FAQ – 9/22/2022

  • Do you want to see Trump on trial?

Well, yes and no. If he is remotely guilty of what they have said he is…then put him on trial and let a jury of his peers decide his fate. And “no” I don’t think he should go on trial for the apparent politics only vendetta against him. Then again, if he was put on trial then maybe some of the FBI/DOJ criminal activity and BS would come to light so all of America could know who they really are and what they are really doing.

  • How do you make money off the site? I am trying to find a way to help but can’t.

Oh yeah!!!  Ah, wait…did you say money or profit? There is no profit to running this website. In the early years I lost about $20,000 – $30,000 on testing and reviewing equipment and gear. Yeah I know, not a good business model. Now, and for the last couple of years I am making money. I make about $1.75 per month from Amazon links, I make about $2.00 every third month from online book sales. And that is about it. Now for the good part…I spend about $150 per year paying the host (WordPress) and for the privilege of owning the website name. However, this last month I made almost $20 because someone bought one of the air conditioners I mentioned and linked to on Amazon in the article…along with an above normal amount of other purchases through site links to Amazon. My wife isn’t real happy with me over the whole thing but she supports the effort. I have actually had a few folks want to donate money for/through the site but I feel like that would be begging…and that doesn’t sit well with me. I could take on advertisers…but then that make me like most other prepper websites. And I refuse to make it a subscription website because I think people need information more than I need money.

  • You explain stuff in a good way, could you do a series on solar power?

I have actually been thinking about doing a series on the basics of solar power. But, it would take time and right now I am swamped getting the “glamstead” ready for the apocalypse. But let’s try a survey and see what the interest is.



  • Why didn’t you write about the rail strike and it could have crashed the country?

I didn’t think it had a remote chance of it happening. I would have put it at a 5% probability. Biden wouldn’t have allowed it so close to the mid-terms. Or rather…Biden’s controller/handler wouldn’t have allowed it to happen because it would have meant a sure loss for control of Congress. Yeah, that means I saw the strike potential as “static” and I am trying to reduce all that crap as much as possible.






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FAQ – 9/8/2022

  • Why didn’t you comment on Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan and her nearly starting a war?

What was there to talk about? No, seriously? When you understand the back stories, these things become real clear. And I never thought it would start a war no matter who said what. IMO the reason for her visit to Taiwan and slapping China in the face were two-fold; 1) slap Biden in the face and let him know that she is powerful, at least as powerful as Biden, 2) Pelosi’s son has close ties to the chip industry, as well as other financial interests, in Taiwan. In other words, he is on the take from them…to the tune of millions and millions of dollars. Paul Jr is to Nancy Pelosi (the Pelosi Crime Family) what Hunter is to Joe Biden (the Biden Crime Family). With the movement of chip manufacturing to the USA by Taiwan manufacturers it was important that Nancy and Paul Jr meet with, and show support for, the Taiwanese companies and reassert their “business” partnership.

So why the China vs Taiwan slap and the power struggle? Again, the back story tells it all. The Biden Crime Family has Hunter as the point of contact with China. And Hunter is on the take for millions and millions of dollars from Chinese companies, which means the Chinese Communist Party. It is all well documented that Pelosi has close economic ties with Taiwan and that Biden has close economic ties with China. So this Pelosi trip was all about money and power. Two crime families fighting for power over the other and reassuring their paymasters/partners that all is well. So what else is new about this? And so, why talk about it?

And since this was all about a US power struggle and Taiwan and China making money…well, war was not going to break out over this trip. It would cost both Taiwan and China too much money.

  • Why no comment on Hawaii and their new 25% tax on combustion engine vehicles?

Because it is stupid beyond belief and it not only can’t happen, it won’t happen. Hawaii can’t generate enough power to charge all those new electric vehicles. And on top of that…Hawaii’s GDP is $73billion and less than $60,000 per capita. The new tax would be unaffordable for the average citizen, let alone those lower on the economic scale. And have you looked at Hawaii’s power grid lately? Yeah, they do not have, and will not have, the generating capability to charge an EV fleet that they want.

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FAQ – 9/6/2022

  • You aren’t talking about war with China, why? Don’t you feel it is important?

Nope, not important. First off, it more than likely won’t happen anytime soon and China can’t even begin to invade the US…it is absolutely impossible, for the foreseeable future (i.e. 20 – 40 years), if at all. Second, China would lose huge amounts of money due to loss of trade with the US. And China needs that money to continue to pay for their influence around the world. Thirdly, I have no control over that situation…so why should I obsess over it or even talk about it to any notable degree? It either happens or not. And if it does, I am as prepared for that scenario as any other. Think of it this way…spending a lot of, or any time, thinking about war with China would be all “static”…relatively worthless effort and information…possibly leading to Cognitive Fatigue on my part.

So I prefer to spend my time on far, far more productive issues and concerns…such as our garden for next year, expanding my solar generating capability for our system, expanding my strawberry patch, and ordering my blackberry and raspberry bushes.

Bottom line…how do you want to spend your time…wasting it on something that has a low probability of occurrence or something that will feed your family or power your home? Yeah, get rid of the static in your life…you will be far more productive and happier.

  • What is your opinion on Trump and his claim to the Presidency or a special election?

I assume you are referring to the statement made by Trump late last month…

“FBI BURIED THE HUNTER BIDEN LAPTOP STORY BEFORE THE ELECTION knowing that, if they didn’t, ‘Trump would have easily won the 2020 Presidential Election.’ This is massive FRAUD & ELECTION INTERFERENCE at a level never seen before in our Country.” 

“REMEDY: Declare the rightful winner or, and this would be the minimal solution, declare the 2020 Election irreparably compromised and have a new Election, immediately!”

If you are referring to this Trump statement, and I believe that you are, I have clear opinions on the statement:

1) The first part is 100% correct and accurate…it has been proven to be factual as to the fraud that was committed and I believe it to be accurate that Trump would have been elected. And of course it was fraud and interference never before seen in our country (that we know of)…and obviously criminal. And it was the FBI and DOJ that perpetrated this fraud/crime proving that the FBI & DOJ should never, ever be trusted. FYI…there is no authorization in the Constitution for the FBI to even exist. Yeah, I am thinking the Founding Fathers knew what would come from such an armed powerful organization…and that’s exactly why it is not authorized in the Constitution.

2) Trump was WAY out of line is the “remedy” part. It is simple…there is no provision of any kind, anywhere in the US Constitution for what he is calling for. So Trump is demanding something be done that is completely unconstitutional. And who exactly thinks that his demand is acceptable? The US Constitution was followed for the entire election process, Biden was sworn in, and that is it. If Trump thinks it was wrong the way things went…then run again and win again…or he should shut the hell up. Trump did the right thing and challenged the election in the courts…and he didn’t win a single case that he and his team brought…so he needs to get over it.

Here is the truly important part…what exactly do you think of Trump for him suggesting that the US Constitution be ignored and his demands be met? Politics over principles…eh?

3) If Trump’s “remedies” were followed through on…it would be the end of the Constitutional Republic as established by our Founding Fathers. See, if Trump succeeded with these unconstitutional actions…then any future presidential loser could/would simply do the same and seek to be “installed” as president. Hence, the electoral process would be meaningless…and the Constitution even less so.

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Brand new to prepping…where do I start?

  • I found your site and love it. I am brand new to prepping and have basically nothing ready for anything. Where do I start? (Tim)

First off…Welcome! Glad to have you aboard even if you are a little late to the party 😉

OK, now…”Where to start?

I will believe you when you say you are “brand new”…so let me start you at the very beginning.

Full disclosure: some folks have different opinions than I do…but most of them don’t have the training, skills, or experience that I do and they don’t have an organized approach to learning the necessary and required prepping knowledge. So, I am methodical, organized, and deliberate in my approach learned over the better part of 4 decades of professional emergency management Prepper Geek with equipment and gearexperience and nearly 50 years of prepping.

First four steps are learning steps, learning the principles of preparedness. This prevents a haphazard, disorganized approach to prepping. It also ensures you more fully avoid HUGE mistakes that many folks make as they prepare. Each step, except the first, will have articles…read them all before moving on. Watch for the “next” button at the bottom of articles. Also, it might be a good idea with you read the “Related Articles” in each posting as well before coming back to the next step.

#1 – Who are you? That is a purely rhetorical question. Do you know yourself, do you have principles, ethics, morals, and do you have foundational beliefs? Why and how do you want to survive emergencies, disasters, and grid-down events? If not, solidify those first. I suggest you write them down.

#2 – Learn Risk Identification and Mitigation.

# 3 – Learn the 7 Common Risks/Threats to all emergencies, disasters, and grid-down. Then learn how to “layer” to mitigate those threats.

#4 – Make a plan to start prepping.

This is your plan! It needs to be singular to you and your family. Lay it out any way you want…but I suggest you write it down. And I insist that it be based on “layering”…or you won’t be a successful as you could have been. You will have wasted your time, money, and resources if you don’t layer.

Next comes the actual prepping Step #5

Now start accomplishing your plan. You can multi-task as you go. Meaning, you can buy a pistol at the same time you are buying food, OTC medicines, and ammo…while you identify a potential bugout location and start storing water correctly.

Layering is vitally important. Example: You start storing water before you have a way to filter/purify it. A problem develops and water shuts off. You may have 100’s of gallons of water stored but not be 100% sure if it is safe to drink and no way to filter/purify it. But, if you have correctly layered then you have a filter/purifier and can make virtually any water safe to drink.

Let me be more clear…each of the 7 Common Risks/Threats have specific layers to them. Each layer is unambiguous in what needs to be done. Work from the inside out using each layer as a “step to take”.

IMPORTANT – while carrying out the practical aspects of prepping (i.e. acquisition of resources) you also need to learn how to set priorities and also learn what Situational Awareness is. You do that by reading and studying SA & LIPS while carrying out your new plan.

Once you have read those articles and you are working your plan of acquiring and organizing your 7 Common Risks/Threats mitigation resources you could start testing yourself…and learning more along the way by reading through the series “Days of September – 9/1/2019 Opening<click here>

To help you out…while you get started on learning the “principles” why don’t you go to your pantry, find the 10 foods that you use the most, then go buy 2 cans of each, continue to do so for the next 3 weeks. That will be some immediate gratification and get/keep you motivated to keep going.

So why do I have you learn the “principles” first? Why do all that reading? Why not just get started and do stuff?

Well, that would make you like many, maybe most, other preppers that are inexperienced, unorganized, untrained, unskilled, and chaotically going about preparing…or rather, thinking they are preparing. To be truly successful at prepping it is vitally important that you understand the big picture, then important bit and pieces of that big picture before you start spending your hard earned money and time.

I will send you my personal email, let me know how you are doing…or if you have any questions. I would love to hear from you and lend a hand if I can.

Now, a serious message from me to you…You are late to the party, meaning you are behind the curve on preparing. But, you are not too late…not too late at all. But you have to get moving and get stuff done…don’t delay or procrastinate. As I said in my article “Intensify” we have fallen as a country…it’s over. I lay out the case clearly in my article “The Fall of the U.S. Empire“. Don’t get me wrong…our country has not ceased to exist…and our people won’t…and the Constitution will continue to be a guiding document for those dedicated to the principle of a Constitutional Republic.

The Roman Empire didn’t simply vanish after its fall…it degraded and then over the course of some 1600 years it morphed into present day Italy, the socialist democracy it is today. Same with the British Empire…it too didn’t simply vanish…it shrank to a fraction of the size it once was and then became the socialist democracy it is today (i.e. Britain, England).

The USA will follow, is following, the same path as all empires…unless the globalists make their final move. So you have time to do a lot of prepping…probably more time than you think…so no need to panic. But time is of the essence. There are two major resources at your disposal; 1) time, 2) money. If you have enough money you can go do everything you need to do in a short period of time. If you are not wealthy then you will have to use your time wisely in acquiring that which you decide you need…and it will take longer to adequately prepare.

A final thought for now…Do you plan to shelter in-place or bug-out? The answer to that question will really make a difference on how you prepare and for what. Answer that question soon, very soon. Here are some articles that might help you decide that answer:

Try to avoid stupid mistakes…

For anyone that can’t or doesn’t want to make a “comment”…use the form below to send me questions, thoughts, concerns, issues, or ask for help. If you would like me to respond to you directly and confidentially just tell me when you send the form.

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Can you please explain our inflation problem?

  • Can you please explain our inflation problem?

Sure! Oh wait, Crazy Joe Biden says our economy is the strongest since t-rex roamed the planet. Yeah, well, anyone with even a molecule of brain knows we have serious problems with the economy, and inflation is just one aspect of it.

Inflation is caused by a number of different factors; one being supply and/or demand, another cause is the printing of fiat currency, then there is modern monetary policy (MMP), and of course government spending just to name the most common causes. So we know that the US government has done the following:

  • Screwed with supply and demand of fossil fuels which drives the vast majority of the economy…so those prices rise and ripple out to the cost of everything else.
  • Printing 10’s of trillions of dollars via the Federal Reserve making massive amounts of currency available that has no value backing to it whatsoever.
  • Embraced every aspect of MMP totally for the last 70 years, especially the last 20 years. And that has debauched (debased, ruined, degraded) the US dollar.
  • And of course we all know that for 20 years the US government, led by all of the last four presidents, has spent money like a drunken sailor. (My apologies to drunken sailors.)

So the US government, and both political parties, are 100% responsible for the inflation that is destroying America even as you read this post. ALL of the last 4 presidents (Biden, Trump, Obama, Bush) have contributed to the inflation problem today through budget deficits and increasing the national debt. Obviously some more than others

But I propose that you may not be asking the right question. Try this…

Why are we having the inflation problem that exists today?

Now there is the question that makes sense to me! And I hope that I can answer your question by addressing mine. But let’s start at the beginning and connect the dots…

In America the “bourgeoisie” is middle class, they are the property owners, small and medium sized business owners, professionals, and the glue that holds many societies together. In America, at least in days gone past, they were the ones who kept communities alive and thriving, they were the church goers, they were the good neighbors, they were the volunteer firefighters, they were the good folks to have around for over 200 years.

Karl Marx…Satan’s tool if there ever was one, decided to demonize the bourgeoisie in Europe about 150 years ago…big time…calling them oppressors of the working people, and worse. Basically to Marx, the bourgeoisie was the cause of all problems political, social, and moral. Then a student of Marx, Vladimir Lenin, comes along and decides that for Communism to succeed and for a true totalitarian state to be implemented the bourgeoisie must be eliminated. And of course the rapid Communist leader and mass murderer knew how to handle that…

MESSAGE: So to kill a country’s middle-class…high taxes and high inflation.

MESSAGE: To kill a Constitutional Republic that is based on free-market capitalism…you kill the currency.

So let’s think about this, what has been happening to America’s middle-class?

MESSAGE: The US middle-class has been disappearing for over 50 years.

MESSAGE: The US rich get richer and richer.

MESSAGE: And the super rich…get even richer!

Now think for just a minute of what is being accomplished after ALL the inflationary periods and recessions…just look at history.

MESSAGE: The rich somehow manage to acquire more wealth and high incomes after all recessions. And the wealth and income increases come at the expense of middle and lower income folks.

Bottom Line –
  • America’s upper-income, especially the super-rich, have steadily been getting richer and richer…and have seen significant spikes in income and wealth growth after recessions.
  • America’s middle-class (the bourgeoisie) has steadily disappeared over the last 50+ years.
  • The US Government controls both tax policy through the US Congress and inflation through the Federal Reserve.
  • Politicians from both parties have controlled the US government over the last 50+ years.
  • Presidents from both parties have appointed the Federal Reserve Chairman over the last 50+ years.

But one last thought…About 100 years ago John Maynard Keynes was a British economist that developed Keynesian Economics. His idea was government must intervene in and control the economy…because the government knows best. That theory drives today’s Democrat Party, all Progressives, and all authoritarians. And, basically it fits exactly into the implementation of fascism perfectly.

So “why” do we have the inflation problems of today?

Well pretty simple actually, the policies of the US government for the last 130 years…and specifically for the last 20 years.

Now you know the “why”…just one more way that the authoritarians are transitioning America into your worst nightmare.

And if you want my opinion –

  • The US government has debased and continues to debase the US currency.
  • The US government is 100% responsible for inflation.
  • The US government has completely embraced Keynesian Economics.
  • The US government has all but eliminated the US middle-class.
  • The US government is following the ideology of both Marx and Lenin.
  • Authoritarians run the US government.
  • Both major US political parties are run by, controlled by, are full of, authoritarians.
  • And sadly…US citizens keep repeating themselves in one election, after another election, after another election. The purest definition of insanity…national insanity…national suicide.

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FAQ – 12/13/2021

  • How bad do you think the energy crisis is right now and how bad will it get?

Well, there are two ways I look at it…internal/external, and the outcome.

Internally, it is the plan and goal of the Democrats to destroy the fossil fuel industry in the US. It became widely known public knowledge back in 2008 when Obama made the statement that the US government will bankrupt coal plants. That made it pretty obvious. Biden made a number of near fatal blows since he took office…nearly doubling the price of fuel. And his radical plan is $6.00 per gallon by the end of his presidency. And heating fuel for this winter is at historic highs. All of which is part of their plan. So, the energy crisis that we are suffering under is purely a plan/goal of the Democrats. Yes, part of that plan is economic hardship on middle and lower income Americans while the rich are relatively unaffected.

Externally, there are a number of factors to look at. You have to understand that Russia has Europe under its thumb when it comes to oil and natural gas. Putin with a single decision could freeze Europe into submission. And why do you think he is making his move against the Ukraine and making it during the winter? Yup, the oil & gas industry and the power it gives him.

And it is part of Biden’s plan to weaken the US by making it once again dependent on external sources of crude oil. Specifically Biden is cooperating with the OPEC countries to increase their wealth, power, and influence in the world…at USA’s expense. Remember, it was Obama/Biden that entered into the infamous nuclear deal with Iran…giving them nuclear weapons and a planeload of cash in the billions of dollars. It is obvious to all the Biden is very pro-OPEC and all things foreign oil.

Back in late October there was an energy meeting with a number of high-profile experts speaking. One stated that based on Biden’s moves and the green enviro-Nazi agenda there will be a significant shortage of energy in the world. Another expert warned that oil could easily hit $100 per barrel near-term, then probably higher, potentially much higher. They all said categorically…we will not go to sleep in a brown world, then miraculously wake up in a green world, it simply won’t and can’t happen.

Let’s talk coal for a minute…on January 1st of this year the price of coal was $76 per ton, it went as high as $270 per ton, now rests at $165 per ton. That is a 117% increase in the price of coal in less than a year. But, let’s back up a minute to the Biden/Harris election in 2020. Just before it was known that Biden/Harris won election the price of coal was $55 per ton. So the price of coal as TRIPLED since the radical leftists took the Whitehouse. And what does that mean to US citizens? Higher energy prices across the board, higher transportation prices, and higher utility prices. The Progressives’ dream come true!

For now, let’s stick with the price of coal for 2021…$76 – $270 per ton price swing. That represents a 255% swing in the price of coal. Why do you think there was that much volatility? Yup, FEAR!! Buyers/Sellers of coal fearing what the radical leftists will do next to destroy the fossil fuel industry.

Outcome – Make no doubt about it, don’t get confused…when the radicals push their green agenda they want to destroy the fossil fuel industry…and they know 100%, without any doubt, it will cause significant unemployment and underemployment, kill hundreds of related businesses, destroy families and towns, and actually kill people (more on that at a later date). They know that…and it is perfectly acceptable to them…it is exactly what they want.

The most sobering prediction as energy prices continue to soar, it will inordinately adversely affect developing countries around the world and lower & middle income families here in the US. And that affect is highly likely to create social within countries but also unrest between countries around the world. That is not only my opinion…it was a statement of fact at that same energy conference mentioned earlier.

Strangely, not only is that plan/goal of the US Democrats…it is the goal of all those who wish an increase in authoritarian states around the world…and that includes all Democrats in the US and most US Republicans as well.

The current energy crisis and the longer-term green agenda plans are all well-coordinated for one particular goal…let the authoritarians offer a solution to crisis, violence, unrest, and other energy related problems across the globe. When you see that pro-authoritarian scheme, when you understand that plan/goal, then the energy crisis we are in and the broader green agenda, both become much, much easier to understand.

So the energy crisis is bad now, will get worse as time goes on, and will result in chaos and crisis…as planned. It is not the crisis that is what worries me so much…it is the solution to the chaos that gives me some sleepless nights.



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FAQ – 12/11/2021

  • What do you see as the biggest threat to the USA right now?

Well, there is a 3-way tie for that honor:

1 – Evergrande has defaulted on its debt. Evergrande is one of the largest property developers in the world, they are located in China. They defaulted on a huge pile of debt without so much as a single word to anyone as to why or any other information. That single default could ripple throughout the business world, including the USA, with as of yet unknown repercussions. To get a perspective of the potential problem you have to understand that China is pumping hundreds of billions of dollars into their economy right now. And yes, there are other Chinese developers that are in deep trouble as well. This needs to be watched.

2 – Russia/Ukraine potential war. Do not for a minute think Biden will defend the Ukraine against Russia. First off, Biden is deathly scared of Putin and wouldn’t go up against him for anything…unless Biden is pushed by behind-the-curtain sources. Even though the Biden Family has close legal and illegal ties with the Ukraine, Biden in no way has the courage to stand behind the US’s commitment/promise/assurances/treaty that the US will defend the Ukraine against Russia. If/when Russia makes their move against the Ukraine and the US doesn’t go to the aid of the Ukraine the US’s stature in the world will take yet another nosedive…as if it couldn’t go any lower. All that being said…if unseen forces that control Biden tell him to go to war, Biden will. And we will lose yet again. Now, it’s all up to Putin. Putin has said war was “highly likely” and likened the situation to the Cuban Missile Crisis. And I am telling you…Putin won’t back down. I believe that he sees his time is about to come for him to step up his reputation in the world. And for Putin, Biden is an easy, spineless, half-wit target. Unfortunately, Putin is 100% right!

3 – China/Taiwan potential war. China has seen Taiwan as part of their country since Taiwan came into existence. And to a large degree they are right. China has been building up both the quantity and quality of their military for many decades now. You will find a notable number of experts who feel that China’s military now rivals the USA in overall outcome capability. China has been provoking Taiwan for some time now testing their capabilities and resolve. There is a strong implied agreement that the US will come to the aid of Taiwan should China begin an invasion or other significant military action. Don’t count on it. The Biden Family has strong legal and illegal business ties with China. Biden is scared of economic fallout if the USA comes to Taiwan’s aid. Entering a China/Taiwan would only result in a loss for the USA, the USA could not win that war. And, importantly it could devastate the US economy, literally destroying it, at least temporarily. The hardship in the US would be incalculable.

And here is a summary for #2 & #3…as I’ve written about before should either Russia or China begin an armed conflict with the Ukraine or Taiwan respectively, the other country will make their move as well. The last thing the US wants is a two-front military conflict on the opposite sides of the world with the two other world super-powers…and both Russia and China know it. The US could not win a 2-front armed conflict with Russia and China let alone a two-front war. Further, should we engage with both, the cost to the USA in every aspect would move the USA to third place in the concept of world super-powers, maybe even move us out of that super-power category altogether. And the USA would/will suffer irreparable damage in regards to diplomacy, as well as being a potential death blow to the US economically.

The USA has never in its entire history been as close to destruction as it is right now. And we have a mentally deficient, utterly incompetent fool at the helm…and the most evil of evil behind him controlling him. The situation in US is precarious at best.



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Feedback & Comments : Kyle Rittenhouse

AH Trimble Feedback and CommentsNote: I felt this was important enough to post for all to read and ponder. I received comment this from Saber 7…

You missed or decided not to point out if the mayor, governor, police had done their job on DAY ONE we would not be talking about this!!! DAY ONE!! This is not tribalism, this is a manufactured outcome. Had the police been doing their job there would be no reason for a private citizen posted to protect private property from an unlawful terrorist mob.

Look at who was attacking Mr. Rittenhouse, it was felons, all convicted felons!!! Did you miss that? And just this week, where or how did the pallets of bricks on corners in Kenosha appear? (Need a forklift to pull them off a truck you know) and the local police not deal with the individuals delivering the pallets of bricks/weapons?

Tribalism? Thats all you can identify? Its not tribalism at work here, we are purposefully being divided by actors who want to destroy the FUSA. And they are doing a grand ol job of it.

In response I write/wrote (with today’s edits)…

Hey Saber,

Thank you for posting a reply. Now, let me address your issues…

1) I didn’t miss anything that you pointed out. I followed the entire situation closely and wrote about the violent left, etc. back when it occurred…and before with a warning to avoid it. This post was not intended to be a comprehensive regurgitation of anything…only the “effect” at the 60,000ft level. There are plenty of other websites and talking heads who prattled on endlessly, and still do, about this situation.

2) Yes, had the police and others in leadership done their job there would not have been the violence. Once again, failure of government and communities. But they didn’t do their job and there was this debacle of rioting and criminal behavior. None of that excuses the rioters and their ridiculous behavior…or rather the situation’s manipulation by the radical left. And that had nothing to do with the focus of my post.

3) There is NO “manufactured outcome” if you are referencing the Kyle Rittenhouse issue. He acted, the government acted, the justice system acted, the jury acted, he was acquitted. Nothing “manufactured” about that. Predictable perhaps based on the players but hardly manufactured, especially the outcome or they would have never prosecuted him. Now, the original violence and riot…that was “manufactured” by the usual players on the left…as I predicted and warned about.

4) Private citizens are right in protecting their property whenever they or their property are threatened…in my opinion. It is a God-given right and a Constitutionally guaranteed right. However, a minor -a child- on his own, should not have taken up arms, traveled to another city, and appointed himself, by himself, a protector of someone else’s property. And his mother should never have allowed that or enabled that. That is just plain stupid and wrong by any measure on both their parts.

5) As I stated above I didn’t miss anything…especially the felon aspect on the part of those who were shot. I was aware of the charges, convictions, and prison time of the attackers. And if you notice the post was not about them or their actions beyond that it justified self-defense. The fact that 3 were shot and 2 killed is of no concern of mine, and it was not the focus of the post. Besides, the world is probably better off without them…rather harsh…but my opinion at this time. I am sure their families miss them, I am sorry for that, but they were criminals and participating in community-wide violence. It would have been better for all had the justice system dealt with them appropriately.

6) I don’t care about the bricks, forklifts, or anything else regarding what was to happen in that city this weekend or any other time. It is a local matter for the locals to deal with. And it certainly had nothing to do with my post…as intended.

7) I identified “tribalism” because it is a much, much bigger threat to the US than any of the other issues surrounding this matter…in my opinion. There are lots of people who like to focus on small, albeit sometimes important, details. The purpose of my post was to clearly explain an issue that goes far beyond the shootings, the people directly involved, or the court case. Call it the “big picture” if you will. I am past the small crap going on in our country today…it is the bigger stuff that is of most importance and what I try/tend to address and bring to light so folks can deal with it.

8) If you had read and understood my post and the graphics at the bottom of the post you would have understood I was pointing out “purposefully being divided”…which is by definition – tribalism.

Finally, “…actors who want to destroy the [USA]. And they are doing a grand ol job of it.” We agree 100% on that…and that was the intent and purpose of my post…we are being divided and they are winning. They are winning because we are complicit and foolish…it is our own fault.


Note: The basic response of mine to Saber’s comment appeared on the original post page the day of the post. This post is to bring to light the issues he brought up and address them more fully. Saber was not wrong for the most part, he was just looking at more aspects of the situation. He did misrepresent me a little bit on where I was coming from. And he failed to understand the tribalism aspect. But, he was right in the fact that the original riot and violence was manufactured. The riot and violence was designed and implemented by the radical left (i.e. Democrats). And, they are part of the much bigger picture that includes the transition of the USA into an authoritarian state. And in that effort…the Democrats and Republicans work together.

I hope and pray that my readers ponder what I write and then seek “their answer” as what to do in their own life to deal with what is happening and what is is about to happen.


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FAQ – 10/28/2021

  • Last month Jamie Dimon said “We should get rid of this debt ceiling.” Why would he say such a thing?


First off, let’s talk about who Jamie Dimon is. Currently he is the head of JPMorgan Chase & Co.

JP Morgan merged with Chase Manhattan Bank. Then JPMorgan Chase & Co bought Bank One. Then they bought Bear Stearns. Then they bought Washington Mutual Bank. Making JPMorgan Chase & Co one of the largest banking and investment firms in the world.

And Jamie Dimon is a personal advisor to Joe Biden. He is also a multi-billionaire. He is also a former Federal Reserve board member.

And FYI…his grandfather, a Greek immigrant to America, changed the family name from Papademetriou to Dimon when he got to America.

He majored in psychology at Tufts University. Tufts, was founded by the Universalist Church and is a liberal arts college that stresses internationalism. After graduating Harvard Business School he went to work for the infamous Goldman Sachs which has had close ties with the US government and international bankers. Dimon later worked for Citigroup, then president of Bank One. He then became the head of JPMorgan Chase when Bank One was bought by JPMorgan Chase.

In 2008 the United States government gave JPMorgan Chase $25,000,000,000 ($25billion) as a bailout during the 2008 – 2009 financial crisis.

Dimon is a hardcore Democrat with the exception of some minor business regulation issues. Barack Obama and Dimon were close during Obama’s presidency. Dimon was especially close to and advised Obama’s Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel.

So back to your question…why would Jamie Dimon say, “We should get rid of this debt ceiling.”?

Now that you know a little more about Jamie Dimon, go back to the primary foundational question in these matters…Who benefits from such a move in terms of “money and power”?

The answer is:

  • The US Federal Government
  • US Federal politicians and bureaucrats
  • US and international banks

So the direct answer to your question…To make sure banks stay stable and make even more money.

And remember how banks make money…banks transfer wealth from the lower classes to the upper classes…and eventually to the very upper class.

While the country was locked down and dealing with the plague in 2020…

Note: That is $84 from every man, woman, and child in the United States. Just saying…

Now for some humor and thoughts…

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FAQ – 10/26/2021

  • You mentioned “Deepfake” quite a while ago, thank you. I heard it is getting worse for potential fraud. What is happening now?


It is getting WAY worse and the potential for abuse is skyrocketing! Yes, there is the normal criminal element involved and they will use it for scamming and other criminal activity. And yes, there is the entertainment industry who are taking advantage of it, but as of yet they are not 100% sure of the legal ramifications involved. But I find their use of it really pretty amazing and ah, entertaining.

Then there is the political aspect of Deepfake. I expect we will see some use of it shortly as we enter the run-up to US elections in 2024. And I think we will see it used internationally in the political arena before we see it appear in the US political scene to any great degree.

Various militaries around the world are training in the technology on how to defend against it…and how to use it offensively to attack another country. The US military appears to be clearly leading the way in this activity.

Where I see one of its most dark potential is in the secret police world. Dark ops players like the USA’s CIA, Russia’s FSB, and China’s MSS will use it to destabilize other countries. The CIA is probably the best equipped to use it and has a long infamous track record of similar operations. More minor players such as North Korea and Iran, maybe even the Ukraine will increasingly use it, but they are not at the competency level of the major players and their usage of it will be more obvious.

The worst and darkest potential I see is with the US Federal Law Enforcement agencies. Those agencies are well-known for fraud, lying, abuse, and outright perjury in courts…especially the FBI <click here to read more>. I believe we will see a substantial use of that technology in the coming years once a whistleblower steps forward to reveal it…such as Edward Snowden, (a true American patriot and hero). Where/when it will be used on a widespread basis will be when the feds see the need to use it against the various serious “revolutionary” movements…and I am not talking BLM or other radical leftist organizations.

And FYI…”Deepfake” now has a more sophisticated name…”Synthetic Media”.

To see a great media piece on Deepfake watch the below

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