of this article is the mentality of the leadership of those empires; and the state of the societies of these empires when they reach the clear and obvious stage of falling. And that leadership and societal mental state is consistent across the board with empires as they rise and fall, especially the fall.

In a nut shell:

Leadership mentality –

  • They are superior to the common person and only they know what is best for the country.
  • They are entitled to opulence and special treatment due to their status.
  • They are “called” to rule and reign; they consider it their “destiny” to do so.
  • They should be able to tax their populations without restrictions and to any degree to fund the government…and the government’s agenda.
  • They are convinced that military “might” makes all things right and using that military might is justified as a means to an end…all ends.

Societal mentality-

  • Superior to other country’s populations.
  • Entitled to special treatment wherever they go.
  • Increasingly morally indulgent and accepting of perversions.
  • Over-burdened with taxes, fees, and regulations of government.
  • They feel they are not heard, understood, or represented by their leadership (i.e. government)…an increasing distancing between the populace and the leadership.
  • The population is deeply divided into social groups, especially politically.

Does that sound familiar?

If you care to question those observations please feel free to challenge them and do your own research into empire history. I think you would find it most enlightening.

The single most glaring example of this I think is France with Louis the XIV (1638 – 1715) at the helm. He was King of France from 1643 – 1715 (but didn’t actually rule until about 1660 due to his age) and oversaw the rise of France as an empire. And France would maintain its empire status for about 200 – 225 years. He was an interesting fellow, although not a good guy. He did have a vision, I will give him that.

Here are some of my observations of King Louis XIV:

  • He detested the practice of religion but used it to create more power for himself. He persecuted any Christian that wouldn’t subject themselves to his rule and his beliefs.
  • He was morally bankrupt to a startling degree. Interestingly, he outwardly participated in religious ceremonies.
  • He built the most powerful modern and professional military in the world at the time and engaged in virtual constant warfare to expand his empire. And he acquired huge debt doing so.
  • He favored taxation, any tax, and he imposed new taxes on the population and raised existing taxes. If this sounds familiar…he exempted the rich nobles from most taxation.
  • He also imposed draconian rules and regulations on the rich nobles to exert more control over them. He even forced the nobles to move into his over-the-top opulence of Versailles.
  • He also essentially did the same to military commanders to centralize control at his throne. He also created a large, well-trained, professional, standing army with which he conquered all “enemies” both foreign and domestic.
  • Versailles was infamously known for rampant gambling, intrigue, conspiracies, and perverted sexual morality.
  • And of course, he placed the Catholic church in France under his direct control for his own personal gain.
  • While Louis was married, he only had a single child that survived from that marriage. However, he had a long list of mistresses, many concurrently. Those unions produced dozens of illegitimate children.
  • He considered himself as the center of the universe “without equal” and ensured everyone accepted that viewpoint.
  • He built multiple monuments to himself. The most ostentatious being the Place of Versailles. And yes, the cost for Versailles…equivalent to about 300billion dollars!

While Louis reigned, the people of France complained of; 1) exponential expansion of the King’s central authority, 2) enormous tax burdens on the average person, 3) the reduction of local and regional authority and autonomy.

Does any of that sound familiar in our current day?

Here’s the deal…all empires were essentially the same, as were their monarchs/leaders. So, let’s think about this for a minute…if all the empires followed the same path and all the monarchs/leaders were essentially the same…what about the US empire?

Do our political leaders use religion for their own personal gain as well as criticize it when useful? Do they persecute religions when it suits their purposes, especially political purposes? Do they attempt to, or actually, exert control over religion?

Do our political leaders, especially our Presidents, act in a way to show that they are morally and ethically bankrupt?

Has the US built a large, well-trained, professional, modern, standing military…and have used it to expand its territory? And is that standing army controlled primarily by a single political leader (i.e. the President)?

Do our political leaders have no issue raising existing taxes and imposing new taxes and fees on US citizens…while mostly exempting rich people either directly or via loop holes?

Is Washington D.C. known for its intrigue, perversion, and complete lack of morality among political leaders and their staff and bureaucrats? Are our political leaders known to have mistresses both male and female?

Are churches allowed to speak openly from the pulpit about political matters, endorse candidates for office, and oppose legislation without reprisal from the government?

Are US Presidents considered the most powerful and arrogant people in the world…and ensure that all other leaders bow to their power?

Do our political leaders build monuments to themselves and fellow political leaders to the cost of billions of dollars?

Are you seeing a pattern here?

For a very long time I have been preaching “principles vs politics”…for a very good reason! Our politicians are corrupt to virtually to every single one of them. As is our government…corrupt and perverted to an staggering degree.

So, let me digress just a minute…Why was the US Constitution written the way it was?

Our Founding Fathers grew up during, and witnessed first hand, the Dutch Empire, the French Empire, and the British Empire. The Founding Fathers suffered directly at the hands of the British Empire through decades of tyranny, high taxation, oppression, and violence. They knew all too well what dangers laid at feet of empires and tyrannical rulers. Those same Founding Fathers did everything they could to prevent an empire taking hold in the United States and being ruled over by rich, powerful, political elites. They worked tirelessly to try and prevent US citizens suffering oppression and violence, and even economic hardships in the form of excessive taxation. They didn’t want a homegrown British Empire equivalent.

But here we are…smack dab in the middle of what our Founding Fathers tried to keep us protected from. We have become what our Founding Fathers both feared and detested…and empire ruled over by powerful ruthless elites.

And one other final issue I would like to share…

The Dutch Kings had the Blue Guards, the British Kings have the British Foot Guards (a.k.a. Royal Guards), and the French Kings had the Garde Écossaise. And all the empires had extensive domestic spy networks and secret police to enforce their rule, intimidate citizens, and suppress dissension.

Our Founding Fathers had no such guards, none were needed, wanted, or were going to be provided…according to the Constitution. But within 70 years Presidents began elevating themselves to a royalty status. And now the US monarchs have the Secret Service, Capitol Police, and numerous units from the military guarding them 24/7 at huge expense to the average taxpayer.

Additionally, our Presidents have multiple spy agencies keeping track of all citizens’ every move (i.e. NSA, DHS, TSA, ATF, DEA, NSA). And of course the ultimate powerful and brutal secret police…the FBI. And when those police state entities wish to intimidate, suppress dissension, or even kill citizens…who can stand against them?

So I beg the questions:

1) After our Founding Fathers rejected and defeated a tyrannical and oppressive monarchy nearly 250 years ago…and adopted a Constitution to prevent another one forming…why did we, US citizens, allow another to take its place?

2) Now that we have a tyrannical and oppressive government once again ruling our country with an iron fist…what, if anything, are we going to do about it?

3) We know through facts, evidence, and history that all empires fall…have YOU thought about what you and your family will do when the U.S. Empire becomes desperate?

Work locally, prepare yourself and your family…and figure out your personal principles…and stick to them.

Forget politics…think principles!

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Who is to blame for…

Oh my goodness…it happened again! But, who in the world is to blame? That will surprise some…and anger others…and the ATF will just snicker. And more of our rights, liberties, and freedoms die…

Obviously I am referring to the recent move by the ATF to ban pistol braces…and potentially turn millions of US citizens into felons. Once that is done, then the FBI can get to work and SWAT raid citizens’ homes and arrest or kill regular, every-day US citizens…as the ATF & FBI have done before…its called “massacres.”

Sorry, I had a much more intellectual and informative article already scheduled for this morning, it was going to post at 9am. But, I delayed that till tomorrow…this I have to get off my chest. But, I had to wait till 5am this morning to start writing this post because I was so spitting mad last night.

The bottom line…the ATF had said that previously approved/legal AR pistol “braces” are now illegal. And if you own one you have several options…all cost huge money, all cost US citizen time, all are patently unconstitutional, and the ATF move serves one single purpose…to erode the rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment. In other words…removing more guns from the hands of US citizens to reduce their ability to resist tyranny and oppression.

And interestingly enough…where in the US Constitution is the ATF even authorized? And where in the US Constitution does it authorize a federal agency to create law like the ATF just did?

Yeah, I didn’t think so!

But is this where it started? No. Let’s give a brief history of the origins of the ATF.

  1. In 1788 ratified US Constitution the ATF is not authorized.
  2. In 1886 the forerunner of the ATF was formed as part of a revenue generating scheme by the US federal government.
  3. In 1942 the ATF predecessor was given responsibility for enforcing federal firearms laws.
  4. In 1968, after the Gun Control Act, it changed its name again…interestingly, as part of the IRS. Yup, ironically the IRS is not authorized under the US Constitution either, nor is a federal income tax.
  5. In 2001 Pres. Bush transferred it to the Department of Justice (DOJ). And yes, as we clearly see now, the US Justice Department is corrupt to its very core and is little more than a weaponized agency for the US government.

And I would love to document the ATF’s extensive history of criminal activity, murders, and anti-Constitutional operations. But I am limited in time and space so I will get to my main points.

First, as already stated the ATF has no Constitutional authority to create law, which it did with its AR pistol brace “ruling”…the ATF doesn’t even have a Constitutional right to exist.

Second, this is just another move to ban guns, which we know is of paramount importance to reduce, then eliminate, the ability of US citizens to resist the implementation of a tyrannical all-powerful central government.

Thirdly, criminalize large portions of the US population. By doing so it justifies violent anti-citizen operations by the FBI & ATF. Thus suppressing political dissension through intimidation or outright murder of US citizens.

And who exactly is to blame for all of this?

To be fair…this latest move by the ATF is the fault of the Biden Administration and the weaponized DOJ under Attorney General Merrick Garland. But, that is just a result of a previous precedent. And that precedent was set by President Trump, his DOJ under Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker, and the ATF at the time. Beginning in 2017/2018 Trump began the process that ended with Trump ordering the DOJ to have the ATF ban “bumpstocks” (a.k.a. “slidefire” accessory). Which the ATF gladly did…because the ATF hates and despises all things related to citizen guns, the US Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.

Ironically, at the time the boot-licking, Trump-worshiping, “politics-over-principles” folks openly supported the move. So tell me…who is to blame for this latest Biden/DOJ/ATF move?

Yup, the Trump sycophants who licked and slurped and worshiped at the idol of all things Trump! They abandoned the Constitution, they abandoned the Second Amendment, then abandoned principles to worship politics and Trump. And what did that lead to…any good at all or just more evil?

In all fairness…I will give some of them a pass because they didn’t understand the concept of a bumpstock/slidefire. Yeah, they were also ignorant of the need for guns as protection against a tyrannical government because they were ignorant of the American Revolution, the whole background of the US Constitution, and the wisdom and divine inspiration of the Founding Fathers.

All the rest of the bumpstock/slidefire ban supporters were/are simply big government lovers who wish to see their rights, liberties, and freedoms completely destroyed…and they are willing to embrace politics over principles.

Just a little background on the ATF, a couple salient points to ponder:

  • It was the ATF who started the ball rolling on the Ruby Ridge Massacre…where a woman and child were murdered.
  • It was the ATF who started the Waco operation where US civilians/citizens were murdered by ATF agents in the initial raid…and then later nearly 80 men, women, and children were burned alive.
  • From 1972 – 2001 a Congressional investigation found that 75 percent of ATF gun prosecutions were aimed at ordinary citizens who had no criminal intent…and the ATF virtually ignored street level, gun-related criminal activity.
  • In 2008, under the Fast & Furious operation, the ATF transferred 2,500 firearms to Mexican Cartels. One of those weapons was used to assassinate Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry who reportedly was going to expose the ATF gun running operation in its entirety.
  • In 2011 it was revealed to Congress that the ATF systematically retaliated against any ATF personnel who became, or intended to become, a whistle-blower against the ATF.
  • In 2022 it was revealed that “thousands of firearms, firearm parts” were stolen from the ATF’s National Firearms and Ammunition Destruction facility…and only ATF agents and ATF employees had access to those facilities.

So tell me again…what exactly is the purpose of the ATF? Why do we allow a radical and extremely violent Federal Law Enforcement agency to even exist…an agency that isn’t even authorized in the US Constitution!? And why do both Democrat and Republican Presidents support the ATF…and use the ATF to destroy rights, liberties, and freedoms?

And yes, lastly, why were so many so-called patriots, preppers, and constitutionalists so willing to lick the boots of, kiss the butt of, and continually worship Trump even when Trump was using the ATF against the rights, liberties, and freedoms of US citizens?

I will tell you why…they placed politics over principles…and exposed themselves as being more interested in worshiping a person than maintaining correct principles.

I am telling to point blank…we are closer to the “wrapping-up” than any of us can even imagine.

I ask you…

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Another perspective…”Ancient” 20th Century History

This came from a longtime site visitor Delta Three Two. I find it interesting how the rise of a small political party with a single madman at the helm of a tyrannical government led to a worldwide war costing 10’s of millions of lives.

I find it interesting in that it starkly contrasts to the rise of the American Revolution that fought against tyranny and brought about the most revered Constitution the world has ever known.

But both follow a similar path…with the exception of the an added first step of the American Revolution…”Petitioned for Redress” as outlined in the Declaration of Independence. Well, that and the inclusion of a divinely inspired cause.

So we must be extremely careful with political movements…look deeply and critically at the end-state of any movement you get involved in. And never accept, or settle for, a “the ends justify the means” type of movement…or people.

So here it is…

Consider this bit of “ancient” 20th century history:

In 1921 Adolph Hitler would become a member and in a short time, the leader of a very small group of German malcontents. In 1923 he would lead a small group of armed patriots in Munich to overthrow the Weimar government; the German government. The armed and violent coup failed. Adolf Hitler and members of his extremist group would be sentenced and jailed to prison time. However, his trial and incarceration would bring him fame and a large multitude of followers. He would learn from this experience.

While in jail he would author his book, “Mein Kampf” (My Struggle). After his short stint in jail he would return as the hero leader of the German National Socialist Workers Party known by the acronym NAZI. His time spent in jail would convince him violence only would not overthrow the German government, but violence would be an ongoing element of the NAZI party’s rise and maintenance of political power.

Consequently he turned to politics. In 1933 he was elected Chancellor which he held, as dictator of Germany, until his death in 1945.

My points with this very abbreviated history of Adolf Hitler’s rise to power is:
1. Organize.
2. The NAZI organization would use violence.
3. The NAZI organization would use politics.
4. The NAZI organization would use the media.
5. Expect a long time of effort to accomplish the removal of ,the entrenched and established government.

It took Adolf Hitler and the NAZI Party 12+ years of perseverance using both violence and politics to overthrow the German government. With Hitler’s ascent in 1933 to German Chancellor the power of the National Socialists would be confirmed. And the tyranny of Adolph Hitler’s Third Reich would be forever embedded in the history of the world.

Organization in the tens of thousands, millions of dedicated movement patriots is required to make any change.

Learn from history.

And never forget that sometimes, violence is the answer.

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