Where have I been?

Great question 🙂

Beginning in late February I headed to our RHBOL (retirement home, bug out location) and started building our house there. Starting with a history setting blizzard and ending with getting the roof on…it was a very busy time.

I set the website up to get some articles posted while I was gone and to finish up my online book Escape from Tucson. Remember those automatic postings were written and schedule well in advance…gives the impression I am still around and working on the website. Hope it worked 🙂

But, I am headed out for another month after a very brief visit home to shower and recover a little bit. So, when I get back I will edit a few old articles write a couple new ones, and continue Escape from Home. Yup, you heard it right! I’ve been working on the sequel to Escape from Tucson….Escape from Home. I think you will like developing story-line, the thrills, the twists, the information…along with some real heartache. Look for it in late June.

In the mean time…there are people that need us right now. Answer the call, do your best, prepare for what is coming, and know that we can not just survive….but thrive!

AH Trimble

FAQ – 2/28/2019

  • What about the Democrats “new green deal”…is there anything to it?

Well, my take on it is at the 60,000’ level. First off, the details of the proposal are insanity…at best. Seriously, they are totally unrealistic. But here is the important part…it is pure Communism. Yes, this is something right out of the old Soviet Union. A program like this would only ever be proposed by a Communist regime. And here is the main point…Democrats have signed on to it in droves, especially Democrat Presidential candidates.

Now, true that there are Dems that have referred to it as not being practical. But, many of those same people call it “aspirational” or a worthy goal. And there is a subtlety of it all. Those people still embrace the whole idea of the Communist plan, they just know they can’t get it implemented…yet. So they believe in the Communist concepts of the proposal!!!

What does all of that mean? The Democrat Party, and its members, are showing that they have become the party of Communist ideas and ideals. And that should shock you!

  • What is the “cool kid club” in prepper circles?

Ah, had to chuckle at that one. But honestly, it really isn’t anything funny; it is all too plain…and damaging. What? Why?

Well, on the less problematic side of it…go back to your high school years. Weren’t there different groups of kids? Some call them clicks. When I went to school there were the jocks, stoners, rednecks, hoodlums, etc. They tended to hang out with each other and usually didn’t do much crossover socializing. And from time to time there was tension or outright aggression, occasionally violence. Strangely enough the violence almost always originated from the jocks in our school.

In addition to those groups, there were also the “cool kids.” They were usually the pretty people, the athletic people, the cheerleaders, etc. The did the cool things, wore the cool clothes, center of attention at dances, prom King & Queen, etc. A lot of kids wanted to be part of the “cool kids” but those that were “cool kids” usually didn’t accept new members…unless they were cool enough. Yeah for the most part they suffered, egotism, self-centeredness, delusions of grandeur, etc. But, they were still cool…at least in their own eyes.

So, how does that apply to preppers? There is the equivalent in the prepper community of the “cool kids.” Have you seen preppers that have a cult-like following? The hardcore tactical guy? The guy who people have questions of, send emails to, etc., but they seldom, if ever, respond? How about the guy who tries to sound like the final authority on subjects and others praise him for all his wisdom? Look around at the next prepper gathering you attend…who seems to be the center of attention?

So now you have an idea of my opinion of prepper “cool kid club” and it is not a good opinion. Why? Because they tend to hold themselves above others…and a lot of others encourage that.

Why is that a bad thing? Well, in and of itself, it is not. The problem comes in when it actually starts creating different “class” distinctions of preppers. For those of us that are LDS we read in the Book of Mormon over and over again how society suffers greatly when people create class distinctions and elevate some people over others. In the New Testament shows how the Sadducees and Pharisees behaved…they were very pompous and felt they were better than others…and acted that way towards others.

I think the perfect example of how we should treat each other is the example Christ set. He mingled with, ate with, talked with, walked with anyone and everyone. He was a true man of the people. He didn’t elevate himself over anyone. Heck, he even washed folks’ feet for them!

Bottom line…don’t become a member of the prepper “cool kid club”…it isn’t worth it. And, don’t worry about the prepper “cool kid club”…they mostly just seek for the veneration of others…and ego feeding frenzy. Treat everyone the way you want to be treated…leave the ego behind.

Disclaimer: Yes, I got carried away from time to time with who I thought I was. I haven’t always treated people as well as I should have. But, I never, ever thought I was a member of the prepper “cool kid club.” So, if I have ever come off that way, given you that impression that I was a member of the prepper “cool kid club”…I sincerely apologize.

  • Why do you say “don’t believe me”, “don’t trust what I say”?

Well, simple…I want you to do what is right for you. I do a lot of research, I practice what I prepper preach. I believe in what I tell you. But, I don’t want you to believe me. I want you to prove me right or prove me wrong. Why? Because I feel prepping is that important.

And now…I also want you to treat other prepper “experts” the same way. Don’t believe what experts say…challenge what they say. Figure out if what we are saying is true or not. Do not trust the fate of you and your family in others.

There are many folks out there that give some terrible, sometimes horrible, prepper advice. And honestly, it doesn’t matter if they/we are well-intentioned or not. What matters is how it affects/impacts you and your family.

Sorry, I get a little passionate when I talk about this subject. Why? Because I read so many things that I feel is so wrong for prepping. Yes, that is an “opinion” on my part. Look, I’ve been on thousands of incidents, hundreds of large-scale emergencies and disasters, and I see what works and what doesn’t. I see some folks give advice that I know is wrong, other times something just feels wrong. And I have a hard time being quiet about it. Why? Because I don’t want your family to be hurt by bad advice…whomever it comes from. Only you know what is right for you and your family. So you have to take the responsibility to know what to do…or not.

Bottom line…I want you to figure out what is right. So I tell you to knot believe me in the hopes that you will figure out what “right” is for you and your family.

  • Can you recommend good quality 20-year prepared meal food storage?

Here is the central page for all things “food”…avoiding starvation <read more>

Here is the page specifically for long-term food storage <read more>

For specific brands I like Mountain House and Thrive. If you can find a Thrive dealer in your area you can get some pretty good deals…especially if you are willing to host a “party” or coordinate a large group order.



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FAQ – 2/18/2019

  • Who is the #1 threat to preppers before and after SHTF?

Dang…tough question. I think that basically the primary answer is “ourselves” in both cases. Yeah, I know…lame answer. It would be easy to say things like; politicians, LEOs, Democrats, etc. While they may be threats/risks to some degree I don’t think they are anywhere near the top of the list let alone #1. But, there may be a little more depth to the answer than a simple ourselves.

Pre-SHTF: This I think is fully and completely ourselves…for a number of reasons. I think we may suffer from complacency, Normalcy Bias, Competency Bias, poor Situational Awareness, etc. This will cloud our ability to properly see, understand, and act in a timely manner to what is happening. But, I still think that is not the #1. I think the #1 “who” threat are people who masquerade as experts in emergency preparedness. The ones who claim (or intimate) a level of expertise and then give out bad information to preppers who are simply trying to learn. I tend to call them “posers” overall. Some are well-intentioned to be sure. Others are after the attention, admiration, and cult-like worship that preppers heap upon them. By-in-large they are manipulators seeking to satisfy their own goals/needs. Example: Someone who talks about Situational Awareness and has little experience in high-stress emergency situations where good SA is essential to completing an actual task/mission. These folks are unproven, untried, and posing as experts…they are dangerous…some of their poor advice is bound to get folks killed…or mislead into following the wrong leaders.

Post-SHTF: Strange, I think there are two completely different categories to this one; 1) application to me personally, 2) application to most everyone else.

For me personally I think I am the #1 threat to myself as a prepper post-SHTF. I think my ego and pride will make me try to act like a “know-it-all” and either run over people who don’t agree with me, or I will alienate them ruining any chance of cooperation/coordination. So I believe I will antagonize a lot of people I shouldn’t. Heck, I do that now 🙂

As for most everyone else…I think the “who” will be “herding dogs.” There is a lot of discussion about people being “sheepdogs.” That’s all well and good…but do people really understand the difference between a sheepdog and a herding dog. A sheepdog is a protector but treats the sheep even better than themselves. A herding dog is just short of a predator…well trained, but a predator all the same. A herding dog is trained to control the herd/flock and force them to do its will. They nip at, growl at, and generally show aggression towards the flock/herd to make them obey. There is a HUGE difference between a sheepdog and a herding dog. I think many sheepdogs are actually herding dogs. And some sheepdogs may be wolves in sheepdog clothing. The key is to know the difference.

Also…just a thought…If a herding dog (or pack of them) comes along, a couple questions for you:

  • How much “herding” are you willing to tolerate? And if you won’t tolerate it, what are willing to do about it?
  • How will you know the difference between a sheepdog and a herding dog?
  • How do you explain to someone else that you recognize a person as a herding dog?
  • Can you identify herding dogs in today’s society?

There is a close #2 threat/risk…posers. These are the “pretty boys” of preppers. Those folks who talk pretty, look pretty, have pretty gear, have pretty ideas…but are there only to manipulate people, they like the attention that they get from their followers. Unfortunately, their followers are not their equals…at least according to the way posers view their followers.Politicians are a sub-group of “pretty boys” if you haven’t already guessed that.

  • What is the #1 threat to preppers before and after SHTF?

Again, it would be easy to make real blanket statements and hold them up to be the ultimate answer. But, I think a true answer will depend on each person’s (or group’s) specific situation. A group dealing with the imposition of martial law by the local/county/state LEOs will have a far different view than a group that is out of food and/or water. But, let me take a stab at it and make an overall blanket statement…you take it into consideration for your situation.

Pre-SHTF: I think the “what” here is not a tangible. What I mean by that is it is not something like lack of food storage, not enough ammo, or no bug out location. I believe it to be an intangible. Why? Because I am a student of history. When you look at countries and states that have experienced large scale disasters or grid-down events there is an underlying message…after the fact. And that tends to be something along the lines of “I should have left sooner”, “I should have tried to buy gas before…”, “I should have…” You look at the last world-wide event in history…WWII. Listen to the stories of Jews that got trapped in areas conquered by and then occupied by the Germans. Those that were in fact trapped had wished they had left for safety sooner. Look at hurricanes in Florida, Texas, and other states. The folks there all talk about not having prepared, or left, sooner. Some say they should have bought more food, water, fuel, ice, generators, etc. way sooner before the storm actually hit. And the primary reasons they didn’t act sooner are complacency and Normalcy Bias.Those are the two biggest “what” threats.

Post-SHTF: This one is the easiest…Violence! Yes, unequivocally the #1 threat/risk to all folks after the SHTF will be violence. Why? Because it can be fatal and fast. All your preps in the world can’t protect you if you are not prepared to deal with violence first. Ten years of food storage, the biggest 100 gal a day water purification system, the perfect bug out location, the most awesome Jeep mean absolutely nothing if someone puts a bullet between your eyes…they just take your cool stuff. And no, all the guns and ammo in your gun safe mean nothing if you are not properly trained to use them. And all the best training in the world means nothing if you are not willing to defend yourself and your family. And all the willingness in the world means absolutely nothing if your Situational Awareness sucks. Yup, the risk/threat of violence will be #1 !

  • You wrote a series of articles about “personalities” before and after SHTF, will you resurrect them?

Yes, I will be resurrecting them. I already have a long list of posts/articles that are on the calendar for resurrection. If I am remembering right I am thinking the calendar is already full into April. But, I will get on it and get those articles found and brought back to life. I am actually glad you brought them up. Lately I am seeing an uncomfortable trend developing. I am seeing some folks getting…well, kind of weird. And they are showing signs of being people that you would not want to associate with post-SHTF…or maybe not even during an emergency or disaster. I also mentioned sheepdogs vs. herding dogs in another question. I want to make sure I touch on that as well. I am noticing that a couple of men that I thought were sheepdogs are actually showing signs of being herding dogs. And that makes them very dangerous.




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FAQ – 2/11/2019

  • Whatever happened to your Bug Out Location – Retirement Home?

It is going great! I am loving working on it. I usually go there for a couple weeks, work, and then return home for 10 – 14 days before going back. Yeah…wife likes to have me around…go figure. A lot of people have asked me to post articles about it, including pictures. Well, that would be OK with me if enough people would like to have that included here on the website. So take the poll below and I will abide by your wishes.

  • On another website you have gotten flamed pretty badly by a couple of people. What’s up with that?

It is perfectly normal. Some people will agree with what I say and appreciate it. Some people will have no opinion, not care, or simply not respond to things they don’t agree with. And then there are some (3 – 5%) who seriously disagree with what I say and make it known…sometimes through bad language, etc. That’s OK. I think they are good, well-intentioned people who simply don’t think that what I am saying is right. It upsets them, they get angry, and then they get vocal.

Sometimes I try to talk with them via posting but it almost never does any good. Once a person has dug in their heels in opposition they rarely change their mind. I move on since nothing constructive or productive comes of it. Everyone is entitled to their opinion…even those that disagree with me.

  • OK, touchy question…do some people confuse emotional with spiritual? Meaning, do some people think they are having a spiritual experience when they are actually having an emotional experience?

Yes. Emotions are powerful, very powerful. At times they can be overwhelming. Spiritual experiences can be the same, the scriptures are full of those experiences…powerful and life-changing. And it can be very hard at times to know which is which.

One Sunday I was teaching a Sunday School class. I started relating a particular story of one of my ancestors as it related to the class topic. I got very choked up and started to tear up. However, I recognized it as emotional not spiritual. On other occasions I’ve read passages of scripture and clearly felt a spiritual prompting of the truth of what I was reading…or a special insight to a verse. That was clearly spiritual in nature.

The danger can be not recognizing the difference. Normally emotions are physiological reactions based on what is in our head, be it past experiences, beliefs, love, hate, etc. Spiritual experiences are far, far more than that. Spiritual experiences go beyond our head, beyond our hearts, they go to our very soul. Many refer to it as “the still small voice.”

You are always 100% correct following and acting upon spiritual promptings and inspiration. Acting on emotions can sometimes get you into danger, grave danger…or at least get you into trouble…but not always. So there is the challenge…knowing that there is a difference between spiritual and emotional…then recognizing it within ourselves. That will lead you to be able to make far better decisions on when to act, on what to act on, and how to act.

Thank you!!!  That was a great question, one that I enjoyed pondering and responding to more than most.




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FAQ – 2/9/2019

  • Is the economy terrible or is there anything good about it?

If there ever was a dichotomy, the economy is it…or is it? Some parts of the economy are doing very well, and continue to improve (i.e. job growth, stock market in Jan/Feb 2019, labor participation rate, etc.). There are some parts of the economy that are really not so good (i.e. HUGE federal deficits and MASSIVE out of control national debt, increasing interest rates, growing gap between rich and poor, home affordability, etc.).

So, it is easy to make a case either way…the economy is GREAT…the economy is TERRIBLE. However, in this case…both are true. Yup, it isn’t actually a dichotomy it is a false dilemma. Both views of the economy are correct…not opinion, fact. Bottom line…how you view the state of the overall economy is based on opinion; your view is based on your bias.

  • Would you buy precious metals right now?

I am no financial or investment advisor to be sure. No, I would not buy precious metals right now. That’s for me personally. Unless of course you believe lead/brass to be precious metals. In which case I always advocate to “buy!” However, I would not buy gold or silver right now. Well, there is one exception, maybe two.

If you have everything you could possibly need for preparedness…and I mean EVERYTHING…and you want to preserve wealth then go ahead and buy some precious metals. Notice I didn’t say invest in gold or silver. Precious metals should NEVER EVER be looked at as an investment. They are strictly a wealth preservation move. And tenuous even at that. Precious metals have little to no intrinsic value. Gold has zero intrinsic value. other than some limited use in jewelry, electronics, and military components. Silver marginally more so. Their value is purely emotional and historical especially gold. People believe that precious metals are valuable and hence they are…until people lose that belief.

When might people stop believing in the value of precious metals? I really don’t know. But, if you are hungry, I mean really starving, and you have 100oz of gold…and someone has a 100lb of food…who holds the more value?

In a TEOTWAWKI, or hard grid-down, situation common calibers of ammunition will have FAR more value than gold/silver. And food will have FAR more value than ammunition. And seeds will probably have more value than food, or at least its equivalent.

What you didn’t ask, “Would you sell gold & silver right now?” Yes, unless I have everything I could possibly need for preparedness…and I mean EVERYTHING. If I had a gap in my preps I would sell precious metals to purchase those items that I need to fill the gap(s).

  • Does it bother you when people really criticize you?

Yes. How’s that for honesty!

My single goal is to make sure people are prepared for emergencies, disasters, and grid-down events. If someone gets caught up in criticizing what I am saying they either don’t believe in emergency preparedness to begin with, or they have found fault with some detail I am using.

I would rather everyone be prepared for emergencies, disasters, and grid-down…so when people find fault with what I say…or outright reject preparedness…then I feel I have failed…and that bothers me. Yes, I am adult enough to know I can’t make everyone happy. But, it still bothers me.

Yes, there are a few folks that simply don’t like me and object to anything I have to say. OK, I understand that. I am sorry they feel that way. And some of it is justified due to my writing style and personality. Hopefully not so much now, but in the past I feel I was more provocative than I needed to be, or should have been. And that is on me.

  • What are the top three problems the USA faces today?
#3 – Tribalism

We have fractured ourselves into to so many divergent groups it is virtually impossible to work together on much of anything in areas of politics, race, economy, border security, etc. And as long as we maintain that tribalism we won’t be able to find much common ground. On the flip side…tribalism is a good thing when it comes to preparedness…taking care of our own.

#2 – Politics

We’ve entered an era where we have primarily two extremely different political views of our country…the right and the left. The left believes in big government, police state, welfare state, victimhood, Marxism, Socialism, Communism. The right believes in big government, police state, world’s policeman, nation building, crony capitalism, etc.

Then there are a few folks (almost no politicians) that actually believe in the Constitution, our Founding Fathers principles, Natural Rights, Common Law, and eternal truths. That is very small federal government, small standing military, limited taxation, USA first, non-intervention, liberty/freedom/rights over national security, etc.

The first two groups right/left are tearing the country apart…very successfully! The third group is virtually powerless on the national, even state level, because there are simply too few. The first two groups both want power and authority over others. The third group wants to leave each other alone…and for the federal government to leave everyone alone.

#1 – Godlessness

Yeah, you weren’t expecting that were you! Let me make myself perfectly crystal clear…the USA is becoming more and more godless. And as a result of that godlessness trend we are seeing the fall of the United States empire.

If you look at the decline in church attendance vs. events in recent US history you will notice an interesting correlation. And if you compare church attendance in 1952 to church attendance in 2012 you will notice a startling exponential drop. Now, consider where this country was in 1952 overall…strong, moral, religious, and united…to where we are 60 years later. It is clear, crystal clear, that the USA’s #1 problem is godlessness.

And before you get all riled up and claim church attendance doesn’t measure belief in a God or the moral virtue of a person. Well, you are dead wrong! The “macro” measure of church attendance is a clear indicator of religious adherence and practice.

Our Founding Fathers knew, clearly knew and acknowledged, that God and religion had a place in the founding of our country and keeping our country a Constitutional Republic. But you already know that so no need for me to convince you of that.

So there you have it…America’s #1 problem is simple…godlessness. Not by all, to be sure, but an alarmingly growing percentage of the citizenry.



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FAQ – 2/8/2019

What is your take on Trump’s 2019 State of the Union speech?

Ah yes…loaded question! I am going to try and take a slightly different tack…I want to comment on what the state of the country actually looks like based on the reactions of the Congressmen to two things Trump said in the State of the Union speech. Yeah, novel approach.

Statement #1 –

Trump’s call urging lawmakers to pass legislation that bans late-term abortion (includes live-birth abortions). To the best of my observation…Republicans cheered it, Democrats hated it. And that my friend is a clear indicator of good vs. evil in our country today. Democrats hate the idea of saving infants from death. Democrats approve of infanticide. Evil at an unbelievably new depth. I applaud Trump asking for that legislation. And, we all know there is ZERO chance it will be introduced…let alone passed.

Statement #2 –

Trump’s statement that “America will never be a socialist country.” Once again…to the best of my observation…Republicans cheered it, Democrats hated it. And yes again, that clearly shows that Democrats have come completely out of the closet and are now the advocates for, and supporters of, socialism.

I would love to think Trump is right in what he said. Unfortunately we already know he is wrong…America has embraced many aspects of socialism and is moving closer to socialist/communist goals every single day thanks to our politicians, especially Democrats. It is only a matter of time until we’ve fully embraced it. The problem with socialism, and its cousin communism, is the mass murder in the 10’s of millions that go along with those systems of government. If you look back over history…EVERY major country and most minor countries that have ever embraced socialism/communism have murdered millions of their own citizens through “cleansing” and other social programs. The more minor countries that have embraced socialism-light aren’t done yet…let’s see where they end up. And remember, the end goal of socialism/communism is “totalitarianism”…the ultimate dream of Democrats.

Summary –

The reactions to those two statements alone clearly, unequivocally show you where we are as a country. Or, maybe better stated…where the Democrats are as the marketers of evil in America.

Is there hope to turn this situation around? No, there is not. At least not till the Lord returns. But that is not to mean that there is no “hope” at all! What I am getting at is this:

  • You can become a better person, and should.
  • You can grow your family closer together.
  • You can be a help to those in your congregations and communities.
  • You can reach out and be a great person full of compassion and willing to help others.

You see, we don’t need the government for us to be good people, for us to be good spouses, for us to be good parents, for us to be good neighbors…we can be that person without, or in spite of, the government or any politician. We just have to do it!



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FAQ – 2/7/2019

  • Why are you such a Trump Hater?

Well, well, well…here we go. Your premise is wrong…I am not a Trump hater. First off, I don’t know the “man” all I know are his actions and the outcomes of those actions. And that “know” is seen through the prism of my bias. Lastly, I try not to “hate” anyone. I may not like what they do, or what they represent, but I try to avoid hate since it is the exact opposite of what the scriptures ask of us.

That being said…yeah, you knew that one was coming didn’t you! Trump does some good, some bad. The outcomes of his presidency is what matters to me. Some of the outcomes of his presidency are good, some…not so much. So, some of the economy is doing well, there are more people employed, etc. On the other side home ownership is more difficult, interest rates are going up, public and private debt are going up, etc.. What bothers me is when people go on and on about how great Trump is AND ignoring the bad actions/outcomes he is responsible for. When people become blinded to the downside, or justify it, that really worries me. That begins to enter the realm of “cult/people worship.” When that hits critical mass we end up in very dire straits as a country. I try to maintain balance in my views of a person’s actions…see the good, the bad, and the ugly.

And I love the line, “He beats the alternative!” Really? So you would rather get shot with a .22 cal rifle than a .308 rifle? “Getting shot by the .22 beat the alternative!” That’s known as a false narrative. An assessment should not be between a bad/worse option. I try to assess something/someone against the principle of what is right. Take theft…someone steals change out of a Coke machine…they are a thief. Someone takes $10,000 via identity theft from a checking account…they are a thief. Both are thieves, both run as the only candidates for town mayor. You vote for and elect the Coke machine thief as Mayor of your town. You now make the statement, “He sure beat the alternative!” Ah, but he is still a thief. It goes back to the saying, “I voted for the lesser of two evils.” What???  You still voted for evil! My view is…look at the support, or violation, of principles by a person/politician. If he violates good principles = bad. If he supports good principles = good. If he does both = untrustworthy and unreliable (go find someone who supports the good principles…ALWAYS!)

And then there are those that would say, “But, this is politics…there has to be compromise!” Really? You are willing to compromise principles? Let’s say you agree with that statement. So, test your position. Example: Your spouse says they’ve been cheating on you and have had sex with 10 other people in the last year. You are outraged!!! Your plan is now to leave them at once and take the kids with you. After hours of negotiations the two of you compromise…they will only have sex with 5 other people per year vs. the 10 they originally intended to. Everything is cool, you are back to a great loving and trusting marriage and all is well. The perfect example of marriage for your children. Yes? So compromising principles is a good thing in your opinion?

  • Why am I getting so many emails from you and your website?

I am rebuilding the website and apparently every time I post an article or new page of information you will get a notification of that action. Also, I am posting the daily journal entries for “Escape from Tucson” every other day, that adds to the email notifications.

  • You seem so pessimistic, is EVERYTHING going on now bad?

First, let me apologize to you. I don’t mean to sound so pessimistic. Especially so when I feel so extremely optimistic about what is going on in the world. There is more good in the world than bad. However, right now…the bad stuff that is going on is really bad and negatively affecting virtually everyone. The good stuff that is happening tends to be very localized…as in specific to individuals. So, there is a lot of cool/great stuff happening and you should rejoice in it…I do. I will try to lighten up a bit but I try to make sure I point out those things that “could” be of such magnitude that might negatively impact everything/everyone.

  • Does everything fall apart in 2020 because of the election?

Ahhhhhhhhhh, maybe…maybe not. There you have it!!!! That is my prediction for 2020. And I will be 100% right!

OK, seriously now… maybe…maybe not. A couple of article ago I wrote about Trump and the 2020 election. If he loses the Democrat Party (the communist/socialist party) will run wild. And the country will become far, far worse than it already is in terms of good vs. evil. If Trump wins the Democrats (the communist/socialist party) will go absolutely crazy. They will try to get the election results nullified any way they can. Knowing that won’t succeed I could them then trying any other means to remove Trump from office…any other means. So the 2020 election gives us a “no win” situation at this point. Granted, the situation could change in the next 1-1/2 years but I doubt it.

There comes a point when the lid gets blown off the pot. Objectively said…we are under far worse regulation and taxation now than before the American Revolution. And, as a country, we have not been this divided since the Civil War. There comes a point, will come a point, when a group of people in the US says, “enough is enough!” At that point we will see a violent problem. And just a further note of information…remember, throughout history, the Democrat Party is the party of violence.


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