There are people that need us…

Sorry that I didn’t come up with a more dramatic or attention getting title for this post. However, this is a pretty low-key piece of writing. But, it potentially may be one of the most powerful posts I’ve ever written…at least in my opinion.

So this low-key idea came into my head Sunday while I was sitting in church. Yeah, sorry again that this is not some Rambo-style, shoot-em-in-the-face, Zombie post-apocalypse super-prepper post. So there I was in church and there was a young lady, probably 22 or so, speaking from the pulpit. No, we don’t do paid ministers/clergy in our church.  Messages come from actual church members, the topics are those that they are inspired to talk about. So she is talking about this prompting she had about a 10-year old boy while she was in a foreign country. Turns out the prompting was needed and the boy was in trouble and he needed their help.

While she is relaying this story I hear “…there are people that need us…” Honestly, I don’t know if she said those words, those are words I thought I heard, or words that just were in my mind. But, no matter…it started me down a serious thinking path Sunday and ended with this post.

There are people that need us. Think about that a minute…yes, actually think about it.

What just popped into your head? For me there were two clear messages as I pondered it; 1) there are people that need us today, right now, 2) there will be people that need us during a coming emergency, disaster, or grid-down event.

People that need us today, right now…

For the last year, maybe a little longer, I’ve really been trying to focus on the reality of post-grid down and what society and people will be like. And while looking at that I really started to notice people around me right now. Then I started really seeing people on a wider scale…beyond my personal bubble. And I gotta tell you…it has me worried. First off, let’s dismiss all Democrats right away…they have gone insane and cannot be reasoned with. They have simply lost their minds and lost any connections with reality or morality.

OK, that being done let’s look at the remaining folks…and focus, for this conversation, on people just trying to live their lives day-to-day. I’ve been mulling an idea for months now. I’ve been looking for a way to put it into words…and then into action. Couldn’t quite get it figured out till Sunday, but actually the answer started coming to me last week. But, before I get into that let me get a little personal.

Last Friday my wife and I attended a memorial service, a young lady still in her 20’s took her own life in a rather gruesome way. Her parents were nearby and heard the shot and discovered her body. Her parents had been extremely good friends of ours, the young woman’s dad was my best man when I married my wife. About five years ago there was a falling apart of the friendship. At the memorial service he and I hugged as if we were old friends, his wife and I hugged like the best long lost friends ever. We left after a short visit to give them time and space with the large crowd of other mourners to share their time, grief, and love.

To say I didn’t want to be there would be accurate, although I knew I should be there, and needed to be there. We didn’t reestablish our previously wonderful friendship…but being there felt right and was the right thing to do. The “right” was far more apparent as my wife and I talked on the way home afterwards. My dear sweet wife shared with me that she had told our friend (the wife) that we are going to help. We weren’t going to ask what or how…we were just going to help. On the ride home we vowed to help them as the spirit prompted us. We didn’t know how, but we were going to help them. They were people that needed us.

Sunday afternoons my wife takes our old dog to a local arroyo for a walk. It helps my wife clear her head, think about whatever is on her mind, and gives our old dog a chance for some real freedom to run. Hours before she left for the walk she was prompted to invite our friend…so she invited our friend…who gladly and gratefully accepted the invitation.

My wife told me afterwards that there was no big spiritual experience, no deep talk of life, nothing more than a couple of friends walking on a wonderfully bright and beautiful Sunday afternoon. She said it was amazing and just what was needed. She also found out two additional things; 1) they weren’t sleeping well, 2) they weren’t eating well. You can understand both. As we talked I felt prompted that we should start taking them meals from time to time. I felt like they might be lacking the desire to cook, more than just a lack of desire to eat. And I felt as if breakfasts were a good place to start. I’ve seen many times that dinners have been provided to families in need, but never had I heard of breakfasts being supplied. We now had our mission.

Monday morning I did my part since my wife had done the walk…I was going to provide breakfast. But, I never do much in a small way…go big or stay home is a common motto with me. I bought two pounds of sausage, two dozen eggs and started cooking. They are on a Keto diet so this breakfast casserole was two pounds of sausage, half a pound of bacon, half a pound of Mexican blend cheese, and two dozen eggs. Wow! The house smelled amazing all day! The multi-pound breakfast was delivered not long after lunch.

So what is my point? What I didn’t mention was four weeks ago a very, very close friend of their family also shot himself. That is a staggering loss for any family so close together. The family was hurting after a double loss.

So here is the point…look around you…do you see people that need help? Maybe they are short of food, maybe they need a job, or a better job. Maybe their kids need school clothes, or a hot breakfast. Maybe the elderly widow down the street needs her trees trimmed, or just to have someone care enough to ask. Maybe the neighbor two houses down with the car on blocks needs help fixing it, or towing it off. Maybe a co-worker needs to find a church to attend, or to find his relationship with God. Maybe your local fire department needs a couple more volunteer firefighters or another EMT, or maybe a little more money for proper gear and equipment. Maybe the woman with the “Need Gas!” sign really does need gas, or a hot meal. You get the idea…There are people that need us.

As preppers…What kind of people do we want to be?

Yeah, I am serious about that question! I’ve gotten puffed up before about how much food we have stored, how much ammo I have ready to go, or how “bad” my Ford 4wd truck looks. I’ve preached to folks about emergency preparedness, shared my experiences, given talks, written books, and run a prepper website. But, I had to look at myself and really ask how many individuals have I directly helped. I mean gotten out of my truck, or out of my personal bubble, and actually helped. The answer…not enough.

About a month ago I was a visitor at a church near my new place in Arizona. After the main service I attended a meeting of just men. There was probably close to 350 – 400 people at the main meeting, maybe 60 – 70 men at the later meeting. I have no remembrance of the men’s meeting subject or intent. But, I do remember that the subject came around to how they, as a congregation, interacted with people and supported each other. There were a lot of dislocated shoulders and broken arms in that meeting…so much back patting and congratulating going on.

Why the sarcasm? How many men acknowledged me at that meeting? How many people even said “Hi” to me at the first meeting?  The answers are none and one respectively.

But, that is not the point. The point is…they had no idea that they had no idea. They were so busy congratulating themselves on how good they were, how Christian they were, and yet they completely missed a total stranger sitting among them. Was I, am I, guilty of the same or something similar?

How often do we feel very comfortable, and safe, within our personal bubble? It’s easy to wave to friends or have a conversation with them about a mutual interest. But what about the total stranger that looks like he could use a friendly “hello”? Heck, what about our good friend…does he have something going on in his life that he needs to, or wants to, talk about? Or, maybe he needs help changing the oil in his car. Dang, he may need a car!

Now do you get an idea where I am headed with this?

I am not saying you need to save the world…that has already been done. But, there are people out there that need us. Can you please help? Follow your instinct, listen to the still small voice, keep your eyes open…there are people that need us.

People will need us…

This website is all about preparing for emergencies, disasters, and grid-down events. You should know that by now. But…what if we need to be prepared to do more? Yeah, I am serious with that question.

I have responded to hurricane disasters, house fires, flooding events, suicides, missing/lost canoers, shootings, bombings, car accidents, tornadoes, and more wildfires that I can remember. They all had one thing in common…people needed help. Now, what happens when the grid goes down? No…that question should be more along the lines of…What do you do when the gird goes down? I hope you’ve given that some thought…there’s little doubt that you already have.

Without mentioning names, I know men who have given a wide range of answers to that question…some completely expected, some extremely concerning, if not outright scary. All have said they will take care of their family. And one aspect of that statement…almost to the man has also said that his family comes first…above ALL else. Now, that is to be admired…at least at first glance.

A couple of times I’ve dared ask the question…”Would you let your neighbors kids starve to death while you still had food?”

Many have given answers such as, “They had time and resources to prepare and they chose not to, so it’s not my fault.”, “They are responsible for their own family.”, “I won’t have my kids starve to feed their kids.” A few men have simply replied, “Yes.”

I am not here to ask that question of you, or even to pass judgement on the replies I mentioned above. Heck, the situation may not even occur to you or I. My point is different.

If there are people that need us now…how about needing us after an emergency, disaster, or grid-down?

The answer is a simple one…Yes, there will be people who will need our help.

If we can’t help everyone now, we dang sure can’t help everyone post-apocalypse. But, just as we can help an individual or two now, are you willing to help others when the need will be the greatest? And have you thought it through or made any kind of special preparations for that?

Look, don’t take this wrong, I am not saying be prepared to feed the entire community for a year, or even feed your close neighbors for a couple months. I am just giving you something to think about. What can you do, what are you willing to do, are you even willing to consider it?

Now a sobering thought…What if you are the one that ends up needing the help…or your child?


There is a ton of crap in the world now. Some absolutely despicable people, and a few that are utterly evil. You have Democrats that have lost their minds…proposing to protect the planet, protect whales and protect kittens, and yet they are willing to kill our babies. There so many things going wrong…dangerously wrong. But…there are people, good people, out there that need us!

They may need nothing more than a smile along with a “Good morning!” But, maybe they need help repairing their roof. I don’t know who needs what. You might be the one that needs a friendly conversation…or your oil changed in your truck. Your son, your parent, your neighbor, or your spouse might be hurting inside with something that they haven’t told you about…and they want/need to talk about it. Who knows what problems people have.

Ah yes, there is the tough part…Figuring out who needs what?

But there is an answer to that one… listen to your instinct, listen to that little voice. If you are a Christian…listen to the Holy Spirit. Find out what you can do to help someone…then do it. It doesn’t have to be earth shaking, mind bending, or financially burdensome…but you can help people.

There are people that need us! Help them.

I promise you this…the more you help people now the more you will be able to help, and be helped, when it all falls apart. Start the habit now…the world needs it…you need it…we need it.

There are people that need us.



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Urgent! I need your input…

Last month I began (re)posting my online book Escape from Tucson. At first there were quite a few readers. Now it appears that there has been a significant drop-off. And I have had a couple of folks contact me saying they can’t the book on the website. So I need your input as to what other folks are experiencing. Please take the poll below.




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Abortion/Infanticide Update !

I really had to take the last 14 hours to get my emotions under control. Late yesterday afternoon I started hearing about the Virginia abortion law proposal and the Virginia Governor’s related statement. My emotions ran the gauntlet from disbelief, to anger, to outrage, to sadness, to utter frustration…to action.

If you have been reading my articles/posts for any amount of time you know how I feel about abortion. If not, let me summarize just a bit…


Recently I requested that you:

“Have a clear sense of right and wrong that is based on eternal truths…and stick to it. Do not engage in situational ethics.

Avoid anything that is bad or evil…don’t embrace or support any of it.

Find God…embrace religion that is founded on universal and eternal truths.

Give service as much as you possibly can. Perform big acts of charity, small acts of kindness, random smiles, and don’t expect anything in return. Avoid selfishness at all costs. Make selflessness a life goal.

Make your family the center of your universe.”

Now, I would like you to understand the very foundation of abortion…the who, what, where, when, and why. It is extremely important for you to know facts and the history of that abomination. Please read “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people” – President John Adams, 1798” <click here to read the article>

Now here is my message…We have just entered an exponentially worse condition here in the United States. And I mean to make that sound dramatic…because it is!

Democrats, with the support of many Republicans, now openly support and advocate for infanticide. No, I am not talking about in terms of abortion…I am talking the outright murder of babies outside of the womb. Yesterday the Governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam, spoke openly and plainly about killing babies. He said that doctors should be allowed to kill babies outside of the womb after delivery. Yes, he also has said that abortions even while delivery is taking place is morally acceptable.

Yes, we now have Democrats openly advocating for the outright killing of live babies!

I cannot begin to tell you how abhorrent that is. It is the definitive example of a barbaric act by a person void of morality or conscious. It is the ultimate act of evil…killing a defenseless newborn baby. But is this the first we’ve heard about it? No! President Obama years ago as a state senator voted three times in favor of allowing doctors to kill babies after they were born.

Obama and Northam

How can a person actually get to a point in their life where they think in any way that such an act would be morally or ethically acceptable?

But here we are…it is now running rampant in the USA and growing by the day. Nineteen (19) states now legally allow late-term abortions, eight (8) states allow for abortion right up to the time of birth. That means a baby can be in the birth canal, the head visible, and the doctor can legally kill that baby. Yes…you read that right. That is infanticide…pure and simple. Now, the Democrats are showing their true colors…allow the outright killing of any/all babies that they wish to…even after birth!

But, abortion is not the end goal of Democrats…Eugenics is. And to understand eugenics read “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people” – President John Adams, 1798” <click here to read the article>

Simply put…Democrats are now advocating for killing babies after they are born…and they are trying to get that policy position legally implemented through legislation in Virginia. And their Governor, Ralph Northam, thinks it is a great idea…to kill babies!

Why is all of this important? Great question!!

I recently wrote an article “Are you well-grounded?” I think is worth re-reading. In that article I explain that you have to be well-grounded in what you believe in…otherwise you will get tossed about by anyone for just about any fad reasoning that comes along.

I beg, plead, for any Democrats that still have a moral compass, any shred of humanity in them…PLEASE abandon the Democrat Party! Please don’t allow yourself to get sucked up in this kind of barbaric, criminal enterprise that now openly supports policies that are exactly matching Hitler’s. Remember what everyone thinks of Hitler and the Nazi Party…and the Holocaust? Are we now not there with the Democrat Party? I beg you…stand on principle, stand on morals, stand on righteousness…reject the Democratic Party!

Consider this…

No, I am not asking you to join the Republicans! Actually I would ask that you not to join them. For many Republican politicians support abortion by-in-large. I am simply asking you to stop helping and supporting abortion and infanticide. Your membership in the Democratic Party is supporting that infanticide! Your vote for ANY Democrat Party candidate strengthens the Democratic Party and their advocacy for abortion and infanticide. Please, please reject it!

Abortion and infanticide is pure evil. Please reject it!

Yes, I am using strong language and passion to plead my case. But all of those unborn babies can’t speak for themselves…but I can. Some may call me a religious zealot for speaking so boldly for the right to life. Thank You!!!! I will wear that title proudly. But, it is not for any title or praise of man I seek. I am trying only to speak for…


Please don’t let these precious children down!



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“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people” – President John Adams, 1798

This is an article I’ve put off writing, another one. But I have to write it, it is just something I have to do. What comes of it, or what value you see in it remains to be seen. But, I will have written it…that is the best I can do and I will make a clear tie to “preparedness” if you read it to the end.

Nazi Germany, under the direction of Adolph Hitler killed 11,000,000 people trying to rid the world of people with Planned Parenthood ties to Nazi Germany hitlernegative genes. He wanted to improve the purity of the German people. The Nazis also wanted to rid the world of those people that Hitler’s party, National Socialists, felt were “racially undesirable.” To accomplish this goal of racial purity they gave no value to individual life, they felt that individuals could be sacrificed for the greater good of the race. Among those that the Nazis identified for extermination were Jews, Romani (a.k.a. gypsies), and the physically and mentally handicapped. But it also meant socially segregating homosexuals, PP-Sanger-03people of African descent and political opponents. The name of the Nazi program under which this was carried out was called eugenics. Thus began the Holocaust.

As a result of the Nazi Party’s desires to rid the world of undesirables, approximately 85,000,000 died trying to stop it. Nearly 4% of the entire world population was wiped out during that struggle that we call World War II fighting to stop the Holocaust and its supporters.

Eugenics is a social philosophy advocating the improvement of human genetic traits through the promotion of higher rates of sexual reproduction for people with desired traits (positive eugenics), or reduced rates of sexual reproduction and sterilization of people with less-desired or Eugenics explained treeundesired traits (negative eugenics). Nazi Germany, among other countries, was implementing both aspects of eugenics, negative and positive. They seriously encouraged the reproduction of people they felt had positive genetic traits, positive eugenics. And they implemented birth control, sterilization, abortion, and mass murder, negative eugenics. The Nazis took these steps to further the cause of eugenics purifying their race in their collective deranged and insane minds.

Eugenics was developed in Great Britain in the first part of the 1900’s in conjunction with the rise of the Progressive Movement. Shortly thereafter Progressives brought eugenics to America. In 1916 Progressives began advocating “on-demand” abortion. In 1921 American Birth Control League opened its first abortion clinic in America. And true to its “genetic purity” philosophy they opened the first abortion clinic in Harlem, NY, whose entire population was of African descent.

The founder of the American Birth Control League (ABCL) was a radical left-wing activist and NY Socialist Party member; as well as an active supporter of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW). The IWW was a radical labor union that was founded in 1905, it believed in, and advocated for, socialist and anarchist philosophies and tactics. The ABCL founder also regularly wrote articles appearing in American socialist magazines that were popular in their day.

By early 1914 the ABCL founder was a dedicated anarchist even starting a newsletter with the slogan “No Gods, No Masters” and advocating “family limitations.” Later in 1914 she aligned herself with neo-Malthusianists who were advocating “world population control.” Neo-Malthusianists advocated restricting marriage; prohibiting persons suffering from poverty or those with mental or physical defects from marrying or having children.John D. Rockefeller, Jr funded Clinical Research Bureau CRB

In 1922, the ABCL founder traveled to China where she learned the details concerning the primary method of family planning, which was female infanticide (the killing of female babies – in and outside of the womb). Upon the ABCL founder’s return to the United States she founded the Clinical Research Bureau (CRB) funded by John D. Rockefeller Jr. and his family. The Rockefeller family were one of the first radical Progressives and early funding source for the Progressive Movement.

In 1926, the ABCL founder gave a lecture on birth control and abortion to the women’s Ku Klux Klan and margaret sanger worked togetherauxiliary of the Ku Klux Klan in Silver Lake, New Jersey. She promoted the concept to “assist the race toward the elimination of the unfit.” As a result of her lecture “a dozen invitations to similar groups were proffered” and her philosophy became a pillar of the KKK movement. Working closely together, the ABCL, CRB and now the KKK were proponents of negative eugenics, which aimed to improve human hereditary traits through social intervention by reducing the reproduction of those who were considered “unfit.”

The ABCL later was renamed to Planned Parenthood and the founder of ABCL was none other than Margaret PP-Sanger-07Margaret SangerSanger. Today Planned Parenthood (PP) conducts nearly 50 abortions per hour. According to Planned Parenthood leadership, they make a $300+ profit on each abortion they perform. PP leadership has stated in private leadership training sessions, “abortion is how we make our money.”

I am a believer in “outcomes.” In other words, you can have a mission statement, you can have intentions, but ultimately it’s the outcomes of your actions that really matter.

In today’s America, African-American aborted babies represent almost 40% of all babies aborted. But the PLanned parenthood ObamaAmericans are only about 16% of the total population of America. In some areas of the country over 70% of all aborted babies are African-American. According to the the black population in America has been reduced by 36% since 1973.

Eugenics, that Margaret Sanger advocated, is thriving in America.

While there is no direct personal relationship between Margaret Sanger and Adolf Hitler, let’s read what they both had to say about sterilization –

In her 1922 book Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, wrote “. . .we prefer the policy of immediate sterilization, of making sure that parenthood is ‘absolutely prohibited’ to the feeble-minded.” (The Pivot of Civilization,   p102).

Several years later in his book Adolf Hitler, Dictator of Nazi Germany wrote, “The demand that defective people be prevented from propagating equally defective offspring. . . represents the most humane act of mankind.” (Mein Kampf, vol. 1, ch. 10).

Associates of Sangers were advisers to Adolph Hitler, and praise flowed back and forth between the groups founded by Sanger (funded by Rockefeller) and the Nazi regime led by Adolph Hitler.

I appreciate your time so far reading this article and I will now wrap it up with the most important point at the article’s very end.

planned parenthood crushing babies alive for body partsWhat would you say now if asked what the goal of Planned Parenthood was and is?

Since the founding of Planned Parenthood was funded by Democrats, Liberals and Progressives, what would your response be now when asked who funds Planned Parenthood? And why do they fund it?

The recently released videos prove that Planned Parenthood is a profitable abortion mill, assisting the killing of over 60,000,000 planned parenthood cruches live babies to harvest body partsunborn babies since the passage of Roe vs. Wade. And the truly sickening aspect to all of this is listening to Planned Parenthood leadership talking about the dead babies as nothing more than a commodity to be sold for money.

And doing so while eating salad and drinking wine.


In 1798 President John Adams said, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people.” President Adams was speaking to the morality of the citizens of this great country. He was not requiring church membership, but he was reminding the militia members gathered that day, that our Constitution, and the rights and liberties guaranteed therein, only works when we live according to certain moral and righteous principles. And those unalienable rights and eternal moral principles come from a higher authority, God, not man, not government, not a legislature, and not a President.

Unfortunately, his words can be directly related to the “fallen” situation in America today. In a country that slaughters over 250 unborn babies per hour, how much claim can we make to being a “moral people?” Certainly, little claim to being a “religious people.”

I won’t go into the graphic description of how the killing of unborn babies takes place, but it is gruesome beyond belief; human butchery is probably as close as I can come. You have been exposed to the videos describing how Planned Parenthood doctors and other medical staff cut up aborted babies, sometimes while still alive, to sell their body parts for profit. This human butchery generates 10’s of millions of dollars each year for them…Planned Parenthood.

But now you must decide, are you pro-abortion or anti-abortion. Do you support the butchery of human babies or not?

If you try and parse it into “pro-choice” or “reproductive rights” you are only trying to justify the murder of unborn babies…and soothe your feelings that you don’t have to deal with the infanticide that is taking place.

I declare here and now that I am anti-abortion!

I respect the sanctity of life.

I declare that abortion is infanticide and that we have lost our standing in this country Constitution Burning and is being destroyedas either a moral or a religious people. As such we are now seeing the utter elimination of any remaining fragments of the rights and liberties contained in the Constitution. We have done it unto ourselves, the destruction of our country is real and is happening before our eyes.

The brutal and insane Adolph Hitler killed 11,000,000 through his eugenics programs. The USA has killed more nearly SIX times that many.

Now what do you think?

“How does this tie into preparedness?” is the final question of this article.

The same liberals, Democrats, and Progressives that advance the cause of eugenics, that passed laws for forced sterilization of 100’s of thousands of Americans, that wages a war against blacks, that cozies up to the likes of Hitler are still alive and well today. Actually, they are better funded, better organized, and run far more of the government today than they did back in early days of the 1900’s when the Progressive movement got started. Today, more than ever, they run the United States government from the inside. So beware.

Our government that advocates and funds eugenics, the same politicians that voted into law the right to kill unborn babies, is the same government that is responsible for disaster recovery in this country. It is the same government that will try to rebuild after a grid-down event. It is the same government that views “preppers” as potential domestic terrorists, and the same government who is establishing the police state we are now seeing unfolding. Tread lightly.

Review the chart below, then think it through and how it applies to you and your situation…

In Nazi Germany in the 1930’s and 1940’s what do you think happened to Germans who spoke out against Hitler PP-Sanger-12and the Nazi party agenda? Yes, they were investigated, harassed, charged with crimes, imprisoned, and eventually they were simply shot.

The group Center for Medical Progress, who have been releasing the damning videos showing Planned Parenthood to be a butcher shop making profits off of dismembered aborted baby’s body parts, is now being investigated. Democrat politicians and Progressives around the country are calling for Center for Medical Progress to be investigated for criminal activity. democrats call for center for medical progress to be investigated.And several State Attorney General Offices have responded to do just that. Democrat, liberal and Progressive Congressmen and media are also calling for the same thing. Large activist Progressive organizations are calling for investigations and “justice.”

All of these Democrats, liberals and Progressives are perfectly fine with not only Nazi era infanticide, they are also perfectly fine with Nazi era persecution of those that are exposing the infanticide taking place in our country today.

It is perverted and insane that a country founded on the most basic of human rights, the right to life, has now killed nearly six times more unborn babies than all of the Nazis Holocaust victims combined.

Think about that! If that isn’t the very definition of evil, I don’t know what is.

Returning to the words of President John Adams, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people” I am also reminded of the response of Benjamin Franklin when asked what kind of government we should have. He responded, “A republic, if you can keep it.” Franklin went on to say in response to our behavior outside the bounds of morals and divine guidance, “..we ourselves shall become a reproach and a byword down to future ages.”

why is america in decline?I say to you here and now…The United States is no longer a moral people, we persecute and criminalize religious behavior, we have lost the Republic and have gained an unethical authoritarian government run by an immoral oligarchy.

statue of liberty cryin america in decline



We will suffer the consequences of that, as will our children and our children’s children.

Prepare yourself, your family, those close to you, and if possible, your community…for one day soon it will be too late to prepare, and it will be upon us.





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Why Am I Doing This?

Question for you…Why should you visit and read yet another preparedness website?

Great questions, answers hopefully live up to your expectations. However, my bias will show through right now. I have read a lot of preparedness manuals and visit(ed) a lot of preparedness websites, more of each than is healthy for any one individual to do. But, if I am going to claim the title of “expert” then I better know what I am talking about. However, that is not why I read other preparedness manuals or visit other preparedness websites. There is a lot of “rights stuff” out there…but I read/visit them to find out how wrong others are and try to correct that. Yeah, I know it sounds arrogant to be sure. But I have my reasons – your safety is one of them.

I’ve learned my emergency preparedness knowledge over the course of 40+ years of emergency services and military experience. I have successfully survived hundreds of large to mid-sized emergencies and disasters, maybe thousands if I took into consideration all the small ones. Some of those incidents were small, some were national and state-level record setting events. In each situation I learned such things as; 1) what to do, 2) what not to do. When I read preparedness manuals I usually find more “what not to do.”Prepper Geek with equipment and gear

Don’t get me wrong, I think the vast majority of those publications contain some good information. And, I believe were written with the best of intentions but were lacking in one or more areas, namely; 1) formal training, 2) no actual professional experience, 3) limited breadth/depth of experience, 4) bias. There is a fifth group, I call them “shucksters.” This is the group that puts together a preparedness manual simply to make money or enhance their reputation.

So where do I fit in this group? What is the purpose for me adding yet another preparedness website to the Internet?

I am not a complicated person in regards to my motives when it comes to emergency preparedness. I simply want you to have the knowledge to survive emergencies, disasters, and grid-down events. Yup, that’s it in a nutshell…plain and simple.

Let me share a recent experience with this…I ran out of reading material and I was looking around my home office for more reading material, preferably a novel. Bummer! I had run out of novels to read, but there sat an almost two inch thick emergency preparedness manual that I had bought over six months ago. It was time to review it.

As I was looking over it, I realized it fit a similar pattern, page after page of public domain “to-do” information. There was list after list after list of items to include in this pack, that pack, or store away in the basement, etc. I had my work cut out for me.

As I was scanning through a list of clothing to buy and store for emergencies I saw them recommend “sweats” as in sweatpants and sweatshirts. I was hooked, I had to figure out the reasoning on sweats. They went on to explain that they were inexpensive, easy to care for, warm, easy to layer, and the ideal emergency clothing. I about fell out of my chair. Had they ever worn sweatpants and sweatshirts in any type of actual emergency or disaster? I sincerely doubt it.

In my way of thinking sweats are probably one of the worst pieces of clothing you could possibly wear during any emergency or any disaster. Here’s why:

  • They are too hot for the southwest United States 3-1/2 seasons of the year. You would overheat in about 15 minutes.
  • They are too cold for about 80% of the population of the US for about 3 months of the year.
  • They tear easily.
  • They wear out easily.
  • If they get wet they lose all insulating qualities.
  • If they get wet, they become extremely heavy.
  • They take forever to dry if they are wet.
  • Sweatshirts have no ability to open the neck to allow body heat to escape.
  • They are very bulky.

OK, I am not going to continue listing the reasons why they are a terrible choice for emergency preparedness clothing, you get my idea. But, as I read on they then talked about the benefits of bandanas a critical item of emergency clothing. What? Come on, seriously! And she wanted you to have 12 of them as a minimum ready to go. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. But, she wasn’t done.

There was a list of what to take if you had to leave your home, it was based for each person. I did some mental calculations and it would take about a 20’ moving van for a family of four. But the worst part was, she gave little, if any, reasoning to explain why to take any specific item.

On the flip side of that coin, there was list after list after list after list of everything imaginable. Some of it was good information to have around. But the vast majority of it was extremely painfully boring. Example: cook stoves – she listed about 20 or so different cook stoves and all of these facts about them. Why?

Really, why would she list all of that information on cook stoves? If she is an expert, she should have done the research and chosen the best cook stove for any given situation. Then present that recommendation in the book with her reasoning. Otherwise, why would someone want to buy the book just to get a list of information on stoves that is readily available via the Internet? And why would they buy a book from her if she isn’t going to evaluate what is best and what is not?

So this this website is not about lists, it is not about repeating information that you can already research on the Internet. This website is about me sharing with you my 40+ years of real-life emergency preparedness knowledge, skills, and experience in written form. A lot of it will be preparedness principles such as “Risk Management.” I will present that subject so you can know how to systematically and correctly overcome risks and threats you encounter during emergencies, disasters, and grid-down events. The I will present “practical preparedness” as well with in-depth articles on gear and equipment.

Yes, I will provide some lists in this book. I use them as examples related to a principle I will have just explained. The list would be more of a visual aid than a set in stone command. Why? It is the principle that matters more than anything else.

Learning math I remember memorizing my multiplication tables. It was simple memorization, I wasn’t learning anything other than 2×2=4. As I moved along into Algebra I had to learn different principles in order to solve complex problems. If you got a step wrong, your answer would always be wrong. The principle was the critical element. However, when performing math having memorized the multiplication tables made it far easier in many instances. This website will be some of both, principles and practical, but heavier on the principle side.

Why? I can give you a fish and you can eat today. I can teach you how to fish and you can eat for a long time…as long as there are fish. If I teach you the underlying principles of fishing, building a pond, growing and breeding fish, etc. then you can feed your family and a whole community forever.

In this website I have included topics such as:

  • Identifying risks and threats, and how to deal with them.
  • How to set the right priorities every time.
  • How to make the right decisions every time.
  • How to be an emergency incident leader.
  • How to clearly see what is happening around you.
  • And many “how to’s” for everything from first aid kits to bugout bags.

Let me share an example with you – first aid kits. What do you put in them? Yes, I am asking you what do you put in a first aid kit?

There are lots of preparedness manuals out there that will give you a list of first aid kit supplies. But what they aren’t explaining first is realistically what medical emergencies you can expect to face…or even how to identify the difference between an emergency and a disaster. And just as importantly, I will explain realistically how to deal with those medical emergencies. So other experts may recommend five different sizes of Band-Aids, but never list a CAT tourniquet. And that is because they don’t understand, or never thought of, the fact that you are most likely to bleed to death from cutting a large vein or artery, than die from a paper cut that a Band-Aid covers.

They also don’t understand there is a “priority order” to acquiring medical first aid supplies. They don’t understand the priority aspect because they don’t understand priority setting in emergencies, disasters, and during grid-down. Before you buy your first Band-Aid, you better have a CAT for each person in your family. Once that is purchased, then you can consider Band-Aids and triple antibiotic.

Yes, preventing an infection is absolutely necessary. However, you buy the triple antibiotic AFTER you have purchased the CATs. Why? It will take days, weeks, or maybe months to die from an infection. But you can bleed to death in minutes if you don’t get the bleeding stopped. Correctly identifying risks, mitigating those risks, setting priorities is the only way you are going to become properly prepared. I will share that and much more with you within these covers.

Another thing I won’t do in this website is teach you how to make a fire from French fries, toothpicks, or bubble gum. I won’t tell you how to gut a deer, or use a Dutch Oven. I won’t even give you 15 of my favorite campfire whole wheat recipes. What I will do is tell you when a Dutch Oven is appropriate and when it’s not. I will also probably tell you which one I recommend.

I believe in quality gear and equipment. You don’t want junk gear to fall apart when it is needed most, so I always preach to buy quality gear. However, a friend of mine has reminded me on more than one occasion that “training trumps gear.” Man, he is spot on! All the best gear in the world isn’t much good if you don’t know how to use it. And you better know how to function without any gear, or better yet, how to make or acquire gear if yours is lost or taken.

For teaching hands-on skills I will leave it up to those that know them best. They can teach you a whole host of high-quality survival skills. Some of those skills you would find really interesting and entertaining.

You want to learn to shoot, especially in a gunfight? Well, learn from a gunfighter. Makes sense, but how many of us have taken shooting classes from people that have never been in a gunfight.

What I am getting at here is there are plenty of places to learn specific hands-on skills. Go learn what you need to from an existing expert, I’m not going to use valuable website space repeating what is already available from other expert sources.

Finally, my writing style. You may have already found my writing style to be…ah, interesting to say the least. Thank you!

I am not a professional writer as a career. I much prefer to have an actual conversation. I would rather be standing in front of a room full of folks like you where we could actually talk about emergency preparedness. But, that is probably not going to happen. So I chose the next best option – a website.

However, I write like I would speak as if we were sitting down across from each other and just having a conversation. I think it makes it more interesting, I can make my points more clearly, and I am most comfortable with this style.

One last piece of information – I can be very blunt. I seldom mean to be rude, I just want to get my point across. I am also not afraid to ruffle feathers, sometimes it needs to happen, and I don’t shy away from it. That can lead to some level of conflict even in website form. I hope you are OK with. I hope you enjoy this website journey with me.

Finally…please give me feedback. If I am not meeting your needs than this is a waste of time. Your comments, suggestions, ideas, criticisms, and feedback help me a whole lot!!!



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Are you well-grounded?

(from January 2016)

I frequent a number of different prepper-related websites to stay in-tune with the pulse of preparedness from other perspectives. Most of the time, not always, it is pretty boring information that is either marginal or worse, some it is just blather. What I do find really interesting from time to time are the personalities. The last couple of weeks more so than usual.

Let, me back it up for a minute and explain where I am coming from this morning. During emergencies and disasters the world around you will become hectic, disorienting, and potentially filled with potholes. Those potholes could have dire outcomes if you are not well-grounded in your ethics, beliefs, and morals. I will explain through an example.

There is this guy on one of the websites, he is obviously intelligent, and he can argue an issue pretty decently. I’ve seen many people be wooed by him. He will weave some truth together but he liberally (no pun intended) mixes in a whole lot of inaccurate information and lots of personal agenda. By doing so, he will get some people to think he has a valid point because some of what he says will “ring true.” But, that smidgen of truth is overshadowed by the real trash he is promoting. But…only if you can see what he is doing and how he is doing it.

One of his primary messages is a person must always support government to the point of virtual blind obedience. He has consistently advocated that all citizens must, absolutely must, obey the law (and law enforcement) no matter what. He actively pushes the idea that any civil disobedience is wrong regardless of the underlying issues. He also believes and preaches that actively fighting tyranny is against all core tenants of his religion, Christianity. I am constantly surprised at his ability to twist and manipulate his way through a debate on these subjects while hiding behind the skirts of his church’s leadership. And, I might add, misrepresenting his Church’s positions.

But, why is that important, or even related, to your prepping?

Great question, and one that won’t produce an answer with a direct relationship between your prepping and this person, or his over the top government allegiance. But, it is important to view how similar situations and people could present everything from an unpleasant situation, to a fatal set of circumstances that may challenge your beliefs and morals…or convince you to act against what would otherwise be out of the  ordinary for you.

Let me define the backdrop to this discussion first. (to better understand the categories of emergencies click here)

Emergencies, while they present challenges and disappointment, seldom result in the rule of law breaking down. The same could be said for the threat of violence during an emergency, it is seldom a problem of any significance. When we are dealing with disasters though, the situation will probably change to the point that the threat of violence becomes more prevalent, if not pervasive. However, it is my belief that violence would be more wide-spread during more serious disasters. Disasters along the scale of Hurricane Katrina.

When large-scale significant disasters hit they tend to grow in scope until they approach a “grid-down” situation. Most disasters however stop short of a full-on grid-down. Hurricane Katrina began as an emergency, in so much that people where having to prepare for the approaching storm under increasingly dire conditions. However, once the storm hit it immediately transitioned into a disaster.

Then we saw another transition take place as the disaster of Hurricane Katrina moved into the realm of grid-down. However, not the entire storm affected area went into grid-down, many areas remained in the disaster category. There were areas where grid-down was in full force; the Dome for instance. There were other limited areas of the city and surrounding area such as the “bridge” where the police simply shot and killed a number of unarmed citizens who posed absolutely no threat. There was also wide-spread gun confiscation by police in New Orleans as well, which that single act alone certainly would have pulled the disaster into grid-down territory.

Each category (emergencies, disaster, and grid-down) presents moral challenges. The presence of those challenges require you to be grounded in core beliefs that will help you safely navigate the waters of moral choices. Let me explain that a little bit by asking a dramatic “war gaming” question…

When are you prepared to kill your neighbor?

I bet you weren’t expecting that question were you? Many people would be appalled by that question. However, for preppers it is a legitimate question. And, I really hope you didn’t have a snap answer to that question, I would like to go through a little exercise to see just where that line is for you. To do so let me use myself as the guinea pig.

My neighbor is an absolute idiot, he is an alcoholic, drunk almost every weekend/all weekend, he is an ugly drunk, a loudmouth who views himself as a bully, he has abused his wife in the past, he is arrogant…yeah, a real gem of a neighbor. So, where is the line where you would kill a guy like this during an emergency, disaster, or grid-down?

In the situation of an “emergency” when would you be prepared to take this guy’s life?

I would propose something along the lines of –

• He attacks you or a family member with any kind of weapon.
• He attempts to sexually assault someone.

But what about –
• He tries to steal your food?
• He tries to steel your generator that is powering your house while the power is out?
• He starts yelling at you for having power, food, or water when his family doesn’t?
• He’s pounding on your door demanding you share your gasoline with him?

To me, the first group (attack & assault) are warranted, the second group it isn’t. Why? Well, under simple disaster conditions why wouldn’t you share your food, water, gasoline, generator, etc. with your neighbor?

Now, let me throw in some more information right about now that will muddy the water a bit. My neighbor’s wife is a very nice person. They also have two teenage daughters, 16 & 19. Both of those kids are really, really nice people, pleasant to be around, respectful, and just nice kids. Do I make them suffer because of their idiot father/husband?

I hope I have you thinking about now. But, let’s move along…what about a full-blown disaster…where is the line where he deserves to die…at your hand?

Now, is it warranted if he tries to steal tools, food, water, gasoline, propane, etc.? Does he deserve to die for those things?

I maintain that the first couple situations are still morally acceptable to take a life – namely:
• Stopping an attack on you or a family member with any kind of weapon.
• Stopping a sexual assault of any kind, weapon or not.

What about when in week three and his family is really hungry and they want to eat some of your food storage and he is in your face yelling and screaming as well as threatening you with physical harm? Is that the line he has crossed that deserves his life to be taken?

I say, “No.” Why? Taking a life, even injuring someone is a pretty serious step to take. He is probably not reacting any differently that anyone would, maybe even how you would react if you had not properly prepared. Remember, the stuff you share with him you can replace at the store once the disaster is over, even if the incident lasts for several weeks. That time period should not have exhausted your supplies, you should be better prepared than that.

Let’s move into the “grid-down” situation now. Does this change anything?

Just to make it easier, we are talking a hard grid-down situation where there simply won’t be a resupply of food for months, maybe years. Fresh water is no longer available and new fuel supplies are no longer in existence. The grid is down, and down hard. What now?

I say that he gets a quick ride to the next life if –
• He attacks you or a family member with any kind of weapon.
• He attempts to sexually assault anyone.

But now, with the situation significantly changed, what about –
• He tries to steal your food?
• He tries to steel your generator?
• He is in your face, pushing his finger into your chest, yelling at you for having power, food, or water when his family doesn’t?
• He’s pounding on your door demanding you share your gasoline with him?
• He’s been talking trash to the neighbors telling them you have a whole warehouse of food but won’t share…and they should simply take it from you?

Where is your line now?

Actually, let me ask another question at this point…Have you ever even thought of this stuff before? Meaning, the question of…where is your moral line.

OK, I am not asking for answers to the question. What I am really asking about is are you well-grounded enough in your own moral base to know now where that line is, where your boundaries are?

I thought about it a whole lot. When I was writing the first two books of My Journal series I really thought long and hard about it. I wanted to portray in the book what was realistic in terms of moral struggle in taking a life…and when it was warranted.

I am a Christian, and as such I profess to believe that all life is sacred and precious. I am also a father and husband, so the lives of my family are important. So I had to deal with the challenge of…When is the life of a family member worth more than anyone else’s life?

Whoa…there is a serious challenge!

But let me completely change directions on you again. Let’s pull this conversation out of the “live or die” scenario. Let’s talk about rights, freedoms, and liberties. When, or do we, ever give those up? Or, when do we take them from others?

And that brings us back to the “well-grounded” question that I started off with…

What are your core beliefs…about anything?

Another example is needed…

The grid is down hard, violence is everywhere, gangs are roaming, etc. Your neighborhood has a meeting and decides to organize as its own self-contained and self-governed community. Someone proposes to do things democratically, elect a leader by simple majority, and then have a committee make rules and laws. Those rules and laws will be presented to the community and voted on, majority vote required to pass them. Do you support that?

Well, depends on if you believe in a democracy or not.

Do you? Do you believe in a democracy as a legitimate and proper form of government?

Let’s listen to what our Founding Fathers had to say…

Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for dinner.” – Ben Franklin

Real liberty is neither found in despotism or the extremes of democracy, but in moderate governments.” – Alexander Hamilton

The United States is a Constitutional Republic not a democracy! The Constitution and the Bill of Rights was not the founding documents of a democracy, they are the foundation of a Constitutional Republic. The Declaration of Independence was not written to defeat tyranny brought about by a Parliament and a King just to establish a tyranny by a Congress and a President.

If you understand a democracy and how it works, democracy is nothing more than mob rule. Yes, maybe a well-organized mob, but still a mob. Supporting an organization that brings a neighborhood together is great; supporting it under the concept of “majority rule” is supporting a non-Constitutional form of government. Are you prepared to do that and live with the consequences?

Test your potential support of a democracy, any democracy…What if that democratic neighborhood government holds a vote and the majority decide to share all food among all families? And they then demand you to turn over all of your food to be distributed evenly among everyone…what now? Food for thought, eh?

Moving on again…

Would you ever steal food from someone during a grid-down event? How about during a disaster?

Wait, maybe I should ask you a slightly different, although related, question…Have you ever been truly hungry, such as in you haven’t eaten for a couple of days kind of hungry?

OK, let me bombard you with yet another question…You are living in a disaster situation, your child is diabetic, you run out of insulin, your child is going downhill rapidly, death is within days, maybe less. The local pharmacy has insulin, plenty of it, but your prescription has lapsed, your doctor can’t be reached, no other doctor will return your calls, no hospital is available because they are overloaded, the pharmacist is adamant…no prescription = no insulin.

Would you steal the insulin?

How about…would you hold up the pharmacist at gun point to get the insulin? What if the pharmacist said you would have to kill him to get more insulin without a prescription? Now what would you do? Where is that line…your line of morality?

In the Bible there are great admonitions; love your neighbor as yourself, take care of the poor and needy, the Good Samaritan, turn the other cheek, etc. Wonderful advice, terrific stories, and divine guidance is found in that brilliant book.

So, would I let my neighbor steal the food from my family to feed his family?

Would I let my neighbors confiscate my food storage because they had a “vote” and decided that was the right thing to do?

Something a bit less dramatic (not)…Would I share my food storage with my neighbor knowing that it will make my family starve sooner?

What about a mob advancing on my house demanding that I share my food storage?

Once again, I am not asking what you would do. I am asking…Have you thought about where is your moral line on these matters?

In other words…When would you pull the trigger…when will you take a life?

Or, like the individual that I describe being a “government is the answer” guy, would you know when, how, or why to object to his arguments? Better yet, would you know how to plead a case against him to a group of people he is trying to lead astray? Or, would you give-in to his golden tongue and follow his false ways? Would you just silence him with an inner-cranial lead injection? Would you even know just how wrong someone like that is?

Are you well-grounded or just well prepared? And, which is most important to you?


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Well, good morning folks!  It’s been quite a while since I have done anything with the website…too long. A whole lot has changed in my life since I last posted anything. And if you remember my last posting(s) it was not encouraging.

By 2017 I had posted over 900 articles and opinions on emergency preparedness and current events. Some of it was hardcore prepper information, some was editorial pieces. I had been working on and posting those articles since 2009. In 2017 I began another book, Escape from Tucson, and posting installments every few days. It was a book published entirely online in daily increments. I really loved that endeavor! And yes, I left the final posting open for a sequel.

In mid-2017 I woke up one day to find virtually the entire website was crashed and articles, including the online book, gone…vanished. I had been hacked. There was no recovering it…even the back-up files I had made were gone. I was pretty devastated by it. At that point I knew I had to take a break. I was in my last year of work before retiring and I just needed the time.

Well unknown to me a couple of great folks had downloaded most, maybe all, of my articles…including my entire online book. In December of 2017 they emailed me that they would be glad to send me the files. I will forever be grateful that they did. But, I was still not ready to do anything additional with the website. That had now changed…I am ready for a resurrection of sorts.

First, let me explain a bit of what has been happening in the last year-plus. I retired, sold our house, moved to apartment, and working on our place in Arizona. Yeah, a lot to undertake, and worth every minute of it. As it stands now I usually go to AZ and work on the property for 1 – 2 weeks, then return home for 1 – 2 weeks. Yeah “home time” is mostly to shower and eat my wife’s great cooking.

In and among all of that I have worked like crazy on my family history, usually 30- 40 hours per week. That work has come along amazingly well and I am so proud of what I have discovered with my ancestors.  A lot of really good folks in family’s past. Some hard stock pioneers, some community pillars, some leading women in their day, a lot of military men, and a couple of scoundrels as well. Even a newspaper power/editor, as well as a lawyer, that was murdered…that remains unsolved to this day. However, yesterday I felt very prompted that worked has been sufficiently done for now and I had to get back to writing.

And so be it…

I will be rebuilding the website. First to be rebuilt will be the basic structure like menus, etc. Next will come reposting the entries for the book – Escape from Tucson.  And of course writing new entries for the new book – Escape from Home. Finally, I will rebuild old posts/articles that I am able to recover. And, maybe I will resurrect some old opinion pieces as well…if you guys want to read them and let me know.

All I ask is this…be patient and give me plenty of feedback on what you think of everything. Deal?