Day 14 – Tuesday

Escape from Tucson: Day 14 – Tuesday

I can’t do anything…I am frozen.

No, not in a cold way…I simply can’t do anything…nothing at all.

I woke up and couldn’t even bring myself to get up and eat. I just rolled over and went back to sleep…so tired…so very, very tired. I just kept thinking I will never make it home. I will be lucky to make it through the week.

The “week”????  Really, what is a “week” anymore? None of it matters…one day is like any other. One week is no different than any other. I walk miserable conditions, I eat miserable food. I worry about where my next drink of water will come from. I worry if I will wake up and there is someone slitting my throat. What’s the use?

Then I woke up later and realized that I have to keep going. Not for me…for Lisa. If there is the slightest chance she is alive then she is waiting for me…she is depending on me. I started walking. I walked all the rest of the night.

Now the sun is just peaking up over the horizon and there are some light fluffy clouds just hanging there. The sun is reflecting off of them…quite the show. Picks up my spirit. Time for some more sleep…then one foot in front of the other.

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