Feedback & Comments : 7/26/2021

AH Trimble Feedback and CommentsIn response to “Extreme Danger !” I have a couple comments of note.

Burble writes…

Fighting “misinformation” with lies, and silencing any whose opinion does not match the government’s narrative, including [including opposing opinions from] Nobel prize winning scientists. It is clear they have no interest in actual truth, but what is truly sad is that so many do not even attempt to see beyond the thin veneer of their lies, much to their [own] peril I’m afraid.

Also in response to “Extreme Danger !” Nathan writes…

Why Biden has no worries. First, white conservatives are cowards. A small but determined criminal element [radical left] was able to destroy dozens of cities with no consequences. Feds stated no one would be punished, not even for attacking and burning federal buildings. Now look how they handled Trump supporters. Hundreds locked up with tens of thousands soon to be arrested.  [Second] Military is now completely owned by left. They will follow orders and will be used to crush whites once Biden feels confident to begin such ops. Sadly, the biggest reason feds can now do as they please is regular law enforcement. Local and state police followed any and all orders concerning mask mandate, a major violation of the Bill of Rights if ever there was one.

Make no mistake, police like their pay and perks and if ordered will happily turn their guns on conservatives.

What will soon happen here will make what went on in Nazi Germany seem mild in comparison. Democrats are already building the camps needed to house conservatives, gun owners, and Christians. To all you smart asses that say where are the camps? They already exist. They are called sports stadiums and underground parking complexes. A few guard towers and concertina wire and presto, instant camps. There are also huge amounts of cleared land on US military bases that can quickly be converted. Eglin Air Force Base in Florida and Ft Stewart Army Base in Georgia have thousands of acres easily convertible to such facilities. Remember Democrats already have experience with how to move and imprison huge segments of population. Ask the Japanese on the West Coast how quickly Democrats were able to move and imprison hundreds of thousands of loyal Japanese Americans during WW2. Also, further back, see how they wiped out millions of American Indians. The US military figured heavily in both these historic episodes.

Right now, your only hope to save yourself and your families is to form armed militias. Training needs to start right now. Once military gets their orders they will quickly move to round up any and all people Democrats label as enemies of the state. The Constitution is dead and gone.

I respond…

OK, first things first…Yes, some conservatives are cowards but not all…politically all of them on the federal level seem to be cowards or ineffectual for the most part. I am a Civil Society Libertarian so I oppose some of the fundamental planks of the Conservative beliefs and agenda.

“Whites” are already being crush by the radical CRT gang. And NO! that is not racism for you with shrunken or non-existent brains. That is a statement of fact and opinion, so don’t play your stupid racist games with me.

And I agree with Nathan on the LEO thing. Although, truth be told, once again not all LEOs or LEO agencies have gone to the dark side…but many have. The proof? Thousands of reports and videos showing them behaving inappropriately and illegally. That’s why we have to support our Constitution loving Peace Officers!!!

Interestingly enough…”camps”…Nathan makes a great point…as I have pointed out before. While there are no official or operational FEMA camps…they can be set up just about anywhere in a matter of a couple of days. And Nathan makes a sound case of where they could be located. And he is spot-on about the US Federal Government having previously established camps. They did it to the Native Americans in HUGE numbers, in World War I, and again in large numbers during World War II. The federal government saw a threat in the form of people…so they simply put them in prison camps. And in the case of Native Americans…before they imprisoned them, they slaughtered them in huge numbers. As for you that still doubt…review Kent State not that many years ago. The US Army has some very dark patches against US citizens in their history.

Now, let’s touch on a subject that is a bit raw for me…”your only hope to save yourself and your families is to form armed militias.

I have been giving advice on this subject for a long time and I can sum it up in one word, “DON’T!”

And, why? Because of timing. Right now all of the federal gestapo law enforcement agencies are looking rather vigorously at right-wing militias…and have labeled them domestic terrorists. And by doing so all of the federal agencies and the military can deal with you completely outside of any Constitutional rights and completely outside of our judicial system. So don’t form, join, or even discuss forming militias.

But, “your only hope to save yourself and your families” is 100% spot on, exactly right, and incredibly brilliant. I have laid out over and over again how to do this…then expand it to your neighborhood, your congregation, and your community.

Now, if you want to protect yourself and family make sure you can do so…by fighting the threat/risk of violence <click here to get started> and then read my article “Time for a Step in an Action Plan!!” <click here to read>.

If you want some awesome training to organize to respond to any emergency, disaster, or grid-down you can always read this series of articles <click here to read> And of course read this short but invaluable book “The Art of War”.

Finally, “The Constitution is dead and gone.”  Yes, as far as the US Federal Government is concerned…the Constitution is dead. Federal law enforcement agencies are especially grateful for that. And honestly, all levels of government now ignore the Constitution in regards to right, freedoms, and liberties as it was originally intended by our Founding Fathers. Government loves its power and its ability to take our money…as their actions continue to prove.

However, the Constitution is still alive and well in the hearts of many. There are millions of people out there who have studied and understand the principles of the Constitution and know that it was designed to severely limit government power and ensure citizens of rights, freedoms, and liberties. Unfortunately for the last 120+ years have allowed government to take our rights, freedoms, and liberties one bite at a time…along with our money.

So please, keep the Constitution alive! Learn it, continually study it, and one day we will be able to restore it. Understand that our Founding Fathers wanted a small, restricted, and limited government…NOT the oppressive monstrosity we have today.

Thank you Nathan for raising so many good points and getting us to think.


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Feedback & Comments : 7/23/2021

AH Trimble Feedback and CommentsIn response to “How to identify REAL misinformation…” Jim writes…


You brilliantly nailed the reality of misinformation spread electronically, — 90% of it just isn’t true!!

The most effective misinformation does have “enough” truth sprinkled within it that it can sound credible…but this particular gentlemen was either crazed with conspiracy theories or, perhaps, suffering from extreme paranoia.

And you never know the true source of what is written/posted over the internet. WHO is spreading particular bits of misinformation is rarely clear.

AHT didn’t mention it, but the entire Q-Anon episode had all the hallmarks of a false flag operation from the beginning.
>> Sadly, too many reacted to Q’s “revelations” of happenings inside the Deep State and USG [US Government] with, well, extreme GULLIBILITY.

The end result of the Q-ANON deception, no doubt combined with the use of moles and informers among the patriot community, apparently was to create the “insurrection” on Jan 6th at the US Capitol.

Readers of this blog will realize there was nothing like an insurrection at the Capitol. Who in their mind would plot a violent insurrection but fail to bring ANY weapons with them?

But there were enough misguided souls who bought enough lies that they acted unwisely, and now will pay prices ranging from months to years in prison.
All the above is NOT to say there are no threats to our Republic.

There certainly are very real threats to our nation, both domestic and foreign. The would-be Bolsheviks are damaging our nation more each and every day. They’re also pretty darn clear now as to their aims.

We have more than enough threats to our nation to challenge us. Don’t fall for the faked misinformation designed to get you/us to do something stupid, and land yourself in jail.


I think Jim makes some sound points…and gives some good advice as well.

Thank you Jim!!

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Feedback & Comments (SitRep 5/3/2021)

AH Trimble Feedback and CommentsI would like to know what you thought of the 5/3/2021 SitRep (5 part).

Please complete the poll below.




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Feedback & Comments: 3/12/2021

AH Trimble Feedback and CommentsOn March 9th Michael wrote a great reply/comment to my article Biden/Harris Regime’s Final Days of America: 3/8/2021) <click here to read>

His reply/comment was so spot on and raised some great points. I thought it would be worth making a post dedicated to his reply/comment.

Let me know what you think!

Michael Richards writes:

You always have a really level-headed voice in all the commotion that is out there. I appreciate that very much.

Thank you kind sir. I appreciate that. I am trying to be as you say “level-headed” while being straight forward…and maybe a bit blunt (a.k.a. rude) at times. There are plenty of sensationalists out there…that is not my style.

Let me add a couple to your list:

1 – Expect gas prices to rise significantly. We have already seen that in the past 6 weeks, in some places going up as much as $.70/gallon. That will cause significant issues with transportation costs and for people to get from one place to another easily and inexpensively.

You are spot on!!

Back on January 21st I started giving hard numbers and the reasoning behind what is happening. <click here to read> After having time to digest what was happening on the ground and seeing the clear trend line, I wrote extensively on the price of gas in my 3/1/2021 SitRep <click here to read>. And I gave an estimate of where I thought the price of gas would end up…$4.50 – $5.50 per gallon by 2024, possibly sooner. What I didn’t give any information on is the “effect”.

You made excellent points…price of goods will go up due to transportation costs and travel will become significantly more expensive…yet another blow to the airline industry. Here locally the price of gas just went up again day before yesterday…from $2.25 (pre-election) to $2.95 (checked yesterday). That’s 70cents per gallon increase in just 4 months! Think about it…that is more than 30% increase since the election!!! 

Now here is the question…is that change in price due to; 1) fear factor, 2) availability, 3) inflation, or, 4) dollar devaluation. What do you think?

2 – Expect even more subversion of the Constitution through federal election laws. This one is very clear with HR1 already having passed the House and is now in the Senate. There is no doubt that if it makes it past both chambers that “President” Biden will sign it into law, and highly doubtful with recent appeals to the Supreme Court over other election fraud cases that they will even hear this one. So expect there to never be another fair election in the US.

HR1 is a weird piece of legislation…very weird in a number of ways. First, there are a couple of good parts of the legislation…as in some parts of the “ethics” section and I like some of the anti-gerrymandering section. My biggest objection to it…and it’s a big one…is basically the federal government seizes control of the electoral process and dictates to the states what they must do. Yes, that means even more centralized power…and far, far less check & balance capability by the states. Yet another mile marker passed on the way to authoritarianism.

And HR1 is why I put “Expect election reforms…national standards dictated by the federal government.” On the original list…and I crossed it off as accomplished when HR1 was moved out of committee…I see no hindrance to its passage.

3 – Expect more gun control laws. We know that the House already has at least one gun control bill ready to go, and I’m sure there are more as well as plenty of hidden gems in other bills.

Again…you are spot on!!!

On 1/29/2021 I wrote about H.R. 5717 calling it a declaration of war against Americans had it passed in 2020, which it didn’t <click here to read>. However, the radical leftists learned their lesson in regards to all-encompassing legislative bills regarding gun control…don’t go large! Eat the elephant one bite at a time.

On 2/19/2021 I wrote about the coming gun control actions of the radical leftists in Congress. House of Representatives, as of 2/19/2021, had 29 separate bills they were working on <click here to read>. Collectively, they almost equal the single 2020 H.R. 5717…but not quite. But, you are right…they are coming for our guns…one bite at a time.

I specifically didn’t include any gun control measures on my original list on 11/7/2021 <click here to read>. Why? My reasoning is this…it is a pivotal issue. Once they pass serious gun control legislation we are on a collision course with war/revolution/armed rebellion, whatever anyone wants to call it. In my mind it is a completely separate issue from the more gradual destruction of America that I referred to in the list that I am using in conjunction with the thermometer.

Why the difference? Let me use an analogy…WWII was ugly and brutal…planes, machine guns, artillery, mines, tank, etc. But, there was one weapon that changed everything drastically…changed the world in two brief flashes…the atomic bombs. Their development and use changed the entire nature of WWII in an immeasurable and irrevocable way. Passing a bill such as H.R. 5717…or an equivalent collective of bills…mimics WWII’s atomic bombs. It will immediately plunge America on a change in history…it will produce an armed rebellion, the scope and nature of which will be devastating for this country. So, I keep that separate from all my other lists, reasoning, explanations, etc. concerning the coming more gradual destruction of America.

And one more note concerning gun control laws…it is an authoritarian move, no doubt at it. But it is interesting to discuss the “why” of all that interest.

The easy answer would be the most commonly referred to…get rid of guns and you get rid of virtually all armed resistance to the tyranny/oppression of the federal government. But, I think it may go far beyond that. Once guns are gone the vast majority of people become very passive…thus, easy to control. But, I think it is also more than that…I think the “process” of gun elimination is, in and of itself, an end. It forcefully teaches complete compliance to an all-powerful government.

And I think there is a final “why”…and I am not entirely sure about this one…I call it the “Crush Theory”. Think about this…let’s say the federal government wanted to come in and do a single massive crushing blow to all those who would resist government tyranny and oppression. Those people they would wish to destroy are called patriots.  What if the federal government instituted a transitional program of gun control into gun confiscation into gun elimination. There would be an immediate and violent reaction to that measure…people would rise up in many locations within a short period of time…maybe days to a couple of weeks. Once people/families started dying at the hands of the ATF and FBI in noticeable numbers…the armed resistance to such action would be intense, wide-spread, and very violent. Would that reaction play exactly into the hands of an aspiring authoritarian regime?

Think about that…wide-spread deadly violent rebellion…with large numbers of intense firefights with law enforcement. What would the reaction of a wannabe authoritarian regime be? Bingo!! An all-out mission to crush the rebellion…in comes the full force of the military. Now the military would not be involved in gun confiscation…they would be engaged in putting down an insurrection…one of their formal Constitutional missions. Within months, at most, the majority of resistance in the US would be crushed. The remainder could be rooted out within another year’s time…for the most part. Just for kicks…think how readily and willingly the responded with 10’s of thousands of troops to occupy our nations Capitol…when it was only a couple thousands folks rioting on 1/6.

Thanks for listening to my brain-storming…now, what do you think?

No matter what, the destruction of America is here. It’s imminent. And it’s going to get a whole lot worse when Harris takes over…

Bing!!!  Amen brother, amen!

I love it when our brother & sister patriots think through issues and share their thoughts and comments!

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Feedback & Comments: 3/8/2021

AH Trimble Feedback and CommentsJim wrote a great reply/post to my article on QAnon…QAnon is Real ! <click here to read>

Jim’s writing was so thought provoking that I wanted to make a whole article out of it. I want to make sure that folks are getting as much decent information and credible viewpoints as possible on current events.

We need to know what is happening and why…or we get sucked down the rabbit hole…or worse.

Jim writes…

Agree 100%.

But, I’ve been wondering for four years…why were/are so many otherwise intelligent folks…so completely fooled by the QAnon Farce??

I’m aware of more than a few very smart and very decent folks that took the Q-bait … hook, line and sinker.

At the very least, folks should have figured out by early 2018 that Q-Anon was bogus…if only from the string of failed predictions Q had already amassed.

By early 2019, Q’s track record should have sent people running for exits.

You are right, spot on actually, and I think I have an idea of why they got suckered into it…desperation.  Since people woke up to Bush #2’s horrific killing of rights, freedoms, and liberties after 9/11/2001, they thought that they needed, or at least wanted, a political savior to come along and fix everything. These same people started getting a glimpse of authoritarianism during the Bush #2 years. Then along comes Comrade Obama, a serious hardcore Marxist, and people started to panic…which is a high-level of desperation.

Said desperation helped elect Trump. Example: Trump made the statement back in 2016, “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters.” First off that was the perfect example of arrogance and pride. And if that wasn’t mocking his rock star status with his sycophants, I don’t know what does. That shows how desperate people were for a political savior…and Trump played that role perfectly.

Back to relating it to QAnon…most folks on the right could see the extreme dysfunction and disparity in the judicial and political systems. People like Clinton could get away with virtually anything. And when QAnon came along in 2017 and said Clinton’s arrest was imminent…people rightfully rejoiced…because justice was at hand. But sadly, that justice never came true…the same for all of the other QAnon projections/predictions…pure BS!

And as with Trump, those same desperate people were able to overlook all of the problems with QAnon in desperate hope that somehow, someway QAnon would turn out to be true, and justice would be served upon the criminals of our time. And that desperation is perfectly understandable don’t you think? People want things to be right…and when they are not, they look for something or someone to make it right. It is human nature to do so.

The problem with desperate people…they tend to overlook reality and lose control over their morals and ethics…and that is dangerous. The German people were desperate in the 1920’s and 1930’s…they were blinded so much they got Hitler. Cubans in the 1950’s were so blinded they got Castro…with the CIA’s help. Russians were so blinded they got Lenin…then Stalin. Americans were so blinded by the crap from Nixon they got Carter. And the list goes on and on.

So desperation brings blindness…QAnon is just one result of that.

Who/Whatever Q might actually be, he/she/they are masters of psychological operations and messaging.

Which leads me toward the idea that Q was either a Federal operation…or, quite possibly, a Soros-funded, political operation by elements of the Leftist (Progressive) apparatus.

YES! I agree…it could be an operation from Russia or some other nefarious foreign entity. And Soros would be a perfect promoter and funder of such an operation. And just as much as those possibilities…it could just as easily be a domestic CIA operation. The CIA is perfectly capable of that…and have done so in the past. Our federal government has done some horrendous things against US citizens…this would not be unexpected.

Think about it — Q’s ultimate role seems to have been to provide the “bellus causi” (the essential reason for initiating armed conflict or war) against anyone that disagrees with the extreme Left. Pelosi has grabbed that ball and scored multiple “touchdowns” with it.

I agree. And you mentioned the “left”…let us not forget that the Republicans are just as bad. It was a Republican, right-wing, Conservative, Bush #2 that gave us the Patriot Act and many more anti-Constitutional acts. The right is just as guilty of this as the left. Remember also, it is the law & order freaks that applaud every time that the military shows up to occupy our streets.

Capitol Hill is now an armed fortification, protecting the most extreme Leftists as they transform America. Just in case any SERIOUS Constitutionalists get the itch to demonstrate their unhappiness with said transformation.

The thing about the infamous events of January 6th, is that most of what we “know” about it has been proven false.

– First, it was never an “insurrection.” More like some rather mild demonstrating/ protesting, at least compared to antifa and BLM’s reign of terror last spring and summer.

To some degree I agree. And I also don’t see a violent attack on the Capitol Building, injuring Capitol Security Officers, destroying property, stealing government property, and occupying the building as “mild”. It was by any definition an extreme act of criminal behavior. A direct attack on the constitutionally defined election process…regardless if you think election itself was legitimate or not.

– Second, the participants.
You don’t go to an “insurrection” wearing buffalo robes and horns. There were a few in the crowd with intentions to gum up the vote certifications…but no one was planning to overthrow the Constitution.

Agreed…maybe a costume party…but not an armed rebellion. As for the “few”…who knows for sure. But the crowd did what crowds do…lost their mind and joined in. That’s why I have been saying for a long time…do not get involved with these kinds of crowds.

And sadly…if you are correct “…no one was planning to overthrow the Constitution.”…they were, by default, interfering with the Constitution by trying to disrupt the Constitutional process. In other words…they were acting outside of, and contrary to, the Constitution. And that is unfortunate…it gave a visual representation of disregard for the Constitution.

– Third, no police officers died from protester actions…despite the lurid early reports. We were plain lied to about that.

You are correct…no officer died that day at the hands of the rioters. At least one officer did die as a result of events that day due to an existing medical condition that was apparently aggravated by the riot. And, there were numerous officers who were attacked and injured…and that cannot be justified.

– Fourth, conservatives are far more competent than what was displayed on Jan 6th. If comservatives decided to throw an insurrection, you’d see a lot more than a few thousand unarmed “inaurrectionists” show up for the party. And there would have been a whole lot more noise!!

“anti-inaugurationists”… I like that term!!!  And that is exactly what that was. As for Conservatives…I don’t idolize them as much as it appears you do. I see many Conservatives just as responsible for our huge reduction in rights/liberties/freedoms as liberals. And I think many Conservatives would turn tail at the slightest hint of real opposition. Call them “fair weather patriots” if you will.

I go back to our founding as a country…the British were the conservatives. Our Founding Fathers were classical liberals. And that is who I identify with and promote. In today’s terminology our pre-revolution Founding Fathers would identify more with libertarians than conservatives. However, our Founding Fathers would in-fact reject some of the libertarian ideals…and be more akin to civil society libertarians than anything else…but in no way do I believe they would go along with some of the Conservative crap being promoted for the last 50 – 70 years.

And once again…you are right…if hardcore conservatives would have led the charge…we would have an overthrown federal government now. And who knows how that would turn out…not well I think. I would see their victory more along the lines of the French Revolution than the American Revolution. And that was horrible!

Keep your heads down. Stay legal. Think before acting.

Amen! And AMEN!!! We need level-head people giving that kind of level-headed advice right now. We don’t need another 1/6!! We need the people seeing the authoritarians for who they are and what they are doing…and then a restoration can take place.



Take care my friend! Keep thinking…keep writing…keep on, keeping on!

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Feedback & Comments: 3/4/2021

AH Trimble Feedback and CommentsBack on 2/5/2021 AJ wrote:

So, other than being prepared, what are ordinary citizens supposed to do? Sit back like 90% of the Germans did and allow evil to wipe out everything? Sitting back and watching my freedoms and God given rights being taken away is not the way I want to live.

In response I wrote:

“Ordinary citizens” are to be prepared…and be smart. Timing is everything. And, no. We are not to sit back, there is plenty a regular person can do right now…plenty. “Sitting back and watching my freedoms and God given rights being taken away is not the way I want to live.” No problem with that…just come up with a good plan, the right timing, and do whatever you feel is right…and that you can be proud of telling your grandchildren about it..

Now, question for you…what is the difference between the Boston Tea Party and the Boston Massacre?

There are two main differences; 1) 3 years difference – the Boston Tea Party in 1773 and the Boston Massacre in 1770,  2) in the Boston Massacre 5 people died, 6 were wound – no one died during the Boston Tea Party.

My point? Timing is everything. There is a time and place for patriots to act, there is a time for patriots to plan and wait.
Choose widely, AH

I would like to expand this discussion just a little bit. Did you hear the frustration in AJ’s post? Especially the part where he says, “…what are ordinary citizens supposed to do? Sit back like 90% of the Germans did and allow evil to wipe out everything?”

This is a person who is fed up with the evil in our country, who has seen it, who understands it, and is tired of it…to the point of extreme frustration. And therein lies the problem. He continues, “Sitting back and watching my freedoms and God given rights being taken away is not the way I want to live.”

Right there tells me he is ready to do something about the problem, and brother, do I understand that. Day after day I see what is happening and want to do something, anything to change the course of our destruction. But, how did 1/6 work out for them? Other than get a bunch of people arrested, more than 500 people identified by the FBI for possible prosecution/persecution…what did it accomplish? Just a whole lot of bad…negative…to say nothing of the horrible PR (public relations). Oh, and several people died as a result of that day. I ask you this…Was it worth it?

If you read my response to him, I was trying to tell him the differences between good/bad actions. Maybe a better  way to state that would be…effective vs ineffective actions.

The Boston Tea Party was an effective and successful action. Made a clear statement, won popular support, and did so without any loss of life during the action. However, the Boston Massacre was just the opposite. It was an ineffective action; got patriots killed, was terrible PR, and even the Colonists let the British soldiers off the hook during their trial.

During these times we must be very wise and judicious in actions we take. We must do those things which are effective and accomplish positives. We must avoid doing those things that are stupid and which only promote reactionary violence against the bigger cause of freedom, rights, and liberties. We must be patient.

It was only a couple years after the Boston Tea Party that armed struggle broke out between the oppressive government and the colonial patriots. And even then it was a direct result of an offensive move by government troops against the local Lexington militia…and then the colonist patriots went into action to defend themselves. But, even then it was years later before freedom was won.

The FBI and all of the other government troops are planning…making calculated moves…waiting in the shadows. They are waiting to destroy the patriot movement, to eliminate freedom fighters, to crush those that want freedoms, rights, and liberty…all those who wish to live in a Constitutional Republic…under a Constitution that guarantees God-given rights. Do not fall into their traps…they are waiting for those who do so.

Be wise…listen to God…exercise your faith…do only those things that will prepare you, your family, and your congregation/community for those things that are coming.

Timing is everything.

Ecclesiastes 3:8 (KJV) says it best.

Be patient, be wise, think clearly, be ready.

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Please, I want to hear from you !

AH Trimble Feedback and CommentsI want to make sure that I am meeting your needs and expectations. This website is obviously a place for me to opine…but I want the website to be of value to you as well.

I am asking for your feedback. Thank you!







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Feedback & Comments: 2/3/2021

AH Trimble Feedback and CommentsAs you know, at least those of you that frequent my website, I can be controversial, bold, sarcastic, cynical, but always truthful in what I say and I believe what I say. I am not afraid to say the “tough” things, encourage people to do and be better, and you know that I am not a conservative, nor am I a Trump sycophant.

Okay, you also know that I have written about censorship, both present and future. I’ve spoken about disinformation and misinformation. I’ve written about wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Alright I will stop with the “prologue” to the substance of my post. Sorry, about all of the flowery rambling…but there is a point to it…so hold on just a few minutes.

On 1/10/2021 I wrote an “Immediate Action Warning! – Big Tech Actions” <click to read it> In that article it starts off with this “Background: Recent attack on the US Capitol Building by radical right Trump supporters…”

At the end of that article under “Actions to Take” the #1 item is this…

“Ensure that your foundational principles are sound, moral, and ethical…and do NOT reflect any active or passive intention for incitement of the overthrow of the US government, or especially any attack on US officials or federal buildings.”

On 1/7/2021 I wrote an article “Well, well, well…(SitRep 1/7/2021)” <click to read it> In that article the following paragraph is very prominent and clear as a bell…

“Let’s get back to yesterday…was it in any way justified? No! No justification for it in any way whatsoever! If you think it was justified and appropriate to any degree…then you are an anarchist, you don’t support the Constitution, and not any better than the AntiFa crazies. Or possibly you could simply be extremely ignorant of all things Constitutional. But I doubt that any of my website visitors had any support for what happened yesterday when the violent anarchists stormed the Capital Building.”

So, you being an intelligent person probably got a pretty clear message what I thought about those activities on 1/6 and my opinion of who committed them. Yes?

Let’s go back to the Immediate Action Warning! of 1/10/2021, yesterday (2/2/2021) I received the following…


Actual Patriot.

Trump supporters staged a violent, seditious insurrectionist riot at the U.S. Capitol (not “Capital”) in an attempt to interfere with the legitimate Constitutional functioning of the U.S. government…and the LEFT is the problem? Got it, FREE CLUE: your “patriot” movement is the exact OPPOSITE of patriotic. “Pre-violent suppression”…strangely, nobody seems to be “suppressing” your ability to host this website and spout a bunch of faux-conservative nonsense. You should give that some thought.

Since “Actual Patriot” is not a known visitor to my website, and not a known entity to the company that hosts my website, his comment needed to be “approved” by me before it could appear as a comment to the article. That approval process is designed to keep spammers, whack jobs, hackers, and other questionable folks from overloading the website with crap.

At first I had to read his comment several times, not exactly sure what he was getting at. Then I decided I would approve his comment rather than deny it, even though he sounded more like a trouble maker or whack job than anything. And then I figured I should respond…in a kind way…but being firm and bold it my response…and maybe a bit sarcastic as well. Yeah, plenty of character flaws on my part…but you already know that 😉

So here is my response to him…

Here is a great example of “disinformation”…but first…thank you! I corrected the spelling to “Capitol” as per your information, dang spell checker, thank you again.

Now on to the disinformation…or a very confused person’s (i.e. liberal/progressive) point of view.

…interfere with the legitimate Constitutional functioning of the U.S. government…and the LEFT is the problem?” Yes, the left is the problem…and so are many on the right, especially the alt-right. Many conservatives have more of an authoritarian leaning than rights/liberties/freedoms. So there you go…more information and clarification to help you become less confused.

“FREE CLUE: your “patriot” movement is the exact OPPOSITE of patriotic.” Ah, if you read the article, or any other similar article on my site you would know, clearly know, that what occurred on 1/6 is not what I believe in nor support. That was made abundantly clear in several articles including the one you replied to, but I guess you chose to hear what you wanted in order to fit your false narrative.

…strangely, nobody seems to be “suppressing”your ability to host this website …” How do you know that? You make a huge assumption with a modest amount of knowledge…if any. Then again you are making a radical leftist argument while trying to appear to be reasonable. However, you are coming from a very ignorant point of view. Yes, ignorant…not stupid. You have a leftist agenda and you are trying to wrap yourself in the flag of patriotism. But, it is plain that you do not read what is written, or you cannot understand the complexity of the situation, nor my explanation/view of what is happening.

…spout a bunch of faux-conservative nonsense.” Ah, once again ignorance is the order of the day for you. I an no conservative and have not taken that political position on this website at all. I am a “civil society libertarian.” I would hope you would know the difference. But, I think you have an agenda that precludes you from reading what is written or understanding my points…or ignoring all of it to simply make your points. The “faux-conservative” label you attempted to place on me…well, that alone speaks volumes about you and your intentions…and not in a good way…or a positive light.

“Actual Patriot”…interesting screen name. Might I suggest that you change it to something far more accurate…”Faux Patriot”…I think you would be far more comfortable with that name…helpful to your message readers…and it would be infinitely more accurate.

Please give it some thought…got it ? 😉

Issue closed?

Well, not so fast. I want to share this with ya’ll because it is a near perfect example of what is happening right now. Maybe you might even go back and read his comment again just to be sure his words are fresh and clear.

I want you to be aware of some observations of mine:

  • Notice the screen name, “Actual Patriot”…what message does he wish to imply from that alone? I see it as an attempt at a subliminal message to infer that he is somehow a patriot…superior to us mere dolts who are too ignorant to know that we are not patriots. I also think it is an attempt to sound as if he is qualified to speak above us.
  • Then notice “…violent, seditious insurrectionist riot…” straight from the talking points of the radical left media. And it lays the groundwork that the attackers have done nothing less than gone to war with the US government. And that is a very important point…”war”…it allows for extra-judicial treatment.
  • He went on “…the legitimate Constitutional functioning of the U.S. government…” is meant to show that those participants are attempting to overthrow the US government. While the riot was in no way appropriate or even legal…there was no intent to overthrow the US government. But he is again laying the foundation for extra-judicial treatment.
  • Then I loved this, “…your ‘patriot’ movement…” It is obvious that he is trying to create a solid link/relationship between me and the so-called insurrectionists. He is attempting to label me in such a way that I can be included in, or a contributor to, the actions that took place that day. And he is obviously lying through his teeth because the first line of the article he commented on says the exact opposite of what he is implying. And should he have read my article on 1/7 he would understand that I was extremely harsh in my condemnation of the 1/6 attack. Although, I used more correct terminology and descriptors, rather than simply parroting the leftist media as he did.
  • Then comes “…suppressing your ability…” That can be understood as simply a personal attack meant to intimidate me, and sway any other website visitors into believing me to be lying about censorship and big-tech attacks taking place.
  • And my favorite “…spout a bunch of faux-conservative nonsense…” So who of you thinks I am a “conservative”???? Do my articles read like a talking head, right-wing conservative? Oh wait, I’ve labeled myself as a flavor of libertarianism (civil society). And I’ve regularly criticized conservatives, especially the law & order freaks and right-wing.
  • And then here is the icing on the cake “You should give that some thought.” As you can already read for yourself, that is nothing more than his attempt to put me down intellectually. A show of arrogance and condescension on his part, meant solely to display his superiority over me, just an ignorant savage.

And here is what I find interesting…Did you read a single line of his comment where he even attempted to disprove anything I said?

Granted he did write…

“’Pre-violent suppression’…strangely, nobody seems to be ‘suppressing’ your ability to host this website”

That could be his attempt to discredit my entire article and prove me wrong on everything I said…but, I think that would be a weak argument. And for the record, I don’t “host” this website…I simply own it and post articles to it…another company hosts it. Yeah, I know…that was petty…sorry…kind of 😉

So what was his purpose…his intent…in writing to me?

Here’s what I think:

  • I think he tried to intimidate me by taking the true patriotic high ground and thus be the real expert.
  • I think he intended to discredit me in the eyes of other website visitors in order to reduce my influence.
  • I think he is a leftist, a radical leftist, that is part of the attack taking place in America right now. And he is clearly an authoritarian believer.
  • And strangely enough, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, he attempted to somehow link me directly to the radical right and others that attacked the Capitol Building on 1/6. And that is a very deliberate move on his part. If he can do so…that opens the doors to…extra-judicial treatment.

So there you have it! I wanted to write this article to show what it is happening. While this is a minor and weak attack on me by a rather dull-witted leftist/authoratarian, it was an attack none the less. It is an example of what may come your way. I want you to think about different ways they may attack you…or a member of your family. Once you have done that…think about how you will respond.

In normal times I would probably have not even approved his comment since it was so nonsensical and rather obvious in his motive…lacking any serious or valuable intellectual content. And yes I know, nothing in my reply made any difference to him and won’t change his opinion. My reply wasn’t designed for that purpose..or even for him..

Actual Patriot” is obviously an oxymoron. And this is VERY important!!!! But worse than that, remember George Soros, a European Jew during WW2? He took the role as a paid informer of the Gestapo, helping round up fellow Jews who ended up murdered in concentration camps. Well, “Actual Patriot” sounds like the kind of individual that would turn in his neighbor for illegally owning a gun, sending him to prison. Or just as likely, reporting someone to authorities who would not toe the Authoritarian Party line, sending them to a reeducation camp. Or maybe he even resembles the next low-life George Soros. Who knows…but now you can see that these people are out there. They are ready to go to work…if not already at work.

For an interesting exercise…If you had received an email similar to this, how would you handle it? Can you identify those red flags someone would say that would reveal them as a leftist? Or an authoritarian? Or someone who is actually a danger to you or your family?

I would really like to hear some “replies” to this article. But I also understand there may be some hesitation to share your thoughts. If so…you can email me directly if you would like.

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Feedback & Comments: 1/26/2021

AH Trimble Feedback and CommentsIn response to the Special Edition – FBI article Jack writes –

Along with the (gestapo) FBI, John Brennon Has stated that The CIA is looking into Patriot groups. He called them terrorists. If the 4th amendment had any life left it is gone now. The FIRST is almost gone, The SECOND will fall soon. Say good by to the constitution. I was physically Ill on 1/20. I knew what was coming and I was Ill.

In response to “Some Updates” I received this –

Spot on! It has been horrifying to watch the Biden/Harris cartel burn down the gains we have seen in the economy, foreign policy, the military and much more. Up in smoke! With just the shutting down of the Keystone pipe line, and the Border wall, 110,000 jobs vanished. The number of executive orders coming out is frightening. He is legislating from the Oval Office. That is not his Job! Congress is supposed to legislate, but they don’t seem to know how anymore. At least to pass decent laws that benefit the most citizens. They have all (Executive, Legislative, and Judiciary) gone into the weeds. None of them seem to be acting in favor of their electorate. Don’t get me started on the ABC agencies. in a word we are in Trouble.

Jason writes –

Amen, brown shirts = Antifa/BLM, It is truly amazing the doublespeak that is going on now, they call them selves anti fascists, yet they are fascists, they say that black lives matter yet they treat black people as rubbish (they destroy their businesses, put government policies in place that hurt & destroy black families, ie abortion clinics), etc. It is “mostly peaceful protests” (when it is really violence), or “seditious coup” when it is primarily peaceful protests. Welcome to 1984!

In response to the “The most dangerous person in the Biden/Harris regime…” WC writes –

Thanks for bringing this information to the table. I expect proceedings will be like China. Certain dissenters will just quietly disappear.

Judy writes –

Thank you for your great work and posts God Bless You and America!

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Please read Jim’s comment/reply!

Jim laid out a comment/reply that is based on fact and history of just how far leftists/Communists/Socialists/Marxists are willing to go…and have.

It is well worth your time to read his words…then ponder…pray…prepare.

We have entered an unprecedented time in US history…a true “Dark Ages”…and it is getting worse by the day….and it will get much, much worse. Never before in the history of the USA have such rapid radical and violent extremists had this much power and control.

Click on the link provided then scroll down to the comment/reply section.  <click here>