| ON-LINE BOOK: Escape from Home

Here is the second book of the “Escape from” series. I began writing book #2 in 2018 and put it on the back burner for awhile…life set in. Now it is time to get it out there for you to read. I hope you enjoy it.

I decided to write the book after I returned from a training I took in Tucson, Arizona in the spring of 2016. I was there for a week for the formal classroom portion to finish my qualification as a Logistics Section Chief of all-hazard incidents. I loved the training, the folks I was with, and the Boston Market across the street from my hotel.

As I was driving to and from the training I tried to observe as much of the landscape as possible in case of TEOTWAWTI. Yes, I was/am a hardcore prepper. Maybe a little less physically tactical than I was, but still keep a high degree of Situational Awareness. Once I got back and started thinking about it I decided it would make a good book to write. I use a diary/journal form of writing…that is my style. I like that style because I can give a sense of urgency as it is in real-time. And it is very personal since diaries are usually just that…personal.

All the characters in the book are fictitious…figments of my imagination. Although they are based on actual people, or combinations of people that I have known in my life. So these aren’t just some fantasy heroes and villains…just folks coming to life on the page.

You will see some misspellings and incorrect word usage and some poor grammar thrown in there. Why? Because that is just me. This literary work is meant to represent me, my way of thinking, my way of doing things and reacting to situation. Well, at least in the realm of “me” as an author of a fictional work.

I hope you enjoy and please give me any feedback that you would like. I read it all.

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