FOOD: Part 1 – Introduction

Food Storage - Table with meal & food on it.Food is one of the fundamental needs of man.  Without food a person dies and there is no avoiding that, no magic pill, no miracle substitute.  And further, food also brings comfort and actual joy to man as well.

Don’t believe me?  Try eating heavy whole wheat bread, beans, and oatmeal for 2 weeks.  You will surely go insane in short order.  But, add a single chocolate bar and you will once again feel very human with a big smile on your face.  So what are you planning to eat when an emergency hits?  What will you eat for a year if the grid goes down?

But how do you look at your food storage?  Here are some questions you need to ask yourself:

  1. How long can it last?
  2. How many calories does it give you each day?
  3. How many calories do you even know you need each day?
  4. Is there enough fat in your stored items?
  5. How easy is it to prepare?
  6. Are you completely dependent on a flame heat source for preparation?
  7. Have you ever really eaten any of your food storage?Food Storage - family discussion

There are many more questions I could prompt you to answer but you need to think through this big an issue on your own and discuss it with your family.  However, I will go into some concepts of food storage that I believe in, I have personally tried and abide by. You may find them useful.

Two is one and one is none, three is a good start!   <click here>

You have heard that before with me and you will hear that as a fairly common theme when dealing with emergency preparedness.

There is a concept with defense called layered defense; simply put it means you have multiple layers of defense, each layer defends you against a specific type of threat.  And overall the concept is based on keeping the threat at the furthest possible distance from you – hence keeping you as safe as possible.



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