Day 34 – Monday

Deming is out of control! Well, technically that isn’t true. Deming is very highly controlled by an LEO based militia tyranny thing. And it isn’t good at all.

I pulled up short of town last night. I was on the western edge of town close to a couple of different motels. Nothing looked out of place at first. But, I just hunkered down and watched. Slowly it started to unfold what was going on.

First it was the mounted horse patrols by highly armed men. While that in and of itself wasn’t weird, the pack of hunting dogs that accompanied them was. You would think that any town that was well organized would have security to keep bad guys out. But, these mounted folks weren’t employed in that capacity. They were there to hunt down people trying to get out. And I saw them go to work twice. And it was ugly. In both cases the dogs tracked the people down.

In one case the guy climbed a tree. The dogs were all around the base of the tree, the mounted troops came up, and I could hear him, the guy in the tree, shouting something. They shot him. The dogs ate him. I don’t know if he was alive or dead when the dogs got to him.

In the other case it was a woman, the dogs ran her down. The mounted troops didn’t have time to get to her. The dogs tore her apart while she was still alive. Then they ate her. I will never forget her screams. She sounded like a wild animal…horrible, devastating to hear.

Yeah, I was spooked pretty good by then, no way I was going to try and walk through town on the tracks. I might be getting pretty good at this but I am not better than a pack of dogs or a bunch of mounted troops. I decided to swing wide to the north and completely by-pass the whole mess.

Going around Deming is going to take at least one extra night, maybe two, possibly more if there is more of this kind of stuff going on. But, trying to going south would be far, far longer…like five or six nights.

I really wanted to help those folks, especially the woman…her screams are going to haunt me for a while. But, there is just one of me, the odds were stacked against me. While I was briefly thinking about it I saw the dogs collectively turn their noses in the air. I realized that the wind, gentle breeze actually, was coming out of the west…it might have been me that they were picking up on. I back-tracked immediately for an hour. I really thought about going back to Three Fingers.

I remembered that there is a dry riverbed, a good sized one that runs from west to east just north of Deming. I headed that way. Then I thought about it, if they were that organized I would have people watching the riverbed since it would be such a natural path of travel. It would be easy to catch people who might be using it as a means to by-pass the town. So, I am not going to use the riverbed, I will go further north and try to find another way. But, I can’t go too far north because it gets really flat and wide open, way too easy to be seen.

It never seems to get easier the closer I get to home. OK, other than the vacation at Three Fingers.


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