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The risk of violence is always present in any emergency situation. There is always someone that is ready, willing, Grid Down Chaos and violence against people are threat and risk to familyable, and depraved enough to take your stuff and/or hurt you or your family. The reason why this is my #1 item…Risk Mitigation principles. The severity, and potential finality, of the end result. In a matter of seconds your stuff could be taken and/or your life ended. A year’s worth of food storage is worthless if someone steals it or kills your family over it. You must be able to prevent violence from happening to you and your family.

Problem: If you can’t defend yourself, your family, and your stuff…anyone can come along and take everything you hold dear in this life.

Solution: Don’t be seen, don’t be found, and properly arm yourself with the correct weapons and have proper training on how to use those weapons to defend yourself and your family.

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