The technology and science reporter from the Sun has written an in-depth article regarding Deepfake AI (a.k.a. Synthetic Media). It was well researched by Wired, well written, and troubling.

Have you ever heard of “revenge porn”? It is pornographic pictures of your “ex” and the purpose it to embarrass them. Yes, there are a large number of websites dedicated to this concept.

Can you imagine breaking up with your significant other and a month later finding pornographic pictures of you being circulated around the Internet?

Think it can’t happen to you!? Oh, you never had anyone take porn pictures of you? Think again!

As a spinoff of Deepfake AI there is now a website that developed the AI technology to create pornographic pictures of you…without you ever having had someone take a pornographic picture of you. Yup, it’s true!

You send a picture of a fully clothed person to the website and the AI software will then create a “hyper-realistic” pornographic image of the person…for a fee of course. And according to the reporter the images are almost impossible to discern that they are Deepfake images.

Of course the authorities are all over this trying to shut it down. But, the website owners are well ahead of the authorities. The original website owners, creators of the AI software, have a “partner program” which has spread the ability to create pictures throughout the Internet making it impossible for authorities to keep up with it.

And they are also hiding how the payments are made under different names, companies, etc. This keeps the payment processing companies from shutting down the money stream.

And to further complicate matters, there are laws in multiple countries against “revenge porn”…but, there are no laws against the Deepfake aspect of revenge porn.

I told you that Deepfake was coming, that it would be common place, that it would be disruptive, and dangerous. Well, this is one more way that it is going to further corrupt and dismantle society. Prepare to deal with it…if, when, it comes knocking.

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Time to write about crypto-currency!

stuff that makes AH Trimble's head explodeI will be blunt, honest, and probably insulting…and no doubt rude in this article. I am going to approach this from two angles, crypto-currency as 1) a personal investment, 2) a preparedness item. I will use “Bitcoin” as the example of choice. Yes, that means there are more, but not for this article…too many to list and all basically the same. I will use facts, historical charts, experience, and common sense. If you don’t like any of the above…then don’t read the article!!!

Personal Investment –

Let’s look at the historical price chart of Bitcoin to gain the big picture…

As we look at it we see that from 8/22/2014 – 7/17/2017 it went from $400 – $2,730…a 582% gain, almost 90% annualized gain. VERY good indeed!!  Especially considering the consistent trading volume. But that was only the start. From mid-July 2017 to mid-December of that year it jumped another 600%!!! Sweet, to say the least. So, had you purchased a single Bitcoin in August 2014 for $400 you would be looking at that account value being just about $20,000…in 3-1/2 years. Hey, does it get any better than that?

Before I go too far…do you remember the old saying, “If it is too good to be true, it usually is”?

Another example: You were cautious of Bitcoin until December 2017, but you liked what you saw in its historical performance…and you bought a single Bitcoin in December 2017 for $20,000. You are going to strike it rich!!!  In the spring of 2019 you decided to buy a new house with the Bitcoin profits…paying cash for a house. So you sell off your single Bitcoin…for $3,673. Oh my! A 82% loss…YUCK!

So let’s spin the wheel again: You decide to not sell your Bitcoin and not buy a new house in 2019…you hang on to it. In the spring of 2021 you decide to review what your Bitcoin is worth…over $60,000! That is really nice…and now you are thinking a mansion vs just a puny new house. You decide to wait on the mansion for awhile and being smart, you buy another Bitcoin to take advantage of a no-lose investment. Now you are the proud owner of two Bitcoins worth $120,000…you are a sure winner in this crypto-lottery. Now it is the end of 2021 and you need money for a serious issue in the family…you sell your Bitcoins…and pocket $98,400. Yes, a loss of over $20,000 in just 8 months. Oooopppppsssss!

Not an issue you say to yourself…I only had invested $60,400 total and got back $98,400. That is still a net gain of $38,400. Not too shabby…63% gain over 7+years. You are very, very proud of yourself…that is 6.92% annual return on your total investment spanning 7+ years!!!

Silly me…My S&P 500 index mutual fund investment only yielded 14.9% annual return during that same period of time.

Now, granted that original Bitcoin that you paid $400 went to $48,200…and that is nothing to sneeze at. And hopefully you are very lucky! Because if you aren’t so lucky your Bitcoin was stolen along with the over 4,000,000 other Bitcoins that have been stolen since the beginning…12 years. That is $192,800,000,000…yup, as of today that is 192 billion dollars’ worth of Bitcoin stolen. That’s $16billion per year on average. Oh, and FYI…an additional 20% of all Bitcoins have been lost by their owner’s and are not recoverable according to a 2019 research article. And then again…in 2020 the Federal Government seized $1,000,000,000,000 (1 billion dollars) of Bitcoins from Silk Road, a website that used Bitcoin in their currency wallet. And no, the Feds have no interest or intent to find the actual owners of the Bitcoins.

So if your Bitcoins weren’t stolen, or you didn’t lose them, or the Feds didn’t seized them…you are in great shape. Notice the operative word “if”!

And no problems…there are always more Bitcoins to buy, right! And Bitcoins are a wonderful investment because they have fantastic intrinsic value. Bitcoins are made through mining…the process of creating new bitcoin is by solving a computational puzzle via computer(s). Yup, computers create Bitcoins out of thin air! Oh, and there is no licensing for Bitcoin miners…and no regulations, no oversight, no tracking, no nothing for Bitcoin miners or how they go about their mining.

And now let me introduce you to a couple of very successful Bitcoin miners, just to instill confidence in you of course…

They are Aanya and her brother Ishaan, 9 years old and 14 years old respectively. They are making in excess of $30,000 per month “mining” Bitcoin and two other cryptocurrencies. So that should lead you to the question of…What value does Bitcoin actually have?

There are two ways to determine Bitcoin’s value; 1) intrinsic value, 2) market value.

Intrinsic value means the value the item has in and of itself, or as its own property. Silver for instance has intrinsic value because it can be made into a wide range of marketable items. Silver is used for jewelry, electrical and electronics parts, solar panels, aircraft parts, medicine, tableware, water purification, and monetary coins…just to name some.

Market value is what other people are willing to pay for the item you have, the value is strictly determined by the other person’s willingness to purchase what you have. Real estate is a good example of an item that has “market value”. A person who wishes to purchase your home is willing to offer a certain amount of money…hence, that is what your home is worth on the open market. But, a home has additional capacity to have intrinsic value as well. The wood, block, copper, appliances, trim, flooring, etc. also have intrinsic value.

Now, back to the question… What value does Bitcoin actually have?

Bitcoin has absolutely no intrinsic value at all, none whatsoever. There is ZERO intrinsic value in Bitcoin because there is no physical property, real value, that represents Bitcoin. However, Bitcoin has market value…but that is all that it has. Bitcoin is only worth what someone else is willing to pay you for it. If no one is willing to pay you for your $20,000 purchase price Bitcoin…then it is worth nothing. If they want to pay you $100 for that $20,000 Bitcoin then that is exactly what it is worth and nothing more. Market value is strictly determined by other people.

So let’s look at that for a minute in a little more detail…the old “how much someone is willing to pay you” thing…

Reviewing the historic price chart of Bitcoin you can see a whole lot of times that Bitcoin’s price dropped 50% – 60% of its value. Those and other drastic drops occurred on a regular basis…nice, right? So you can see that under normal market conditions the price people are willing to pay for Bitcoin varies dramatically with huge loses often occurring. So for me…that doesn’t sound like a good personal investment option for my wife and me. Just saying…

Oh, and one more thing…Bitcoin’s history…Bitcoin only been around since 2009. That’s only 12 years of history! Yeah, about the average age of the Bitcoin miners mentioned above. So, tell me…how much faith would you put in a 12 year old to handle your money correctly?

Preparedness Item –

Putting Bitcoin into perspective as a preparedness item requires us to look at its value in relationship to the three basic events to prepare for; 1) emergencies, 2) disasters, & 3) grid-down. To be Surviving Any Disaster - even TEOTWAWKIconsidered a preparedness item worth stocking up on Bitcoin must prove itself to be of value during all three of the above event types.

To be clear, Bitcoin must:

  1. Be widely accepted for goods & services during those events.
  2. Be readily accessible.
  3. Be easily transportable.
  4. Be easy to set a value to for bartering and payments.
  5. Preferably be non-traceable.

To determine the preparedness value of Bitcoin compared to those five requirements.

  1. Be widely accepted for goods & services during those events – Bitcoin is not even widely accepted as payment for goods and services under normal social conditions. Currently Bitcoin has extremely limited ability to pay for anything day-to-day. There is no indication under any emergency conditions where it would be any more widely accepted than it is now. Actually, the exact opposite is true…every indication is that under any emergency situation Bitcoin would be virtually unacceptable as payment to any person or company.
  2. Be readily accessible – Bitcoin is only accessible via computer and through the Internet via service providers. During a grid-down event, and most other events, it is widely agreed upon that there will be no Internet and no service providers. And depending on the event itself (i.e. EMP, solar flare, etc.) there may be no functioning computers either. Although a note must be made here that 20% of users, under normal conditions, cannot access their Bitcoins at all, lost forever. And since there have been hundreds of millions of dollars in Bitcoins stolen and over a billion dollar of Bitcoins seized by the US government, there is ZERO guarantee that a person’s Bitcoins would even be there to begin with, let along accessible, in any foreseeable emergency.
  3. Be easily transportable – Bitcoin is easily transported when electronics and the Internet are available and accessible. However, those Bitcoins may not be easily transferable to another person during an emergency due to computer failure, inaccessible Internet, etc.
  4. Be easy to set a value to for bartering and payments – Since there is NO intrinsic value to Bitcoins there is no way to establish a baseline value to them. And since their value is only based on what someone is willing to pay, there is NO way to anticipate that Bitcoin would be of any value at all during anything other than normal times. Bitcoin’s difficulty in transporting and accessing could negate them having any value at all under any emergency circumstances.
  5. Preferably be non-traceable – Bitcoin is transferred via the Internet through service providers. Hackers have fairly regularly stolen Bitcoins, therefore hackers have traced them. The US government has seized them, therefore the government has traced them. Bitcoin is electronically mined and added into the system, therefore there is a traceable path for all created Bitcoins. All transactions have an electronic pathway, therefore all transactions are traceable. All that being said…Bitcoins are 100% traceable by the wrong types of folks.

The way I see it Bitcoin has no value whatsoever when it comes to emergency preparedness…NONE! And that is especially true when compared to precious metals. If you remember I have written extensively concerning precious metals and their place in emergency preparedness.

However, when compared with other preparedness items such as food storage, water purification capability, medical supplies, and defensive means…then Bitcoin really and truly has no value at all in any way, shape or form. Bitcoin (and ALL other crypto-currencies) are worthless in terms of emergency preparedness and have NO place in this arena…PERIOD!!

Summary –

I hope I’ve made myself perfectly clear in this matter of Bitcoin…or any other crypto-currency. If not, let me try this one more time…

1) As a personal investment I can’t imagine a more speculative, volatile, and dangerous way to go. Yes, you could make a whole lot of money…as in a pyramid scheme, but your chances of it losing value, having it stolen, having it confiscated by a government, losing access to your wallet, losing access to it via the Internet, or having it hacked makes it just plain stupid. Then there is the whole fact that it has absolutely NO value of its own…nothing, ZERO, zip, ZILCH, nada…ensures that it is worthless in the long term as an investment. If I had ALL my preps done for a 7 year period, had a fully funded 401k and/or IRA, had a year’s supply of cash for expenses, had ALL my debt paid off, and nothing else to do…with a mindset to lose every cent that I put into Bitcoin…then I would do it. Otherwise, I wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole…wait, make that a 10 mile pole.

You want to read something interesting…read about the “The Dutch tulip bubble of 1637” and then ponder that at least tulip bulbs can grow flowers and can be held in your hand. That is FAR more than Bitcoin can claim.

2) As an emergency preparedness item I can’t, in my wildest imagination, on my worst day, in the throes of stupidity, see Bitcoin or any other crypto-currency as having any value at all. I also couldn’t fathom why anyone for any reason would have crypto-currency as part of an emergency plan of any kind. When it comes to emergency preparedness, Bitcoin is utter fantasy!

So there…now you have absolute clarity on my crypto-currency opinion. An opinion based on facts and 45 years of emergency preparedness experience, more than 30 years of that being professional real-life experience with emergencies and disasters.

And here is a great endorsement for Bitcoin and crypto-currency. If you believe in this guy, if you trust this guy, and you think he has all the answers…then believe him by all means!

FWIW…what easier way for an authoritarian government to control the entire economic system of any country or the world???? Controlled via something 100% controllable by the same governments…the Internet. And what is virtually 100% dependent on the Internet? Crypto-currency! Good luck with that…you’re going to need it.



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Hoax Alert: “National Guard Arrived in Baltimore, Bank run Followed.”

Hoax AlertArticle Headline – “National Guard Arrived in Baltimore, Bank run Followed.”

And then the tag line – “They Want Their Monies Out” – Baltimore Residents ‘Storm Bank’ Amid Fears Of Social Unrest

Total BS !  Nothing more than ‘clickbait’…from an unscrupulous, non-credible author who wants attention and trying to be relevant during the current crisis. And I dare say…wanting to stir up panic, fear, and hysteria for his own purposes to create racial tensions in Baltimore.

So why would other websites reprint this kind of reprehensible crap?

I looked the article over and:

  • The National Guard was mobilized but to assist relief efforts not for martial law, etc.
  • There was NO bank run…people were simply lined up like any other day at the drive thru and ATM. Even the folks at the walk-up ATM were orderly and maintaining social-distancing.
  • The picture of a National Guard “tent city” was simply a picture of a couple National Guard tents with a NG soldier standing there in his uniform…nothing else in the picture. A Couple tents, one soldier, and one Hummer doesn’t constitute a National Guard Tent City!
  • The original article came from a Zero Hedge user, not one of their authors. No info on the person was available. So, no credibility!!
  • The main pictures used in the article came from a person with the following info on Instagram …Author “Dope Dick”, Ghetto Misery Uncut, “Hysterectomy of the Hood”, Director of Da Yr.   OK, seriously…that = credibility????

Please, please…don’t fall for this crap. And don’t fall for those reprehensible people who reprint these kinds of articles trying to make them look legitimate!!  This COVID-19 crisis is bringing out the very worst in people…people who are proving themselves to have no morals, character, or ethics. They simply want to sensationalize whatever they can for their own personal gain…and to buildup more fear, hysteria, and panic. Reject them and the crap they are spewing!



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Hoax Alert: Coronavirus could kill 81,000 in U.S.

Hoax AlertArticle Headline – “Coronavirus could kill 81,000 in U.S.”

Wow!!!!   WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE ! ! !

OK, maybe not. Why? Ah…let’s talk about it…

First of all read the words in the headline, specifically “…could kill…”. That means there is only a possibility of that occurring.

Next, let’s move it into the professional world of emergency incident response…yeah, real world of those who actually respond to this stuff. Since there is a “possibility” that it could occur let’s apply a more professional and more accurate term…”probability”. Now, since we moved into the professional world let’s look at that word…a percentage of nonoccurence is always associated with it when planning for the occurrence to actually happen. And nowhere in the article do they give that % chance that their prediction will occur. Strike #1.

So let’s look at the folks who came up with that prediction…University of Washington School of Medicine. This is a subjective observation on my part…they are hardly a top tier group such as John Hopkins. Strike #2.

There actual finding states that their number could “vary widely” and could be “38,000 to as high as around 162,000“. So they really don’t know. It could range from an average flu season number of deaths to triple the number of deaths in a bad flu season. SO they question their own “predictions”. Strike #3.

The the report lead person responds to why the problem in figuring out what exactly will, “disparate rates of the spread of the virus in different regions, which experts are still struggling to explain“. Yeah, they admit they don’t understand their own prediction or the underlying numbers they are using to make the prediction. Strike #4.

And finally…these predictions come from a process called “modeling”. And modeling takes a snapshot of data of their choosing, then applies a statistical model to it, massage the expectations, and then promote the numerical outcome. In other words…they guess at it. Does modeling exist anywhere else in the scientific world? Yup! let me show you one…

Here is the model that the weather service produced to show different modeling of where the hurricane might hit. Notice the variances? Why do you think those variances exist? Because they don’t “know” they are making a scientific guess.The guesses vary from hitting eastern coast of Florida then Louisiana all the way to swooping around and completely missing the eastern coast of Florida and then hitting the northern coast of Florida.

Another view of modeling…

Notice the the northern landfall guess is 500 miles wide! That guess is about 75% of the entire coast of the northern part of the Gulf of Mexico. That is how accurate modeling is…guessing at it.

Actual track of Hurricane Katrina…

If you view the actual track vs. the modeling you find that one of the models hit it pretty well. But, it was only 1 of the modeling tracks, the other 80% weren’t even close.

Bottom line: Someone is going to be right about the COVID-19 outcomes in terms of deaths…and at least 80% of everything else, maybe more, will be proven wrong. And right now…the facts are showing this University of Washington School of Medicine model (guess) to be in the 80% wrong category. Stick with facts!


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Hoax Alert: Tanks Being Moved to be Used for Martial Law

Hoax AlertArticle Headline – Tanks Being Moved to be Used for Martial Law

This is a hoax that shows up every few years in one form or another…and has shown up again lately in regards to COVID-19. And the scare is that the tanks that are seen on railroad cars are being positioned in preparation of martial law. Ah, no they are not.

Army units conduct training on a regular basis throughout the year. National Guard units conduct training once a year. When that training takes place many units take their tanks with them for requalification’s, etc. Also, some tank units get assigned to new bases and their tanks go with them.Further, tanks periodically go for refitting, heavy maintenance, rebuilding, and scrapping. These are just part of many reasons why tanks are seen on railroad cars and/or over-the-road trucks.

So no, the US Army is not prepositioning tanks for a planned implementation of Martial Law.

One additional fraud test: Do you honestly think that an order for the Army to prepare for martial law could be kept super-secret quiet…or do you this it would become common knowledge in about 30 – 45 seconds?



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Hoax Alert: COVID-19 is More Deadly than the Regular Flu

Hoax AlertStatement – “COVID-19 is More Deadly than the Regular Flu”

So let’s deal with this one once and for all. But in order to do that I need to quiz you to see if you are qualified to understand the answer and/or figure it out on your own. Ready?

  • Quiz Question #1: What does “deadly” mean?

Answer something similar to: “lethal means causing, or capable of causing, death”


  • Quiz Question #2: Which number is larger; 600 or 20?

Answer: 600

  • Quiz Question #3: There are two accidents on a highway; 1) accident #1 is a Greyhound bus that hits a bridge, bursts into flames and all 60 people onboard die, 2) accident #2 is a Chevy Volt that hits a street light and kills two people riding in the front seat. Which accident is considered more deadly and why?

Answer: The bus accident, because 30 times more people died that accident.

I sincerely hope you passed with the quiz with an “A”…100% right answers. Since you are reading this on my website I would guarantee you got and “A” with 100% score.

So, back to the hoax statement in question form…Which is more deadly the COVID-19 virus or the regular flu season flu?

FACTS: On average the regular flu season kills more than 600,000 people worldwide, more than 30,000 people each year in the United States. So far (3/26/2020) the COVID-19 virus has killed 24,000 worldwide and 720.

  • Final Test Question #1…Which is greater 600,000 or 24,000?
  • Final Test Question #2…Which is greater 30,000 or 720?

Test Answer Key –

  • Final Question #1: 600,000 is 25times larger than 24,000…so 600,000 is greater than 24,000.
  • Final Question #2: 30,000 is 41.67times larger than 720…so 30,000 is greater than 720.

Conclusion:To date the regular flu season is far, FAR more deadly than the COVID-19 virus whether you’re talking in terms of worldwide or the United States. And that is pure mathematical FACT!

Anyone who says COVID-19 is more deadly has one or more of the following problems:

  1.   They don’t understand the meaning of the word “deadly”.
  2.   They lack the most basic of math skills.
  3.   They lack any ability to understand how to compare two numbers to determine which is greater.
  4.   They have an agenda, the foundation of which lays outside of the use of facts.

One note: There is the possibility that COVID-19 could grow in mortality to be more deadly…but that trend line would have to change significantly. And there is no fact that significant of a change will occur. So there is always that probability but it is very, very low at this point…based on FACTS.



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Hoax Alert: Bank Runs Have Begun!

Hoax AlertArticle headline –“Bank Runs Have Begun!”

So the source for this hoax came from another website, a prepper website. And ti was really easy to spot. First off, no source document. Next, it was simply a person writing about their personal experience. Finally, I was unable to replicate his experience.

So I tried to find any other source that bank runs were taking place. No reports whatsoever.

Then I went into town…straight to the bank. I tried to withdraw a fair amount of cash. Ah, no problems at all!

Here is the problem with this kind of crap…perception is reality. If people start hearing this junk information they tend to pass it on if they believe it. Then other people hear it…then more, then more. And as the rumor cycles back around it confirms the first rumor and so forth. Perfect example of rumors and mob mentality.



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Hoax Alert: 8 – 20 Million Chinese Died from COVID-19

Hoax AlertThis article is actually a combination of an actual article and then a lot of comments of the real number of deaths in China from COVID-19. The top end of that range was 20,000,000 that was touted as accurate.

Article headline – “Mobile Phone Market Data Suggests That Over 8 Million Chinese Have Died From Corona Virus”

So that sounds very, very scary that the Chinese government is hiding the true number of deaths. And fortunately for me, the source article was included…in Chinese. Yeah, the article was all written in Chinese, unable to be read by this poor schmuck. So the person posting it couldn’t even read the source document, now there is some good quality vetting!

But no fear! The source of the number must be reliable…right? Ah, how about a mobile phone company (China Mobile) who simply reported that they lost 8 million customers recently. And from that comments showed up that it must be due to people dying…8,000,000+ from the COVID-19 virus. And so a US based website, who is known for their sensationalist reporting to promote their products and services, picks it up and takes off with it. Before you know it…the number was estimated to be 20+million people dead in China.

So what does your commonsense tell you? How about your use of logic and reason?

Yeah, thought so. It is a fraudulent hoax that started with a dubious report, exaggerated by people without direct knowledge, promoted by a questionable website who didn’t verify the original source, and then published again by another sensationalist prepper website. So the information is, at best, fourth hand and completely unverified.

Yup….hoax!  Not even China could conceal 8,000,000 dead people within a few months from COVID-19.



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This crap appeared on a self-described preparedness website…

Sounds likes something to be really concerned about…maybe panic over. But, what more do I have to say about it? Nothing! But, let me share what a couple trusted friends’ comments were…

One says…

This guy is a freak! Absolutely and utterly naive….and needs a little lesson on the constitution as well as some more factual info on Covid 19. US is a little different than those European countries and it will not be a title wave the engulfs the country.

55,000 Americans died in 2017 from the influenza and pneumonia. At what point in 2017 did we lose all our freedoms and quarantine the nation? Average age of death for the 8200 deaths WORLDWIDE is 70 yo. Total deaths in America remain under 100. Does anyone use common sense? Now we talk of an 8 Billion dollar bill to fight corona and now talk of a trillion dollar stimulus package to help those affected financially by the virus. Once again….over 100 deaths! Crazy!

They said worse things about the Avian Flu, H1N1, and SARS..and guess what, ALL predictions failed. I understand being cautious about the spread…I understand not to overwhelm Healthcare workers. But the panic is becoming far worse than the sickness. Most Americans live check to check and shutting down for 2 weeks will have significant impacts that could have colossal unintended consequences.

Then we have this moron CALLING for government officials to put people in jail that violate quarantines! The problem is everyone seems to have a computer model that continues a certain trend based off an algorithm….the only problem is there are far too many outside factors to enter into an algorithm!

Here are the facts….92% of hospitalized cases are 50+…81% are 60+. If you are in this age range, its time to exercise extreme caution. Reduce visitors and self quarantine. If you don’t, hospitals may be overbooked and you might DIE…period..end of story.

If your not in the age range, exercise caution in cleanliness but continue life as normal!!! Most people in the affected age range are retired or on the verge of retirement. But young adults have bills and families to support. They haven’t amassed a nest egg for emergencies. If they do catch it, stay home…but the symptoms are far less severe than the flu.

Just imagine if there was a “real-time flu tracker”….showing deaths and infections. And every news agency was talking about the 55,000 deaths in America? And this already happened in 2017. Who heard about it? How many news story’s about it? How many quarantines? How many limits on gatherings over 50?…..ZERO! Spreading fear is turning into irresponsible journalism.

I agree that this matter is concerning and should be something to watch. But lets not turn it into something it simply isn’t. Notice how they keep focusing on # of cases, not mortality rate. Notice they focus on the rate at which the infection doubles, not the rate at which the deaths double. Because those numbers are more SCARY. I am not buying it anymore.

Another buddy says…

There is enough real fear, anxiety, and uncertainly without posting poorly vetted, misleading or false information. It may be “fun”,”exciting”, or we may be feeling we’re being “helpful”, but it is none of those things. I for one feel it’s a misuse of my limited resources to read sensationalist garbage on a site to view bad, misleading info when there are hundreds of free conspiracy and fake news sites already out there.

What would have been a more useful purpose of this article is for a “teaching moment” with a headline like “BEWARE OF ARTICLES LIKE THIS THAT SPREAD FEAR FALSELY”. There is plenty of real, justified fear out there without making that stuff up.

So I ask you…What do you think about websites that are promoting fake and false information? Do you trust them to give you truth? What about people who promote fear, panic, and hysteria? How about those that defend such actions? Are you gaining moral clarity and improving your Situational Awareness by seeing all these hoaxes and frauds exposed?


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Hoax Alert: Amazon Suspends All Shipments Other Than Medical Supplies, Household Staples

Hoax AlertThis is only the second article in this series, I hope they mean something to you. They should!  You need to know what is real, what is not, what is truth, and what is a lie. Please read this entire alert…there is more to it than a simple warning.

Article headline – “Amazon Suspends All Shipments Other Than Medical Supplies, Household Staples”

Sounds very serious doesn’t it? Could easily add to the fear about the COVID-19 situation, right? Lead to more panic buying? Contribute to the potential for violence amongst stressed out customers trying to buy essential household items, yes?

But the real question should be…Is it true? And, where did it come from?

The second question is simple to answer…a major paid membership prepper website. Now, what’s the answer to the first question? That answer is very simple as well…NO, it’s a lie…a 100% lie!

And it was very easy to figure out. All I had to do was read the article itself. Yes, the article that the headline was attached to. The article quoted Amazon as “We are temporarily prioritizing household staples, medical supplies, and other high-demand products coming into our fulfillment centers so that we can more quickly receive, restock, and deliver these products to customers…”

Let’s read that again with the key to this hoax…“We are temporarily prioritizing household staples, medical supplies, and other high-demand products coming into our fulfillment centers so that we can more quickly receive, restock, and deliver these products to customers,”

The word suspend doesn’t appear anywhere in the article. Yes, that means the headline of the article is completely and totally false. But, before I passed judgement on the truthfulness of the headline or article I went to the source: (source article). And as you would expect…the word “suspend” doesn’t appear in the article ANYWHERE!

And just to make sure the headline was false…I checked my own Amazon account. The door hinges I ordered yesterday were shipped out to me today and are due to arrive on Thursday. So yes, they are shipping non-essential, lower-end  items.

Conclusion: The headline of the post on the prepper website is a lie. Plain and simple…the headline is 100% untrue.

So why would a website lie like this? Let’s look at it objectively…the person making this post either intentionally lied or unintentionally used a word that isn’t correct. Let’s look at those two options.

Unintentional use of a word that doesn’t appear in the article and creates a significant difference in Amazon’s message. Well, that means the person never actually read what he wrote. Or, he is ignorant and doesn’t understand the difference between “prioritize” and “suspends”. Or, ok…what else could it be?

Intentional misrepresentation of the truth…why would he do it? First into my head is he has something against Amazon and wishes to hurt their business. If people would read the headline and not the article they would get the distinct impression that Amazon was essentially closed for business…other than essential items such as medical supplies, etc.

Next, maybe the person posting the headline wishes to create “click bait” in an attempt to capture people’s attention. Doing so creates more website traffic, which in turn creates more business, which drives up profits. So maybe his intention is money/profit driven.

Lastly, maybe they are other, darker, reasons. Such as, perhaps he wishes to add to the panic and fear by representing a major retailer essentially closing their doors? Maybe he is trying to fan the flames of panic buying? Or add to the existing sense of general panic in the US population right now?

Who knows why he did it, or what his intention is?

But, his intention matters not! The fact of the matter is the headline is very dishonest. Yes, a lie. And through that lie he is adding to panic, fear, and hysteria that is growing in America. Shameful!!!  Reprehensible!!!

Now, a little more information…the person who posted the headline is the owner of the website. And…the very first Hoax Alert (3/16/2020)…yeah, it was another article from his website!! So now we have two fraudulent posts from a single website in two days. What passes through your mind at this point? What questions does it raise?

I am telling you point blank…Their are disreputable people out there driving fear, panic, and hysteria. Further, some people are doing so unintentionally through ignorance…others are doing it for their persona agenda.

Please don’t get caught up in all the fake and fraudulent information out there. Stick with facts and credible information, and view/opinions from sources you trust. And, learn how to think critically and independently. Many folks can’t or won’t think for themselves, many can’t see lies vs. truth. A breeding ground for GroupThink and Confirmation Bias. Avoid it like the plague…a plague much worse than COVID-19.



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