Day 29 – Wednesday

Crap! My toes hurt so freaking bad it isn’t even funny! They have no doctor here. They don’t even have a veterinarian here. They have an Army medic, who I don’t think likes me, and they have a nurse corp. Last night they worked on my feet again and that was nice, no complaints. But, yesterday morning it was time for the cutting of my toe nails on my large toes. Yeah…sucked!

When they meant cut the nails they really meant ”CUT!”

And to make matters worse they thought this teenager needed the “real life experience”…yeah. It is exactly what it sounds like. So this teenager, Sara, gets out a needle and a bottle of injectable Lidocaine…I was sweating. She loads up the needle and then heads for my toes. She is the one doing this “surgery”…a kid!

Lidocaine always hurts, burns actually, and this was no exception. She starts jamming that needle in my two toes like she was injecting/basting a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. Out comes these huge clipper-cutter things and she starts cutting my toe nail from the top all the way to the quick along each side. I hollered like a little kid. It hurt!

The two older women looked at me in disgust and told me to “Cowboy up!” I ain’t no cowboy, I am officially a wimp!
A couple minutes later and she was done, they were congratulating her, and my toes were bleeding. Sweat is breaking out along my hairline and I am thinking I am going to pass out. They finally return their attention to me.  The older two congratulated her again and walk out of the room leaving me with this mini-Hannibal Lector!

But, in all reality and honestly, she worked on my feet another ten minutes and I could tell she really cared about what she was doing and about me. She cleaned the area where she had cut and applied something she was calling “essential oils” to both feet. It felt kind of tingling and then warm…really nice. She gave me two Aleve after asking if I was allergic to anything and told me to get some sleep.

Beans had been there the whole time, I swear she was laughing at me. Beans was also there when I woke up later. My toes feel way better! Yeah, a little sore but much better overall. They are telling me I will be 100% in a week. In the meantime I am to rest and eat.

Yup! I am OK with both of those. But…I am going to have to head out soon. I have to get home.



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