Day 49 – Tuesday

I want to but I can’t figure out how to. The city is a mess…and that is being kind. Everything started to really break down at the 72-hour mark after the event (E0). And it went from bad to worse after that. I think another month from now and the city will be a complete wreck and many more people will be dead. And we can’t be here…we have to leave.

I talked to Matt about it. He doesn’t like the idea of leaving. He thinks things will get better, law and order will return. I tried to explain it to him but I think he is suffering from a bit of Normalcy Bias. That is where the mind just can’t accept what is happening because it is so far out of the normal daily life routine. The mind forces you back to thinking in terms that are known to us, familiar…and safe. It can also get you killed.

I asked him if he know anything about Jared. Matt told me Jared had a brother. Jared was the wild one, he was really a rough and tumble athlete in high school. He refused to go on a mission for the church he belonged to. Matt wasn’t sure if Jared’s brother was a twin or not, Jared just referred to him as his brother…”the good one.”

According to Matt Jared said his brother was a really great guy, really spiritual, had gone on a mission, and always talked about his Christian faith. Jared always felt out of place compared to his brother. But Jared surprised Matt when he talked about his testimony of Christ and how much things were changing for him. That was one of the reason Jared was with us not with his Army unit.

And Matt had picked up on the Morgan connection as well. Jared had told him he had never met anyone like Morgan. He thinks she is absolutely a gift from God. Wow…the kid has it bad, real bad. But evidently Morgan is a good influence on him. I hope it stays that way.

Matt asked Jared about where his brother was. I guess Jared laughed and said something along the lines of, “The brother of Jared is wherever God wants him.” I don’t get it, neither does Matt. I will ask Jim what he thinks the joke is.


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