Feedback & Comments: 1/3/2023

AH Trimble Feedback and Comments

  • You have mentioned dealing with federal leo agencies which I don’t agree with. What exactly do you propose to do?

Well, first off…reality says that nothing will be, or can be, done to fix the agencies that I am referring to, which are; FBI, CIA, DHS, DNI, NSA, DEA, ATF, etc. Why? Because those agencies exist to serve and protect the US federal government and to maintain, and grow its power. Congress will never do anything substantive because they simply can’t. Those agencies are at the very core of the Deep State…the “strong arm” or “muscle” or “enforcer” for the federal government. Hence, Congress can do nothing…if any individual politician attempts to do the right thing in regards to these agencies…the agencies will crush them.

Just look a the Twitter scandal. Actually I am wrong…it is no scandal…it is akin to war crimes. Federal law enforcement agencies were directly involved with a conspiracy to overthrow the President of the United States. They did so through an active operation wherein they not just conspired with but actually operated with civilian technology corporations to influence a Presidential election. And that operation was successful…they overthrew a siting President of the United States. That is how corrupt our federal law enforcement agencies have become.

But that doesn’t answer your question, sorry.

First off I already explained, nothing will ever be done to those agencies I mentioned. It isn’t possible for a whole host of reasons.

Second, I am a nobody and I can’t do a thing to fix anything. But if I could offer a solution…I would simply say, return to the Constitution and the original intent of our Founding Fathers. They experienced firsthand tyranny and oppression at the hands of a brutal empire. And those same Founding Fathers knew how to prevent that tyranny and oppression from occurring in the new Constitutional Republic…it was called the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Nowhere in the Constitution does it allow for any federal law enforcement agency. Why do you think that is?

And remember that the Founding Fathers saw a “standing army” as a huge threat to people’s rights AND a road to tyranny. The nearly 1 million heavily armed, militarized, federal law enforcement officers represent the 7th largest army in the world…just slightly smaller than Russia’s entire army.

So my fix is simple…listen to and follow the Founding Fathers and the US Constitution.

Interestingly South Africa had a program that has merit. When Apartheid was finally stopped those guilty of crimes under that system were given the opportunity to confess their crimes and avoid prosecution for those crimes. Sounds like a workable program that would useful today here in the US as it applies to the federal law enforcement agencies.

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Feedback & Comments: 12/30/2022

AH Trimble Feedback and Comments

  • Cops aren’t that bad. Why do you rip on them so much?

Really? That is a stupid statement and a dumb question. Yeah, I am being a bit too rude and crude and offensive. But feedback like this just gets to me sometimes.

First off…there are good cops, lazy cops, generic cops. So be it. My problem is with Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs). And there is a HUGE difference. Back in the good old days we had police officers whose motto was “to protect and serve” and that was fine with me, we need(ed) those folks. If a crime is committed, go catch the bad guys and get them introduced to the legal system. But somewhere around the 80’s or 90’s police transitioned to law enforcement officers and became fully militarized. But the transition began well before that.

Generally, nationwide, LEOs started their transition in the 1960’s. When the “war on drugs” began in the early 70’s you saw a huge morphing of police into militarized LEOs. 1981 saw the militarization become formalized when Congress passed the Military Cooperation with Law Enforcement Officials Act. And let’s not forget SWAT teams. Their origins go back to the socialist state of California in the 60’s. SWAT teams became commonplace paralleling the militarization of civilian police departments.

As this military approach to policing took place so did the “comply or die” mentality of LEOs; expected instant and complete compliance with any LEO order became the norm. If a civilian didn’t, they could expect to die…as unarmed civilian death statistics show.

But, let’s address your statement/question directly…

1) 12/22 – An Indiana deputy raped a woman after entering her vehicle during a stop and giving her 30-seconds to comply with his demands. She was raped multiple times, including being choked. The deputy was arrested and is awaiting trial.

2) 12/22 – In Colorado a 29-year old homeless veteran was beaten within an inch of his life by police officers. He was pulled over for an improperly displayed license plate. During the stop the officer claimed he smelled marijuana and wanted to perform a DUI test. The vet was ordered out of his vehicle, the vet asked “why?”…at that point the officer immediately grabbed him and began pulling him out of his car. Multiple officers then began punching and kicking the vet until he lost consciousness. All of this was caught on body cam footage. But the worst of it…the officers took turns having their pictures taken with the beaten bloody man, cop knuckles bleeding and officers smiling. The vet was awaiting an appointment with VA councilors for PTSD.

3) 11/22 – Five Georgia LEOs entered a cell where a man was being held in restraints. They beat and kicked him for 6 minutes, then dragged him out of his cell and continued to kick him. It was all caught on video. When the victim’s lawyer tried to bring a complaint, the event was covered up until a whistle-blower smuggled a copy of the video to the victim’s lawyer.

4) 7/22 – A 25-year old was nearly beaten to death after he ran inside his father’s home trying to hide from police. The police broke through the door, ran inside to the suspects bedroom, tased him, placed a foot on his head and beat him with steel batons until became consciousness, and continued to beat him for another 2 minutes, All caught on video and body cam. His crime, he ran a stop sign a couple blocks earlier and didn’t stop when police tried to pull him over. Why didn’t he stop? He was scared of what the officers would do to him.

5) 8/22 – Three Arkansas police and deputies nearly beat a man to death, repeatedly punching him in the head and slamming his head and face onto concrete. It was all caught on video. His crime…trespassing.

6) And then there is the man who was stopped because his cane looked like a gun to police officers. Yeah, the guy was blind and his cane was his white, red tipped walking cane. I can hardly even talk about that one.

I could go on and on and on but there is no need to. The point is simple…police deserve respect, once they earn it. And they do need to earn it because they are supposed to “serve and protect” the public…you know, the average guy on the street or driving a car.

LEOs should not exist. Police officers and peace officers should. When the police in this country earn the public’s respect, then they will receive it. Police need to solve crimes, bring criminals into the justice system, recover stolen property, arrest killers and rapists…the police should not be thugs and criminals themselves.

As I have said hundreds of times…put the bad cops in jail…honor, respect, and support the good officers.


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Conversation with Ron…EXCELLENT !

Back on 12/6, just mere days ago, I posted something that I had been sent from someone else: ”Seems there is a little frustration…” It was a fairly interesting read but the point was that the person was very frustrated with what they were seeing in the country, who was to blame, and challenging people to post their words for more folks to see. I jumped on the bandwagon because I thought it was worth sending out for one and all to read…and forward to others.

And let me be clear…there is tremendous frustration in America today among those who love the Constitution, who love rights, freedoms and liberties…and who are sick and tired our government turning tyrannical, our politicians betraying us and the Constitution…and fed up with this dumb-ass “woke” crap like weird, creepy, and degenerate drag queens trying to pervert our children. And that frustration and anger is beginning to boil over.

In response to that post of mine Ron replied, made a comment. Now, I personally never had heard from Ron before that I remember, and I personally don’t know who Ron is. And let me tell you, he started out his comment 100% correctly and very intelligently, “I agree with everything you said…” Come on, how much better could he get!?

Well, let me just post his comment/reply here for you to read for yourself…

I agree with everything you said and with your comment THINGS NEED TO CHANGE!

Now I have a question for you: What are YOU going to do to change things?

We know the soap box doesn’t work. We also know the ballot box doesn’t work. The final option is the cartridge box, and we know THAT isn’t going to work. That is one of the reasons (they) are doing what they are doing, to get us to START something, so they can come down on us like a ton of bricks.

I could have written this letter a long time ago, but I didn’t, because without some kind of solution, you’re just complaining. I don’t have a solution either. No, that is wrong, I do have a solution, for ME. I just keep increasing my stored food supply. I keep practicing with my ham radio. I keep working towards becoming self sufficient in power and water supply. I keep trying to get others to see what is happening and to prepare their own family for what is coming. I keep my head down and work at being that gray man.

I hope by writing your letter you got it off your chest. I hope you are preparing for the fact that things “are” going to change, but it will NOT be for the better. It is going to get MUCH worse, before is gets better. Now go back to being that gray man. Stop worrying about things you absolutely cannot change. Enjoy the good things in your life that bring you pleasure, spend time with family and make good memories with them. You CANNOT fix the world, you can only fix you. Don’t let what is going on in the world, make you depressed or bitter. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

Live life……. ”

I couldn’t really find fault with anything he was saying. He was really spot on with a number of points:

  • We know the soap box doesn’t work.
  • We also know the ballot box doesn’t work.
  • The final option is the cartridge box, and we know THAT isn’t going to work.
  • That [the cartridge box] is one of the reasons (they) are doing what they are doing, to get us to START something, so they can come down on us like a ton of bricks.

Now, I honestly didn’t think Ron was directing his comment to me personally…at least I didn’t think so. But, when I feel I am challenged, especially on the website, I feel an urge to respond…if nothing else, simply for clarification. There were a few points he made that I felt maybe challenged me just a bit:

  • What are YOU going to do to change things
  • I hope by writing your letter you got it off your chest.
  • I hope you are preparing…
  • Now go back to being that gray man.
  • Stop worrying about things you absolutely cannot change.
  • Enjoy the good things in your life that bring you pleasure, spend time with family and make good memories with them.
  • You CANNOT fix the world, you can only fix you.
  • Don’t let what is going on in the world, make you depressed or bitter.
  • Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

Why did I feel challenged? My immense insecurity, my extremely low self-esteem, my copious amount of anxiety, my…wait a second…

Okay, so maybe “challenged” isn’t the right word…more like threatened. Okay, not that either 😉

I just wanted to respond in case, on the outside chance, he was referring to me…but I didn’t think he actually was because anyone reading my posts/articles for any length of time would know what I am doing personally and what I advocate to do. So, I responded with this…

I am not sure if you are writing your reply to me or to a generic “you”…and that makes a big difference in my reply.

I will take the easy one first…the generic “you”…that is up to each individual how they deal with it and I am fine with it. Also, I don’t mind if people voice their opinion even if it is whining or just complaining. Maybe if they hear themselves enough then they might finally be motivated to do something about it.

Now, if you were referring to me personally as “you” then all you need to do is read my articles for the past 7 years that this site has been up and running. I have explained what I am doing and made suggestions to folks on what they night do as well.

And now time to disagree with you just a little due to my differing perspective…

I know the soapbox works because I get feedback from my site visitors. Some have changed a little, some dramatically. And they attribute some portion of that change to something they read on my site. So I keep on.

The ballot box does still work to a degree. The Republicans did take back the House and have promised action. Let’s give them a chance to see what they will do. Is the ballot box perfect? No. Is there corruption in the ballot box? Yes. And according to the Constitution it is the best option for change…or restoration.

And I do agree that the cartridge box will not work in the sense that the price would be terrible… and I don’t think the outcome would be like 1700’s…more like the 1800’s. And yes! They are trying to bait us.

Also, let me remind you…the first sentence of the post…”This was sent to me. I have no idea who wrote it. But it is powerful in that you can sense the frustration of this person. ”

And you are spot on…it has to start with the individual person doing the best they can, then spread that to the family…then maybe outward locally from there.

Hope this helps clear things up a bit,

Did I show restraint or what! In my old days I would have flamed Ron. But, Ron seemed like a decent guy and I liked all the time and effort he put into his post. Yup! I like to hear back from folks…makes me feel like people are reading, thinking, and willing to engage…and that is priceless! And I was hoping Ron would respond in our virtual conversation…and he did. His response…

Sorry, AH, I didn’t make myself clear. I was NOT writing back to you.

I read your site religiously every time there is a new post comes out. First thing I read. In fact you are the one that helped me get past the feeling that things are hopeless and there is nothing we can do. You always say, or at least imply that’ “you can’t fix the world, but you can fix you”.

As far as the cartridge box is concerned, I myself know we can’t shoot our way out of this, but I do store ammunition and components to make my own, and I do believe we will need to use them in the future. As for giving the Republicans a chance, I will give them their chance, not because they will do something with it, but because that’s how things work, but they have proven over and over and over that they will do whatever the Democrats tell them to do. They cave in “every” time.

The only bright spot I could see in this past election was in Wyoming where the people threw Liz Chaney out, but when looking at the full picture, Liz Chaney was/is a sideshow. I await to see what the people of Utah do with Mitt Romney. Personally, I think they will re-elect him. If the Republicans in that state hadn’t changed their own laws so he could buy his way into that seat, I would have a little more hope for them, but the people are too in love with the “BIG NAME Mormon Republican” to see what he is doing to them. After all they kept electing Orren Hatch time after time. He was a RINO in sheepskin.

I have moved from Utah to Oregon, and Oregon has it’s own set of problems. Everyone considers Oregon to be a “liberal” stronghold, but it’s not. Portland is a liberal stronghold, and a couple of the larger cities are, but the vast majority of the rest of the state are conservative. That tells me that the people that live in Portland are stupid people. They have voted the downfall of their city into office and keep them there, and seem to like it.

My response to your post was to everyone who complains that “things are getting so bad I just want to scream”, but are doing nothing to prepare for what they know is coming. I realize that most of the posts I reply to, look like I am pointing them at you, for that I apologize. Your site is literally the only place on the internet that I visit, where my ideas will get viewed, so it is the only place that I actually reply to, and it is to try and reinforce what you teach. YOU ROCK!! Ron”

Now come on…we could sum it all up with his final comment…yup, I rock! Nicely, and accurately said Ron 🙂

Okay, seriously, did you read Ron’s reply? This man knows how to think, how to reason, and how to engage…and I love him for it! This is the kind of person we need on our side…we need to find more Ron’s and bring them into our circle of trusted friends and battle-buddies. All of his points are good and deserved to be read…but here are some of the points he made that are great…please read them and ponder:

  • you can’t fix the world, but you can fix you
  • They [Republicans] cave in every time
  • the people [in Utah] are too in love with the “BIG NAME Mormon Republican”
  • My response to your post was to everyone who complains that “things are getting so bad I just want to scream”, but are doing nothing to prepare for what they know is coming.

And he brought out something that a lot of folks might not know…all of Oregon is not flaming, out-of-control, insane liberal like Portland. Eastern Oregon is actually pretty dang conservative. Yup, working and country folk live out there in eastern Oregon, just like eastern Washington. And ironically enough…those are some of the most active areas that want to secede from their dumb-as-a-rock crazy Progressive state-mates.

It was great to hear from Ron, not just to clear up any misunderstanding, but to hear what he has to say…to get to know him a bit better. There are whole lot of “Ron’s” out there…heck, most of the people who will read this post are another “Ron”…regardless of their first name.

And let me wrap this up with a very strong suggestion…link up with “Ron’s” as soon as you can…we are all going to need folks like that. I am serious, very serious…go find them and create a bond that will help you deal with the “here & now”…but mostly…for what is coming.

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Seems there’s a little frustration…





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Avoided Crypto Loss !

AH Trimble Feedback and Comments

  • Thank you! Thank You ! THANK YOU!!!

We had money in Bitcoin and we had basically broken even when we found your site and read the info on crypto you wrote. We got out right then. Had we not sold we would have lost a lot of money we did not have to lose.

How did you know what was coming?

I did my research, applied common sense, and stuck to the basic rules (i.e. If it seems to good to be true, it probably is.). Plus, the economy just can’t support junk crap like that. Heck, the economy can’t really, and won’t be able to, handle much of anything…probably nothing.

I am really happy to hear that you didn’t lose money. I just saw today that the crypto market has recently lost well over a trillion dollars. Yup, I told everyone it would happen!! Glad some folks such as yourself listened and took steps to avoid trouble.

Sad part…we are just seeing the surface of the bubbles that are, and will, burst. It is looking real bad. I am seeing some disjointed information points showing up on economic matters. I am trying to sort it out…but it looks bad at this point, maybe even really bad.



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Feedback & Comments: 11/3/2022

AH Trimble Feedback and CommentsI received this from “Mercy” and I really thought it needed to be posted. Read it, think about it, consider what she is saying…then ponder it some more.

The times are are living in require different perspectives, ideas, and sometimes thinking outside the box. And that means looking at all of this scene from a spiritual perspective from time-to-time.

I have just seen too many well meaning, God fearing, Constitution loving patriots completely choose the wrong hills to die on. My dear friend Jeanette’s husband [Lavoy Finnicum] did so literally. And for what? We have continually been, at Bunkerville, at Malheur, in D.C., giving the enemy the rope to hang us with. I think it all comes down to lacking faith in God and His sovereignty. Kinda of like when Peter hacked off the centurions ear. Christ rebuked Him. Did he not know that if the Lord wanted, He could call down legions of angels? Yes, there are times to fight physically, kinetically, but only when led to specifically by God.  It’s hard, I know. It’s so tempting to say let’s go hot and march in with our testosterone and hot lead and whoop-ass. But it doesn’t end well, when the enemy has solidified his control of all the levers of power.

 We perhaps have to be so humbled and hamstrung that we get to the point where God is our only option. Like Alma’s people in bondage. Till we are brought to our knees in repentance and humility….then we can know that it is only He who saves. He is the only one I’m looking to for deliverance at this point. No election, no politician or party is getting my confidence. 

My focus is on digging deeper, leaning harder into the Lord, carving out more time to be still, and Hear Him. I pray for His guidance, to know what I need to know and do when I need to know and do. And in the meantime I try to keep going through my checklists, again, and again, honing my skills, plugging holes in the stores… And trying to find joy regardless. I think perhaps that’s one of our biggest challenges. How do we find joy in the midst of this dark, ugly, bit we’re navigating through? How do we gain the equanimity to trust in His power and promises, and not give in to the temptation to just dig our  own graves, so to speak?  I think maybe that’s the elephant in the room, the $64 million dollar question. Not perhaps the stuff of preparedness blogs, generally… But that’s where I am.

I hope one of these days when we are up to our place there we can treat you and your sweetheart to dinner. 

Thank you for everything!

Send me your thoughts, ideas, comments, questions, and concerns…


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Fantastic Response from Jim

This was a great response from Jim…one that I thought deserved its own article. Jim was responding to my article on 10/26 – FAQ, you should probably read it first to refresh your memory on what was discussed. < click here to read that 10/26 post >

Jim writes (his comments appear in blue)…

I agree with you overall…but would suggest some supplemental comments. At least in my own head, and I’ll leave it to others to determine their own thoughts.

  • In response to “I think if Republicans win both the House & Senate we can avoid a recession. Do you agree?”

There are a growing number of truly conservative Republicans in the House and a few in the Senate — but they simply don’t have the numbers to push the needed reforms to reduce spending and taxes, then get the government out of the pocketbooks, businesses and lives of its citizens. Additionally, too many Republicans campaign as conservatives, but undergo post-campaign conversions into “moderate” Republicans (for example: Marco Rubio).”

  • In response to “What’s the biggest problems preppers face today? ”

There are some pretty far out folks pushing insane theories. OTOH, to the extent that such “crazies” are motivated to actually prepare themselves for the risks, uncertainties and turbulence of our near-to-midterm future, I am thankful. Better for crazies to be prepared, than unprepared — the more beans, bullets and band-aids stored away by more people, the better for everyone.

As for Q-Anon, I read a few of his early pronouncements filled with words, but zero substance,
I immediately wrote Q-Anon off as a fraud (at best) and possibly an agent provocateur (at worst) working for some group that didn’t have America’s best interests at heart. Over the 2016-2020 period, I’d occasionally warn folks in various forums/websites that Q-Anon was a poser and probably working for the other side…but my efforts were not appreciated. Eventually I simply left the sites giving Q-Anon exposure and implicit support. Time and events vindicated my views — but I feel so sorry for those taken in by the charlatan known as Q-Anon.

  • In response to “What do you think about the Oath Keepers now?”

Regarding Oath Keepers (OK): I certainly appreciated OK’s early stated goals and considered joining at various times. If I recall correctly, I made a few minor donations to OK, but without joining. I never did join, mainly because I’d see the occasional self-professed Oath Keeper publishing material that went far beyond OK’s stated vision and mission.

So, my token donations ceased, I never joined and eventually managed to get off every mailing list OK used (you make one tiny donation, and they always want MORE!).

I don’t know what OK did/said in the events leading up to the Jan 6, 2020, as I no longer saw anything by them. I saw a few news headlines leading up to the Jan 6 events that mentioned Oath Keepers, and my thoughts were: “Those guys are making a HUGE mistake!!”

It seemed obvious that OK and many other folks had been penetrated by law enforcement agents or paid informants. Not because I’m particularly smart, but because I had read the history — articles and a couple books describing the numerous, massive operations LE agencies had mounted in the 1990’s to penetrate (and ultimately largely control) the various “militia groups” of that era. I figured if LEOs had done it in the 1990s, they likely were doing it again in the 20-teens.

I wasn’t the only person thinking (in advance) that Jan 6th was a set-up and entrapment — numerous friends I correspond with figured the same thing, and none of them had anything to do with Jan 6th. It looked and smelled like a set-up, and Q-Anon’s putative involvement only made the situation look worse.

In retrospect, most of those rounded up over the Jan 6th events will think, “Gee, how did I ever fall for that trap?”

That understood, the Jan 6th attendees are being treated horribly, with clear-cut Constitutional violations and extreme prejudice by the courts. Jan 6th was far, far tamer than most of the Summer of 2020 riots, and definitely left fewer people dead or wounded — but those deadly rioters in 2020 were generally ignored or even encouraged (VP Harris donated to a fund to provide bail money to arsonists and attempted murderers!). ** Where is the justice in that?

So, what are the “lessons learned” from Jan 6th?

• Be selective in whom you trust. If they won’t reveal their true identity, they’re probably a complete fake. If their actions or proposed actions suggest carelessness or just not caring about potential consequences, avoid them. If a person shows up on your doorstep (or email or texts or phone or whatever), inviting you to join an elite group aiming to “rescue America,” and they start asking whether you have any experience with explosives…THROW THEM OUT. IMMEDIATELY!!
• Choose your battles VERY carefully. Don’t hand the other side an easy “skunk dunk” on your own head. Pick the terrain carefully and engage only with thoughtfulness, detailed planning and a LOT of prayer.
• Do a THOROUGH “Risks vs. Benefits” calculation for anything you do, say or write. Yes, it is sad we live in a country where those types of calculations are necessary — but they’re still necessary.

General Comments –

This website’s host, AH Trimble, is correct about not aligning yourself with aggressive or bombastic groups or events. I’m not as “gray” as Trimble recommends, but the overall thrust of his opinions are a lot more right than wrong.

Personally, I do engage in the political process, to the best of my abilities, budget and health. But I live in a far “redder” state than most, and each person must consider the environment they’re operating in. In some states, I’d certainly try to go all “gray man.” So, I don’t blame others for differing opinions.

In short: Think hard and long before writing, saying or doing, well, pretty much anything — then pray deep and long about your tentative decision — and THEN follow the Spirit in all you do.

In this there is safety and peace.

Dang! One of the most insightful and longest responses I have ever received to a post on this website. Well Done Jim!!

Now, if I could, I would like to add just a bit…

  1. I agree with his point about some up and coming Republicans appearing to be both conservative and dedicated to making changes for the better. I guess I am just too jaded and cynical to think they can survive or keep to their initial appearance of being a good guy. I always seem to end up disappointed in all of them.
  2. Thank you!!!!! Another person see QAnon crap for what it is. If you think QAnon has even a shred of credibility then re-read Jim’s words…then read my article “QAnon is Real !” < click here to read >
  3. I was thrilled to see how Jim had researched LEO activity in infiltrating various groups that they target. It is shameful what they do and how they do it…then crucify otherwise innocent folks in the process. I wish more folks would wake up to what the federal law enforcement agencies do and who they are…it would help stop their authoritarian secret police ways.
  4. I think Jim’s words regarding Jan 6th were level-headed and spot on. Many of the folks that were there fell into one of two traps, one of their own making, another set-up by federal LEO’s. I can imagine about two days later when those folks woke up and realized what they had done…oh boy. But it sure did fuel the fire against Conservatives, patriots, militias, Trump followers, etc…and not in a good way…no, not at all. Jim’s lessons learned were really, really good…please review them
  5. I’m not as “gray” as Trimble recommends…” ?????!!!!!????? What the heck Jim????!!!!!!???? Did you not read “Rise up !” and the follow-up article “Rise up ! Actions & Suggestions”? There is no more “gray”…it is full-on, get it on, now. No, not in any kind of violent way…but it is time to take action…make things happen, get involved!!

Finally, thank you again Jim, I really appreciate the time and effort in your response. I love to hear what folks have to say and especially when it is so well thought out and so well said. I hope more folks take your lead and send me more views, opinions, and additional information as you did. Heck dude, maybe you should be a guest writer from time to time!

Folks, think about Jim has said…think hard…make sure you are coming down on the right side of this thing.


Contact me with your questions or send private messages…



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Feedback & Comments: 10/4/2022

AH Trimble Feedback and Comments

  • I received a text last night from a very, very good friend…one of my best friends. First off she pointed out a correction that needed made…”best” vs “beast”. Done…dang auto-correct / spell-checker thing gone amok. Then she said “You certainly know how to paint a dire picture. Keep the faith.”

Well, after I made the correction I responded and asked her if she thought it was an incorrect picture. She texted back, “Not at all. Very realistic.” But she made me want to do a quick follow-up of info that came out after I posted my article on the economy

October 3rd – United Nations Conference on Trade and Development released a statement, “Advanced economies need to change course on their monetary policy, as central bank tightening could be sparking a global recession. Excessive monetary tightening could usher in a period of stagnation and economic instability.”

October 3rd – Canadian MNP (one of the largest full-service chartered professional accountancy and business advisory firms in Canada) released the following stats: 1) 52% of Canadians say it is becoming less affordable to feed themselves and their families, up over 10% in 10 months, 2) 45% of Canadians are having difficulty paying for transportation, clothing, and household necessities, an increase of 20% from a year ago, 3) 37% of Canadians finding difficult to pay for housing, up almost 10% over last year, 4) nearly half of Canadians are near insolvency (bankruptcy).

October 3rd – Nouriel Roubini, one of the world’s top economists (a.k.A. ‘Dr. Doom’), stated the following: 1) there are signs a debt crisis is forming and the economy is headed for a hard landing, 2) we are headed for a deep recession, 3) warned of a looming debt and inflationary crisis for about a year, 4) the crisis is here.

October 3rd – Hedgeye’s Keith McCullough says, the Fed always screws up, the Fed is as wrong on recession risk as they were on inflation and the coming recession could be the biggest ever, ‘I recommend prayer.’

October 3rd – United Nations states in a new report that “The world is headed towards a global recession and prolonged stagnation unless we quickly change the current policy course of monetary and fiscal tightening in advanced economies.” And of course central banks not only won’t, but can’t change their policies quickly, maybe not at all.

October 4th – Report released this morning shows job openings fell and manufacturing order are flat to falling. Unfortunately, a perfect example of recession and stagnation.

October 4th – Financial Times just posted; 1) global recession will hit the poor and vulnerable the hardest with little affect on the wealthy, 2) global recession is likely, 3) you will not see the next crisis coming.

October 4th – Credit Suisse bank (in the top 30 globally significant banks) is showing signs of default, their shares tumbled 60%, CDS (default swaps insurance) price soared, they lost nearly $300million last year, losses are well over $300million so far this year.

The global economic news just keeps getting worse and worse each day. Prepare for it…PLEASE!!

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  • Do you believe Glenn Beck’s “Great Reset” and do you trust him?

I can’t say yes or no to that because I have not read his book on the subject. I have heard him make some points on the subject and they sound plausible. I think he and I are saying similar things…the world’s economy is going to take on a very, very different look shortly. What that look is, I am not entirely sure. But one thing I do know for sure…it will transfer massive amounts of wealth and resources to the world’s richest elites…along with huge shift of power away from people to governments.

As for trusting him…well, I think his research team is second to none, and I mean top notch in every sense of the word. From what I can see, I don’t always agree with him. And for sure I used to not appreciate his sense of humor most of the time. Overall, I think he is a reliable and knowledgeable source of information. And he is very committed to not encouraging any kind of violence, etc. and that is extremely important right now. I think he is pretty solid in many ways.

  • Do you still think the US did the pipeline sabotage?

For clarification on 9/28 in my post I said, “United States and Russia, #1 & #2 respectively…and Ukraine as a close #3, Poland not far behind at #4.”

After listening to the different statements by countries, especially the US’s Secretary of State Tony Blinken, I believe the US is behind it by a wide margin. Now, read what I said…”behind it“, I didn’t say the US did it. Meaning, that I think that the US contracted the sabotage or paid for it or assisted another country in doing it. Yes, it would be a natural insane/evil CIA type operation but I don’t think they did it directly. But I am convinced that the US was involved and financed it. And yes, I could be wrong.

I also now believe that it still could be Russia, but to a far lesser degree than the US and it wouldn’t be Putin or the official government. If it was Russia, it was not official, it was probably anti-Putin cabal trying to unseat him.

Poland and Ukraine could still be the perpetrators but again, to a far lesser degree than the US or Russia. But, if it was Poland, they had US support, financing, and assistance. If was the Ukraine…I am not 100% sure that the US would have assisted due to the potential fallout.

It is pretty clear that the primary country to benefit from the destruction of the pipeline and associated Russian loss of power and money would be the US. And the US government is just evil and stupid enough to do it.

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Send me your thoughts, ideas, comments, questions, and concerns…


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Feedback & Comments : 8/19/2022

AH Trimble Feedback and Comments

  • Hello A.H.!

I am so inundated with emails every day, hundreds literally – there’s no way I have time to read them all, even the ones (like Forward Observer for example) that I have paid for, and generally do nothing more than quickly skim.

But, I always read your posts. And whether or not I comment, although I have not agreed 100% with you on everything all the time, I have great respect for your opinions, your perspective, and your thought process. You are a kindred spirit, and I appreciate all the time and thought you put into your research, your reasoning, and your site.

Keep up the good work! Thank you for all you do! Hope to cross paths again one day, sometime when we’re up in the old mountain home. Don’t get up there much, have turned the house into a VRBO – much as had believed otherwise, the Spirit told me that here, where we are, is where we are needed and need to focus our energy – at least for now. So….we keep on keeping on !! God bless!! (jiatingzhufu)

Well son-of-a-gun! Nice to hear from you. I am so happy to hear the value you place on the website and my articles. I don’t fish for compliments but it is good to hear every once in a while that I am making a positive difference…keeps me motivated and smiling.

I will keep up the work as long as I am able and the Internet stays up and running…and the government & big tech censors don’t shut me down 🙂

I am going to go back to focusing more on prepper articles vs current event articles. We all see what is happening in the world, who is behind it, and where it is all headed. That is pretty dang crystal clear. And just as clear is our need to be ready for it. So I will do what I can to help folks be ready.

Hope you do well with the VRBO…and remember the door is always open.

Hey, anything in particular that you want me to write about?

Send me your thoughts, ideas, comments, questions, and concerns…


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Feedback & Comments : 8/15/2022

AH Trimble Feedback and Comments

  • You are a “go to source” for me when I am evaluating a situation. I have many of your articles saved and refer to them often. I hate to bug you about Escape from Home but are you going to finish it? (Jack)

Thank you for the nice compliment! How are you saving the articles? Robin asked about that yesterday. Yes! I love that story and a bunch happens…lots of action. I have written most of the rough draft. But it takes a huge amount of time to write, edit, edit again…and edit again. About 6 – hours for each day’s entry. But it is my first love and my passion. For a couple years now I got caught up in writing about current events and warning what is happening, what is coming, and why. But, I have made a commitment to get back to the story…it is just about timing at this point. I will let everyone know when it starts back up.

I have some articles saved in PDF format already. You can download see the list and download them <click here to see the list>

Doug, you are a man of few words…and to the point I might add. And thank you for the kind compliment. I wish more people would have read the article, there is always time for to read it the first time…or read it again <click here to read the article> That article is timely, informative, cautioning, and appropriate for what we are seeing right now.

  • Thank you so much for taking the time to prepare these articles. I’m a relative newcomer to this blog, but very much appreciate it. I read through the full May sitrep suite. It must take a lot of time to prepare these articles but I find your content very well researched and thought-through. It helps me sanity check my own thought processes and conclusions. I work at an employee owned engineering consulting firm that is doing very well (power systems). I am halfway through my career. If things continue to go well I could see the employee ownership investment carrying me to a comfortable retirement. However, I’m considering taking a lower paying job at an electric coop where I can be more involved in the local communities and help influence local grid reliability. I’d convert the previous employer ownership investment to real-estate by paying off my mortgage. Normally this wouldn’t be a good idea since the mortgage is a low interest rate, but I ask myself how likely it is that my normal investments will actually be around in 20-25 years when I reach retirement. The probability of that outcome seems to be dwindling rapidly. People I talk to think this is just another storm we’ll pass through in a few years with all societal systems intact. However, I think ever more rapid deterioration until the Savior comes (with some refuge in Zion) better fits the scriptural model. I try to be prudent and recognize I don’t know the future (I keep some 401K investment for example) and I try to give the Lord opportunity to guide my decisions. However, your articles provide some nice guideposts to help me avoid the all-is-well (denial) or sky is falling (fear porn) extremes that would lead to inaction or rash action. I look forward to further sitreps. (Jon)

Hey, glad to have you newbie! Am I am thrilled you see value in the SitReps and yes, it takes considerable amount of time to produce each SitRep. I don’t think I have less than 8 hours in any SitRep and May’s SitRep took about 10 days of 6 hours each to write. Thank you again for the nice compliment. While I don’t fish for compliments…it is nice to hear positive feedback from all that hard work on those articles. And yes, I don’t write anything I haven’t thoroughly researched and/or have special “sources” of information.

You sound as if you are very balanced in your approach to…well, everything. I like you “hedging” when it comes to retirement. I also really appreciate your beliefs and view of the Savior.

And I gotta tell you…your stating that I help you avoid fear porn and denial is the best compliment I have had in a long time. So many websites peddle one or the other…mostly fear pron. Some sites actual promote both…weird. You can figure out what is best for you…your family, your congregation and your community. And maybe, just maybe I can be of some help along the way.

Send me your thoughts, ideas, comments, questions, and concerns…


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