Day 13 – Monday

Escape from Tucson: Day 13 – Monday

What has happened to the world!? I am sick to my stomach…really sick. I’ve thrown up a couple of times already. There are some very sick people running around out there. I know that for a fact.

After trying to rest for a couple of hours I finally gave up, I was still amped up from the shootout last night. Beans was fit to be tied, I think she was hungry but I also think she wanted to scout around and see what was going on. I know I did.

Like a train wreck you just have to watch, I headed towards the buzzards. There weren’t many flying around by the time I headed that way. Not that there weren’t a lot of buzzards, they were just on the ground not in the air. It was one of the most sickening sights I had ever seen. Having been a firefighter on the streets for two decades I have seen a lot, nothing prepared me for this.

I could smell it well before I could see it. And I wish I had turned away. But, in a way I am blessed for not turning away. I wouldn’t now have a Smith and Wesson Shield 9mm pistol in my procession. I only have twenty-five rounds in three magazines, but at least I have a gun, I have a real way to defend myself now. Unfortunately, at someone else’s expense.

I got to the point where I could see all the buzzards, there must have been fifteen of them eating, but not all in the same spot. The reason? Whoever “won” this gunfight mutilated the body. Arms and legs had been severed and thrown away from the body, just tossed around. The head had been severed as well. From the looks of the tracks and markings in the sand I think it had been rolled around for a while. It was a woman. I threw up shortly after I found the head. Her eyes had been cut out. There was a single gunshot to the head, right under the chin. I went back to the body and saw she had been shot a couple of times in the torso. One of the legs had a really nasty wound to the knee.

I hated to do it, but I searched the body. In the small of her back was the pistol. In one of the rear pockets of her jeans was the two spare mags. Whoever killed her must not have taken the time to search her, I am thinking a killing frenzy was taking place. And I honestly think the shot to her head under her chin was her own.

Anyways, I didn’t find anything else of use. Don’t get me wrong, I was grateful, very grateful, for finding the pistol. I am sorry she had to die. For the first time in a long time I had a prayer by myself. I said a little prayer and hoped she would find peace in the next life. There is a next life, I really hope there is a next life. I am hoping she is over the trauma of dying and resting in whatever paradise lies beyond. Jim would have done better, he explained the whole to me…I think he called it the plan of salvation or something like that.

Once I figured out there was nothing else of value to scavenge I got away from the area as fast I could and found a shady place. I broke the gun down to clean it but it was already clean as they come. I just wiped off some sand and a spot of blood. I took each round out of the magazine and wiped them all down. Then cleaned each mag. I really want to test fire it but there are two problems; 1) I don’t want to waste a round or two, 2) I don’t want anyone to hear me and come looking. Especially I want to avoid whoever killed her. Killed her and I am assuming whoever else was with her earlier in the gunfight.

I have to believe that she was better armed than just the pistol. There was too much firing going on for her not to have another weapon on her. And I’ve seen my share of gunshot wounds from my time on the street with the fire department. Her shot to the head under her chin was no pistol round, it was a rifle round, probably 5.56. They must have taken her rifle when they left. I am grateful that they didn’t really search her, I might not have that pistol now. I would rather she would have lived and not been shot up and died, but I am glad to have that pistol.

Once I got the pistol cleaned I was wasted. I think all of the adrenaline finally wore off. I just laid down and slept for several good hours. I am tired, real tired, but I am not staying here tonight. I am going to push on, I want to get clear of this area. I think it really isn’t safe. Now I am even more worried about going through the pass at the state line. That area is another pinch point, could be a very a dangerous pinch point. And I am not liking what the world is turning into.

I think there are some people that are very pleased with themselves the way things are right now. I think this whole EMP thing was planned. Yeah, I know it sounds like just another conspiracy theory but it just plays into what was going on. Our President saw himself as some great historical figure that would make America some wonderful place. Well, it was a wonderful place a long time ago until the Liberals and Progressives got their hands on it. He was going to vacate the White House next January to whomever won the election this fall. And I honestly didn’t think he wanted to give up being President. Well, maybe if he could be the head of the United Nations…he might think was pretty cool…or King of the World. He is addicted to the power of the presidency. And I think this might have been his answer to stop the elections and remaining in power.

While I might be way off base, I do know that he moved this country far, far to the left; a virtual socialist state. He also was crazy with Executive Orders. Granted, other presidents had used Executive Orders in the past but nothing like this madman. And just because other presidents had used them doesn’t mean they were constitutional.
Whatever happened, or will happen, all I know is I have to get home. I have to get to Lisa. I have to take care of whatever and whoever I can. I have to. I have to get home!

For now, I am going to rest for the day, I am exhausted. I will just drink lots of water, lay around sleep if I can, rest if that is all I can do. I will put a couple of Paracord snares out, eat what I can catch. I gotta get my head together, I am starting to not think real clearly. I may not even walk tonight, I might just sleep. I am so tired, bone tired, exhausted. This world sucks right now…just freaking sucks!! Am I insane?

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